Summary: Loki didn't realize he had been starved nearly to death of simple touch, until Mr. Stark shows him. [Loki is super deprived of affection and doesn't know it until he feels it.]


Genre: Romance, Humor and a little angst.

Pairing: Loki/Tony

Chapter Summary: The end is here. Happy thanksgiving!


It wasn't until the Avengers faced an adversary so dangerous and undefeatable that Director Fury released Iron Man from house arrest.

It wasn't until not even Iron Man could stop him that Nick then released Loki as well.

After Thanos had been defeated and sent back to space to endure his punishment The Avengers looked at Loki in another light, he didn't like them probably never would, they didn't like Loki either but in the end they had a mutual respect for one another.

Loki had gained the respect of the Avengers the moment he threw himself in front of them forming a magic force field to protect them. He had done it for Tony after he took a hard hit to the ground and was left unconscious.

Loki would never tell on himself though because in protecting his boyfriend he had protected the others as well and was now viewed as a hero among them, at least in some small way.

Fury didn't retract their release, instead with few words he welcomed Tony back to the Avengers and allowed Loki to join, though Loki refused to wear any type of uniform. Which Fury didn't force.

After that Loki and Tony promptly moved back into Tony's flat in Avengers Tower.

Today is Thanksgiving Day, a Holiday Loki had never celebrated before but after asking many questions understood the meaning.

"Check the pie, darling." Tony declared as he carried the huge turkey tray out to the dining room.

Loki rolled his eyes fondly but put on the oven mitts and checked it anyways, it smelled pretty good, this pumpkin pie he had heard so much about.

He and Tony had learned a few things in the kitchen since being on house arrest that were now months later coming in handy.

Loki pulled the hot pan from the oven and brought it into the dining room where Tony was now setting the table.

"Doesn't one typically spend such days with family? Not co-workers?" Loki questioned as he set down the pie next to the potato salad and took off the oven mitts.

"Yes, typically one does." Tony replied mockingly "but the Avengers are my family now." He added and smiled softly at him.

Loki looked at the table and Tony didn't have to ask to know he was thinking about his adoptive parents, things were still shaky in their relationship but Tony knew with time and a little care, it would all work out in the end.

"I'm sure they miss you too." Tony said softly and moved across the room to bring Loki into a hug.

Loki sighed heavily and didn't want to admit how much he really did miss them, as awful as they are, they're still his parents.

"At least I have Thor." He replied as he pulled away and smiled softly.

"And me." Tony replied with mock offense.

"Yes, and you." Loki cooed back and leant in for a kiss.

Tony held him tighter and couldn't think of another person he would rather spend today with, it was probably about time he made an honest god out of Loki, if that is even possible.

Loki pulled away and picked his mitts off of the counter but just held them and looked down at them.

"What's wrong?" Tony asked and Loki shrugged.

"How do you feel about children?" He asked quietly then glanced up at him.

"They're noisy, stinky and poop on everything. Plus we couldn't have kids even if we wanted too." He replied and shrugged, Loki frowned as Tony finished setting the table.

"And if we could?" Loki asked, Tony turned to him a little puzzled.

"I don't know, I wouldn't want my long line of family geniuses to end." He said with a shrug, this wasn't exactly what he had expected to talk about today.

"That would be a shame." Loki cooed back playfully setting a hand on his lower stomach, Tony glanced back at him and rose a brow.

"Are you trying to tell me something?" Tony asked and crossed his arms, Loki smirked and silently walked passed him back into the kitchen.

"Loki!" Tony called back as he followed him in.

"I can have children, does that disturb you?" Loki asked as he began to clean up what they used for all of the cooking.

Tony stared at his back for a moment wide eyed, he wasn't sure why that had surprised him, there were many things a god of mischief could get into.

Loki frowned when he didn't receive a reply and turned to look at his lover.

Tony sighed and stepped closer to rest his hands on Loki's elbows comfortingly.

"Of course you can." He said a little humorously but leant forward to kiss him softly. "You are the god of mischief after all." He finished with a soft smile.

"Does it disturb you?" he asked a second time, Tony shook his head.

"No, I was just a little surprised." He replied and Loki sighed in relief and leant forward to hug him tight, Tony held him silently for a few moments until the gears in his head started turning.

"So how does this work? Do you have a vagina I don't know about?" Tony asked, Loki scoffed and pulled away.

"No." he replied offended.

"So how then?"

Loki just stared at him with a 'you know how.' Face then turned away and began cleaning again.

"No, like that? What do you do? Just shit a baby?" Tony replied and laughed.

"Tony it's not funny." Loki hissed back but knew Tony was only being an ass because he can.

Loki sighed in annoyance when Tony laughed at him.

"It is a little funny, but cool." Tony said back and shrugged. "So I can impregnate you by doing you in the ass, is that how it works?" Tony asked as he followed Loki around the kitchen while he tried to escape his annoying taunts.

"Why must you always be so insensitive?" Loki hissed back and slammed some dishes into the sink.

