Author Notes: This fic was thought as a one-shot, but now it's more like a collection of one-shots with some relation between them. I hope you like it.

Also, as you my notice from my profile, English is not my first language, so I might have a lot of errors. Feel free to point them in the review n.n

A raining night

That night

"I must go, someone is expecting me at home".

"Oh no, you can't leave me alone" he protested.

Several empty bottles were in front of him, some of them of a very expensive liquor.

"He had to choose him" grumbled "I could have make him happier, don't you think?"

Kirishima looked with compassion at his unexpected drinking buddy.

"It's enough" said for the umpteenth time that night. "It would be good to ask for a coffee or something to eat".

"Like hell. I want sake... Another bottle of sake"

"Take it easy or you will regret it in the morning, Yokozawa".

"I don't need... hic... your sermons..." His eyes welled with tears "You don't know what happened".

Kirishima just had dealt with him a few times and always in work-related things. He was wild bear sales department, feared by many publishers, worthy rival of the chief editors of all departments. He had noticed his reserved and unsociable nature, except with the editor in chief of the Emerald team with whom he often saw smoke together.

"I think I get the idea", said taking another sip of sake. Yokozawa reminded him much to himself.

"No, you do not understand", answered collapsing on the table and kept lamenting his fate, "I should be at his side, I know him better than anyone..."

It was late. The rain did not seem willing to go, and if Hiyori would be concerned if he was late at home, but for some reason he couldn't left that broken person by himself. After paying the bill, although Yokozawa protested that he wanted to continue drinking, he took the remainder of the bottle of sake and followed its target.

"Come, we'll continue somewhere else", he forced him up and charged his weight over just because Yokozawa barely could stay awake and keep talking.

They went to the street, the rain falling so hard that it would be difficult to get a taxi, but he couldn't leave him there. After a few minutes of waiting, their salvation appeared. With some difficulty Kirishima managed to make both enter and sit on the back seat without soaking too much. Yokozawa pathetically rested on the glass of the door and began to sleep.

"Hey you, I'll carry you home" he shouted, shooking his parter.

"I do not want to go there" protested and tried to go back out passing over Kirishima, but with a quick movement he returned him to its place. Yokozawa growled but began to fell asleep again. Kirishima closed the door and gave some indications to the driver. They went to a hotel because he knew some of his mangaka had stayed there during the annual festival of Marukawa.

On the way he called home to speak with Hiyori.

"Hi honey, grandma is still there?"

"Hi papa. Yes, she is here. When are you coming? It is raining too mucho.

"I wanted to talk about that. I have some issues to fix and with this rain I think I will be impossible to get home tonight. Will you forgive me?"

"Do not worry, Dad. Work hard as usual".

He smiled. His little girl didn't say, but he knew that she always got a little sad in the nights when he wasn't home.

"Let me talk with your grandmother, please".

After apologizing and asking to look after her well, Kirishima hung and listened to his drunken companion. Muttering things under his breath while trying to keep his head up. Kirishima knew that Yokozawa was kind of proud, so he were going to tease him a little the next time they talked at Marukawa.

Kirishima felt pity of the poor guy. His bear-like attitude was only a disguise for his tender and pure heart. As an answer to his thoughts, a tear escaped from Yokozawa's eye and ran down his cheek.

His compassion grew. He had never mentioned the name of the person who had broken his heart, but it was obvious that it was Takano Masamune, was easy to deduce if you look closely and Kirishima were used to look at nearly everything around.

They reached to the hotel and with some difficulty Kirishima got Yokozawa out of the taxi, forcing him to walk with his arm around his neck all the time. He took him to the room and there and ordered him to undress.

"Of course not, I want the sake you took from the bar".

Kirishima growled ordering again to remove his clothes or he was going to catch a cold. As he refused to obey, they began to struggle and gradually managed to strip him of his jacket, tie and shirt.

Kirishima searched how to hang them, the clothes should be dry by the morning. He found a hook in the closet and hung there shirt and jacket. He didn't put it inside the closet yet because he hoped to get the pants too. Yokozawa was on the bed... at least half of him, his legs were on the ground, bent at odd angles.

"There, there sleepy boy. You can return to the arms of Morpheus when you've removed your wet pants". He looked at him, it was a very sweet image to see that stubborn man to sleep like a baby. He hated to wake him up, but he could catch a cold for the wet clothes and then not forgive him. Kirishima shook him one more time and Yokozawa reacted violently, trying to punch him, but the reaction of Kirishima was to pin him against the bed.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" He protested with drunk voice.

"In case you don't realize, I'm trying to prevent you to catch a cold.

"Let me die, who cares anyway" he replied, making his eyes fill with tears.

Damn, he was being so fucking cute by showing all his vulnerability. A tear escaped from the corner of his eye and Kirishima instinctively caught it with his thumb.

Perhaps he had drank a little too much, or maybe he just wanted to do it. Kirishima leaned to reach Yokozawa's lips and pressed his in a soft kiss. Yokozawa remained unresponsive for a few seconds, but then started moving his lips. In the heat of alcohol caresses were becoming intense. He had no idea of what was happening, but he wanted so bad and had no idea how much until he touched Yokozawa.

Yokozawa's hands were clumsy, but they were stripping him of his clothes, it seemed so wished. He served with the original task of stripping the bottom of his clothes, but he had other interests in doing it. Kirishima kissed him one more time, tangling his hands in his hair damp from the rain. Their crotches touched each other, separated only by the fabric of his underwear. Broke the kiss only to undress completely but the face of Yokozawa stopped him. His eyes were teary and lost in nowhere. His lips murmured an incomprehensible phrase, but after a while it became obvious: "I could have made him happy, he should have picked me, I know him better than anyone."

A compassionate smile appeared in Kirishima's face as he wiped the tears in Yokozawa's.

"You can look like a wild bear, but you're just a lost puppy" he whispered stroking his hair. He stand up and helped Yokozawa to get into the blankets. The salesman left to mourn and repeat his litany. Kirishima lay down beside him, smiling slightly sideways and stroking his hair until he fell asleep.

"Well that's cute" he thought. At that moment he understood that he could not leave him to his fate, he had to do something to help forget the pain that Yokozawa tried to drown in liquor. But they weren't friends, it would be difficult to find a way to do it.

Kirishima searched his phone and activated the camera. He probably wouldn't have other opportunity to see that cute side of Yokozawa and wanted to save it for eternity. He could worry later about how to make him feel better.