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All's Well That Ends Well

Beep. Beep.

Those were the sounds Steve woke up to, his body sore, and very weak, his eyes slowly lifted open. His eyes moved around the room, to the corner, to the monitor, he knew it was a hospital room right away. Turning his head, his eyes finally fell on Ben, who was by his bed, his eyes widening as Steve woke up. "DAD!" He cried out, making his way forward "Dr. Waincroft! Uncle Danno! He's awake!" Ben took hold of Steve's hand his body trembling a bit.

"Ben, it's okay." Steve said hoarsely, squeezing his hand gently "I'm okay, see?" He could see the dried tears in Ben's eyes "I'm alive." He added.

Ben nodded his head a bit, hugging Steve tightly, trembling more. "I thought I had lost you, when you blacked out..." Ben whispered, his voice shaky as he choked out the words "I-I thought-" He whispered.

Steve slowly moved his head enough to kiss Ben on the side of the head. "Hey, what did I tell you? I'll never leave you, Ben." Steve smiled, and gently pushed him away "Even a few bullets aren't going to stop me." He noted, groaning quietly as he sat up "What about you, are you okay?" He asked quietly.

"A few bruises, scrapes." Danny responded for Ben as he entered the room "Nothing near as bad as you." He added.

Steve smirked a bit, knowing Danny had been freaked out too just by the look on his face. Steve hated seeing that look of worry on either Danny or Ben's face, but he knew it hadn't been on purpose. "It's going to take a lot more than that to kill me and you know it." Steve told his partner bluntly "Get that look off your face, Danno. I'm not on my death bed here." He added.

"It could have been." Danny grunted "What the HELL were you thinking out there?"

"I was thinking Ben was in danger, and I didn't want to risk him getting hurt." Steve replied flatly "I seem to remember you almost killed a guy while trying to save Grace. So you're not exactly one to talk." Danny shot a glare his way "We do crazy things to protect our kids." He added, being honest about it, he turned to Ben "Speaking of which, you and I need to talk." He added.

"When you're feeling better." Ben muttered.

"No, when Danno is done scolding me." Steve replied firmly.

"I'll just find the good doctor while you two talk." Danny muttered, getting the idea.

Ben watched as Danny made his way out of the room, leaving Ben and Steve. "Alright Ben, you want to tell me what happened?" Ben shifted uncomfortably at that, to which Steve simply frowned "Ben, bud, talk to me. I know you ran away, so tell me why." He added quietly.

Ben looked away slowly, but felt a tight squeeze on his hand. He knew he wasn't going anywhere, Steve was going to find out, one way or another. Taking a deep breath, and looking the man in the eyes, he sighed. "I heard you on the phone. I thought... You were talking about sending me to a Foster Home." Ben said quietly, Steve frowned at him "So I ran away, because I-" He began.

"Ben, the reason I said you might be upset." Steve paused, knowing this was the reason "Was because the court date is further away then we thought it would be." He was very quiet, and comforting as he said this "We passed bud, with flying colors. And we already have a court date in May." He shook his head.

Ben felt the color flush from his face at this, needless to say, he was embarrassed. Steve smiled a bit, he put his hand to his cheek, and smiled. "Ben, don't feel embarrassed, we all make mistakes." He told him quietly "What matters is that we both ended up okay." He added.

"You could have died." Ben muttered.

"But I didn't." Steve reassured him, Ben smiled a bit "You're grounded for doing that to me though. One day, today. You're going to stay with Danno. And you're going straight to bed." Ben frowned, but nodded, agreeing that it was fair "You feeling okay?" Steve asked, knowing Ben had just shot a man, and that was probably hard, especially as it was his brother.

"I'm managing." Ben muttered "Now that you're okay." He added.

As Chin's wife, the doctor, entered the room, Steve looked Ben in the eyes, and kissed his forehead. "Go have Danno take you home, Ben. It's late." He noted that the clock read twelve in the morning "I'll be out before you know it." He added, then whispered "I love you." He added.

