Imagine if you will…

A wall.

A wall that separates our dimensions from others.

A wall that keeps this world at peace.

A wall that divides this world's pain and suffering.

But what were to happen if…

That wall was destroyed?

Let's find out.

-Dark Alley in the streets of Mongolia-

"A-Are you sure this place is safe?" A girl with blue hair asked. She was a tad short and was wearing an orange dress, along with an orange ribbon in her hair. She was worried.

"Don't worry so much, Levy." One of the men with her answered. He was slim and had an average height. He wore a purple shirt, covered by a dark brown coat with yellow fur edges, wearing a dark brown hat to go with it. His hair was a lighter shade of brown, compared to his clothes. Levy was the blue haired woman's name.

"Yeah, after all you're with me and Jet." The other man she was with said. He was tall and slim. He wore a white shirt, with a gold X pattern stretching through the center of it and green checkered pants. He had black hair that was shaped…Rather oddly. It was long but it curved upward into a point. This man's name was Droy. Jet was the other man with them.

"Okay…How much farther until we get to the guild?" Levy asked.

"About 10-15 minutes until we reach Fairy Tail."

"Fairy Tail…? Gihihihihi…" A voice sounded from behind them. They immediately turned around to see a muscular man standing tall behind them, with a demonic grin. He had long, spiked black hair that was kept slicked back, revealing his forehead. He had piercing red eyes with slitting dark pupils. Instead of eyebrows, he had 3 piercings above his eyes. In fact, most of his exposed body was covered in simple studs. He had 3 on each side of his nose, 2 on his chin, and his ears had 2 sets of 5 earrings each. He also sported 4 studs on each of his forearms, the right one being covered in scars. He was wearing a shabby, black, sleeveless tunic with studded edged, and a studded belt around his waist. He had loose white pants tucked inside his studded black boobs, and a pair of studded brown gloves.

"Who are you!" Let and Droy asked as they immediately shielded Levi, fully on guard, sensing the danger from this man.

"Me? You don't need to know my name…Just know my guild…PHANTOM LORD!" The man pointed to the Phantom Lord stamp on his right shoulder.

"Phantom Lord!" Levi shouted, scared. Phantom Lord was the guild that had been at Fairy Tail's throat ever since the beginning. "W-What are you here for?"

"Oh…Didn't I make that obvious…? I'm here to make a WAR declaration!"

"War! You want war with Fairy Tail!" All 3 of them shouted at once.

"You bet we do…And just so your master believes us…How about a little proof!" The man instantly appeared in between in the gap between the 3, slamming both his elbows into Jet's and Droy's backs, knocking them forward.

"GUH!" They grunted and took the blows, then turned around to face the man but he was gone.

"Slow, aren't you?" The man was behind them and grabbed the back of their heads with his long arms. "You weaklings aren't even worth my time!" He slammed them both into the pavement face first, and after repeating that action multiple times, threw them against a building wall. "Come on, don't pass out yet! The real fun's just starting!" He turned to Levy. "Gihihihi…I'm gonna brand you first!" He approached her.

"B-Brand me?" Levy backed away, but she hit the building behind her, unable to retreat any further.

"I'm gonna give you a nice big Phantom Lord mark…" He grinned wide and lifted his arm. "LET'S SEE HOW FAIRY TAIL LIKES THAT!" He lunged out his fist at her, but it stopped at the sound of metal clanging. "What the…"

There was a boy standing in front of Levy, holding a giant sword with one hand that had blocked the man's fist completely. He was about 5'7" and had silver white hair and had dark purple eyes. He was wearing a white shirt with a dark blue jacket over it. Around his neck was a necklace, and around his pants was a ball chain. There was a bracelet on his wrist and a ring around his right middle finger. His left ear had 2 silver piercings.

"And who the hell are you? Comrades of theirs?" The studded man asked.

"Actually…I don't even know them…But there's no way I'm gonna let you hurt innocent people!" The silver haired boy swung his sword, knocking the man back.

"I hate little brats like you, always wanting to be the hero…Well if you're not part of Fairy Tail then I'll just get rid of you!" He raised his arm to the sky. "IRON DRAGON'S-"He felt a tug on his arm as it was pulled back, not on his control. He looked towards his arm to see a silver rope around it. He followed the rope with to a roof-top, to see another person standing on it.

It was a tall muscular male, probably around 5'9". He also had long spiked hair, as well 3 piercings above one of his eyes. He wore a long white coat and earrings. He smiled at the attacker. "Picking on cute girls…Can't have ya doin that, can we?" He pulled on the silver rope on his hands, pulling the attacker further from Levy.

"Another one…" The man looked at the silver around his arm and licked his lips. "At least you brought me a snack!" The man bit the silver, chipped a piece off, and began chewing it with a grin.

"What the hell!" The man on the roof top exclaimed as he retracted the rope. "He bit off my silver!"

The studded man swallowed the chunk of silver, and then let out a burp. "That hit the spot…Gihihihi…Now back to business…" He turned to the silver haired boy. "I'm gonna have to pay you back for wasting my time…IRON DRAGON'S CLUB!" The man's left arm transformed from human flesh and bone to a metal club, as he lunged at the boy.

