Full Summery: When the Wasabi Warriors land a trip to Hawaii and China(again), they come across the Black Dragons who are also go on the same trip. The gang have to try their best to avoid them before the big tournament to decide which dojo would be the number one among the world. But while there, the gang find out that the Black Dragons want to eliminate them from the competition. Mainly Kim. While escaping the Black Dragons, she comes across a mysterious women in Hawaii who tells her that this was her only chance to tell her crush how she feels. Is she going to do it? Or will she not? A bit of romance/friendship and drama in one :)

First story on fanfiction, not sure how this is going to turn out, but I'm trying! I tried to make sure each character was going to do something like that on the show, by that i mean, trying to make the character "come to life". Still confused on this whole uploading thing, so I need to figure that out. Enjoy!

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Kim's POV

I walked into the Bobby Wasabi dojo and saw no one there. Everything was in place, and I felt confused.

"Hello?" I yelled.

Silence followed, where was everyone? I glanced around for a note, video or something, at least telling me where everyone was. I took off my shoes and walked on the mat. Within two steps, my foot came across something sticky. I looked down and found the note, which read:

Hey Kim!

So obviously, you're all alone, and probably wondering where everyone is! Especially Jack ;) So anyways, we wanted to let you know, we're all over the mall! Keep the note, and you're on a hunt to find out where we are! Once you find all of us, you have to find Rudy, who will be leading you to our prize! Have fun!

From your friends who decided to ditch you,

Jerry, Eddie, Milton and Jack

I laughed, "Ditchers," I mumbled to myself. They assumed ever since day one, that I had a crush on Jack. Which was untrue. I only thought of Jack as a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Keep telling yourself that sister." My inner conscious told me.

I rolled my eyes and made my way to the first place my mind told me to head, Falafel Phils. I put my flats back on and head towards the restaurant. I looked at our usual spot and found Jerry grinning at me.

"One down and um..." Jerry counted his fingers.

"Four." I nodded.

"Right, I knew that."

"So, do you have any idea what this is about?" I asked uncertainly.

"Nope! All Rudy told us was he had a surprise for all of us. We figured that you could be the one who can find out." Jerry told me.

"Why not Milton? He's the genius here, and he was once a police officer." I rolled my eyes.

"Milton isn't much of a...threat towards Rudy. Unlike you, you scare people with your sass."

I gasped and narrowed my eyes, "I am not sassy!"

"Sure, even Bobby Wasabi said so. Remember? The heat wave? He called you scary, frightening little girl." Jerry pointed out.

"Whatever. Let's go find the others."

"To Captin Corn Dog!" Jerry yelled.

"You just gave it all away." I muttered.

Jerry burped, "Sorry. I just ate a Falafel ball."

I shook my head, "Some people like you, will never change."

We made our way to Captin Corn Dog and found Eddie grinning.

"Wait, wait a second, didn't you two rap for Captin Corn Dog and Falafel Phils?" I asked.

"Ya, what are you trying to say?" Eddie asked.

"Jerry was rapping for Captin Corn Dog and Eddie was rapping for Falafel Phils, so shouldn't Eddie be a Falafel Phils and Jerry at Captin Corn Dog?" I pointed out.

"Kim, we're over the whole rapping thing. Plus, we eat at Falafel Phils all the time." Eddie said.

I nodded and then understood. I wasn't there that day the two of them were having a "food fight" in Joan's words. I was with Jack helping Milton and Julie get together. We then headed towards Circus Burger and found Jack sitting there, furthest away from the clown.

"Hey, this was the place you two had your first date!" Jerry grinned.

"It wasn't a date Jerry, it was two friends eating at a fast food restaurant!" I exclaimed.

Jack nodded, agreeing with me, "Just let it go guys."

"Well, when you guys do get together, we'll be shouting, 'We told you so! We told you so!'" Eddie told us.

Jack and I shared a look, "Right." He said.

"I still have to find Milton." I told them.

"To Honey Buns!" Jerry shouted.

