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"Dnes su ot a etavirp moor." Zatanna mumbled, raising her hands in the air. Smoke covered herself and Robin, and then it cleared, them being no where to be seen.

They landed in a room with the door locked already.

"Oomph! I hate rough landings." said Zatanna.

"Tell me about it." said Robin. "Where are we?"

"In a private room in the deepest bowels of the Watchtower. No one can find us." she answered. Robin nodded, sticking his bottom lip out thoughtfully.

"Nice. Shall we get down to business?" Zatanna smiled.

"Thought you'd never ask." she replied. Then they both leaned in and forcefully mashed their lips together. Zatanna marveled at the fact that even though their lips were mashed together, it was still a perfect fit.

"Can we get a bed by any chance?" mumbled Robin through the kisses.

"Ekam a deb tuo fo niht ria!" she softly commanded. The air twisted visibly, and then a bed appeared. Robin chose that moment to skillfully maneuver himself and Zatanna over to it.

"You ready?" he asked, a little concerned. Zatanna raised an eyebrow.

"You, Batman's child, are asking me if I'm ready?"

"In my defense, you are the daughter of a very over protective magician who could turn me into a frog."

"Fair point." Zatanna conceded. "Sehtolc ffo. Peek setavirp neddih." Her buttons and zippers undid themselves, and her shirts and pants flew off and neatly folded themselves, although her bra and panties were left on. Robin's jaw dropped.

"Oh, come on!" he protested.

"What? I thought that you may want to take them off yourself." she answered.

"Be that as it may be." he replied. "But when you magic does it, it is a lot cooler."

"Well, you have to do it." she said. Robin grumbled. "Or you can forget about this." Robin wrinkled his nose.

"All right." he said. His arms (his very strong arms, Zatanna thought) encircled her, his delightful fingers coming around to undo her bra straps. As they fell off, his head came around from behind her and they kissed again. His fingers slipped under her underwear, feeling her vagina.

"Are you a virgin?" asked Zatanna.

"Are you?" he replied. They both looked at each other.

"What do you think? Yeah…no. Good answer." they said simultaneously. Zatanna chose that moment to get impatient.

"Nibor, teg ruoy gnikcuf sehtolc ffo siht tnatsni!" Robin's eyes flashed, and he reached for the bottom of his shirt.

"Wow. I can't believe I have this control over him." she thought. She watched in fascination as Robin pulled the shirt of his costume off him, revealing to Zatanna his finely toned abs. When that was over his head, he undid his pants zipper and pulled them down and off. Zatanna raised her eyebrows.

"Superman boxers?" she asked his disbelief, trying – and failing – to hold in her laughter.

"They were on sale!" he protested. "And did you have to use magic on me?"

"Hey!" she protested. "I wanted to see if you would actually do it!"

"Still!" he whined. Then he whipped his boxers off, revealing his seven inch rock hard dick.

"Seven inches?" asked Zatanna. "Aren't you, like, thirteen?"

"And your point is?" asked Robin. As he was speaking, he was stealthily sending his hand over to Zatanna's panties and cut them so that the both of them were naked. Robin turned Zatanna and forced her down.

"Robin." she complained. He positioned himself at her entrance.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yes." she answered. He jammed his penis into her vagina. Zatanna stifled the cry that came out of her, and Robin tried to ignore the small stream of blood coming out.

"You OK?" he asked. Zatanna was silent for a few minutes, and then nodded. Robin pulled out of her and went back in, going slow at first and then speeding up.

"Robin." Zatanna gasped out. "Going to orgasm soon."

"Same here, Z." replied Robin. It was only one more pump that did it for Robin. With a sigh, the pain that had been building inside of him was suddenly turned into a feeling of deep pleasure, and he fired his load into the 'depths' of Zatanna. Right after that, it was her turn. The same feeling of pain that Robin experienced quickly turned to pleasure and she went as well.

"I love you." he said.

"Right back at you, Robbie." she answered.

"Does anyone know where Robin is?" asked Batman. Everyone shook their heads.

"Strange." said Zatara.

"What?" asked Batman.

"I cannot find Zatanna either." he answered. Batman's eye slits widened, and he opened his gloveputer.

"His GPS that he has no idea about puts him in the very bottom of the Watchtower."

"Can you track Zatanna as well?" asked Zatara.

"One moment." said Batman, all eyes (except Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Flash, Artemis and Wally's (still being chased, chasing, or watching the chase)) were on him as he opened up a voice command.

"Computer, open side track."


"Track Zatanna Zatara. A03."

"Tracking…tracking…found." it answered. A holographic map of the Watchtower opened, revealing a dot that was Zatanna.

"Combine GPS searches." ordered Batman. The two maps became one and showed the two dots right next to each other.

"They didn't." Zatara said, his face deathly pale.

"Bring up video from two minutes ago." said Batman. It opened, and showed Robin and Zatanna having sex.

"Zatara, if you please?" asked Batman.

"Of course." said Zatara. "Gnirb flesym dna namtab ot eht rood edistuo eht moor erehw nibor dna annataz era!" Smoke encircled the two League members, and they were gone.

Robin and Zatanna were giggling from their experience of first time when a knock sounded at the door.

"Robin, open up." Batman's voice said. Robin's eyes widened.

"I'm busy, Batman." he answered, frantically getting his clothes on.

"Zatanna, you too!" Zatara's voice came through.

"Uh oh." said Zatanna quietly. "Sserder em!" her clothes flew back and redid their buttons and zippers. Robin opened the door to find Batman's glare boring down on him.

"Hi, Batman. What's up?" he asked sheepishly.

"Hi, Dad. How long have you been there?" asked Zatanna, scratching the back of her neck in worry.

"Zatanna?" Zatara asked.

"Robin?" asked Batman.

"Yes?" they asked, looking as innocent as they could manage.

Upstairs, everyone was listening for a shout from Batman and Zatara. Their patience finally paid off after three minutes.


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