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Uhm... well, this is the Sequel to my story 'In Your Eyes'. This thing was born because... well, I had a weird idea and because my friend and I have been roleplaying as Spock and Kirk a lot, the idea grew until I couldn't stop myself anymore from writing it.

Also, I wanted to clear up something. I got a comment concerning the colour of the Vulcan sky. Guys, I know it's reddish/orange in the original series :) It's just that in the new movie, in some scenes, when it's visible, it looks bluish white, so I went with that.

Alrightey. Enjoy, it's unbetaed :D

Secret World

Chapter 1: this sun sheltered place

A soft, mossy ground greeted the bare soles of his feet, enveloping his every step with a gentle embrace, before releasing him to take the next. His eyes trailed over the large, flat stones framing the mossy trail and the tiny waneti blossoms that littered the ground.

Jim smiled, hearing the manifestation of their bond's anchor call for him, telling him to hurry. Blue, green and vermillion drops of paint fell from the black, star-littered sky, the colours glowing brightly where they splashed onto the ground and Jim laughed as his body was slowly littered with bright, luminescent dots.

In the distance, near the large, sturdy pearl-tree, he saw Spock's silhouette, standing upon one of the flat boulders littering their mindscape. Jim started to run, laughter tumbling from his mouth. Spock turned around, eyes bright and welcoming as Jim threw himself into his arms.

"I've missed this," Jim mumbled into Spock's neck.

"I apologise, t'hy'la, for neglecting your needs for so long…"

"Oh shut up, Spock, it's not like I had the time either," Jim sighed contently, "You know… we should get ourselves a sehlat. Since your Mom insisted on keeping I-Chaya, because she, and I quote, can't hug her little Spock and Jim everyday anymore and I-Chaya is the next best thing."

"Father has told me that Mother has been behaving rather illogical after we left. She has taken on talking to I-Chaya as if he was capable of understanding and answering her," Spock settled them down on the flat stone, it was warm, radiating heat as if it had been exposed to the sun for hours.

Jim chuckled, "I bet Sarek is having a hard time getting her to stop, huh?"


"Spock, we talked about this."

"I have never stopped you from cursing either, Jim. I will not stop using a perfectly acceptable word, simply because you insist that I do so."

"You are such an ass sometimes. I can feel you laughing, this is our mindscape. I know you use the word excessively just to rile me up, you silly elf."

"I am doing no such thing," Spock answered smoothly, a large drop of blue paint splashing down onto his nose and he was going cross-eyed when he tried to look at it.

Another chuckle tumbled out of Jim's mouth and he gently wiped the blue away, kissing the Vulcan's nose, feeling the burst of warmth that was Spock's pleasure at the mental caress. "I'll never get used to this. Everytime we're here it looks different in one way or another. The only thing that never changes is our anchor... Now... about that sehlat..?"

"We will see, Jim."

"We both know I'll win in the end."

Spock nodded, his amusement filling the air around them, arms wrapping around Jim and pulling him close, bodies meshing together, the droplets of paint smearing across their naked skin, gluing them to one another, melting into each other. The air pulsed with warmth, a rhythm that was only felt and never heard, like a heart, beating through the earthy ground beneath them. Jim smiled and let his eyes slide closed with a content sigh…

Jim's eyes opened slowly, squinting into the brightness that had engulfed the bedroom. The pillow beneath his head had vanished. Instead his cheek rested against a cool torso, the muscles twitching slightly as the ribcage rose and fell with every breath his living pillow took. A small smile spread across his face as he detected Spock's sleepy, slightly sweaty scent and the soft purr that echoed through the room on every exhale. A strong arm was wrapped around his back and long fingers splayed across his side, the fingertips cool against his skin.

Spock must be exhausted if he had not woken up yet. Usually, as soon as one of them slid out of their shared dreamscape, the other would wake up alongside. It could be a little annoying, considering that Jim needed a little more sleep than Spock and generally was not a morning person at all.

Spock had come home late last night. After graduating from the Vulcan Academy two months prior he had followed his Father's footsteps into politics.

