Can't they just get along?


Butch and Buttercup are always fighting. To make an end to that, they get 'locked up' in a house until they finally can stand each other. This is my first fanfiction :)


I don't own the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys. They belong to Craig McCracken.

Enjoy :D

Chapter 1: Kidnapped?

Another wonderful day in Townsville! The sun shines, the birds are singing, and...


Buttercup and Butch are fighting. Again.

Buttercup fell on her knees after Butch slammed her into a wall and coughed up some blood. She sent him a death glare with her neon green eyes and charged at him, sending him into a building, causing it to collapse. Butch stood up and cracked his knuckles. He was already making his way towards his counterpart when he felt something sting in his neck. Everything went black.

Butch's POV.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. I found myself in a big empty room. Well, almost empty. Buttercup was sitting next to me, leaning against my shoulder. She was still asleep.

I moved a bit to the right and she fell on the ground with a small thud. Then I realized that we both were handcuffed. Buttercup slowly opened her eyes and glared at me. I returned the death glare, until she looked away. I wanted to speak up, but Buttercup raised both her arms to cover my mouth. She sent me a meaningful stare and whispered. "Ssssh. Someone's coming." I listened to the footsteps coming our way, and stood up. "WHERE THE FUCK ARE WE?" My voice echoed around the big room and I heard a small chuckle. I turned to the way it came from, and I saw a woman standing there, smiling at me and Buttercup. She seemed to be around her 20's, and she had dark brown hair tied up in a bun. She wore a office-ish outfit and big glasses. Buttercup stood up and walked over to her. "Who are you?" she asked, wearing a big frown on her face. "Hi, I'm Stacy Jones. I brought you guys here." Stacy held out her hand, wanting to shake Buttercup's, but Buttercup just looked at it, and continued asking her questions. "Why did you bring us here?" Stacy sighed. "Come with me, and I'll tell you." Stacy went through a door and walked down the hall. Buttercup followed her. I just stood there, not moving. Stacy stopped walking, turned around and looked at me. "Butch, are you coming with us?" "I'm not going anywhere with you. Where's the front door?" I don't trust this 'Stacy'. She handcuffed me, brought me to some kind of laboratory without me knowing where this is and know she wants me to come with her? I tried to shoot a hole in the wall with my laser eyes but I failed. My powers weren't working. MY POWERS WEREN'T WORKING. I panicked. I ran towards her, pushing Buttercup out of my way while running and I grabbed Stacy's collar, making her look at me. "What did you do to me?" "Butch! Calm down, I work for the mayor. It's my duty to find out why you and Buttercup always fight and solve that problem. You're always damaging Townsville with your pointless fights, and I'm going to make an end to it." "I'm going to make an end to your fucking life if you don't give me my powers back!" I growled. Buttercup grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back. I tried to free myself, and Stacy pulled a shot out of her pocket. She looked into my eyes before stabbing me in the arm with the needle. Everything went black. Again. Fuck.

I woke up to the sound of shitty music. It sounded like elevator music. I groaned and opened my eyes. I laid on a couch, and Buttercup sat on a chair, eating chips and playing a game on her iPhone. She looked at me and smirked. "Good morning, douchebag." I narrowed my eyes at her. "Morning?" Buttercup put her phone down and glared at me. "Yeah. Morning. You've been asleep for three fucking days. I could've been out of here already, but noooo, Stacy had to use her fucking shot to put you to sleep for three. Fucking. Days." Stacy walked in. "It was an accident, I accidently used a shot to stop a mature bear, instead of a shot to stop a young man." I sighed. "Fuck you, Stacy." She acted like she didn't hear me. "So, let's get this thing started. Buttercup, can you tell me why you hate Bu-" "TURN THIS DAMN ELEVATOR MUSIC OFF." Buttercup yelled, and threw some chips at Stacy. Stacy dodged them and turned the music off. "'Bout time." I muttered and rubbed my eyes.

Stacy's POV

I sighed. This isn't going to be easy. "Alright, let me continue. Buttercup, why do you hate Butch?" Buttercup raised an eyebrow. "Seriously? Why would you even ask that? Isn't it fucking obvious? Butch is being always a total dick to me. He pisses me off!" "I'M A TOTAL DICK? Fuck you, you killed me when we were five! Do you know what it's like to be dead? Oh that's right, you don't. Lemme tell you something, it's fucking horrible. You can't do shit, you feel like shit, everything's shit!" "How many times do I have to say this? I'm sorry, damn it!" "You don't even mean it." "Yes I do! You're the only person I killed in my entire life! I felt awful." "Great. But I still fucking hate you." I frowned. This conversation isn't going anywhere. It would be even more useful if I locked them up in a closet until they finally got along... Wait a second. I just got an idea. Heheh. "Excuse me, I have to make a quick call. I'll be right back."

"So you're basically saying that you're going to lock them up in a house until they can stand each other?" Blossom asked.

"I know, it sounds really dumb." I laughed. "But it might work."

"Well, if you say so. You're the expert."

"It would be great if it worked, you know. They're practically the same. They could be best friends if they just get the chance to know each other better."

"That's true, Bubbles and Boomer are dating. And me and Brick hang out sometimes.. so do you want me to pack Buttercup's stuff and bring it to 'their new house'?" Blossom sounded excited. I chuckled at that. "Yep. Can you call Brick and ask him to do the same for Butch?"

"Yeah, I'll do it right now. Wait, it's tonight right?"

"Yes, we'll meet you and Brick there at 7."

"Okay, see you then. Bye."

"Bye." I hung up and checked my wristwatch. 4:45. I sighed. I had 2 hours to force them into the car and drive to the house without having Butch or Buttercup choking me with their bare hands.

Awful chapter, I know. I'll make the next one better, I promise :]