"Ah, spring is in the air, Illya. Can you smell of that goodness?"

"Ahh…ahhh… ahhhchooo!"

Illya looked up from that blast with watery eyes and a red nose. Napoleon winced slightly, the sight of his partner did not align happily with his own sense of wonderment at the turn of the seasons on this beautiful first day of spring.

"Oh, well perhaps there is a little bit of pollen floating around…"

Illya sneezed again, his hand full of handkerchief and his eyes teary from the obvious reaction he was having to spring.

"Napoleon, I am not allergic to spring, or pollen. It is whatever you are wearing as a cologne, I am certain of it."

"What? No, that can't be… I mean…"

Illya rolled his eyes, his watery eyes.

"Where did you get it?"

It was an accusing tone, and Napoleon was reticent about answering.

"Um… it was a gift… from …"


Napoleon let out a nervous chuckle. How did Illya always know about her?

"Look, Illya… I'll go shower. I don't know how she would have known that… How did she know you would react like this?"

Now it was Illya's turn to chuckle nervously.

He'd never tell.