"I love you too." Ben smiled.

As Ben left, he and Steve both took a deep, inward breath. Steve in particular, rested his head against his pillow, relaxed. After all this time, Ted was dead, and he could finally sleep knowing their lives were finally going to be a little less eventful. Or at least, as uneventful as the life of the Five-0 team could be.


Benjamin David McGarrett checked his watch a third time, sighing a bit. Career Day was that day, and Steve was late, worrying him greatly. As much as he trusted his now adoptive Father, he understood that he was a busy man. Yet, he feared not having a parent present, the ridicule of when he had been an inform flooding his memories. "Ben?" Ben's head shot up "Is your Father here?" His teacher asked.

Ben turned, looking for any sign of Steve or Catherine, who had recently arrived home. She'd arrived just in time for the court hearing, and had quickly worked her way into his life. Ben liked her, but he was still getting used to her, just as he once had to with Steve. Turning his head back to his teacher calmly. "No m'am, he's probably-" He began to speak.

The door swung open moments later to reveal Steve in the doorway. Beaten, battered, and looking like he'd just been through World War III, but there. "I am SO sorry I'm late." He announced, sore all over, and definitely showing it "I just got done chasing down a diamond thief. And boy could she run." He chuckled a bit, he turned to Ben with a wink.

Every kid in the homeroom looked at him with amazement, then back at Ben. Ben's face went a tomato red, almost feeling a little embarrassed with all the eyes on him. Yet, he was happy to see that his Father had made it, yes he had doubted it, but he now wondered why he had. "Well, Lt. Commander McGarrett, you are next." The teacher nodded "So please, give him a round of applause." He grinned.

Steve immediately made his way to the front of the class, accepting the applause with a smile and a nod. "So, as you all know, I'm Ben's Dad." Steve nodded, at the gawking of a few girls, he grinned "And ladies, just because Ben's adopted doesn't mean I'm that young. I'm still old enough to be most of your Fathers." He chuckled a bit "So, who here actually knows about Five-0?" Nearly all the hands shot up "Good, good, that will make this easy, then." He added.

Ben watched as his Father began to discuss the in's and out's of Hawaii Five-0. He couldn't help but smile a bit, proud of his Father, he'd been beat up it looked like, yet he'd still come. "So, to wrap this up. If you're looking for a career in either of my fields. My best advice. Get a good medical plan." Ben burst out into laugher along with the others, Ben heard his phone beep, and a sigh as Steve checked his text "And that's my heads up that I have to go. But I'd like to thank you all for having me." He added.

An applause broke out yet again as Steve made his way towards Ben's seat. Pulling him into a one armed hug, he smiled. "I'll see you after school, kiddo. Cath is picking you up again." Ben nodded his head a bit "Have a good day." He added.

"Thanks Dad, go get 'em for me." He winked a bit.

Steve left just as the bell that dismissed them from class rang out. Ben stood slowly, but was stopped from leaving by Amber Dylan, one of the most popular girls in school. "So, that was your Dad, huh?" She asked, flirtatiously, Ben could only nod "That's pretty awesome, being the son of the leader of Five-0." She added.

Ben looked at the floor a bit, blushing a little, he stared at her calmly. "Yeah, I guess it is pretty cool." He said, humbly "He saved my life, twice, you know." Her ears perked up at that "Maybe, I can tell you about it sometime." He suggested.

Amber smiled, took out a piece of paper, and wrote something down, folding it up, and handing it to Ben. "Call me, maybe sometime over dinner you can." Amber smiled brightly as she left the class.

Ben wasn't sure how to react to that, but did catch Steve near the doorway. He smiled at him, with a thumbs up of pure approval. Ben smirked and gave a thumbs up back as Steve left. Catching up with his friends, Ben happily showed off the number he had just gotten. Steve watched from afar, smiling, more than happy. He knew Ben had a dark past, one that would always haunt him, one that Steve would always have to help him through.

But one thing was certain, and that was that he had a bright future ahead of him. One he was more than proud to know he'd be a part of.


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