It was different without him. Things seemed less loud, if that was even possible. These girls were louder than a local zoo. It ridiculous without him, she feels empty...hollow.

She thinks she sees him on the streets of Los Angeles sometimes, although she knows she's wrong. He's gone and she knows that, even though she wants to see him again more and more everyday.

Everyone seems so different around her now; they act quieter and treat her more delicately. Like she can't handle herself without him. Even though she can, right? Wrong. He was the one that made her feel better after a long day. After everything that could possibly go wrong, he was the one to calm her down which is ridiculous in itself.

He was a vampire, she was a slayer. Their personalities didn't suit each other, or at least they weren't supposed to...

She thought she loved him.

She wasn't sure though and that was the problem because she wanted to be sure and she knows that if she had spent more time with him, she would've been able to be sure.

But she couldn't do that because he was gone. His ashes were at the bottom of the Sunnydale crater.

And she'll never really see him on the Streets of Los Angeles because he's dead.

She never does find out that she really did see him on the streets of Los Angeles. And he saw her. And for a split second, she believed that he was really alive.

But that wouldn't be the case. She was probably just going crazy.