Hey, guys. fanfiction9821 here bringing you the final chapter of The Incredible Shrinking Sonic. In the last chapter, Sonic had an run-in with a spider while Tails, Wave, and I started working on the shrink ray. In this chapter, we complete the shrink ray and reverse the effects it had on Sonic. Enjoy the new chapter, my friends.

"No, no, no," Sonic said as the spider lunged at him. But before it could, the shrink ray was finished and I aimed at the spider web in the exact spot Sonic was trapped. The section of the web Sonic was on fell apart and he landed hard on the ground. "Thanks, guys. Now, do you think you could get this silk off," Sonic asked. Wave, Tails, and Storm rushed over to Sonic and started pulling off the silk. I looked up to the spider web and saw the spider wasn't there anymore. "Uh, guys. I don't we're done yet," I said. "Why not," Wave asked. "Because of him," I replied, pointing at the spider that was currently growing. "Oh, boy," Sonic said. "How are we going to get out of this, boss," Storm asked. "I don't we can," I replied. The spider roared in our faces and messed up our fur and feathers. "Great. I really hope it doesn't remember me," Sonic said. The spider looked at all of us until its eyes locked onto Sonic. "I think it does remember you," I said. I then spied a saw with a cord nearby, so I grabbed it and aimed it at the spider. "Back, back. I warn you," I said. The spider simply stood there undaunted. "All right. You asked for it," I said, unaware of the cord being pulled of the outlet. I brought the saw down and immediately it stopped. I grabbed the cord, pulled it over, and saw it was unplugged. "Call it a draw," I said. The spider simply roared again and I ran for cover. "And that's our leader? Pathetic," Jet remarked. "Well, I don't see you doing anything to stop it," I replied. "Watch and learn, kid," Jet said. He then walked over to the spider. "Hey, think you're so tough, don't you? Well, I got news for you, spidey. You ain't so tough," Jet said. The spider roared once more. "Right. Now, if you will," Jet said before dropping to the floor. "Wow, I feel totally safe now," I said sarcastically. "Well, anyone else have a bright idea," I asked. "Chaos Spear," a voice said. A yellow spear then shot itself through the spider. The lifeless body of the giant spider dropped to the floor and Shadow was standing over it. "Guess you're glad to see me," Shadow said. "Definitely. That thing was about to bite our heads," I replied. "Then I guess now was a good time as any to make an appearance in this story," Shadow said before walking off. "Come on. I think we had enough excitement for one day," I said. Wave, Storm, Jet and I left to get to HQ. "What are you going to do with that now," Sonic asked, referring to the shrink ray. "I guess just leave it alone," Tails replied. "Good enough for me. I thought I was seriously going to get chomped by that spider," Sonic said, looking at the spider's lifeless body. "Yeah. You should count yourself lucky," Tails replied. Today, Sonic was hit with the shrink ray and became the Incredible Shrinking Sonic.