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"Lena!" Lincoln shouted desperately as he saw the demon stab its claws into her back. Blood was streaming down his face, blinding his right eye, and he could feel that his other wounds were open. That didn't matter. He was going to kill the demon. It had gone after her for no reason and he wasn't going to let her die. He was starting to move when the gunshots rang out. He was deaf to the screeches of pain and the sound of more shots as he crawled forward, keeping low to avoid getting into the line of fire, to Lena's body. She had just gone limp and he realized she must have gone unconscious, or at least given up in trying to crawl away. He hoped the claws had missed her kidney.

"Lena?" He whispered Flames whipped around him. He had no idea what was going on but could not look up from her. He put his hands on her wound, pressing slowly to stop the bleeding. Still, it oozed out sluggishly between his fingers. He needed tools, bandages, everything. And she still didn't know if her kidney had been hit. As far as he could tell, it missed by mere inches, but he couldn't be sure unless he saw it on an x-ray or scan.

There was no time to waste though. He had to stop the bleeding now or she would bleed out.

She twitched under his touch and murmured his name. She was conscious, at least. "I've got you, you'll be fine," he said quickly. He was struggling to focus. The nagging thoughts in the back of his mind told him she should not have gotten hurt. She had nothing to do with this, and now she was dying on the floor and he was struggling to think how to stop the bleeding. His head was spinning from the collection of events from the past few days.

"Lincoln," Kurt knelt down beside him and nudged him out of the way. He felt an instant of anger and wanted to protest until he saw Kurt pressing a towel against the wound. Lincoln wondered why he couldn't collect his thoughts enough to do anything. "Get out of here. She will be fine. It isn't deep enough to kill," he said.

Lincoln gazed at him blankly. He was the doctor, wasn't he? "It needs sutures and-"

Kurt cut him off. "You're not use to us here when you're losing that much blood. I know how to take care of injuries," he added.

Losing blood? Lincoln wondered.

He shook his head stubbornly, wanting to stay and then had to blink more red droplets out of his eye. Oh, he thought. He didn't want to leave though. He had to be there, next to her, just to make sure she would stay alright. It was his fault she was in his position, anyway, and he wouldn't leave. He had to protect her, to make sure the demon didn't touch her again. They had always taken care of each other and nothing was going to change that.

"I can't leave her," he protested.

Kurt ignored him. Hands grabbed Lincoln from behind and forced him to his feet. He flinched, half expecting it to tear him apart. But that couldn't be. Kurt wouldn't have done anything unless it was dead. He tried to pull away, but his body was quickly losing strength and the grip held firm, stronger than he was.

His gaze dropped. Was that what was left of the demon? The pile of ashes on the floor seemed a lot less intimidating. What now? Was it really dead or still there, in some kind of spirit world, waiting to regain its strength?

"Come on, let's get moving You can talk to her when you aren't dying," Clark's voice said. Lincoln wondered where he had come from. He felt a strong annoyance that Clark was forcing him away from Lena. He wasn't strong enough to fight back but he would stubbornly refuse any help from Clark. It felt necessary, to prove that she could still help and didn't need anything after all. But as he continued to walk, his body continued to grow weaker and his limbs were heavier. How could he be losing blood so fast? His knees buckled and he almost hit the floor, but was caught by an arm across his chest.

"Easy," Clark said.

"I'm fine," Lincoln mumbled, but he was quickly losing that fight too. Damn it. His body was betraying him.

"Of course you are," Clark responded sarcastically.

With Clark half dragging, half supporting him along, he was able to get into a room and sink slowly to the floor. He didn't have the energy or willpower to continue to stand. He didn't even hurt. Normally, he would have connected that to something else wrong, but at the moment he was just grateful that his entire body was going numb. He didn't want to feel anymore.

"Lincoln," Clark's voice seemed muffled and far away. Something, annoyingly, was keeping him from hitting the ground, which he was sure would be cool and comfortable.

Somehow knowing that Lena would be alright, he let his consciousness drip away with the constant flow of his own blood.

He woke a couple hours later. He felt more comfortable that he had in days and although the pain was there and nagging sharply at his back and stomach, he didn't care. He felt warm, safe, and knew that everything would be going back to normal.

"Lena?" He sat up slowly, wincing as he realized there were sutures in his skin that tightened when he moved.

She was lying next to him, resting comfortable, and looking considerably better than she had the last time he saw her. He couldn't resist rising to his feet and half stumbling over to her, leaning against the table she was sleeping on and brushing thin strands of hair out of her face. She would never have let him do this if she was awake. She was too stubborn and independent, but she was still his friend.

The boat was chugging along peacefully now, sweeping through the light blue of the river, with the sun shining and the entire world going back to normal. For now.

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