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A Call For Help

For Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, the homeless district of Oahu was probably the most depressing place on the entire island. Yet, every daily run he had to pass through it, and every daily run he couldn't help but feel nothing but sympathy for everyone that he passed by. That morning, however, fate seemed to be playing some sort of joke on him, some sort of bizarre twist of fate caused him to run into the homeless person, and knock the cup of money out of his hands, knocking it into the manhole. Fate's odd way of bringing him and the homeless kid together, he'd say later on.

"Oh whoa, whoa. I'm so sorry!" Steve immediately shouted, crouching down, hoping to grab a few dollars before it disappeared, failing miserably "Crap." He muttered, he stood up slowly, and turned his head towards the man he had nearly knocked over "Look how much do I owe you?" He asked, quickly.

It was only then that Steve noticed that what he'd just run into was not a homeless man, but street kid. The boy couldn't have been a day over thirteen, with a mop of brown hair, he didn't look like he'd showered in about a week. He was short, lanky, with blue eyes, and a facial structure that made him look even younger than thirteen, more like about ten. The tan from spending long hours outside almost masked the fact he was caucasian, almost. Clearly, the boy spent all morning and afternoon in the sun if that were the truth.

"Don't worry about it." The boy muttered, sighing a bit "It was barely five dollars anyway." He shrugged his shoulders.

The boy started to move past him, and Steve was half tempted to let him go. But one look at the unnervingly thin body the boy had and he couldn't let that happen. "At least let me buy you breakfast, then." The boy stopped, and turned toward Steve calmly "Come on, I'm not about to let a broke street kid walk away like that. Not as a cop." He explained.

"A cop? What game are you playing?" The boy tensed up.

Steve sighed, of course, it was always a "game" when a cop tried to be nice. He'd learned this a few times, but he still wasn't used to that, he was still learning how the kids from the lower class areas saw cops individually. "Look, there's no game. Come with me, or not. I don't care, I just honestly feel bad. You look like you haven't eaten for a while." As if to make a point, the boy's stomach growled "But think fast, kid, I have work in two hours." He added.

The boy seemed to eye Steve for a long, hard moment. It wasn't easy to trust a cop, not when you were on the streets. Most of the time, they wanted something out of you, a confession, information. But he was hungry, very hungry, and this was a cop offering him free food. He wasn't dressed in a uniform either, so maybe, just maybe, he was being honest. "Alright, alright... If it will make you feel better." The boy nodded as he stepped forward, stopping beside him "Can I get a name though?" He asked.

"Steve, Steve McGarrett."

Steve reached his hand out for a handshake. For a moment, the boy hesitated but accepted the handshake. "Ben, Ben Davenport." The boy, now known as Ben, smiled slightly "Just so you know, if you try anything funny. Or are some lying pedo." He paused for a moment "I do know tae kwon do." He added.

Steve absent-mindidly rolled his eyes quietly, of course he did, they all did. But even if he did, he wasn't about to even ask how the boy expected to fight a man twice his size.


Steve had no doubt he had been right about Ben not eating in at least a week. But at the rate he was devouring the plate of food set in front of him, he was starting to think it had been two, maybe even three. He'd gone through the endless pancakes, three plates of bacon, and two eggs at iHop like they were going out of style or something. By the time he was done, Ben looked like he was satisfied for the first time in a long time, and that was without a doubt true. "Have I thanked you yet?" He asked calmly.

"Eight times." Steve smiled a bit, he shook his head "Really, it's nothing. I owed you for knocking over that money." He added.

"I couldn't buy half this meal with that money. I feel kind of bad." Ben admitted, shaking his head slightly "I don't like taking charity, but I haven't eaten in a while. If that wasn't already obvious." He looked at Steve, as if slowly trusting him more "So, you're a cop?" Steve gave a shrug but nodded "Interesting, you don't really scream cop to me, more like Military." He admitted.

"Close, Navy SEALs. Though I now work for a special TYPE of police. " Steve replied "Ever heard of Five-0?" He asked.