Four years ago, a year after they had been officially married, Earth had finally discovered Warp. Eight months ago, Vulcan had initiated a tentative First Contact and the High Council was now in the process of discussing the further proceedings. And, of course like everything upon Vulcan, it would take a while until a final decision would be reached.

So, while Spock was busy with whatever political nonsense Earth came up with, Jim worked hard on getting his peers at the Academy to acknowledge his intelligence. Three years ago, the educational system had finally been updated to the point where non-Vulcans were allowed to attend any school they wanted, if they managed to pass the entrance exam. It was not a perfect solution, but at least Jim had had the satisfaction of stunning the Vulcan Academy's director by acing the test.

Jim snuggled closer into his husband's side, chuckling quietly when the Vulcan-hybrid's silent purring became louder. Since they had moved out into their own house, they had had barely had the time to enjoy their new found togetherness. Additionally, Spock had treated him like a raw egg after he had come down with an aggressive strain of the Chloridian Flu. Of course, Spock had not been the only one to act like he was going to die if he as much as moved a finger, no about everyone in the vicinity had decided that Jim could not even feed himself. Getting spoon-fed by your Father-in-Law was probably the most awkward thing that had ever happened in Jim's life.

Not only had he been forced to endure everyone's behaving like a Mother hen, no, because of Jim's pathetic excuse for an immune-system, the Flu had dragged him down into a spiral of nausea and hallucination-like dreams that affected Spock almost as much as himself. And since that was not enough, Jim had turned out to be allergic to the medication that was usually administered in cases of Chloridian Flu. Which meant that Bones had spent two days trying to create another medicine that did not make Jim swell up like a pink grapefruit.

So now, three weeks after he had been continuously been treated like a baby for almost a month, he had finally put his foot down and told Spock that he was fine and that he would never touch the kitchen again. Because it did not seem to matter how old Spock was, the kitchen and the hybrid seemed to be natural enemies. The Vulcan-hybrid was actually talented enough to burn water.

Jim sighed, breathing in deeply before sitting up. Spock huffed quietly, rolling onto his side and curling around Jim slightly. He did not, however, wake. The morning sun shone through the large window-pane that made up the left wall of their bedroom, tainting the entire room in bright, orange light. The see-through, white curtains flapped lazily and Jim could hear the first birds singing outside.

Jim tugged the blanket higher around his naked body, eyes half-lidded as he enjoyed the quiet morning, one hand brushing through Spock's thick hair.

"Jim...?" Spock's voice was gruff and scratchy from disuse.

He looked down at his husband, smiling brightly, "Good morning, Spock.

Spock groaned softly, wrapping his arms around Jim's waist and burying his face in Jim's side, "Why are you not sleeping, Jim?"

"Because I'm wide awake and I'm not the one who neglected to tell his husband that he needed to sleep instead of letting said husband persuade him to have sex in three different rooms, including the kitchen," Jim tugged on the tip of Spock's left ear, earning a disgruntled whine, "Stop being such a big baby, I'm still in bed aren't I?"

"I was not aware that I was this tired... please stop pulling at my ear, Jim, it is unpleasant."

Sleepy, grumpy Vulcan was probably one the most hilarious states Spock could be in. The most hilarious state Spock had ever been in was the sickly, thumb-sucking Vulcan state and that one was not only hilarious, but downright scary.

"I do not suck my thumb, Jim."

"Stop reading my thoughts when I'm ruminating, Spock," Jim leaned down and kissed the top of Spock's head, "And you totally do. I have pictures. You always suck your thumb when you're sick or really tired. Where else did you think the weird marks on your thumb came from? Me? As much as I love your fingers, I don't bite them that hard."

Spock grumbled and Jim could watch his ears turn a delicious shade of peppermint green.

Jim bit his lip to stop himself from laughing but judging from the annoyance that filtered into their bond from Spock's side he was not doing a very good job. The Vulcan rolled away from him and towards the other edge of the bed, pulling one of the blankets over his head.

"Oh, come on, Spock!" Jim started to tug at the duvet, giving up when the hybrid refused to budge, "Fine. Fine, I'll go take a shower. If you decide to act your age again, feel free to join me."

