Summary: Loki didn't realize he had been starved nearly to death of simple touch, until Mr. Stark shows him. [Loki is super deprived of affection and doesn't know it until he feels it.]

Rated: M in future chapters for sexual encounters, slash and probably some violence.

Genre: Romance, angst and a little Humor.

Pairing: Loki/Tony

Chapter Summary: After battle Tony runs into Loki unexpectedly and tries to comfort the foe after a bitter comment about his past, which Tony takes to heart.


Loki Lafeyson had once again been defeated by the Avengers, why he kept trying was something Tony had never really understood.

Yes, Loki was a super villain, a fallen God of Mischief. Not to mention the fact he hated Thor and his father.

It wasn't until Tony had pulled his file and read over his entire life's story that he began to feel somewhat bad for the guy.

Loki had grown up believing a lie, Tony knew how much that can change someone once they learn the truth, the man whom was more like a father to Tony than his own father had tried to get him killed.

He and Loki weren't so different after all, Tony understood what it meant to be betrayed, the only difference was how they had reacted to the betrayal.

Tony decided that he would be a better man and fight for what is right.

Loki had decided to become the villain, rather than fight for his father's approval.

He fought to rebel and disobey him as often as possible.

Tony's heart slumped somewhat as he floated in air above the fight scene and watched Loki limp away from the battle an arm clutching his ribs and blood streaming from his left temple.

The Avengers had chased after him but with the last stitch of effort he disappeared into the air with one of his magical chants, he had once again escaped.

A part of Tony wondered how much one man could take, okay he wasn't just a man, he was a God; however, he was a God exiled to earth to live amongst mortals, and in this case along with many others attempt to bring doom atop of their heads.

The Team then turned and headed back to the mansion Thor pausing a moment to stare into the space his brother had once been.

Loki had disowned their name, he was no longer Loki Odinson, he was now Loki Lafeyson.

Thor took this in great offense and discouragement. Loki had disowned the family he had grown up with.

Being the new man he was now, Thor wished he had seen the effects of his actions sooner, perhaps had he been a better big brother his little brother wouldn't be one of the top wanted men in the world.

He'd be on his side, on Odin's side.

It was too late for that now but Thor was never one to give up on hope.


Later that night Tony went out for a drive and headed back to the scene of battle, without telling the others where he was going, of course.

Tony was never one to hide his identity however tonight he kept it on the down low as to avoid a lot of chatty fans, he simply wanted to come back and see if any clues could be found on what Loki's plan had been, or where he may have gone.

Tony parked his expensive black car just outside of the woods.

The fight had taken place in the park during one of the biggest festivals of the year, surely Loki was planning on some kind of terrorist attack.

Tony got out of his car and buried his hands in his pockets as he searched the grounds for any clues, the sun was beginning to set and the streetlights had come on.

He made his way towards the creek-bed closer and closer to the stream, looking for anything that may have been left behind.

He didn't exactly expect to find what he did.

Tony turned a corner around a large tree trunk and stopped dead in his tracks.

Loki's helmet was sitting on the ground horns up and vacated, he remembered quite clearly that Loki had been wearing it when he had disappeared.

He glanced about the area curiously as he tried to calm his breath.

Running into Loki while not in his armor sounded like the perfect way to end up dead, Tony stepped a few steps closer to the creek when he saw a slim figure clothed in all black hunched over by the water.

His breath hitched and his blood started to pound in his ears.

He didn't have to get any closer to realize it was none other than Loki slouched by the stream.

He looked as if he was using the water to wash his hands just before they brushed through his ink black hair sticking it back in place.

The long ends of his hair curling up at his shoulders. Tony knew he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

He hesitated a second before he took one step back crunching a stick beneath his real leather loafer.

Loki twitched but didn't turn around, for a moment Tony thought perhaps he hadn't noticed.

He took in a breath for encouragement before attempting another step.

"Are you here to kill me? Mr. Stark." Loki asked smoothly and calmly, Tony knew that moment the gig was up, he was going to die.

"Nah, just out for a stroll, are you here to kill me?" he replied his usual cockiness in his tone, Tony couldn't see it, but without a doubt Loki was smirking.

"No." he replied sparing a moment to glance over his shoulder still crouched with one knee in the dirt, one knee to his chest. "Your not wearing your armor, it wouldn't be fair anyway." He replied a slight twinkle in his eye.

Technically Loki on a normal night wouldn't think twice about killing an off guard Avenger simply to punish them for their impudence; however on a night like this night, Loki was too drained, too beaten, he couldn't muster up enough strength to kill a Rat for dinner much less someone as stubborn as Tony Stark.

"I would've thought you'd learn not to lie by now." Tony replied knowing it would likely just piss Loki off and make him kill him even slower, but in his last minutes he thought a little fun was in order.

Loki's smirk faltered into a frown and his eyes saddened before dropping to the dirt.

"If there were a time I'd learn honesty, it would've been when I couldn't speak at all." He replied bitterly and turned back to the running water.

He didn't have the energy or strength for this nonsensical banter but he'd keep it up anyway, his words were his best weapons at a time like this.

"When was that? Cause I would've loved to be there." Tony replied haughtily and mentally face-palmed.

"I imagine you would've helped them sew my mouth shut wouldn't you?" he replied and squeezed his eyes shut, all he wanted was this mortal to go away and leave him be.

"What?" Tony replied and his mouth turned into a steady frown, his file had never said anything about that. "That wasn't in your file, I don't believe you." he replied hastily taking one step back but paused to hear Loki's reply.

