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Scarlette was hesitant to go back home. She didn't want to home and see the horror of her mother's and sister's corpse lying there. She couldn't believe why Richard had done such a thing. Wasn't he a father? Shouldn't he have been taking care of the family rather than making everything worse? She was horrified when she saw her father appearing by the cliff and talking to the Coachman. It was as if she didn't recognize him anymore.

John on the other hand couldn't believe the mess he had gotten Scarlette in. Not just Scarlette but her whole family. He didn't feel close to Arianna but he was beginning to feel closer to Scarlette's mother, Mary. She was the type of mother that John never had and now she was gone because of Richard. He swore that if he ever saw that fox again, he was going to kill him.

Giddy was affected by this as much as Scarlette was. Now he had found his new fear after all of this mess had happened. He was afraid of heights and he wanted to stay away from tall cliffs or buildings as best as he could.

"Look out!" Scarlette yelled as John quickly swerved the car off the street. He stopped the car and saw a rich looking car accelerate down the street. A line of police cars chased after the car.

John let out a sigh as he leaned back in his seat. "I am so sorry about all of this," he said.

"You should be," Scarlette told him.

"And I am," he said.

Scarlette turned her head and looked at him in the eyes. "But not all of this is your fault. My father-I don't even know what relation I have to him anymore-had a fault in this too. Way worse than you have it."

John put his hands on the steering wheel and looked at her. "Are you sure you want to go back home?"

Scarlette didn't answer him right away. She was afraid to go back but she had to. That was her home and her only place where she could live in. "Just go," she answered and he did as he was told.

They were silent the rest of the way home. John wanted to say something to her. Anything to spark up a conversation because the silent treatment was killing him but he went against the idea. He was too scared to say anything because whatever he said, he feared that she was going to snap at him and he didn't want that.

Scarlette's eyes opened wide when they were approaching her house. The lights in the house were on. Maybe they're fine Scarlette hopefully thought. She got out of the car once John parked and ran to the door.

John and Giddy followed her. John watched as Scarlette stood frozen to the ground. He approached her and saw where she was looking at. At the side of the door, there was a light red color in the shape of a small paw. Judging by the size of the paw, it belonged to Arianna.

Scarlette put a hand on her mouth as her eyes filled with tears. John hesitated as he rose up his hands and put them on her shoulders. He felt the shoulders shaking violently. He noticed her turning around and looking at him with those teary eyes. She put her arms around his neck and hugged him. John was caught off guard. Never in his life had he been hugged before. He put his head on her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her waist, returning back the favor.

"Scarlette?" a voice said behind them.

Scarlette let go of John and looked at him. "I loved my mother so much that I can still hear her voice," she said as John gave her a sad nod.

Having heard the voice behind him, Giddy turned around and saw Mary and Arianna right there. Mary had her hand wrapped to her side while Arianna hid behind her. Both girls looked like a mess and Giddy saw some scarlet color on Mary's hand. He gave them a wide smile as he pulled on Scarlette's dress.

Scarlette looked down at Giddy and the looked at where he was pointing. "Oh mother!" she said as she let go of John's hand and ran over to them.

"Scarlette," Mary said as she hugged her daughter, "you're alright."

Arianna came up from behind her mother and she hugged her older sister. "I am so sorry for being mean to you," she said as she looked up at her.

Scarlette smiled. "It's alright, you're a sister. That's what you're supposed to be doing," she said as she patted her on the back.

"Don't encourage her," Mary said.

Scarlette smiled at her mother. "I thought you guys were...you know."

Mary looked at her daughter up and down. She was surprised to see her daughter in her tattered dress but by looking at it, she thought that Scarlette had been in the same situation as she and Arianna had. "You should know that your father-"

"Tried to kill you," Scarlette finished. "At least you guys are fine," she said with another smile.

"I sent the police after him right after he left. As I was running away from him, he slashed me here," she said as she removed her hand away from the wound. It was only a slight cut which was enough to make her bleed, "but Arianna escaped just in time."

"I was hiding by a bush in the backyard," Arianna said as she pointed to a random dark green bush.

Scarlette turned around and looked at John. "So those police cars were after my father," she said.

Mary looked at John and walked over to him. She gave him a kiss on the cheek to thank him. "Thank you so much for protecting my daughter," she said her eyes filled with thoughtfulness.

"Mrs. Vixington," John whispered as he took her hand in his, "I am not the man, I mean fox that you have always been thinking of."

"What are you talking about?" Mary whispered back, "you are a gentleman."

John looked at Scarlette and saw that she was busy talking with Giddy and Arianna. He looked back at Mary and began to tell her about everything that had happened and the type of fox he really was. "But I love her," he finished.

Mary was surprised at what she had been hearing. She was shocked to hear that John was poor and had spend his years being a con man but one thing that stuck out to her was that he was still in love with Scarlette. Mary could feel that her daughter's feelings were the same for John. She smiled warmly at him as she put a hand on his cheek. "Go tell her," she said.

"Thank you," John breathed as he smiled at her. He gathered up his courage and walked over to Scarlette. He tapped on her shoulder and she turned around and looked at him. "From everything that has happened," he began, "I still love you."

Scarlette looked at the ground and gave him a nod. "The feeling is mutual," she said as she wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him.

Mary watched as she put her hand on her lips. She was ecstatic that Scarlette had finally found her lover.

"What the...?" Arianna said as she was looking at her sister. Giddy quickly covered her eyes with his hands to not let her see the both of them kissing.

After giving John a kiss, she looked a him and smiled. "I would be honored to be your wife too."

"The same here dear," he said as he returned back the kiss.

After all of this jumbled mess, one good thing came out of it. Both John and Scarlette had found love and they were happy to be with one another, even though John was not like her other gentlemen callers. John was better than them. He was nice, he was romantic, and he was also one brave fox to have saved her and he truly loved her and he meant it.

And she was happy and so was he.

The End