"Man, this guy's got weird powers!" The boy pulled back his sword and slashed with both hands this time, meeting the club and stopping it in its tracks. The boy looked at the man with serious eyes but then he noticed something. "Hey...Behind you…"

"Heh, like I'd fall for an old trick like that!" The man was still smiling, oblivious.

The boy grabbed Levy and jumped to the side, jumping out of the way from something.

"…" The man turned around, to see the end of a blaster in his face. He saw a finger pull the trigger, and he was blasted head on and was knocked back. The blaster, which was a Tonfa Blaster, was wielded by woman. She was about 5'4" with short blonde-ish brown hair. She had dark brown eyes and was wearing a tank top, black boots, and a skirt. "I got him, Haru!" She smiled, happy that she had blasted the man.

"A little warning before you do something like that would be nice." The silver haired boy, Haru, got up and dusted himself off. "Good job though, Elie."

Elie pouted. "I knew you'd get out of the way!" She looked up at the man on the roof-top. "I beat him; you can come down now, Musica!"

Musica jumped down, still on guard. "Doubt he's down yet…"

He was right. The man got up without a scratch, but he was angry. "Scum…All of you are scum…" He suddenly broke into a smile. "You'll regret this…I'll make sure of it…Your gonna regret ever messing with Gajeel Redfox!" He snorted, and then disappeared.

"Huh….I've heard that name before…" Elie said aloud as she thought.

"He's an S-class mage at the Phantom Lord guild." Droy told them, as he and Jet got up.

"That's right! That's where I've heard about him! He's nicknamed Black Steel!" Elie remembered.

"Forget about that, you guys okay?" Haru asked the two.

"Yeah, we're fine…Thanks." Jet answered.

"How about you…Are you okay?" Musica asked Levy as he moved in closer to her and grabbed her by the hand. "Hamrio Musica, at your service." He was about to kiss her hand when Let and Droy pulled her back.

"You bastard…! Levy-chan is ours!"

"…So her name's Levy. That's a beautiful name." Musica winked at her.

"What about you two?" Elie asked them. "What are your names?"

"I'm Jet!"

"I'm Droy!"

"I'm Levy!"

"And together we make…!" All 3 of them broke into a little dance, "The Shadow Gear!" They posed.

Haru and Musica just stared at them, not knowing how to react. Elie clapped, amused. "I'm Elie, this is Musica, and this is Haru."

"Nice to meet you…Hey, why was that guy attacking you?" Haru asked.

"Our guild, Fairy Tail, is enemies with his." Levy answered.

"Fairy Tail…That sounds familiar…Oh! Do you guys know someone named Makarov?"

"He's our guild master." Jet answered.

"Perfect, I need to talk to him."

"Well, he's probably at his house right now, but the guild is just north of here. If you head there in the morning, you can probably meet him." Droy told him.

"Then we'll need a place to stay…" Elie pondered.

"There are some hotels in the eastern part of the city..." Jet told them.

"We're low on cash though…Is there a casino around here?"

"There's one in the center of town." Levy answered.

"…That solves that problem." Haru smiled at Elie, who smiled back.

"Aww you guys are so cute…How long have you been dating for?" Levy asked them.

"W-What! W-We're not dating!" Haru turned red.

"Y-Yeah! W-We're just friends!" Elie went red as well.

They both looked at each other for a split second before looking away, turning even redder.

"Oh? That so…" Levy sounded disappointed.

"They do secretly have a crush on each other though." Musica whispered to her. "But anyways, how about you and I grab some dinner…?" Musica offered.

"HEY YOU SON OF A-"Jet and Droy were instantly enraged.

"I'd love to, but I really gotta get home. It's late." Levy answered him.

"YES! THAT'S OUR LEVY-CHAN!" Jet and Droy were instantly happy now.

"Hmm…Can I at least walk you home then? In case that freak comes back."

"Yeah, I'd love that." Levy smiled at him, who smiled back at her, and then turned around, sticking his tongue out at Let and Droy, making them mad again.

"What if he comes after us!" They asked him.

"Oh…Well I don't care what happens to you guys." Musica answered as he put his arm on Levy's back and walked off with her. "I'll catch up with you two later, Haru and Elie, have fun making out.

"S-Shut up!" Haru muttered, still red.

"S-Stupid Musica!" Elie muttered too, also still red. Both still looking away from each other.

"They look just like 2 apples…" Jet and Droy agreed on, as they walked away.

"L-Let's go win some money…I'm counting on you." Haru finally said.

"I won't fail!" Elie smiled at him.

-Fairy Tail Guild Remains, The Next Morning-

"What…" Haru's jaw dropped.

"The…" Elie covered her mouth with her hand.

"Hell…" Musica's eyes were wide.

The Fairy Tail guild, which was one of the strongest, if not THE strongest, guild in all of Fiore, was destroyed. The building itself was standing, but covered in scratches, chunks destroyed, and most importantly, there were several large metal spikes through the entire thing. The Rave Warriors were speechless.

