Warrior Cat Unit Guides!

Chapter One: Firestar

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Congratulations on purchasing a FIRESTAR unit! He will arrive in a golden box with dandelions and bees buzzing around. Open the crate and he will wander around looking for the entrance for the forest. Remove the blue tag from his neck and he will calm down and see you as boss and will obey your command.

Your FIRESTAR unit comes with many modes.

KITTYPET: Your FIRESTAR unit will call himself Rusty, and will wander around talking to SMUDGE units and looking around your house like he's trying to get out into the forest. He might have a bit of an ego.

APPRENTICE: Your FIRESTAR unit will call himself Rusty, and will follow any BLUESTAR, TIGERCLAW, and LIONHEART units around, pestering them to train. He might sneak off to go battle a YELLOWFANG unit, or to help a RAVENPAW unit escape. Do not mix FIRESTAR and SANDSTORM units together while they are both in APPRENTICE mode, as they might bicker so much it will hurt your ears.

WARRIOR: Your FIRESTAR unit will call himself Fireheart, and will have a very big ego. CINDERPELT units might follow your FIRESTAR unit around, pestering him to train. He might disappear without you knowing.

INSANE: This is a LOCKED mode, and can only be UNLOCKED by purchasing a LEAFPOOL and a SQUIRRELFLIGHT unit. Your FIRESTAR unit will attack any TIGERSTAR units and any SCOURGE units. Beware this mode.

OOC: In this mode, your FIRESTAR unit will be rather crazy and obnoxious. He will eat all of your grapes and will draw on your walls with orange crayon and scream, "THIS IS ME!" It is a LOCKED mode, and will become unlocked only if you buy a SANDSTORM unit set in WARRIOR mode to calm him down.

The FIRESTAR unit comes with many handy functions to use every day.

Being Kind: Is your friend down and you don't know what to say? Did one of your family members died and your family is in grief? Never fear, for the FIRESTAR unit is here! Just pull him out whenever someone is feeling blue and the FIRESTAR unit will cheer them up.

Hunting: Almost every unit will have this feature, but the prey the FIRESTAR unit will bring back still has the organs in it and will likely have feathers and/or fur.

The FIRESTAR unit is not compatible with all other units.

He is compatible with:







The ONESTAR unit (when set in Warrior mode)

And most of the THUNDERCLAN box set.

He, however, is not compatible with:

The SCOURGE unit


And most of the other units.

If you have a question, please direct yourself to our FAQ before calling us.

Q: My FIRESTAR unit has gone missing, along with my SANDSTORM unit! Where have they gone?

A: They have gone to put together the SkyClan box set. Expect them back in 8-10 months.

Q: What if I don't want to wait that long?

A: You'd better; otherwise your FIRESTAR unit might go away forever.

Q: My FIRESTAR unit went into OOC mode and won't come out, and I've tried using the SANDSTORM unit to calm him down, but he won't snap out of it! What is going on?
A: Your FIRESTAR unit is defective.

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: No. Buy another one. Now.

FIRESTAR is priced at the conveniently low price of $300. Shipping is free to the USA and nowhere else. To order, call 1-800-FIR-STAR. For more info, please contact us at our website.

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