"Jerry, you gave it away. Again." I gave him a stern face.

He held his arms back innocently, "Hey, I want to know what the surprise is!"

"We do too!" Jack and Eddie yelled together.

Now it was my turn to hold my arms back, "Relax, I got this. Honey Buns isn't far from here." [Honey Buns is a place in the Bay View Mall. Eddie mentions this place in 'Dojo Day Afternoon' Jerry tells him that he can't go out because it would make them look like that they were giving up.]

"Wait, are you sure Milton isn't at that spa getting a manicure or pedicure? Because he spent a long time there when Arthur was going to smash the dojo with a wrecking bomb." Jack pointed out.

"And they happen to always snack on some good food." Eddie said.

"Come on, we'll check Honey Buns first, then we'll check the spa." I decided.

Jack grinned at me and we went to check Honey Buns. There sat Milton, his nose in his Chemistry textbook.

"Hey guys, look here it says if you mix-"

"We don't care Milton! Where's Rudy!" We all shouted.

Milton closed his textbook, "He's in the spa."

"To the spa!" Eddie yelled.

We all walked to the spa, and found Rudy relaxed on a chair getting a pedicure.

"You know, you shouldn't judge, power pedicures are manly. Since they have power in it." Rudy told us.

"Isn't that what Ty said?" Jack asked.

"Yes, and I stole his words." Rudy took a bite out of his apple.

"So what's the surprise Rudy?" Milton asked.

Rudy chewed slowly, "We're going on a cruise to Hawaii!"

"Hawaii?" We all asked.

"You know, the tropical island, people greeting by saying, 'Aloha!' where hula dancers dance. You know, Hawaii?"

"We know where Hawaii is Rudy, but why Hawaii?" Jack asked. I nodded in agreement.

Rudy took another bite of his apple, "Well, Bobby Wasabi came by yesterday, and remember when he said that if we keep our place as number one dojo in the Bobby Wasabi chain for two months; we would recieve a prize!"

"We're heading to Hawaii! I can't wait!" I grinned.

"Wait, what about your other students?" Eddie asked.

"Oh, it's almost spring break, so most of them are younger than you guys, are taking time off."

"Dude! We can get girls there!" Jerry nudged Eddie.

"Time to let me 'playa' self take over." Eddie nodded at himself.

"For the last time! You're not a 'playa'!" Milton told Eddie.

Jack and I laughed, "So how long is this trip suppose to last?"

"Two weeks, it's actually a cruise, which Ricky Weaver is going to be on board!"

I widened my eyes, "Ricky. Weaver?"

"Rudy, you know what happened between Kim and Ricky Weaver. That private-jet-flying-San-Fransico-burger-buying-hot-tubbing-doll-haired monster was a big monster!" Jack exclaimed.

"Relax Kim! I'm joking! The Black Dragons are coming!" Rudy laughed it off.

"The Black Dragons?" We all snapped our attention to Rudy.

"Ya! Ty and I sorted things out, and we decided to have a temporary truce. Plus, we're versing them in a tornument in China."

"Wait, I'm confused." Jerry said.

"Jerry, you're always confused." Jack glanced at him.

"So am I." Milton spoke up.

"Okay, I didn't say this properly. First, we are going to Hawaii for a little vacation time to rest up. After Hawaii, Bobby has paid for our trip to China. We're going there again to be in the World Tornument that determines the best dojos in the world. While in China, we're going to be versing the Black Dragons. The Black Dragons have also decided to go to Hawaii for a vacation. So Ty and I have decided to plan some activites for the two dojos to do!" Rudy explained.

"Rudy, you know how this is going to turn out, Ty is just going to backstab you." Jack said.

"Ya Rudy, I know Ty. Remember? I was a Black Dragon at one point." I spoke up.

Jack nodded at me, "Just call off the activites and bonding stuff. We can't be doing things together with one of our opponents in the World Tornument."

"Oh Christmas nuts, I just realized that we got married in China last time!" Milton exclaimed.

