I Know Who You Did Last Summer.

It was three o'clock in the afternoon on the first day of classes at William McKinley High School. The Glee club gathered in the choir room waiting for Mr. Shuester to arrive.

"So Rachel how was the community theatre production of Grease that you were in?" asked Artie, trying to pretend that someone other than Finn cared.

"It was very good, thank you. I can safely say that the next person to play Sandy will have a really high bar to reach," replied Rachel.

'Cool, cool," finished Artie.

"So Kurt, what did you do this summer?" asked Tina firmly seated on Mike's lap.

"I think you mean who he did this summer," added Santana.

Kurt spit out the sip of water he had in his mouth, all over the floor and onto the back of Rachel's head.

"HEEEY!" screamed Rachel.

"Sorry, and Santana, that is absolutely none of your goddamn business," squealed Kurt, tightening his grasp on Blaine's hand who was laughing hysterically. "What is so funny Mr. Anderson?"

"Nothing, nothing," coughed Blaine. "You're just so cute when you're embarrassed."

"It's okay Lady Face, did you really think you could come to school and have me not realize that the stick that was up your ass had been replaced by Blaine's dick?" prodded Santana.

"Okay, that's enough. We are done talking about mine and Blaine's sex life!"

"So, it was Blaine! Good job grease ball!" said Santana, laughing almost as hard as Blaine now.

"What's this I hear about Kurt and Blaine's sex life," asked Mercedes as she walked in and took her seat next to Puck.

"My boys are getting some!" hollered Puck.

"Oh, hell to the no, Kurt! Why do I have to hear about this from Puckerman, why didn't you tell me!" replied Mercedes.

"Honestly Cedes how was I to tell you this, call you up and say 'Hey Cedes I had sex with Blaine this weekend, who'd you do?'" Kurt almost screamed.

"Okay, point taken; now I guess you are forgiven."

Kurt was pretty close to angry now and Blaine was still laughing, as if it was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

"So, who bottoms?" asked Santana, now fully satisfied that she humiliated Kurt as much as she could. But she was not expecting what came out of Blaine's mouth next.

"Kurt, most of the time. But we like to switch it up. Who bottoms when you and Brittany do it?" replied Blaine nonchalantly.

"Yah, do you guys use dildos or just each other?" asked Kurt who was impressed at how well Blaine thought of it.

The shocked look on her face said all that needed to be said. But even though Santana was quiet now Kurt was still fuming that she even brought up the subject. Blaine grabbed his hand and moved his mouth close to Kurt's ear. It sent shivers down Kurt's spine.

"She's just jealous that we've done it more times than her." He whispered loud enough for everyone in the choir room to hear.

"Ooooooooooooooo, BURN!" teased everyone in the room.

"Okay, okay! Quiet down what were you guys discussing?" asked Mr. Schue as he walked in a stood in front of the 13 New Directions.

"We were just discussing who Kurt-" he was cut off by kurt.

"Noah Puckerman, if you finish that sentence I will literally chop off your man hood. So if I was you I would shut it."

"Okay, but stop it with the bitch glare."

"Oh you deserve it."

"Maybe, but it's terrifying so stop it!"



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