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Feliciano Vargas was happily skipping along the sidewalk. Just hours before he returned from his friends' house in Japan. He was going to see his twin brother, Lovino Vargas, for lunch at his house near Rome. Feliciano, Kiku Honda, Ludwig Beilschmidt , and his brother, who had came along for the fun of it, Gilbert Beilschmidt were seeing each other for the first time since the war ended.

"A few days have passed since the war ended, I hate that the allies still send someone to watch us" he pouted about seeing Arthur Kirkland arrive at Kiku's house. "We're not going to do anything else; we know when we're beaten." He stopped skipping and looked at the town he had just arrived at. He sighed and said "and there's still a big mess everywhere."

The town was indeed a giant mess. The buildings were crumbling from where they had been hit by bombs, cars were abandoned, and he saw a few remaining bodies littering the streets. It made the normally happy-go-lucky nation feel terrible about the war. "Huh?" He looked over to where he saw a child's body with its dead mother. Did the child move or was it the wind? The small boy was wrapped in a bright blue blanket, but it was smudged with dirt and a few bits and pieces of rubble were clung to it. Feliciano crouched next to the bundle and poked it. It moved again! His eyes grew huge and he picked the kid up. The boy got frightened and asked in a very small voice "Who are you?"

"I'm Feliciano Vargas" he answered but before the kid could say anything else, he cried out "Oh you poor little bambino, you must be so scared! Veh~ what do I do with you?" He paused in thought the boy's head was titled, "I'll bring you with me to mi fratellos house; would you like to?" Feliciano looked the youngster over. The boy looked only about 5 years old. He was really skinny and had cuts all over him. Other than that, the little lad looked like a normal little kid; He had dark blue eyes and curly light brown-blond hair with an Italian curl like Feliciano's.

"Ok," the boy agreed to go with Feliciano. Feliciano started walking with the boy still in his arms, "I never got your name, what is it?"

"Santo Engel" he answered, his voice had grown stronger and there was a hint of German in it.

"It's nice to meet you Santo, you can just call me big brother Feli" Feliciano said as they walked together down the sidewalk. Santo smiled for the first time in a long while, "I've never had a big brother before, and we'll be good friend's right big brother?" Feliciano laughed and said, "si, we'll be the best of friends Santo!"

The two Italians walked together talking until they arrived at Lovino's house.

It was far off in the country and Feliciano was tired once they arrived. He was amazed and happy to see that the war didn't affect it. The land looked so peaceful here; even though the one that lived there was the foul-mouthed Italian twin. The sun shone on Lovino's prized tomatoes making the leaves look crimson. In the middle of the field they found his house; a Spanish looking ranch house.

"Ve~ ciao Fratello~!" Feliciano called when they walked in the door, "I'm here and I brought a little friend~!"

"Dam it, Felice!" Lovino yelled from the kitchen. He came out with a sour expression on his face, Antonio was following behind him like a loyal little puppy. The white shirt Lovino was wearing was stained red from a tomato he was eating. "Look at what you did, you idiota!" He yelled making the other Italian jump, "now I'm going to have to wash this shirt all over again." Antonio walked over to Feliciano and said, "hola mi poco de tomate, where did this little guy come from ah?"

"This is Santo Engel, I found him in town when coming up here," he looked down to Santo who smiled sweetly. "Santo, say 'ciao' to my friend Antonio Hernandez Carriedo," he then pointed at Lovino, who scowled annoyed at his brother bringing a stranger to his home, "and mi fratello gemello Lovino Vargas." Santo looked at the happy Spaniard then the scowling Italian and said, "Ciao, it is very nice to meet you"

Antonio grabbed him and squealed, "You're SO cute!" before squashing both their cheeks together making Lovino even more annoyed or jealous no one could tell. He walked over the Spaniard, took Santo from him, gave him to Feliciano, then smacked Antonio upside the head, "stupid tomato bastard," he grumbled.

"Lovino!" Feliciano cried, "You can't say that in front of the little bambino!" He was about to retaliate and say that they were in Southern Italy and he probably heard it all the time when a timer in the kitchen went off. "The pasta is done, now we can eat" Lovino headed into the kitchen followed by Antonio, Feliciano, and Santo.

Feliciano set Santo at the table and asked, "You must be hungry, si?"

"Si!" he replied as Antonio set a plate of spaghetti in front of him "it looks really good, grazie," he said as his mouth started to water.

After they ate, the four decided to go into the living room for a quick talk before Feliciano and Santo left. The northern Italian brother decided to ask his little friend about his family; if there were any that lived somewhere else in Italy, he could take Santo to them.

"So Santo," Feliciano started, "do you have any other family members in Italy?"

Santo's face scrunched up in thought. He couldn't remember really; other than his mother who was killed he didn't know. He raked his brain for any sign of family then gave up with a little, "I don't know…"

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