Matthew winced every time I mentioned that there was a knife stab, gasped every time I described the mannequin, and cried when I told him about how my dream ended, before pulling me into his embrace. "Oh, Alfred…"

"Mattie, it's nothing, I'm all cool now!" I laughed, trying to cheer him up.

"But, Alfred… you couldn't talk! You couldn't see color!" Matthew tightened his hug around me, "You can't be so calm after a dream like that!"

I patted him on his back, "Mattie, Mattie, it's all right. It didn't really happen, so there's nothing to be crying about."

He sniffled bit, tears that were wetting my bomber jacket lightened up. "True, but maybe your dream was trying to tell you something. Like, what if one of us needed to have some sort of surgery where we needed the other's help?"

"I'll try to be there, at least." I replied, standing up with him still hanging onto me, "Right now, we're healthy and alive, right?"


"We're not gonna abandon the other, right?"

"Yes, of course."

"We're gonna go get something to eat now, right?"

Matthew looked at me with his you're-so-stupid-but-I-still-love-you face – one eye narrowing while the corner of his mouth curves upward while he tries not to smile. "Of course we are," he tapped a finger on my nose, "But you're paying."

I sighed, "As always!"

Laughing, I followed him down the street towards a restaurant, trying to ignore the mannequins in a store window still waiting to be dressed – one of them headless, with a square where the heart should've been.

**This took me about four hours to write, because I'm not really in a typy mood. But I saw a game which inspired me to write a short story. Emphasis on short. I like how this turned out, actually, and I might add onto this story later on if I feel like it.

This story was inspired by the game Which, if you haven't played it just go watch a play through on YouTube. I changed a few things about how the game worked for this story, but they were very minor changes.

Also, I couldn't figure out which category this goes in exactly, and I may have rated it too high. I'll fix it if I need to, it's been forever since I've typed a story.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this story, and I hope to get some feedback on how I could do better next time.

Remember, call me sick, call me insane, but don't call me Crazy, because I'm Crazee Canadia.

And I'm going to bed now. **