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Alice POV:

I poked my head from behind the tree. I recognised each of them, April, Riley, David, Wally, Kuki, Hoagie, Emma, and Roxy. They were training. Of course.

April threw a knife at a faraway tree, it was actually perfectly aimed, a nice clean spiral of the blade too. As the knife hit its target, Riley came up and stabbed below April's knife, right where the heart would have been.

Wally was right behind Riley, he had his knife at an angle. At first I was confused, until I realised that it was supposed to be like Wally slitting someone's throat. I swallowed the lump in my throat that appeared there as I imagined the tree as an actual person.

Hoagie and Kuki were sitting under a tree, watching Riley, April, and Wally train. A few bags were next to them, obviously their supplies.

Roxy was doing her own little thing. It looked like she was stabbing a tree like a maniac. But once I watched her for a bit, I realised that it must have been some kind of fighting strategy. I've seen it before. You pop out of nowhere, stab your enemy so much before they even know what's happening, then leave them to die. It's a pretty good strategy.

Emma and David were the closest to me. They had started to train, with David throwing stuff in the air and Emma shooting at with a handgun, but soon stopped. Now they were just talking to eachother.

I gotta admit, they're both really cute. In that innocent cute way I mean. Emma would tease David, and he would like he usually would, and Emma would giggle and start apologising. I also am noticing that their hands would get a little closer every now and then, as if they were deciding wether or not to be hand in hand. Or they would stare in eachother's eyes for a moment, before them both blushing and turning away. It was actually really sweet.

"Hey, is that Alice?"

My head shot up from my daze looking at the ground. I think it was Wally who said it. Great, now everyone was staring at me.

"Yeah." I answered, taking a step away from the tree and moved forward towards the group. I took a breath. "And I'd like to be a part of your group."

Emma POV:

"And I'd like to be a part of your group."

I instantly looked at David. He stared back, giving me a 'I don't like her' look. I nodded in agreement at his look.

You see, Alice has one of those sadistic killing machiene attitude. It's not like having a bad temper, like April or Wally. It's more like having a satisfaction at a killing. Like you have an enjoyment out of ending someones life. Or having an odd liking to wanting to torture something or someone.

Riley smiled. "Sure thing Alice. We'd love you on our team."

I groaned and did a facepalm. Worst thing ever. Riley is a lot like Alice. I can't imagine all the trouble it'd be to have those two in one group. It'd be choas. We were already heading to choas with Wally and Riley being in the same group, since they can't stand eachother. But I can just tell that Alice and Riley will lead us to death in no time.

"Are you sure you and Riley are twins?" I whispered to David.

He chuckled. "Yeah. Hard to believe right?"

April rolled her eyes at Riley's answer. "I swear Riley, you're gonna get us killed eventually."

Riley grinned his famous grin and put his arm around April's shoulders, facing towards her, with their lips barely touching. "Now now little Aprilflower, that'll never happen and you know it." He turned back to Alice. "Well come on. You hungry?"

I watched as Riley lead Alice over to the bags next to Hoagie and Kuki, rumaging through the bags to find some food.

"I'm really glad you're nothing like your brother David."

He smiled sweetly. Something his brother could never pull off.

"Well, in that case, I'm thankful that I'm nothing like him either."