"Do you believe Thor would tell on himself?" Loki spat over his shoulder, Tony's brows furrowed in confusion, Loki tensed and brought his knee up to pull both to his chest.

Tony went to speak but nothing came out.

"Go away, mortal, and leave me be!" Loki screamed over his shoulder his voice cracked bitterly before he turned his back on Iron Man

All Tony could do is stare at his thin back, the God of Mischief, Loki Lafeyson, huddled in on himself his armor discarded all around in the chilly night.

Why would Loki stay here of all places, the last spot he had been seen. Tony took a step in the opposite direction of safety and found himself standing by the fallen angel at his feet.

Upon closer inspection Loki's leg seemed to be healed however the gash in his pants fabric was a giveaway he had been badly hurt in battle, they had probably come from Hawkeye's arrow.

His brow had a heavy cut from the point to his temple and the other cheek was bruised a deep blue.

Loki had his magic, he could fix himself so why wasn't he?

"I said leave me." Loki added this time weakly when Tony's hand landed on his slim shoulder.

Loki clutched his arms around his ribs and curled in on himself further. He hated that at this moment he was at Iron Man's mercy, weather Stark knew this or not remains to be seen.

"You can't get out of here can you?" Tony asked softly only a small distance away from him as he bent his knees to crouch by his side.

Damn, he knows. I'm going to die. Loki thought to himself.

Loki did not reply, he would not admit defeat, he only needed a little more time, a little more rest and he would be well enough to get home.

He had used the last of his energy to fix his leg that had been bleeding everywhere before he exhausted himself and couldn't even transport himself home.

Tony lifted his other hand to gently nudge a finger under the God's soft chin to tilt his head up and inspect his bruised and battered face.

Seeing Loki this close in the moonlit lighting, his hair black and smooth, white skin and a gaze so strong it could kill yet so soft it could trick even the wisest of men. Tony's brows rose slightly surprised at his attraction to the God. This must be some kind of sorcery.

Loki scowled at him but did not push away, his chin tingled from the touch and the look in Iron Man's eyes gave him some reason to trust him.

Either Stark was more than meets the eye and has some magical abilities of his own, or he really was concerned for his fallen foe.

Tony dropped to one knee and brought his hands to cup the God's face gently, Loki let out a gasp as tingling hot sensations ran through the skin on his face and into his nerves, he had never been touched so gently.

"I'm sorry he did that to you." Tony whispered so quietly it could only be registered as breath leaving his lips.

Loki's brows furrowed sadly, his eyes squeezing shut blocking in tears, he had cried himself to sleep that night, lips sewn shut, heart broken into a million pieces, blood staining his chin and neck.

That night he swore to himself he would never cry again, they could do all they wanted to him bring all the pain possible. But would never break him. Never.

Tony dropping his hands to rest on the nape of his neck brushing through his slick hair and pulled him into his chest carefully.

Loki let out a started yet pleased breath, but still tensed all over, neither pushing the man away nor burying himself in.

This had to be a trick no one cares for him, not really.

Nothing this good can be true, nothing this pure and gentle and kind can be true. The other Avengers were lurking in the shadows mocking and laughing at him.

Not this time, never again.

Tony rested his chin on Loki's head, this was madness but Loki was responding to it, maybe all he needs is a little affection.

Loki pushed Stark off of him a red rage filling his vision as he ground his teeth down at him, he leapt onto his feet and staggered back.

"Don't touch me, Iron Man, Mortal." He spat at him and stumbled back a few more paces. "Your trickery is pathetic." He added before building up as much energy as he could.

Tony frowned and lifted his hands in surrender.

"I swear, I'm not trying to trick you." he replied honestly concerned, that had been the worst thing he had ever heard, who could do such a thing? No matter how much someone lied.

How could someone do that, that calls themselves a hero.

"I hope you meet an early death, Stark." He spat back and waved his arms disappearing in a flash, Tony staggered back and stared at the space Loki had been, perhaps he was there simply because he wanted to be after all.

It was a long thoughtful ride home for Anthony, he had a few questions for Thor, however telling any of the others he had Loki and let him get away was probably one of the worst ideas he had ever had.

Tony wanted to face-palm just for thinking of it, telling on himself is simply not an option.


Loki stared down at his hands breaths coming in short and heavy.

His hands moving to feel his cheeks that still tingled from the gentle caress. It only made him hate his brother more.

He seriously had thought Thor was too good to attack his deepest darkest weakness. Of course Stark was trying to fool him, capture him, perhaps the Avengers aren't as inept as he always believed.

Tony Stark was forever marked on his top kill list. From this moment on.

Loki dropped his face into his palms in his empty apartment, it had felt so good.

For only a few moments he thought perhaps someone did care for him. At least a little.

Loki is too weak at this moment to think clearly anyway, at least he had been able to get home he'd have to go back and pick up his armor tomorrow.


Tony kept tossing and turning in his bed, he couldn't shake off thoughts of Loki he was in some deep shit now, he should have never gone out to check the scene.

Becoming emotionally concerned for the largest criminal threat in the world was by far the dumbest thing he had ever done.


Loki Curled himself in his bed under the covers, rolling himself up into a ball, one arm wrapping around his ribcage to cradle his aching ribs, the other coming up to touch his cheek.

He could still feel where Stark's hand had touched him, Loki couldn't shake it from his thoughts how could one simple touch stick with him so much.