Hey, guys. fanfiction9821 here bringing you the first chapter of a brand new story. This story is called The Incredible Shrinking Sonic. In the story, Sonic gets hit by a shrink ray Tails designed. He has to survive rats, spiders, and once harmless objects to get back to normal size. And before you say anything, I know I deleted Shapeshifter. I was looking at the next chapter when I thought I should dump it because I couldn't come up with anything good. So here's something to make up for that. Enjoy, my friends.

"So, what is this," Sonic asked. "Well, it's a shrink ray I'm designing. It'll able to shrink anything or anyone to a microscopic level," Tails replied as he was working. "Well, I guess I should be careful with this, shouldn't I," Sonic said. "You definitely should. This is a piece of technology, not a toy," Tails replied. The shrink ray was nearly complete. All Tails needed was a few more components. "I should ask Rocket for some help with this," Tails said. "I don't think that'll be much help. Rocket just became the leader of the Babylon Rogues after all that trouble Jet put him through," Sonic replied. (flashback begins) "You are completely unworthy of being our leader, Jet," Wave said. "It was bad enough you impersonated me. You just had to mess around, didn't you? Well, now you won't be able to do that anymore," I said. "Storm, who do you think should be the new leader of the Babylon Rogues," Wave asked. "Well, I think Rocket should," Storm replied. "Wait, me? I can't be the leader," I said. "You can, too. I know you'll make a better leader than Jet ever was," Wave replied. "All right, if you say so," I said. (flashback ends) "You're right, Sonic. It won't be easy getting him here. But I'll have to at least try," Tails said before he left the room. "Hmm, I wonder if this thing really works," Sonic wondered. He felt around for a on/off switch when the shrink ray started to hum. "That definitely doesn't sound good," Sonic said. And he was right. The shrink ray fired directly at Sonic, but he ducked before it could hit him. Unfortunately, the beam reflected off a piece of metal, hit one of the walls, and hit Sonic, causing him to shrink to the size of a fly. "Uh-oh," Sonic simply said.