Spock did not join him. In fact, the Vulcan's side of the bond was sleepily silent the entire time Jim was in the shower, not even responding to the gentle prodding he kept delivering to it.

When Jim returned into the bedroom, Spock was fast asleep and had managed to wrap himself in every blanket he could reach. Shaking his head, Jim dried himself off, dropping the towel to the ground and slipping into one of Spock's dressing gowns to walk downstairs into the kitchen. Maybe Spock would be a little more inclined to wake up after he brought him breakfast.

The house was silent and there was a trail of clothing leading from the front door through the hallway, the living-room, into the kitchen. Jim gathered the clothes up throwing them onto the couch and wandered into the kitchen. He activated the radio, grinning when the deep, thumping rhythm of a drum filled the air, joined by guitars and a bright, woman's voice.

Humming, he started to prepare breakfast, loading everything onto a tray to carry it back upstairs.

Spock had sprawled out across the bed, his back bared, the pale expanse of skin mottled with scratch-marks and a tiny bruise where Jim had decided to suck the knob of Spock's vertebrae, just below the base of his neck. Jim set the tray down on the nightstand and reached out to brush his knuckles against Spock's cheek, "T'hy'la, wake up, I made you breakfast."

One of Spock's eyes opened, the chocolate iris darkened by sleep, "Hm?"

"Sit up," Jim tried to tug the heavy Vulcan-hybrid into a sitting position, but Spock had apparently one of his childish moments and simply let himself fall limp, "Spock, please, I made breakfast, can't you just cooperate for a second and sit your lazy Vulcan-ass up?"

Finally, his husband decided that he had been tortured enough and sat up with a tiny yawn, accepting the glass of Kray-juice Jim held out towards him, "Thank you, Jim."

Jim nodded, grabbing the tray and setting it down on the bed, "Say, what have you been doing yesterday that you were home so late?"

"We were discussing whether or not it will be necessary to send an ambassador down to Earth at the current time," Spock reached out to grab a toast, "Terra has been making fast progress and we believe they will send their first star ship into space soon."

"That's... fantastic," Jim said, nibbling on a slice of fruit.

"I am also considering... becoming an Ambassador."

Jim almost choked on the fruit, "What?"

"Considering, Jim," Spock lifted an eyebrow, "I apologise if I have shocked you with this..."

"Damn right that shocked me! Why would you want to become an Ambassador?"

"Because I am curious. Our cultures are so different from one another, I simply wish to experience what it is like on Earth."

Jim sighed, "That would mean that we'd be moving between Earth and Vulcan a lot, right?"

"I do not think so. Earth is still not advanced enough to cause intergalactic problems," Spock leaned forward to kiss the scar on Jim's shoulder, where he had marked him all those years ago, "Jim, you do not have to give into my whims simply because we are bonded."

"Oh, I know that, Spock," Jim laughed, "But... I can't keep evading my past. Besides, what do I have to be afraid of? My family is here, on Vulcan and I won't let anyone take that away from me. If I meet my... Mother down on Earth then so be it. I think I'd love to see her face when she finds out what happened to her child."

"Will she not be happy? We do not know what they have been thinking all those years that you spend with us. You might have been declared dead."

Jim sighed, playing with the hem of Spock's dressing gown. He did not know what happened back on Earth after he had been kidnapped. To be honest, he had never even tried to find out. But now... now he wondered what Sam was doing. If his Mother was still with that asshole Frank and, if she was, had he ever hurt her too?


He looked up at his husband, smiling lopsidedly, "Sorry, I spaced out for a moment... Seriously, Spock, I don't know what my... what they will do when I suddenly appear on their doorstep. What am I even going to say? 'Hey, Mom, your long-lost son is back! Sorry I didn't try to contact you sooner, I was busy saving my best friend, who is now my husband, from dying because of a serious bout of blue balls!'. Yeah, that will go over really well."

Spock shook his head and nuzzled his nose against Jim's cheek, "You do not have to force yourself into something you do not wish to do, Jim. All I am trying to say is, there might be someone who genuinely missed you all those years you have been with me."

Jim nodded slowly, "Yeah... I'll think about it, Spock. I really don't want to talk about things like that this early in the morning."

