John, why is the drain blocked? – SH

Did you do something to it? – John Watson

Of course not. If I had I would know why it was blocked and would therefore not need to ask you. – SH

Why don't you go and sleuth it out? – John Watson

I don't want to get unknown filth on my hands – SH

But potentially poisonous mould is fine to store where we eat? – John Watson

It was safely contained, Watson. No risk of contamination. Don't overreact – SH

Stop underreacting then – John Watson

That's not a thing, John. You can't underreact to something. – SH

Yes, you can. You do frequently. – John Watson

When did I ever do that? I react in exactly appropriate amounts. – SH

You really don't – John Watson

You know what? Wear gloves. – John Watson

If only there was such a simple solution, however we do not have any suitable gloves – SH

Buy some. – John Watson

Not enough time. – SH

Really? – John Watson