Cameron was confused; she didn't know where she was at first. An unbearable heat stirred her from the bedroll. Blinking through a haze, she got a glimpse of movement in the corner of the tunnel. Something familiar about the shape kept her from calling out to the others.

She watched as the shape slowly came closer; into focus. Her eyes widened; her heart slammed against her chest. She didn't want to see the thing that shuffled towards her.

"Not a pretty sight, is it?" he asked, his voice rough and harsh from the burns along his throat. She shook her head, squeezing her eyes shut.

"LOOK AT ME!" he screamed, suddenly next to her. Charred and still hot hands gripped her arms, shaking her painfully. "You did this to me! You did! You selfish, miserable bitch! We could have made it. We could have gotten home. You could have helped me. Instead you shoved a dagger in my heart!"

"Carver, no…" she whimpered, tears blurring her vision of his burnt visage. "I couldn't…"

"Couldn't? Couldn't what? Couldn't let me keep you from glory? Couldn't let me drag you down? A poor pathetic warrior holding back the all powerful mage Hawke, is that it?" she shook her head, her voice catching in her throat.

"You took my dreams. You took my life. And now, sweet sister, I'll take yours."

It was eerily quiet, the knife sliding into her belly. She felt numb, staring into her brother's vacant eyes.

Then he twisted it.

The pain hit suddenly, blindingly. She screamed, clutching at the blade imbedded and twisted in her gut.

"Hawke! Hawke!" It was Fenris's voice; so far away, yet so close. Her brother's hands were no longer on her. Instead she was held gently with strong, lyrium laced fingers. The hazy corridor dissipated, and the eyes she looked up into were not the hollowed eyes of her brother's phantom.

Her fear faded; the pain subsided. She pulled him close, burying her head into his shoulder. He held her tightly, saying nothing, just stroking her hair as she cried against his chest.

"Mmm…yes, just like that," Anders murmured, his fingers tangled in her silvery curls as Cameron knelt before him. She looked up at him, his cock slipping from her mouth; her hot breath teasing the wet head of his shaft.

"Please," she pleaded, her hand stroking him. "I can't stand it anymore. I need you inside me," she begged, leaning back and tearing her bodice open. Her breasts spilled free from the tight confines of her satin robe. Anders groaned, taking in the sight before him.

"Who am I to refuse such a request?" He replied, pushing her back to the floor.

Justice sneered, and slipped further into the Fade. The mage's hesitance would keep them both from getting what they desired. The mage might be content with false dreams and empty promises, but not him.

He would get her back. And he would get her in her mage's lyrium lined body.

The grey haze surrounding him shifted to the red rock caverns of the Deep Roads. He paused for a moment. Anders had not awakened. Where was he?

He was assaulted with terror laced with self-loathing.

"Carver, no…" he heard her whimper. "I couldn't…"

Justice smiled. Her mage was in trouble. She would come.

He watched the drama unfold before him; the mage's self-hate screaming at her, stabbing her. Still she did not come.

Justice howled his rage as he was yanked roughly back into the limbo of the mage's waking mind. Why had she not come?

"How are you able to stand this heat?" Sebastian asked, unable to stand the silence anymore. Fenris shrugged, his eyes scanning the shadows.

"I am…accustomed to hardships," he finally responded. Sebastian shook his head, unable to appreciate the life he must have lived.

"Have you considered my offer?" he asked the elf, trying desperately to start a more pleasant conversation. Fenris glanced at the other man, a dark brow raised.

"To join you in Starkhaven?" Sebastian nodded. "I have thought on it," he stated, but said nothing more as his eyes fell on the sleeping form of Cameron. Sebastian's lips turned up into a half smile.

"But you are needed here. With her," they were not questions. Sebastian himself was torn between doing his duty and staying with the lovely mage. Fenris didn't respond, there was no need.

Cameron shifted on her bed roll, a whimper passing her lips. Bean rose up, cocking his head to the side as he watched his mistress. She curled into herself, mumbling indistinctly.

Fenris clenched his jaw, watching. Bean moved closer, butting his head against her back and whining softly. She did not stir from the gentle nudging. The mabari looked towards Fenris as if asking for him, but the sudden scream from Cameron had everyone jumping.

"Hawke! Hawke!" Fenris was at her side, griping her bare arms, tugging her upright. Unfocused eyes stared up at him and a sliver of misery edged its way into his heart at the look of horrified pain in those cerulean eyes.

"Maker! What the flames…" Anders struggled up from his bed roll, grabbing at his staff. Sebastian waved him down.

"It's alright. Everything's fine," Sebastian answered, hoping that voicing the statement would make it true.

Cameron had buried her head into the crook of Fenris's shoulder, her muffled sobs barely audible. Bean bumped his head against her arm, whimpering softly.