"WHO!" A voice shouted, in rage. Haru turned around and stared at the figure.

It was a boy around Haru's age. He had pink hair and was wearing a blue coat that showed off his muscular arms and stomach. He wore white pants with sandals, and had a Fairy Tail mark on his right shoulder. His name was Natsu Dragneel, the infamous Salamander of Fairy Tail. "WHO DID THIS TO THE GUILD!" He was in tears.

Behind him were standing another boy and 2 girls.

The boy wore a Hawaiian shirt with shorts, and had dark blue hair. He was around the same height as Natsu, and looked an awful like Musica in a way. He was furious. This man was named Gray Fullbuster, the Ice Mage of Fairy Tail.

One of the women was wearing armour, and had long red hair. She wore a blue skirt with black boots. She looked a bit older then the rest, and was also a bit taller. She clenched her fist. This woman was Erza Scarlet, Queen of the fairies, and the strongest female in all of Fairy Tail.

The other girl had long blonde hair. She was the same age as Natsu and Gray, but she was a tad shorter. At the time she was wearing a pink tank-top with a skirt and boots, just like Erza. She had the crest of fairy tail visible on the back of her hand, and she was shocked at the remains of their guild. Her name was Lucy Heartfilia, the Celestial Mage, the newest edition to Fairy Tail.

"WAS IT YOU!" Natsu shouted at Haru, but then looked at him closer, trying to remember something.

"HEY! WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHIN-"Haru looked at him closer as well, also trying to bring something back from his memory. Both of them leaned closer until they were forehead to forehead, staring each other down.

"I remember you…" Haru had remembered Natsu from their last encounter.

"Me too….Hey…We still didn't finish our fight!" Natsu, who was always battle hungry, remembered him as well.

Author's Note: Read the RM X FT crossover chapter that Hiro made to understand this, if you haven't already.

"Natsu, who is this?" Erza asked, looking at Haru.

Haru looked back at her. "I'm Haru Glor-…" Haru froze up, remembering what Erza had done to him and Natsu on their first encounter. "MEEP!" Haru jumped behind Elie.

"Are you hiding something from me, Natsu?" Erza turned to the pink haired boy in question, who went from adrenaline to fear instantly. "I-I'm not hiding anything!" He also leaped behind Elie, cowering in fear with Haru.

"Erza really has you two scared!" The voice came from the air, from Happy. Happy was a blue cat, but he had wings. He wore a small red bag over his shoulders, filled with fish.

Erza looked up and glared at him.

"Waah! Forget I said anything!" Happy flew down, behind Elie, and cowered with the 2.

"I'm just gonna stay out of this one…" Gray muttered, hiding his fear of Erza. Gray was equally scared of her as Natsu, and wasn't trying to get her attention.

"…Who are you people?" Erza asked the Rave Warriors.

"We're just passing by on a journey…" Elie answered her. "We're trying to find these stones called Rave."

"Then why are you here?" Gray asked.

"One of Haru's friends told us to swing by this guild and talk to a man named Makarov. Is he around?" Musica asked his Fairy Tail counter part.

"That would be me." A voice called from behind Musica, he turned around but saw no-one. "Huh..?"

"Down here." Musica looked down to see a small old man holding a staff twice his size, wearing nothing but orange, staring at him. "A friend of mine you say?"

"His name's Shiba." Haru told him, standing up now, yet avoiding looking in Erza's general direction.

"Ohhh Shiba!" Why I haven't talked to that dog since our old military days! It's been over 40 years!" Makarov smiled wide, reminiscing. "How is the ol' bastard?"

"He was doing fine the last time I saw him. Age is really getting to him, but he's doing well." Haru smiled.

"That's good to hear! Oh yeah! Didn't he set off on a journey to find the scattered Rave Stones? How's that going?"

"He passed that task onto me."

"…So you're the second Rave Master." Makarov was suddenly very serious.

"Yeah, that's me. We've already got 2 of the 5 stones."

"I see…That's good news." Makarov loosened up. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Haha, no thanks. We should actually get going. We only stayed behind so I could talk to you."

"But I don't wanna go yet!" Elie shouted, in between Erza and Lucy with a smile, both her arms around the 2 women, who were also smiling. Even Erza.

"Your girlfriend already made friends with them…That's…Surprising, especially with Erza..." Gray was shocked.

"SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Haru went red again. "Grah…I guess we can stay for a while longer…Make sure that guy doesn't come back…"

"Hm? What guy?" Makarov asked.

"What was his name again…G…Ga…Gameel!" Haru snapped his fingers.

"Gameel…?" Makarov was confused.

"He means Gajeel." Makarov turned around to see the Shadow Gear. "We were attacked by Gajeel yesterday, but these 3 saved us."

"Gajeel Redfox! From Phantom Lord!" Makarov exclaimed, receiving a nod as an answer. Makarov was suddenly flustered with anger, veins visible on his face. "Wrecking our shoddy bar I could deal with…But no parent can remain silent after their children are attacked…" He snapped his cane in two with a bare hand. "THIS MEANS WAR."