Rated:K+ -Language: English Gerne:Romance/Friendship

Tv show: Summer in Transylvania

Characters: Bobby & Summer F.

This is my first fanic so please be easy on me. Sorry if the characters are ooc.

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The Legend of Transylvania

Chapter 1: A sent I never smelled before

Bobby's POV

It was a weird morning at Stoker High. I've heard from Jake that he and Bolt got detention form , bcause Bolt brought his snake called James Bolt to put it in his office. But The snake of Bolt escaped and was loose in the cafeteria, when saw Jake and Bolt with the snake. He gave them detention for two days. Rolf and the rest of the Pack we're dressed like chickens today because Rolf made a bet with Heidi and Serena about how many times I was gonna say Summer's name when I was thinking about her. Rolf said I was going to say her name twice. But the girls counted that I called Summer's name like sixteen times. So The boys lost the bet and had to wear a chicken suit for the whole week. I walk down the halls of Stoker High. Desperatly searching for Summer. I had a huge crush on her since she came here and still we're just friend.

Summer's POV

This morning was...how should I put this... Normale for once. My dad was out of Town with Leo and Magda since yesterday. So that means Jake and I we're alone in the house for two weeks. When I told Heidi about It, she wanted to have a sleepover at my house, Serena thought it was a good idea. You probably thinks What Serena hates you, Right? Let me explaine that. Four weeks ago Serena came to me for advice because she and Rolf we're having Relationships problems. I gave Serena some advice and It worked. She said the she owned me one.

So back to the morning. Serena and Heidi we're at my house this morning and put their stuff in my room. we went to school, but this time without Bobby.

The last time he's hanging out with Rolf, that I miss him around me

Bobby's POV

two hours later

I was at Art class drawing a picture of Summer and Heidi that was taken at the Stakeout three days ago, because Heidi asked me to make a drawing of Summer and her as a gift for Summer's birthday. We made a deal that Heidi gives Summer the drawing and I something else and I was glad with it. I was almost finished when I heard the door open. I quickly put al white blanket above the drawing and looked who came in. First I though it was Heidi but to my suprise it was Summer who came in. She wore a red T-shirt with a black jacket, blue jeans and black boots. Her hair was over her schoulders and she wore a necklace with a schape of the moon. She had something behind her back. I was curious about it. Summer came to me and stopt in front of me.

"Hey Bobby how is it with you this morning?" she asked me with a smile I always loved about her. But this time I saw that she was nervouse. "It's great but it was weird because..."

"Because Rolf and his pack wore chicken suits because Rolf lost a bet from Heidi and Serena today? Heidi told me already." she said.

I looked at her blue eyes and then at her necklace. I saw a letter in that necklace. It was a B

"Summer,What do you have behind your back?" I asked with a divious grin on my face.

Summer took a few step back while I stood up and approched her. She took another few step back untill her back was at the wall.I put both my hands on the wall so that Summer couldn't go any where. I looked at her deep eletric blue eyes and saw her blush a little.

"Nothing...excually...It's a gift for you...Bobby." she said. She pulled a little black box behind her back and gave it to me. I opened it and saw a black necklace with a shape of a werewolf. I turned it around and saw that was something was writen on it. For Bobby from S. I looked at her and she gave me a hug. After a few seconds I broke the hug.

"Thanks Summer." I said.

Summer was about to leave when I grab her wrist and pushed her against the wall. She looked suprised just as I was. I could hear her heartbeat going faster and then I smelled somthing good. It smelled like vanilla. It was like my world was set still for a moment and I only could concentrate on the sent I smelled. I followed the smell and it lead to her wrist that I was holding. Her wrist was bleeding because I made a little scratch with my finger. Serena, Rolf, Jake, Bolt and Heidi came in the room and saw the scene. I let go of Summer's wrist while Serena and Heidi came to Summer to check if anything was alright. Rolf smelled the sent but ignored it and looked at me with a face that said We need to talk now.

"Bobby what did you do to Summer?" said Serena worried. Serena looked at me and then at Summer.

"I'm going to call my dad. He can bring Summer home." said Jake. "Come on Bolt." said Jake to his friend.

"What are you guys doing here?" Summer asked.

Serena and Heidi exchanged looks.

"Rolf and I smelled a sent that came from the Art class. That's how we came here." said Serena.

Heidi wrapped a T-shirt arround Summer's wrist. After a few minutes Came Jake with the news that Mr. Farley didn't answer his phone calls and that he remembered that his Father is out of town together with Magda and Leo for two weeks. Rolf and Serena had to leave because when they found out it was Summer's blood that smelled good. They had to go. Jake and Bolt have to go back to detention, while I have to bring Summer home.

so this was the first chapter. i will update it soon.