On the day of Kanna and Yuki's death, Mother had asked me of a great favor. I was to follow Tsuyoshi and his girldfriend to seize upon the chance of bringing my mother a little rest; she valued her strength, and wanted to be at her strongest-and scariest- when she indulged in the kill of her prey.

Reluctantly, I did as wished, having no choice; what was there to do anyway? Our once peaceful home was sticky and cold, and it brought forth teasings and tortures on my father's part.

I knew Tsuyoshi was meeting his girlfriend at the school due to my overhearing his secret conversations with her on the phone. He followed soon after Kanna, as did his death.

When he left the house, Tsuyoshi kicked the bycicle break and rode off into the alley. I transformed, or rather, merged into Mar- when we died, our connection from the previous lifestyles combined our spirits, and we became one when we pleased, and two when we so wished.

After minustes of annoying peddling and squeeking chains, I grew tired of following the boy. I was ready to put this into action. My childish impatience took the best of me, and I led him to stop near an empty building.

The phone- it had to be placed properly. I took out the device and placed it neatly between some random boxes. He will find it; I'll make sure of it.

Tsuyoshi came around the corner, as I knew his intuition would. The bike was parked. He drew off and began to fumble around for the ringing device.

Seconds later, he brought out the device .


I hadn't yet converted back into my former person, and he answered with uncertainty.

Many 'Who is this' and some 'This isn't my phone's' later, and I transformed, though I hadn't let my appearance be known. He wasn't scared yet; Tsuyoshi was only uncomfortable.

Then came the moment when his voice grew panicked and frightened. That was when I slowly, quietly, walked behind him.

Tsuyoshi had sat down on the appartment steps, making it easier to sneek up on him.

And then my favorite part: the boy asked the most relevant question. "Are you...watching me?"

On instinct, I answered his suspicion. "I am."

Immediately, Tsuyoshi turned and gasped. I sat directly beside him, staring at him intently. My fingers tapped and drummed on my knees as I waited.

I could not hold another second, because I felt the meow come forth abruptly. It was between a scream and hiss, one that I heard the very second Papa connected the box-cutter to my cat's delicate fleece.

Black ooze slid out of my mouth, and Tsuyoshi met his end then and there.

Mizuho, Tsuyoshi's girlfriend, was my next victim. Mother said to do so in a playful manner.

I had found Mizuho at the school, and, much like my first attempt with her boyfriend, I stalked her in my cat form.

I overheard her conversation with some sort of supervisor; the elderly was very stern and strict, for when Mizuho asked for guidance regarding her courter, the teacher made sure to make her orders of staying put while she checked the premises clear.

Mizuho and the woman entered the main office to make the anouncement- one that would not be heard by the intended person.

"Don't move.", the teacher screeched as she stalked out of the dark room to look for Tsuyoshi.

Mizuho felt scared and annoyed, I sensed this as she tried to piddle with the different lights. First the overhead, then the lamp.

Mockingly, I shifted back into my original person, and unpluged the lamp's power cord. As she tried to turn it back on, it did not meet the requirement. I luaghed inwardly as I wacthed her become more uncofortable in the still darkness.

Confused, she knelt down to the floor and reached for the plug that laid before its source.

That was when I summoned the power to move from my awkward position on the table and manifested myself on the floor in the opposite direction. She was oblivious of my shift in movement until I ran in front of her on the floor.

All she had seen were my bare, white legs and cold feet. Her cell phone began to ring- also my doing. I crept back onto the table as she scrambled for her phone, not once coming out from under the desk. Instead of retreiving her phone, her hand clamped down on my foot. To release her from me, I began to shake the desk, moving and thrashing about as she screamed in surprise.

Finally, she summoned the coureage to come out from under the desk and check the phone's caller I.D.


The ringing did not stop.

Mizuho found this to be a perfect opportunity to leave, but, as she suspected danger, she decided to wait for the elderly teacher.

Eventually, she answered the call to my endearing meow. Still not aware of my presence, I appeared beside her, and tugged on her arm playfully.

Looking down at my 'friendly' face, I smiled and meowed once more. She died the same fashion as her's truly.

Although I had little part in the deaths of a spiritualy sensitive realtor, her brother, and some other poor souls, I vaguely watched their fates through the eyes of my secretive alter ego, Mar- through-out history, cats were always said to be stealthy, secretive, and witty. Intuition being their best gift. I aquired these very features when we merged into the same onryo. We watched the gory events fall in place as if a play were being - performed.

