In the year 183 a girl was born to a couple residing in China. The girl's mother died during the birth. Her name was Zhang Cai and she was a servant in the kingdom of Shu, working beneath the great general Liu Bei. The girl's grief-stricken father clung to his child in bittersweet remorse. His name was Liu Bei, the great general himself.

Though the child was illegitimate, her father knew she would be treated as though she was heir to the throne. His wife, unable to conceive a child of her own, would love the girl as her own.

"Fei," his wife whispered, placing a slender hand on Bei's shoulder, "I thought of it as we were traveling through He Fei."

Bei smiled down at his daughter. "Liu Fei. It is certainly cute. It fits." Fei cooed quietly, her eyes opening wide as she gazed at her young father in wonder.

"What will the future hold for her," Bei wondered aloud, "Perhaps Fei will go on to become the greatest warrior of her time. Maybe she will even be the key to settling this war that plagues our country so."

"I never thought about that. Sun Jian's wife recently gave birth to a second son, did she not? A marriage between kingdoms could be just what we need to end the war."

Well, Zhao Ying was hoping we would have a girl. He's already looking for a wife for his little Yun. It seems we might not have much of a choice."

Bei handed Fei to his wife. She stroked the girl's cheek and smiled. "She's so beautiful, I doubt anyone will have a choice. Fei here will have men banging down our door by the age of seven. She shall be married by thirteen. 'Tis likely I shall be a grandmother in fifteen years."

The general smiled. She was already speaking as though Fei was her own daughter.

Months ago it had been foretold that this child and her legacy would impact China in awesome ways. However, no one could predict an outcome such as what it was. Certainly no one knew that Liu Fei's legacy would end in total infamy and the erasing of her entire existence from history.

Now, her story is finally being told. Here, the legacy begins.