AN: So another one shot and this one is quite different from anything I have ever done. First off it is more poetic, or at least I tried lol, and second it is in Damon's point of view and first person. Well I hope you like it lol. R&R

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I walk the deserted beach at sunset, and find myself drawn to the crimson painted waters.

What is it about the color red that draws me in so?

It is not the blood that gives me life; no it is something much more important than that.

While I am pondering these things, a little red bird catches my eye; Perched on the sand and so out of place amongst the sleeping seagulls.

I then know the answers to my earlier questions.

For a little red bird had once graced my life; she too seemed out of place amongst the small group of friends whom she loved.

I was lucky to have been a part of her world, for without her the world is dull in my eyes; the only color that I see is the color red.

This small red maiden, had given me her heart; and I was foolish enough to be blinded by the sun.

I know now though that red can be the sun, as it is this lonely sunset, painting the world the color red.

I am drawn once more to the crimson waves and this time I give myself to them.

I let them swallow me whole, and find that they are soothing and warm to my cold flesh.

I close my eyes and let them rock my still form in their gentle embrace until they are crimson no more.

Without the last light of the sun they have become as black as the night sky; no longer a gentle embrace but harsh and sever.

As I trudge my way through the cold black waters I begin to ponder once more.

How is it, that the vibrant color of red could love the harsh color of black so?

I, like the color black had been cold to the maiden red.

I knew then that like the setting sun, and the now black waters, I needed the color red to sooth me before the harsh cold of the night.

And so I find myself at the window if the maiden red, wondering if she could forgive the harsh coldness I had bestowed upon her.

I knock once, twice, until she finally appears at her window.

And when she opens up her window I waste no time because though I have an eternity, I cannot thrive a minute longer without the color red.

I press my lips to hers and she engulfs me in her warm embrace as the red waters had.

I knew then that I had the color red, and I would never be foolish enough to be blinded by the sun again.

For red is the color of life, love, and in my case eternal bliss.

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