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Ludwig pulled the blanket over Feliciano and Santo, who was hugging a sleeping Kumajirou. He turned off the bedside lamp and silently glided to the door, opening it. He backed out of the room casting another glance at their sleeping forms smiling fondly at them. He didn't realize that his awesomely annoying older brother was coming down the hallway. Smiling deviously, Gilbert stalked up to the other German getting only inches from his ear and said, "Heeeeey Weeeesst, what are doing?

"Gahhhhhh!" Ludwig shrieked, jumping almost two feet in the air. He scowled at his brother and made sure that the two were not woken up by his, very manly I must add, shriek. "What was that for bruder?"

"Kesesesesese, cause it was hilarious. Mainly because I saw you stalking the Italians and thought it would be perfect." He smugly responded then swung his hand to the stairs. "Now come downstairs, Birdie made these dessert pancakes Sweden showed him. Oh and want to talk to you."

"The talk would be about?"

"Something about what you're going to do about Italy's speech thing tomorrow at the conference; I really don't know." He stated before leaving his brother who shortly followed after.

Gilbert jumped down the last few stairs running into the kitchen staring at the delicacy Matthew was making. He put the last little maple syrup onto the top of one of the brown spheres then turned and brightly smiled at the German brothers. "Are you two ready for dessert?" He asked his smile growing brighter at his new concoction.

"This looks very good, Matthew" Ludwig complimented the timid Canadian.

Matthew nodded at him, "I hope so, this is the first time I've made them since my visit with the Nordics. I had to change the recipe a tiny bit, though it was nothing big." He pointed to his brother who was sitting at the table playing with a jar, "plus he made me put chocolate sauce on it instead of nutella."

Gilbert frowned feigning a tear, "No nutella?"

Ludwig stared at his brother and sighed, "When Feliciano gave you some that one time you ate almost ten bottles of the stuff."

"And?" He cocked his eyebrow.

"I just thought you would be sick of the stuff." He muttered.

Alfred looked up from his interesting jar just now noticing the brothers. He smiled his normal goofy smile and said, "Germany, dude, Iggy wanted me to talk to ya'. Something bout' Romano's stage freight and how you're gonna deal the brothers speech."

"I've been thinking about it." He said sitting across from the American brother. The other two grabbed the plates of pancakes, putting one in front of Alfred (big mistake), and the other in front of them when they sat. Matthew went to get extra plates as Ludwig continued, "We know both Italy's are out of the question, and if we ask Pietro he'll think he's a country."

Matthew tilted his head, "Who is Pietro?" He asked while putting the plates in front of everyone and giving them at least five of the small chocolate covered pancakes.

"Danke," He thanked, "Pietro is the Italy's youngest sibling, also known as the personification of the Principality of Seborga."

"Ooooooooh," Alfred said, "You mean that guy that-a talked a like-a this-a, and the funny Italy curl?"

"Ja, if I ask him he'll think he's been promoted to a nation; or something." Ludwig sighed.

Alfred suddenly jerked up and tried to say something but no one heard exactly what with the pancake in his mouth, with that it came out a little like this, "Mrut mromut te tid?"

"Swallow your food, Al." Matthew simply said before taking a drink from his cup of orange juice.

The older quickly swallowed then burst, "what about the kid!"

"What about the kid?" Gilbert asked, not wanting to be left out of the conversation.

"What if he gives the speech? I know that's the best idea, cause I'm the hero, the hero always comes up with the best ideas." He swung his arms out like he just showed them Tony for the first time.

They looked at him, Matthew shook his head. Alfred frowned, "What? It's a great idea."

The Canadian poked his brother, "You realized he's not their kid, right? He's just a normal child, a human being." Hopefully his 'hero' brother wasn't still stuck on Santo being their kid. That was just stupid, they're both men. Wait aren't they? Yeah, yeah Matthew is pretty sure of it.

"B-but he understands Pangea, he can't be a normal kid if he understands the nation-talk. Only nations, micronations, and cities can." Alfred whined puffing out his lips. Ludwig's eyes grew wide, "he's right… That means, Santo is one of us."

"What does that mean?" Santo stood at the doorway wiping at his eye and Kumajirou stalking sleepily behind him.

"You're a nation, or the child of two." Ludwig stated, unsure if that was true.

Alfred took this time to ask his question, "Hey little buddy, wanna talk to a bunch-a people you don't even know?" He smiled.

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