"So that's what ditch-the-wives ment. You guys were actually ditching your wives." Rudy nodded, slowly understanding.

"I told you it didn't mean rad or cool!" I yelled at Rudy.

"I thought we sorted things out on the Great Wall of China." Eddie put his hands on his face.

"Is Kai going to be there?" Jack asked.

Questions kept popping up about the trip, how long was this going to last? Who was going to be there? What about Jerry, Milton and Eddie's wives? Are the Black Dragons going to do anything to us? Question after question, Rudy just kept ignoring all of us. Once he was done with his power pedicure, he took us back to the dojo.

"Okay, I don't know if the Black Dragons are going to anything to you guys, but probably not. Ty and I actually hired a lawyer to seattle this truce. Kai might be there and Jack might actually have to fight him again and Jerry, Milton and Eddie, your wives are going to be there. I got a letter about the whole marriage thing saying that the marriage wasn't completed and the three ladies were going to find you guys and marry the three of you." Rudy finally answered the questions.

The three boys screamed and sat on the mats discussing on how to get rid of their "wives".

"Wait, are we going to the same place where Jack had his tornument?" I asked.

Rudy pursed his lips together, "Um, let me check."

Jack sighed and sat on the bench, "I can't believe Kai might actually be there."

"Jack, we both know that he's good at karate. That's probably how they landed the place the compete in the World Tornument. That's how we got there as well. You got us a place in the World Tournument." I tried to ressure him.

"Kim, I told you Kai only thinks karate is a chance to hurt people! I told you that last time we went to China!" Jack exclaimed.

"Maybe if I buy you that glow in the dark ninja when we get there, you'll be calm?" I suggested.

Jack grinned and hugged me, "It would be better than your concentration rocks."

I slapped him playfully, "Hey!"

"So you guys find a way to ditch the wife?" Jack laughed.

"Not funny! You guys have no idea what we are going through." Milton said.

"At least your wife is nice, kind and helpful." Eddie commented.

Jerry laughed, "Nice? Kind? Helpful? She's more like tough, killer and hurtful!"

"You have a wife? Why didn't you invite me to the wedding!" I fake my hurt emotion.

The four guys laughed, "Their talking about you; and guys I told you to let it go." Jack told them.

"Come on, just admit you two like each other. Or at least Kim."

"Ya, Kim, admit it." Jack laughed.

"I don't have a crush on you!" I threw my arms in the air.

"Sure..." Jack nodded as in he didn't believe me.

"I should've kicked your leg too the last time you asked me to admit it." I put my hands on my hips.

"I found where we're competing! It took a lot of time since the letter was in Chinese." Rudy walked out with two pieces of paper.


Your dojo has been selected from all the others in the world to compete in the World Tornument held near the Great Wall of China! The tornument will be held for three days from March 19 2012 till March 22 2012. A important note: Please make sure you do not sit on the chairs. We have a hundered year old table, chair and many others so when you arrive, please don't touch the stuff!

Jack grinned, "They remembered Rudy!"

I laughed, "Ya Rudy, don't touch the stuff!"

"I told them to replace them! So people get tired you know." Rudy pouted.

"You do know that it's English on the other side right?" Milton flipped the official letter over.

"I spent days trying to find out what each Chinese character was!" Rudy groaned.

"Wait, so we have eleven days in Hawaii?" Eddie asked.

"That's right. I forgot to tell you, it's two days from now." Our sensei told us casually.

"Rudy! You know how long it takes a girl to pack?" I exclaimed.

"Two hours?" Rudy guessed.

"No! Days! When did you find out about this trip?" I groaned.

"Relax Kim, I'm sure it was an honest mistake." Jack told me.

"I found out like two weeks ago?" Rudy smiled nervously.

"And you decided to tell us now? Rudy!" I lunged at him.

The boys held me back, "Kim! You can't go around beating up our sensei!" Jerry told me.

"I found out last week." Eddie shrugged.

"And how did you find out and not tell me?" I glared into his nervous eyes.

"I forgot?" Eddie said in a high pitched voice.

