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So Simple


What do you think of love? Is it the ever present power that makes the world go round? Is it something overrated or complicated? Is it something amusing or intriguing? I myself do not know how to describe love, but I know two people who do.

Hibari Kyouya, the Vongola Familia's Cloud Guardian, their strongest guardian described love with one word; he said it was 'stupid'. Why? Hibari thinks of love as an act of stupidity and stupidity is a weakness…but because love is stupid, you don't mind being weak or being stupid as long as you have the one you love. It's so simple it's stupid.

For him, love was doing things you don't normally do, it was crossing borders and breaking anything that can be broken for the sake of the one you love. He wasn't a person to sacrifice for others, and the mere thought of sticking with a weak and needy herbivore was enough to make him puke, but alas love is simply stupid, was it not?

"Shit." Gokudera cursed as a wet tongue licked his neck and pale slender fingers almost trembled as they unbuttoned his shirt. He swallowed his moan and leaned on the wall inside the dark cramped room, silently cursing their predicament and location. Feeling some random thing poking his back at the same time that his dick was growing harder by the second, he couldn't help but bite his lip in irritation.

He tried to push his lover away, but Hibari who was now playing with his hard nipples would not so much as budge from his place."Nnn, Kyouya." He whined as Hibari slowly sucked, bit and licked his nipple instead of moving away. Hibari's hand trailed down his sides and stopped at the rim of his pants. Slowly Hibari's fingers travel to his zipper. Slowly Hibari's tongue moved down to his stomach, leaving a trail of soft kisses down his pale flesh.

"Hn?" "S-something's poking my back." There was a short silence as Hibari looked up at Gokudera's panting form. He looked like he wanted to say something, but he decided against it, in response, he unzipped Gokudera's pants and let the article fall off. He went face to face with his lover's cloth clad erect member then. "Maybe some cleaning equipment dear?" he whispered smugly. He didn't care at all.

Gokudera looked down at him, he would have kicked Hibari's face then and there if he didn't; one, really wanted to get fucked right now and two, grew twice as hard with the thought of Hibari's predator like smirk in front of his cock.

"You're okay with that?"

"SHUT UP, and suck." He hissed.

"Well then you just have to get used to being poked, hm." Hibari said as he ungracefully pulled down Gokudera's underwear and wrapped his pale hand around the silver haired boy's member. He smirked and licked Gokudera's cock, not bothering to take his eyes off of Gokudera's own.

Gokudera Hayato, the Vongola Familia's Storm Guardian, and the Decimo's Right Hand Man defined loved as 'need'. It was irritating need. It was irritating because love demanded so much, it took so much and it wanted so much and yet you have no choice but to give in, to say yes and to indulge, because you want your love to be happy.

Love was irritating because even if you didn't want it, you NEED it, and when you have it in your grasp, you'll do anything to not let it slip away. If love is Hibari pounding in you in a random closet in the Mafia Summit building, then so be it. Love was irritating yes, but it was more than lust, more than sex, and more than just the embarrassment of doing such a damned deed in a fucking storage closet.

Kyouya and Hayato would both agree, though never verbally that love was something simple; it was irritatingly stupidly needed, and it simply made them, HAPPY.