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Every time they kiss, she giggles a little bit.

Her lips can't help but curve upward as they meet his.

It's endearing, it's cute, it's so very Sue. Still Axl can't help but want her to shut up occasionally during their secretive and enthusiastic make-out sessions.

He knew and she knew the whole thing between them screamed dirtybadwrong but they weren't stopping, they couldn't stop at this point. It felt too good, too real, too normal.

They're in her room, kissing wildly on her bed, pressed chest to chest. His hands are firmly on her hips and her hands are rested against his back, clutching at his t-shirt. Her nails kept digging into his skin underneath but he wasn't complaining. He actually liked it.

Say what you want about Sue, but she sure is passionate. About so, so many things.

His hands slide up some to rest on her sides and in an instant, she laughs into his open mouth as they pause for breath. He realizes that he's touched one of her most ticklish spots and laughs a little himself.

She's still laughing as he leans back. "Sorry, Axl. I know you hate the giggling," she says.

He tries to look angry or annoyed but lately he isn't able to really get angry with Sue. Annoyed, sure, but it mostly subsides the next chance they're alone.

So he just smirks. "What's with the giggling anyway? Is the Axman's kissing technique so laughable?" he instigates, "You seemed to be enjoying yourself earlier."

She blushes and bites down on her red swollen lips. She takes a deep breath and he knows that she's going to go off a longwinded ramble now. "It's- It's just… weird, is all. A good weird. You and I. Together. I never thought – but now it seems so natural and normal. It makes me a little giddy. But you know that! Duh!" Her blush deepens. "I like that. I get all excited because I feel so good, you know? You make me feel good. It's silly! But I can't help from feeling so happy!"

He stares at her for a moment before swiftly leaning forward to capture her lips once again. No laughing this time. Yet. She melts so easily against him. Another endearing quality. When he pulls back, she smiles up at him and her hands find their way back to clutch at his t-shirt again.

"Dork," he mutters but he's smiling fully now too.

She rolls her eyes, telling him, "Yeah, but you love me anyway."

There's no hesitation in his voice as he agrees, "Yeah."

They continue kissing until their parents get home and they have go back to their normal sibling behavior.

Later, when Axl walks into the kitchen, Frankie is there putting together their fast-food meal for dinner. She gives him a very strange look.

"What's up with you?" She asks; an accusation in her voice.

He gives her an offended look. "What?"

"You're smiling. What did you do?" she continues to badger.

"Nothing. I'm just happy, I guess. When people smile that's usually why," he tells her, hoping his voice sounds the right amount sarcastic for her to back off. "God," he scoffs. He grabs a Coke from the fridge and makes his way into the living room. He can feel his mom still giving him a suspicious look but he won't care for now.

Sue is already on the couch, watching TV, and as he goes to sit down next to her (but not too close, no matter how much either of them want to be) their eyes meet. They both smile.