"Ah, yeah, I've heard of you guys." Ben nodded, he shrugged a bit "I hear you guys are a bunch of hard asses." Steve nearly spat out his milk as he chuckled "What it wasn't that funny. I really have heard that." The teen shrugged his shoulders a bit "I knew your name sounded familiar, you head Five-0, right?" Again a nod "Jeez, you scared the CRAP out of my friend earlier in the week. Billy Cranston?" He told him.

"He's not the type of company you want to keep." Steve stated "Enough about me though, tell me. How did you end up on the streets?"

Of course, there it was, the question, everybody who helped him out asked it. Ben sighed, he leaned forward, crossed his arms on the table, and stared Steve in the eyes. "Pretty simple, really. Parents and I go on vacation here. Mom and Dad get in a cab, cab gets hit by a bus, and well... I wasn't exactly willing to go into Foster Care in a city I didn't know." He shrugged his shoulders "So I'd really appreciate it if you didn't turn me in." He added.

Steve knew he probably should have brought him in after finding out he was a system runaway. But then again, he was off-duty at the moment, and he did owe the kid in a way still. "Alright, I won't turn you in, and we'll call us even." Steve sighed, Ben smiled a bit "And as long as you do me a favor." He added.

"Oh great, here it comes." Ben muttered under his breath.

However, he watched as Steve calmly pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket, as well as a pen. He scribbled something down calmly, and slid the paper over to Ben. "That's my phone number. I like you kid, so, if you're ever in trouble. Give me a call." Steve nodded his head as he stood up slowly "I'll even take you out to breakfast again, sometime, if you'd like." He added.

Ben smiled, he'd had a lot of people try to help him before. But Steve seemed to be genuinely trying to be a friend to him. He stood up himself and nodded his head. "I'd like that." Ben told him calmly, heading out of the restaurant "Hopefully, I won't actually need you though." He laughed.

As Steve watched him go, he could only hope that the young man's words would prove true.


Steve hated waking up to his phone ringing, it was one of his least favorite things in the world. Yet, it happened all too often. Tilting his head over, he grabbed the cell phone that rested on his nightstand calmly, the number was unknown. Immediately Steve thought of Ben, but wrote it off. He couldn't be calling him at this time of night, where would he even find spare change. Answering calmly, he yawned. "McGarrett." He muttered, half asleep.

"S-Steve?" Sure enough there was Ben's voice.

Steve was immediately alert, the tone to Ben's voice had been filled with fear. And in his line of work, he had come to learn that a scared kid never meant anything good. "Ben? What's going on? It's midnight bud." He muttered.

"Steve, I didn't know who else to go to." Ben's voice was shaky, cracking a bit "I-I just saw someone get shot, and I... I didn't know who else to turn to." Steve was completely alert now, and on his feet at that "I know I should have called 9-1-1, but I didn't know if he was still following me or not and..." His voice broke again.

Steve made sure to grab his gun and badge almost at once. Pulling on a fresh t-shirt he kept the phone to his ear. "Ben, Ben, relax, okay buddy? I want you to stay somewhere safe, as populated as you can find." Steve tried to calm the young boy down, then it hit him quickly "Hey, do you remember that iHop from this morning?" He asked.

"Y-Yeah, I think so."

"Good, I want you to meet me there, run if you have to." Steve told him flatly, knowing that Ben was terrified, and he didn't blame him "Nothing bad is going to happen to you, alright? I'm already headed out the door." He explained "Just get to that iHop." He repeated.

He hang up the phone slowly, taking a deep breath. Why in the world couldn't he catch a break? Just one time, he'd have liked to get a break from the drama and murder, just once. Taking a deep breath, he quickly dialed Danny's number as he rushed out the front door. He'd kill him, but if there was a kid in the line of danger, he wouldn't care.


A/N: This is my first attempt at a story like this in a WHILE. Crime isn't normally my genre, but I'm hoping that this was a good start. I have Chapter 2 and 3 already written. But I want to make sure that this is good enough to continue. What do you guys think?