I lunged towards him and almost beat him up. I would have, but Milton, Jerry and Jack held me back.

"Eddie, when we get to Hawaii, I'll make sure you'll have the worst trip ever." I glared at him.

Eddie gluped and Jack whispered something in his ear, "I'll make sure that our tough friend who happens to be a girl, won't do anything to you."

"I heard that you know!" I shouted.

"Good." Jack grinned.

"Hey, I just realized. Eddie, Jerry and I are yellow belts, we're going to be destroyed." Milton pointed out.

Rudy nodded, "In this tornument, all dojos will have people in different belts. So you will be versing someone in a yellow belt."

"Ohh." Milton nodded.

"Okay guys, go home, pack up, and get your stuff here tomorrow morning! We will be training hard tomorrow!" Rudy clapped his hands together.

"But I thought we don't go on the ship till two days later?" I asked.

"We don't! Since I know that guys are going to pack last minute, like me, I decided to move it up a day so they won't have to pack last minute!" Rudy grinned.

I groaned, "Is anyone willing to help me pack?"

All the guys backed up, "With all your girl stuff, there is no way I'm helping you pack." Eddie walked backwards slowly.

I rolled my eyes, "Fine. I'll just make sure all the girls there will know all your deepest, darkest secrets you guys talk about in your change room." I grinned evilly.

The four boys widened your eyes, "What did you hear?" Milton asked.

"A little bit of this and that. Who likes who, who hates who, what each of your weaknesses are, what you hate, and embarrassing moments." I smiled.

"You didn't tell anyone at school right? Especially Kelsey right? Or the future prom queens, supermodels and cheerleaders right?" Jerry asked nervously.

"Kim knows nothing, I'm sure she's lying right?" Jack laughed nervously.

I glanced at Jack, "Donna Tobin knows everything about you. We're close friends now! Oh Jerry and Eddie, so does the whole cheerleading squad." I lied swiftly.

"See, that's why I'm glad I don't have to worry what you guys are worrying about right now. I have a girlfriend, Julie." Milton grinned.

"Oh and I told you about how you got a D on your cake test!" I smiled.

"Okay! We'll help!" Jack exclaimed.

I shook each of their hands, "I was lying the whole time." I smiled evilly.

The four boys widened their eyes and about to yell at me, when I left the dojo.

"I can't believe Kim tricked us into doing this." Eddie folded one of my tank tops.

"Ugh, me neither." Milton sighed.

"Forget about me saying that your wife was nice, kind and helpful. I'm with Jerry." Eddie continued.

Jack rolled his eyes, "She's not my wife!"

"And he's not my husband!" I walked in holding a bunch of hangers full of clothes.

"Fine, soon-to-be-wife-and-husband. You happy?" Milton asked.

"NO!" We both shouted.

"Why can't you guys get that we're just friends?" I put my clothes down.

"Hey guys look! I can be a model too!" Jack started jumping around with my bra.

"Give me that!" I shrieked.

The three guys laughed hysterically, "Run Jack! The fun killer is after you!" Jerry yelled.

I chased Jack, who was running around laughing, and I quickly caught up to him and ripped it off him, "Jack, you are so going to pay!"

"This is what you get for lying Kimmy!" Jack laughed.

"Only Margret calls me Kimmy! And that's rare!" I yelled, mentioning the former head reporter. I tackled my friend to the ground and I heard a snap.

"Alright, who just took a picture of that?" I snapped my head towards the three boys.

"Milton." Jerry pointed at Milton and his phone.

"What? Whenever their in denial, I just show them this picture!" Milton said smartly.

I glanced at Jack, "Delete the picture Milton." He said sternly.

Milton shook his head and glanced at his phone, "Looks like I have to go! Bye guys!" He rushed off.

"Ya, we have to go too." Eddie gestured at him and Jerry.

I looked at Jack, "You can go as well. You guys packed almost all my stuff."

"Nah, it's cool, I'll stay and help."

I grinned, "Thanks Jack."

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