A/N: Last chapter, Draco saw a mysterious girl singing and dancing on the lake, and then bumps into Harry later that week. This chapter, February is upon them, and Dumbledore holds a masquerade ball. Uh-oh...

Hidden Truths

Hogwarts: Gryffindor Common Room

February 1st

Ron was pacing back and forth in front of the fire. "Did you hear about this masquerade ball on Valentine's Day? Can you believe it?" The red-head ran his fingers through his hair. "Who am I going to take? What do I get her? What if I don't have a date?"

"Ron," said Lin-kayla Potter, even though everyone called her Harry. "You're acting just like a girl right now. Just ask Hermione today. Do it before someone else does."

Ron looked at his best friend, frowning about the girl comment. "What about you? Who are you taking? Ginny?"

Lin-kayla shook her head. "I'm not going. I don't like Valentine's Day. It's just an excuse to hook up so that you're not alone. It's useless." She looked at the fire. "Come on, let's go to breakfast. You can ask Hermione then."

Ron blushed. "Ok, if you say so."

The two friends went down to breakfast, and sat down on either side of Hermione. Lin-kayla {Harry} filled her plate with fruits. As she ate, she felt someone's eyes on her. She looked up, but no one was watching her. She frowned.

Hogwarts: Near the Black Lake

February 7th

Lin-kayla was sitting next to the Black Lake, working on a Charms essay, when a small snake slithered up to her. "Hello, little one," she said to the snake.

The miniaturized Baskilisk, with its eyes hooded, said, "Hello, young mistress. I have heard many things. Why are you not going to the Ball?"

"I don't think I should. Not to mention the fact that most of the girls in the school will want to dance with me."

"Then go as yourself, instead of as a boy." The snake replied.

Lin-kayla was going to thank the snake, but she felt eyes on her back. She stood up and turned around, but no one was there. She knelt down, gently picked up the snake and her homework, and walked back to the castle.

Hogwarts: Great Hall

February 14th

Lin-kayla stood nervously outside of the Great Hall. Her dress was made of red satin, form-fitting and flowing. Her hair was flowing down her back, with the sides pulled back with red clips. On her face, she had a red sparkly mask. She wrung her hands, and stared at the doors.

Pansy Parkinson was talking to Daphne Greengrass when she saw something red out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head and saw an unfamiliar face. Then she saw Draco walk past her to walk up to the girl in red. Her mouth opened in shock.

Draco stepped in front of the mystery girl. "You're here. Are you going to tell me who you are?"

"N-no. You wouldn't want to be near me then." Lin-kayla shook her head.

"Will you at least dance with me?" Draco asked.

Lin-kayla smiled, her green eyes sparkling. "Now that, I can do." She placed her hand in his, and walked with him into the Great Hall. As Draco led her to the dance floor, Lin-kayla noticed that her friends were staring at her in disgust. No, they didn't know it was her, but the look on their faces made her sad anyway. Later that night, after most of the students left the Masquerade Ball, Lin-kayla spoke to Draco, "I have to go. I had a wonderful time. Thank you."

He smiled at the beauty. "You're welcome, my lady." He kissed the back of her hand, and said, "I hope we see each other again."

"Maybe," she whispered, and left.

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