"Look I'm only teasing…. Wait does that mean all those times we fucked I could've knocked you up?" Tony asked and realized how much risk they had both been taking.

Loki gave him a playful smirk over his shoulder.

"That is really something you should discuss with someone before letting them do you."

"I knew that if I were to have a child, I would have been grateful that it had come from you." Loki replied all teasing aside and Tony couldn't help but smile at him.

"Really?" Tony asked as he pulled him into a hug, Loki kissed him softly as a reply then pulled away.

"Not only that my love, I could've gotten you pregnant as well… oops looks like our guests have arrived."

He said just before the doorbell rang, Tony stared at him but couldn't help but shake his head in disbelief.

"God of mischief indeed, what the hell have I gotten myself into?" He asked mostly to himself but for Loki's benefit as well.

Loki smirked playfully Tony leaning forward to kiss him once more in order to soften all of his merciless teasing, Loki kissed him back and was glad he hadn't run away. What he had just told him really was a lot to take in.

"Guess I'll get the door." Tony said and pulled away, Loki smiling behind his back as he went.

Tony opened the door and allowed the Avengers to crowd in, apparently they all decided to come at one time, no one wanted to be the third wheel when it came to those two.

Everyone was here including Agent Coulson and Pepper Pots.

They all settled for dinner and watched with laughter as Tony cut the turkey, Loki stood off to the side always the introvert at parties like this and simply smiled at him.

Being with Tony is what he is thankful for and the fact that the avengers had learned to accept him into the group, even with everything he had put them through.


"I'm exhausted." Tony drawled as Loki crawled into bed next to him, the dinner had lasted until four in the morning unlike traditional Thanksgiving dinners.

After they ate like pigs Tony got out the good liquor and the karaoke machine, which Thor and Loki tore up with a Maroon 5 song that Thor had never heard before.

Natasha even let loose a little at least until she had disappeared somewhere with Hawkeye.

When the clock struck midnight Tony hung the Mistletoe up and decided it was time to get ready for Christmas forcing Phil to give Steve a little peck on the cheek, it was an accident he put it over them after all.

Loki dropped his head on Tony's chest and nuzzled in close with a yawn.

"I will give it to you, they know how to party." Loki said lazily and closed his eyes.

"Sorry you didn't get to spend today with your family." Tony said at random and Loki simply nuzzled closer.

"You're all the family I need." Tony kissed him softly on the top of his head.

"Do you remember the night we met?" he asked and Loki chuckled against him.

"Do you mean the day I tried to kill you?" He replied and Tony smiled, that actually wasn't what he was talking about but technically that was the first time he had met him.

"Let me rephrase, the night I met the real you?" Loki turned in his arms so he was resting on Tony's chest facing him with his arms crossed under his chin.

"The day you walked into my life and changed everything?" he replied with a hint of malice in his voice, if not for Tony he would be king of the earth by now with the help of the Jotuns and all humans would be dead, unless slaves to his every whim.

That had been his plan until Tony came and ruined it, he came into his life and made him give a shit.

"Yes, that night." He replied and Loki smiled down at him.

"What of it?" Loki asked as he looked into his eyes.

"Everything was easier before you came along." He replied and Loki furrowed his brows.

"Thanks." He said offended and Tony just laughed, wrapping him up tight in his arms when he tried to pull away.

"What I mean is, life was easy and empty until you came and made me give a shit again." He replied and Loki smiled down at him.

"So did you." he said back and kissed him, Tony smiling into the kiss. "Strange that one simple touch could change so much." Loki cooed back softly and lovingly.

Tony smiled and kissed him again Loki dipping down to deepen it, apparently Tony wasn't so exhausted anymore as he wrapped his hand around the nape of Loki's neck and pulled him in deeper.

Loki arched his body into him and pulled away from the kiss.

"It wasn't just one touch if you know what I mean." Tony replied playfully and winked, Loki rolled his eyes affectionately unfolding his arms to rest them around Tony's neck.

"Any last requests mortal?" Loki replied tensely and Tony rose one brow.

"There was this one request, since you can shape shift I was thinking.." Loki cut him off.

"Tony… you know how I feel about that." Loki replied genuinely annoyed and tried to pull away.

"Hear me out," He said and tugged him back down, Loki sighed in annoyance but nodded anyways. "Can you still make yourself blue?" Tony asked and licked his lips, Loki chuckled and waved a hand over his face, blue ran down from his forehead to the tips of his fingers and toes.

"What do you think?" Loki cooed back sexily, his cold breath brushing across Tony's nose.

Tony shivered as arousal ran through his body.

"I think yes." Tony replied and took the frozen gods mouth with a harsh kiss. Loki chuckled against him.

In the end all we can hope for is someone who can love us and cherish us from the inside out with good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly.

Someone that can stick by your side no matter what, through thick and then, through hot and cold.

Someone who will throw away the life they knew to live a new life with you.

In the end you want someone to show you that somewhere out there in the universe you are loved, someone to show you with one simple touch.

-The End.

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