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Legend of Transylvania

Chapter 6: History Repeats

No one's POV

It's night and the boys and Heidi decided to watch horror movies in the living room. Jake,Rolf and Bolt we're sitting on the ground. While Heidi and Bobby sat on the couch. They we're making out a few minutes ago when Serena and Summer we're getting popcorn and some drinks for them. Heidi kissed Bobby on the lips. The Boys groaned and said words like Eww or GET A ROOM YOU TWO and Hey do that when we are sleeping. Summer ignored it but felt insecure and almost mad, but decided to not show it. Summer and Serena closed the kitchen door while the others are watching TV. Heidi grabbed her backpack and grabbed her Diary. She opened it and searched for a blank page and began to write.

Heidi's Journal

Heidi's POV

This...is..in one word...freaky

This Legend is freaky and my live is freaky even for a zombie. After we decided to check out those scrolls, Serena and Summer decided to stay in the Kitchen and checked out the scrolls. Jake and the boys we're watching horror movies who we're lame, but...their boys and there's nothing we can do about it. Summer 'Princess of perfection town' isn't as perfect as I though she was. She has a mother who left her childeren and husband for someone else by faking her death and wanted to kill them in a ritual. What a mother huh? Lucky I have a lovely zombie father and famouse zombie mother.l stayed with the boys because The girls are talking and talking and talking and it's boring stuff. I'm sure that Summer's talking about MY boyfriend Bobby.

I saw her smiling at Bobby like she wanted to flirt with him and he had the same expresssion on his cute and adorable face. You want to know the real reason I decided to date Bobby? It's because I know that Summer had a crush on him and when she wanted to tell him how she felt. I asked him to be my boyfriend before she approached him and he said yes. And the most EMBARASSING part was that Bobby REJECTED Summer Farley, becuase of Moi. She kept her distance from us ever since and It had to stay that way. She gave him a present a week later, while he was working on her birthday gift. At the end she was pinned on the wall by Bobby and bleeded, because he scratch her wrist which I smelled a horrible sent of vanilla. Eww I hate that smell. Well that's for today.

Bobby's POV

At the scary parts of the movie I jump and was within two seconds at the stairs. The boys we're hiding behind the pillows while I stood up. When the horror movie was over Jake and Bolt we're upstairs grabbing some more movies to watch. I forgot to mention this to Summer, but Jake, Bolt, Rolf and I didn't have to go to school tomorrow and Heidi is probably ditching class then to be with me. Rolf sat next to Heidi talking and talking about that stupid movie we had to watch. I think the title was The Twilight Saga: Eclips. They make vampires rediculous and that Bella girl is a damsle in disstress. She's a lame human. Summer hates the books except for New moon is her favorite because is centered about the wolves. Why do I know so much about this stupid stuff. That's what you get when you read those books.

I walked to the kitchen to see Serena reading the scrolls. "Hey Serena do you know about the legend in the scrolls?" i asked.

"Yeah...about that legend." Summer said nervous, while I sat in the chair next to Serena.

"What about it?"

"The legend tells about a human familie who lived in Transylvania. A werewolf of a powerfull clan had a connection with the daughter from that family." explained Summer to me.

"First it growed from friendship to lovers. They we're like mates which didn't please his familie and especially his fiance. They disaprove about this just like her mother. The adults did a ritual to make the supernatural creatures powerfull forever by cursing the daughter, the father and her sibling and make them to do the ritual." serena said to me.

"Okay let me guess this one just to suprise you. Once in a thousand years the legend will be repeated and if the legend is not fullfit, the supernatural creatures will stop to excist." Serena was suprise, while Summer was impressed.

"You already explained about the supernatural dead thing. So what are we gonna do about it?" Serena said.

"Serena can you please go to the living room for a few minutes. I need to talk to Bobby." Summer said to Serena. Serena understood inmediatly what she was talking about and left the room.

the silent in the room was killing me.

"Bobby I want to say...sorry for the way I acted to you in the woods."

"It's okay Summer don't worry about it."

We both stood by the the table looking at each other in the silent. The only thing we heard we're the laughing or I think screaming next door.

I noticed that Summer changed. Her hair was darker and her blue eyes were also darker. i walked to her and we're now only inches apart.

Then I did the best thing I've done then joining the pack. I kissed Summer passiontly and she didn't stop me. It was like electricity was flowing around us. For some reason we stopped and looked around us. I saw silver dust with many compasses, necklaces, maps and memories. Summer looked deeply at the dust and saw the necklace with a eight ugly rusty keys on it, she grabbed it and hang it around her neck. I looked at Summer who laughed while she looked at my hands. There was a golden compass which transformed into the dust. Summer put the necklace in her hands again and it began to flow in the air. Suddenly the dust around us disappeared and the necklace fell.

Summer and I we're with the necklace and stepped a few steps backwards. I tried to kiss her again, but she pushed me back to my usual spot.

"Bobby!don't." She said when she realized that I kissed her.

"Why can't I kiss you?"

"Because it's was't supposed to happen. Heidi forbid me to..." she shut her mouth when she grabbed the necklace, but was surprise when she found a compass instead of the necklace.

"To do what?" I challenge her.

"To stay away from you. NOW HAPPY?!"

I couldn't believe it. Now it makes sense why Heidi wanted to be my girlfriend and why I had to REJECT Summer in the cafeteria. "I'm a complete IDIOT" I thought. Summer looked at me and then to the door. Serena, Jake, Bolt and Rolf ran into the kitchen. Bolt had I think HEIDI"S DIARY or it was something else.

"Why did you get that diary?" Bolt screamed

"The love birds have to read it."

"Who's diaries is it?" I asked with curiousity and irritation in my voice.

Serena looked nervous just like the the three boys.

"It's Eva's and Julian's Diary."

"Who are Julian and Eva?" Summer asked.

"Eva and Julian are the children of King George and Queen Sadie Farley. A.K.A" Bolt said.

"One of The Three Red walkers in the legend." Serena said

"Our previous lives!" Summer said to Jake

Summer and I looked at each other with Happiness when the compass began to glow. When it came in touch with the diary the two diaries became one big book.

"Guys...I think we can now solve the legend faster." Jake said happy

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