"So how are we playing this one, oh, glorious leader?" Kei asked Tatsuya as the group of four mages stood aimlessly in front of the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.

"Oyaaaaa... What're the chances they'll attack this place again, do you think?" Tatsuya asked as he adjusted his tie. 'Don't care if he was being sarcastic. I'm the leader! Heh!'

Kei fixed his glasses and glanced at the nearly destroyed building. "Not so high, I'd wager. This place could collapse from a stiff breeze."

"Four-eyes is right. This place is like message received, right? Like 'we could mess you up whenever and ain't nothin' you can do about it!'" The street-punk turned mage Eikichi said. "And if they try and fix it up again, they'll just hit it harder next time."

'Well so much for a free place to stay.' Tatsuya bemoaned internally. "So if this place was a message... Oya, this is Fairy Tail we're talking about. What kind of response would we expect Fairy Tail to give to something like this?"

"Well they're the 'you hit me, I hit you back' types, right? My kind of people!" Eikichi observed with a grin.

"But they didn't do that so... They'll try again." Kei figured. "Maybe they'd hit Fairy Hills or-"

"DIBS!" Tatsuya and Eikichi shouted at the same time. No chance they would pass up an opportunity to visit the female only dorms of the Guild with some of the hottest ladies in Fiore.

"Or," Kei stressed, "some of the mages that live in the city proper. I believe myself and Naoya would be the better choice for guarding the women's dorm-"

"But...! But...! Dibs!" Tatsuya whined, seemingly forgetting he was the designated leader on this mission.

"Any pair of us could guard the dorm easily enough. However, you are the only one capable of watching an entire city at once, Tatsuya." Kei reminded.

"Oyaaa, you're no fun, Kei!" Tatsuya continued to whine. He might have agreed with the younger mage, but that didn't mean he had to like it. He never got to do anything fun with his awesome eye magic!

"On the contrary! I'm sure the fine ladies of Fairy Tail will find Naoya and I to be tons of fun." Kei smirked, taking no small amount of glee from Tatsuya's sullen expression.


"So that backfired rather spectacularly." Kei observed, twitching as he and Naoya left the premises of Fairy Hills.

"Mm." Naoya agreed nonverbally.

They had arrived to find the dorm empty of all occupants save for the caretaker. A crabby old woman with no patience for shenanigans. It was a full twenty minutes into their unearned beating for supposedly being perverts that the caretaker told them no one was even there! All of the usual residents had opted to stay with friends for the night on the advice of the Guildmaster. It would have been nice if the diminutive man had deigned to tell them that before he left.

"Ah, well. I suppose we head back to the guild hall, then?"

"Mm." Naoya agreed again.


"Eeheehee!" Tatsuya giggled to himself.

"What's up, boss?" Eikichi asked as he lay as comfortably as he could on the rooftop they had appropriated for their guard duty.

"Titania. Buck-ass nekkid. Man, first I get to beat Katsu's ass and now this? I'm having the best day!" He announced before descending into giggles again.

Eikichi wished not for the first time that he had eye magic like Tatsuya's. He rolled his eyes before belting his team leader across the face. "Keep the eyes moving, boss. We're on guard duty, remember?"

"Oya! I know! I'm not even there anymore. It was just for a-Oh." Tatsuya stopped. Focusing, he withdrew his Heaven's Eye to himself. "Get to the Guild Hall. Find Makarov. Tell him there's... Tell him to meet me at the park in the south of town. Then fetch the other two. We need to decide our next move."

"What's goin' on, boss?" Eikichi asked.

"These guys just sent their next message."


"Are we aiding them?" Naoya asked the rest of his group quietly. They had returned with the procession back to the Fairy Tail Guild Hall where every available Mage was gearing up for a first strike against Phantom Lord.

Tatsuya sighed, running his hands through his hair. "Our first job here was to prevent a war. If what Makarov said was any indication, we failed that part." The tiny Guildmaster was genuinely terrifying to behold when he saw what became of Levy McGarden and her team. Tied, beaten and to add extra humiliation on top of everything else, Phantom Lord's Guild Mark tattooed on the girl's stomach.

Remembering that image was the only thing needed for Tatsuya to decide. "Yes. As of now, we have three goals. First, find out why Phantom Lord picked this fight. Second – and dependant on the outcome of the first – stomp some Phantom Lord bastards into the ground. And a distant third, do what we can to protect Fairy Tail."

Naoya nodded his agreement with the plan, as did Kei and Eikichi, the latter much more vigorously.

"So, boys. What's the council's opinion on this?" The voice of Makarov asked as he neared the group.

Tatsuya moved to stand, before thinking better of it and remaining seated to stay eye level with the old man. "Our job was to stop a war. Failing that, we're charged with ending it. The way we see it, Phantom Lord wants a fight. Any idea why?"

Makarov grimaced and shook his head. "We've been rival Guilds a long time, but I can't imagine that would be why they..." The old man tensed up, teeth clenched before turning away to rejoin his guild. "Come if you're coming! Otherwise stay out of the way! Phantom Lord wants a fight? We're gonna give 'em one!"


In Hargeon

Akihiko was both irritated and confused. He'd somehow managed to lock himself out of his own room. That wouldn't be so strange - it had happened before once or twice - but he had his key with him.

Maybe the lock was broken? That seemed logical. Moving his shoulder to the door in preparation for forcing it open-

"Seta, that tickles! Ah, oooh..."

'… No way.' She wouldn't. Not in his room. That made no sense!

Abandoning his attempt to bust the door open, he instead banged on it with his fist. The constant noise of the clocks on the fourth floor masking what would have been suspicious shuffling sounds. Seconds later, Akihiko heard the deadbolt unlock before the door opened slightly. A red eye peered out before the door opened a bit further. "Hey, Aki! What's up? I'm kind of busy..." Hamuko trailed off.

"My room. Why are you in-no. Why are you doing that in my room?!"

Hamuko rolled her visible eye. "Well I was gonna use mine, but I share a wall with Junpei. He'd probably try to shout pointers through the wall or... do other stuff." She shuddered before adopting a deep blush for some reason. "Uhh, I, I really gotta go we'll talk tomorrow or somethingokaybye!" She shouted in a rush before slamming the door and reapplying the deadbolt.


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