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Secret World


Spock slid out of his car with a quiet sigh. He had had a long day at the embassy and was happy to return home. The sun was already setting and the fluorescent flowers in their small front garden were glowing in the dimming light. Locking the car, Spock moved on towards the front door, unlocking it and stepping inside, "Jim? Soryn? I am home."

A loud screech followed by the sound of clumsy feet slapping against the parquet greeted him and he knelt down to catch his almost three year old son in his arms.

Soryn squeaked and began to tell him about his day, undeterred in his quest to inform Spock about everything that had happened in his absence even when Spock stood up again. He carried the boy into the kitchen, kissing his husband's cheek in greeting.

Jim turned around, smiling as he stood on his tiptoes to capture Spock's lips in a gentle kiss. Soryn began to whine at being ignored, demanding a kiss himself. Laughing, Jim proceeded to pepper their son's face with loud, obnoxious kisses, causing the boy to shriek with laughter, "You want kissies? Kissies you will get, you little twerp!"

"No, no, Momma!" Soryn giggled, hands flailing through the air as he attempted to hold Jim off.

It had taken Jim a little while to accept that Soryn would forever call him 'Momma' ever since Leonard had babysat the boy and taught him his first word. That word had been 'Momma' and it had been promptly attached to Jim's person. Jim had not spoken to Leonard for three days, before calling the man and thanking him for getting Soryn to actually speak aloud. Soryn had been using his telepathy to communicate and had resisted every attempt to get him to utter anything but squeaks and squawks until then.

And by now, Jim was actually very fond of being called 'Momma'.

"Welcome home," Jim finally said when Soryn had stopped screaming and settled against Spock.

"I apologize," Spock responded, voice growing quieter, "The meeting took longer than anticipated. I should have called."

"It's okay," Jim whispered, smiling.

"I want juice!" Soryn exclaimed, shattering the silence as he smiled brightly at his parents.

Jim laughed, shaking his head at their son, "Alright, alright. Let's get you some juice and then you're going to bed, you little elf."

"Yes, Momma."

Spock used the time he was given to divest himself of his shoes and hanging up the robe he had worn to protect himself from the harsh Vulcan sun earlier in the day. Once this was done, he directed his attention back towards Jim and their son, who had dozed off before finishing the juice in his sippy cup. Jim plucked the cup out of Soryn's hands and set it down onto the kitchen counter, gesturing towards the stairs, "I'll go and tuck him in. Are you coming with me?"

"Of course," Spock responded.

They made their way upstairs and into Soryn's room quietly as to not wake their child.

Spock watched as Jim settled the boy down onto his bed and covered him with the soft blanket, tucking it in around Soryn's small body. Soryn whined and for a second, Spock feared they had woken him. But the little boy merely turned onto his side, curled up and tucked his thumb into his mouth. They would need to break him out of that habit sooner or later.

With another kiss to their son's forehead, Jim shuffled away and moved to loop his arms around Spock's neck, "Hey."

"Hello," Spock met Jim's lips halfway, hands coming to rest on his husband's hips.

They continued to kiss for a few minutes, breaking apart when Jim shifted away, "I have to finish dinner. You're probably hungry."

Spock nodded, following Jim down into the kitchen to watch his husband stir the thick, creamy soup bubbling in the large pot on the stove. Jim hummed softly to himself, swaying to whatever strange Terran song that was stuck in his head this time. Confused by the over abundance of happiness spilling from Jim's side of the bond, Spock leaned over to look at his husband's face.

A soft smile curled the man's lips, his eyes shone with a gentle fondness and there was something about him that made Spock wish to ask what was going on.

Finally, Jim turned away from the stove and gestured for Spock to take a step back, "What's going on with you, huh? You're all up in my personal space," he laughed, "Did you miss me that much?"

"Of course I did, Jim. However, I do feel like you are keeping something from me."

"Really?" Jim lifted his eyebrows in an exaggerated display of surprise, "Why ever would I do that?"

"I do not know, Jim," Spock responded, crossing his arms in front of his chest, a smile quirking up the corner of his mouth, "You do a lot of things that I still do not understand."

Jim grinned, "Maybe I'll tell you after dinner."

Spock sighed, but accepted his husband's response. Jim turned off the stove and ladled the soup into two bowls before carrying both over to the dinner table.

They ate in relative silence, seeing as their son was asleep upstairs. Jim kept nudging him through the bond, a little more enthusiastic than usual and Spock could not resist returning the poking. Upon finishing their late dinner, Spock stood and moved the bowls off the table, rinsing them out in the sink and finally placing them in the dishwasher alongside their spoons.

Jim had risen from his seat and walked over to the large window which allowed them to gaze into the large, back garden of their home. Spock furrowed his brows and made his way over, touching his husband's arm, "Are you alright, Jim?"

His husband turned, smiling at him, "Of course I am. I told you that already, Spock. Don't worry so much."

"Jim, please, what are you not telling me?"

Jim huffed and gestured for Spock to move a few steps away, "Okay, just sit down over there. I don't want anything to happen to your head or something."


"Ssh!" Jim flapped his hand through the air, "Okay. Ready?"

Spock nodded and sat down on one of the chairs close by the window. He lifted his eyebrow when Jim tugged the hem of his shirt upwards. Of all the things he would have expected for Jim to do, stripping his clothes had not been one of them. Jim stopped pulling at his shirt about halfway to his ribs, exposing the lower portion of his stomach. Spock moved his eyes down to his husband's bare skin.

The words Guess what, Daddy! were written on Jim's smooth abdomen.

It took almost ten second before Spock's brain was able to analyze the situation and understand what Jim was trying to tell him, "Jim… Jim are you-? Are you-?"

Jim nodded, a bright grin splitting his face, "Yes. Yes, I am."

Spock jumped to his feet and dashed forward, wrapping his arms around Jim and lifting him up into a tight embrace, unable to express his joy verbally. Jim laughed and laughed until Soryn came stumbling down the stairs and demanded to know what was so funny.

Spock buried his face in his husband's shoulder and smiled.

The End

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