prompts: mercurial, all this and heaven too, short, casualty
pairing: roxanne/dominique

this is for blue (blueeyes444), because it's her fifteenth birthday today, and she's one of my closest friends.
i love you, blue. i hope your day is wonderful and i hope you know just how much you mean to me.
love you, babe!

it looks like he's been opening up,
he don't want to, but he can't stop, can't stop
-open house, bombay bicycle club


roxanne is safe - she's all tennis shoes, abstinence, rules, and no risk, (she's scared to fuck up).

dominique is mercurial - with her long blondeblonde hair and always open legs, (she's just a little too fearless).

they're like chemicals in a chemistry class - you put them together, and there'll be an explosion.


they don't usually interact - but when they do, there's fireworks and flames, and damn, they shouldn't mix, except they do. they balance each other out, and it's screwed up, but life's too short to pretend.

so when dominique brushes her redred lips against roxanne's ear, leaving a hint of cherry lipstick, roxanne can't fight it anymore.

"let's get out of here," the words are out of roxanne's mouth before she can stop herself.


there'll be casualties from this little game they're playing - they both have boyfriends back home. but see, even though roxanne is good at caring, dominique is good at not caring, and she's also good at making other people not care. especially when her fingers start dancing along their skin, and her lips start whispering empty promises in their ears.

(roxanne thinks this means she's special.)

(dominique knows she's not.)


they're cousins, sure, but see, that doesn't matter.

not now, not when dominique is half naked on top of roxanne, doing things to her that poor little lysander could only ever dream of doing. it's easy to forget simple facts like that they share the same last name, the same blood - it's easy to forget, when it's something you've spent forever wanting.

and forget, roxanne does.

and just like that, dominique has weaved another web of lies.


doesn't she know, girl, to never trust a slytherin?

see, she promises her - "all this and heaven, too."

did she ever stop to think, maybe she's lying? maybe I don't mean as much as she's telling me I do? no, of course she didn't. because, see that's what dominique does - she plays with people, until they've given her their all, and then she tosses them away.

Roxanne, she made you fearless, baby.

but being fearless comes at a price.

and now you're just as broken as she is.


safe is boring, but safe is safe.

and when you're safe, you don't end up broken.

now there's nothing but emptiness and spider webs where roxanne's heart used to be (because she stole her heart, along with everything else she gave her.)


next time, she'll be more careful.

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