Kyoko, a realtor just beginning her career alongside her brother, had always been sensitive to the supernatural creatures of night. I admired this cahracteristic; she would know of our presence, and she would heed my warning with care.

Her brother requested that she check on the 'Saeki house' and see if it has potential for their market. Mother liked this; either she would have the siblings, or, she would have a whole other family.

Her brother mentioned that his firm had bought it cheap- said our house's occupants died mysteriously or disappeared.

Nonetheless, Kyoko viewed our former home, accompanied by her only brother.

Earlier, Mother had ordered me to have no part. She asked me only to watch- to which I obliged. I did not want to end anymore lives, but, the grudge Mother and I shared binded me to fulfill whatever task I was asked upon. I couldn't help it, I didn't want to end their lives, I wanted to give them a chance to live past Mother's witty and murderous hands.

They both approached the house- at once, Kyoko felt a lingering presence: our presence.

Tatsuya, her unobservant brother, was oblivious to us. My cat-like self streaked past them unnoticed and headed upstairs. Mother would have been furious if I interfered, and I avoided making her angry ar all costs.

After taking their shoes off, Kyoko watched her brother pace around the downstairs area until she felt drawn to the stairs. Her thin hands softly touched the railing and she drew it back with a shutter. I was begging to like her; she held the same intuition as Yuki, if not stronger. I knew right then that she would listen to Mar and me. She was aware of the danger, and did not dismiss it like others.

Creeping up our stairs, Kyoko stopped short just above the banister. Mother had positioned herself in front of my room with her back to Kyoko. For effect, Mother eased her flexible body forward until her head stooped just between her knees. She rolled her eyes from the back of her head and stared at Kyoko with intent.

The young woman did not flinch, she only shuffled faster up the steps and into the room.

This is when she took evasive action. Kyoko walked stiffly to the window and looked out. A strong feeling- one brought on by Mother, no doubt- caused her to shake slightly and involuntarily.

When Tatsuya walked in, she turned and abruptly requested for sake. He returned with the sake and handed it to her with confusion plastered on his pudgy face. "Is this ok?"

Steadily, dispite her ealier refusal for alchoholic beveradges, she drank fully and without hesitation. Then, her face twisted into that of disgust.

With the short distance from her to the window, Kyoko husseled to it and spat out the alchohol. I, myself, shook my head in distaste; I sometimes smelled that odor on Father when he came home later than usual. I once questioned his smell, and he would wave it off as neglect of a shower. I knew better.

Kyoko turned back to her brother, still holding the giant bottle in her clutches. "Promise me you'll do what I say from now? Ok?"

Even more confused, Tatsuya rambled. "What are you saying?"

"Ok?" Becoming impatient with her brother's lack of obediance, Kyoko was reduced to emphasizing. He answered with a solid, "Yes.", before she went on with her propisition.

"Before somebody buys this house, make them drink this sake."


"Promise me! If the customer says the sake isn't any good or spits it out, never sell the house to them."

As unobservant as ever, Tatsuya remained disoriented. "Wait a minute. What are you saying?"

Kyoko peacefully explained to him her reasoning. "Sake reacts naturally to the presence of spirits. During ancient times, it was often used to bless everything on ceremonial alters."

"Ok." Immediately, my feline instincts wanted to claw him for his inattention to her beautiful warning, though I knew that Mother would not appreciate it.

His graceful sister proceded on without hesitation. "A person will be able to taste a difference in sake that has been touched by spirits. So, if the person who drinks the sake and dubs it strange, then the house is too dangerous for that person."

"Ok." Tatsuya was slowly coming to his untimely death with or without Mother's efforts.

"Leave the sake in this room for a long time. Promise before someone buys this house you will make them drink this sake."

And she pushed the bottle into his unprepared hands. Kyoko bent down to retrieve her bag, and stated, "I have to go."

"Hey, Kyoko!" He followed his sister down the steps, watched as she practically ran and tripped on them. At the door, he called to her again. "Kyoko!", he gasped in his superior older brother voice. That was when she finally turned, if only for a second.

They did not see me, but I was in my original form again, sitting at the stair rails once more, watching them.

"I am sorry. I need to leave this house as soon as possible.", Kyoko stated desperately as she slid on her working shoes.

Tatsuya only stared at her shrinking form as she walked down the narrow path leading to the alley. At the gate, she turned slowly, and looked back at our sullen home. Then she ran, ran like the scared little girl she once was.

Tatsuya, still standing in the doorway, looked after his sister until she disappeared from view. Then, lifting the bottle to his lips, took a sip. It was not bad, not different. He glanced back inside.

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