He placed the tray back onto the nightstand, turning his gaze to meet Spock's over his shoulder, "Are you going to take a shower now?"

The Vulcan-hybrid's mouth curled into a miniscule smirk, "I do not believe it would be prudent to shower now."

"Why not?"

Spock scooted closer, pulling Jim towards him by the lapels of the dressing gown, "Because I do not see a reason why I should clean myself right now..."

"Spock...," Jim drawled, grinning brightly, "You're a horny bastard sometimes."

"Incorrect, my parents have been married before I was conceived," Spock said smoothly, undressing Jim with a swift move and flying the gown from the bed.

Jim laughed, grabbing Spock's shoulders and pushing the Vulcan-hybrid onto his back. Spock blinked at him in clear surprise, before relaxing beneath him when Jim latched his mouth onto the pulse-point at the side of the Vulcan's throat.

He wriggled until he was straddling his husband's hips, his perineum rubbing over Spock's cock as he grinded down against the hard flesh. Spock bucked upwards, his arms rising to wrap around Jim's waist, mouth open in a silent groan. Jim detached himself from the Vulcan's neck and slotted their lips together, pushing his tongue into the cool cavern beyond Spock's teeth.

A cold hand took Jim's, palms sliding together clumsily as their bond flared over. Jim shimmied down, ignoring the whine escaping Spock's mouth as their lips parted, before he licked a thick stripe up the underside of the Vulcan's member and then engulfed the thick head with his mouth.

Spock keened quietly, one hand flying to grasp Jim's golden mop of hair, not gripping tightly enough to hurt, a notion that Jim rewarded by tonguing between the two ridges seated beneath the spongy head.

"Jim. I need you."

Jim looked up letting the dick slide out from between his lips to grin at his husband. He crawled back up, reaching behind himself to grip the throbbing length and align it with his tight opening. Keeping his eyes locked with Spock's he slowly sank down.

Jim moaned, eyes sliding shut as Spock bottomed out inside him and the Vulcan reached out to wrap his hands around Jim's protruding hipbones, breathing heavily as Jim rocked back and forth lazily, pressed tightly to Spock's body, not willing to part yet. His breathing hitched and Jim leaned down to nip at Spock's mouth, trailing kisses over his jaw and finally wrapped his lips around the tip of Spock's ear to bite down on it gently.

Spock's hips jerked, burying the thick cock deeper into Jim and rubbing roughly across Jim's prostate.

Seconds later, they were rocking into each other desperately, lips meshed together, parted slightly as they panted. Spock's long-fingered hand wrapped around Jim's member, thumb pressing down underneath the reddened head and with a small flick, his nail grated across the sensitive nerves, sending Jim over the edge. Jim ground down, head thrown back, neck exposed as he felt Spock climax inside of him.

Jim breathed out heavily, collapsing in a sweaty, content heap upon the Vulcan.

For a while, the room was merely filled with their heavy panting and the screaming of the birds. Jim let his body cool down, relishing in the fast thumping of Spock's heart beneath him and listening to the raspy hiss as Spock filled his lungs with air. One of Spock's hands stroked down his spine, the palm smoothing over the knobbly vertebrae as if counting the various bony coves that rose beneath the skin.

Finally, Jim decided to break the silence, "Well, that was... unexpected."


"Why did you not stop me from showering," Jim mumbled into Spock's shoulder, "I could have saved a lot of hot water, you know?"

"I doubt we will have trouble paying the bill, Jim."

"That's not the point," Jim huffed, pressing a light kiss to Spock's collarbone, "The point is that I have to stand up again to shower because of you."

"This time however, I will accompany you," Spock said, rubbing his cheek against the top of Jim's head, reminding Jim of a large cat.

"Was this some kind of ploy to get me to agree to your silly plan to become an Ambassador?"

"No, Jim. I simply wanted to have intercourse, nothing more."



"Spock, would you stop using that word? We have talked about this so many times already, why do you insist on doing that? You just love to rile me up, don't you?"


"One more 'indeed' and there will be no sex for a month, Mister."

"I doubt you will be able to keep this threat, Jim."

"You wanna find out?"

"...Not particularly."

"Thought so."

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