I'm sorry…

Cameron was still furious as she paced the main room of her estate. It had been hours since Isabela had made off with the Qunari Tome leaving the hastily written apology on Wall-eyed Sam's corpse.

It wasn't even the fact that she took the tome that had so infuriated Cameron. It was the fact that she had lied to Cameron's face.

"Fine. You're right. We'll give it back to the Qunari."

Cameron hadn't wanted a drink this badly in a long time…

She ran hard along the moon lit coast. If she could get through the Wounded Coast, it was only a day's travel to Ostwick.

Only a day. Freedom was only a day a way.

Her pace slowed. The relic in her pack was getting heavier with each step she took away from Kirkwall.

It was only a day…

Aveline was apprehensive as she followed Cameron through the streets towards the Qunari compound. Despite the fury that was clearly evident in Cameron's stance last night, she seemed her usual spirited self this morning.

It never boded well when Cameron breezed through without a care in the world.

There were no problems for the contingent of guards marching through the city, until they reached the gates that separated the Qunari from the rest of Kirkwall. Aveline took the lead and addressed the gate keeper.

"We are here to see your Arishok."

"Not in this number," The Sten guarding the door responded coldly. Aveline had anticipated the need to reduce her numbers, so took the precaution of having an excess amount of guards. She could appease the Qunari and still have a fair number to back herself and Cameron up.

"Myself, my companion, and three others, is that sufficient?" she replied. The Sten made a cursory glance over the assembled guards and nodded. Moving to the side, he indicated they should enter.

"Well, that was simple enough," Cameron muttered under her breath after they passed through the gate.

"You know as well as I that wasn't the hard part," Aveline bit back. Cameron grinned ruefully while sauntering ahead of Aveline to be the first in the Arishok's attention.

"Shenadon," The Arishok greeted them, a menacing air about him as he stood at the top of the stairs, a battle axe resting on his shoulder. Aveline refused to show the unease his posture brought and marched purposefully towards him.

"Greetings Arishok, we have come in regards to the elven fugitives that took refuge here…"

"Irrelevant. I would speak with Hawke about the relic stolen from my grasp." Cameron took a breath, barely managing to not roll her eyes.

"A certain pirate made off with it," her tone was clipped, but then switched back to her normal cheer. "But don't worry; I plan to find them both." The Arishok's lips turned up into the faintest of smiles as he regarded the mage.

"A truth. And you do not minimize your role in it."

"An issue for another time," Aveline spoke up gruffly. "We're here for the fugitives."

"The elves are now Vidithari. They have chosen to submit by the Qun." Aveline's jaw clenched. This was not going to go well. "They will be protected."

"Have they truly converted, or are they using you as a shield?" Cameron asked lightly, honestly interested. The Arishok turned his eyes to her.

"They have chosen, and so have I. You have seen the corruption in this city, the suffering that is allowed. All to selfishly deny the truth of the Qun. Let us look at your dangerous criminals," as if on queue, two under nourished teen boys stepped into view. "Speak Vidithari. Who did you murder, and why?" The older of the two boys moved forward.

"A city guardsman forced himself on our sister. We reported him, or at least we tried to. They did nothing, so we paid him a visit."

"That doesn't excuse murder!" Aveline argued. Cameron arched a brow.

"Are these boys telling the truth?" The Guard Captain glared at her.

"There were rumors. I was investigating it. It still doesn't justify them taking the law into their hands!"

"Sometimes that is necessary," The Arishok spoke up. Aveline's glare turned to him.

"Like how you avenged the Viscount's son? It wasn't right then and it's not right now!"

"There actions were a symptom. Your city is the disease. The Vidithari has chosen to submit to the Qun. They will find their place that your society has denied them." He replied calmly, though a hint of menance tinted his words.

"You can't just decide that! You have to release them to us," Aveline's voice was rising with her frustration. The Arishok study her for a moment before turning to Cameron.

"Tell me, Hawke, what would you do in my place?"

"Why give up perfectly good converts?" she answered flippantly. Aveline's frustration broiled over towards the mage.

"Hawke! You aren't helping!" she hissed. Cameron turned hard eyes on her friend.

"What? He asked for my opinion and I gave it. Let them go to the Qun. They'll either thrive in a society that will treat them better than they have ever been, or they'll fail and die. Either way, justice is served."

Before Aveline could voice another objection, the Arishok stepped forward.

"I can not leave this city without the relic. And I can not sit blindly to this corruption. There is only one solution." All of Aveline's fears came crashing down around her, and she turned to the Arishok panicked.

"Arishok, please. There's no reason—" He cut her off with a raised hand. Turning away from the group, he said a simple phrase.

"Vinek Kathas."

Almost immediately, spears began falling from the walls above. Aravaads and Stens began rushing the group, weapons slicing through the air. Two guards were not so quick with their defense, and fell quickly to the Aravaads' spears.

Cameron and Aveline each took a role in clearing a path to the gate. Inside the compound they were out numbered and out matched, and they both knew it. Escape at this point, was their only option.

Outside the streets were already a chaotic mess of screaming, smoke, and bodies. It was sheer luck they happened upon Fenris and Sebastian in a relatively calm alcove on the docks.

"Oh, Aveline, how did you know I always wanted to be part of a holy war? And it isn't even my birthday," Cameron quipped as she leaned against the wall to catch her breath.

"We need to get to the barracks. Regroup with the guards. Try to get this under control," the guard captain thought out loud, ignoring the breathless sarcasm from her friend.

"They will most likely head to the keep. They will round up anyone of import," Fenris stated.

"It does seem the most logical thing to do," it was Sebastian piping in, his tone laced with concern as he watched Cameron. Sighing loudly, and pushing herself off the wall, Cameron took the lead.

"Since they're both in the same place, I guess we get to head to Hightown."