Garrett kicked the ground in front of him angrily. They'd had a good thing going until that day they lost the baby. Now Kayley just sat and stared at the fire all day. They didn't make love anymore; hell, they didn't even talk to each other anymore. He finally stopped walking and looked around. Garrett had travelled further than usual. Good, he thought to himself.

His mind darted back to that day, and as usual, his heart filled with regret. Garrett felt he could have done something. He could have escorted Kayley up the stairs. He could have just had Kayley stay downstairs with him. Why, oh why, did he let her go? Why hadn't he been more careful? He sat down in the dirt and stared at the sky, lost in thought.

He sat out there for hours, and only returned to the house after dark.

"Where were you?" Kayley asked softly, sitting in the shadows.

"Out," he replied gruffly. An awkward silence filled the room. "I'm going up to bed now." Garrett made for the stairs but stopped when he felt small arms snake around his waist.

"Don't be angry with me," she whispered. Garrett's face softened and he turned to face her.

"I feel as though you are blaming me," he admitted. Kayley's brow furrowed in sadness.

"Why would I blame you?" she asked.

"I could…I could have saved…" he trailed off. He avoided her eyes. Kayley's hand rested lightly on his cheek and turned his face back to hers.

"There was nothing either of us could do, Garrett," she stated firmly. "It was going to happen." Garrett stared into her eyes.

"You haven't talked to me," he whispered sullenly. "We haven't touched each other in weeks."

"I needed…time, love," Kayley said gently. She stared back at him and suddenly she was kissing him. Garrett barely had time to react before she pulled away. "I miss you." Garrett smiled weakly and Kayley sighed.

"I miss you," Garrett answered. This was all Kayley wanted to hear, as she kissed him again, and pulled him back into the living area. Garrett chuckled as he felt Kayley fumble with her clothes. "We can slow down, Kayley." She looked at him with such fierceness that he immediately shut up.

They made love slowly, passionately. Garrett had never felt a greater love for Kayley and when she whispered that she loved him, could he forgive her, he replied with a whole hearted 'yes'.