My second zombie story! My first one is not abandoned or anything, I'm just taking a break from it.

Chapter 1: Dying World

Down in a dark alley lied an unconscious blonde man. He looked to be in his teens, mostly around seventeen. He has long spiky blonde hair that slightly covered his eyes. He has three whisker-like marks on each cheek. He wore an orange and black jacket, which was unzipped to show that he wore a black shirt underneath it. He also wore orange pants and black sandals. The blonde's eyes opened to reveal that they were purple colored and that they had a ripple-like pattern. The blonde sat up and looked around to see blood everywhere, along with dead bodies lying around. Getting back up to his feet, he looked around once again. His eyes were narrow to show that his face shows a bored expression.

"Where the hell am I?" The blonde thought. He walked out of the alley to see several vehicles crashed and on fire. Looking to his left, he saw a school board that said, 'Fujimi Academy'. He saw that the gates were forced open and as his curiosity caught the best of him, he walked towards the school.

A group of people, two males and four females were running through the halls throughout the school. One of the students was carrying a metal bat. This student's a boy at the age of seventeen with an average height and build. He has brown eyes and spiky black hair. He wore the black school uniform with a red T-shirt underneath. His name's Takashi Komuro.

Another student was carrying a wooden sword. Her name's Saeko Busujima, age eighteen. She has long, straight purple hair with a triangular fringe at the front that barely touched the ridge of her nose. She also had blue eyes and her lips were shiny and pink like sakura blossoms.

The next girl was carrying a mop handle. She has long, light-brownish hair with bangs and two strands sticking out above the rest of her hair. She had reddish eyes and a slender figure with ample breasts. Her name's Rei Miyamoto, age seventeen.

The third girl has long pink hair, which she mostly keeps in two ponytails on either of her head. Her hair also has two thin, long bangs at the sides, two thin strands of hair over the left side of her forehead, and a spiky larger portion of hair covering the left side of her forehead. She has fierce orange eyes and furrowed eyebrows. Her name's Saya Takagi, age sixteen.

Next was the only adult of the group, a tall blonde woman that was carrying a bag full of medical supplies with waist length hair and hazel eyes along with ridiculous curves. She was wearing a white dress shirt and brown skirt that was ripped at the sides. Her name's Shizuka Marikawa, age twenty-seven.

The last one of the group was carrying a nail gun. He was a slightly short and chubby boy with shoulder-length dark hair and bangs reaching down from the side of his temples stretching outwards and obscuring the sides of his face. And of course he was wearing the standard male student uniform of his school. His name's Kohta Hirano, age sixteen.

They all came to a stop and got up against the wall. Takashi peaked around the corner to see a small group of the dead just roaming around. He turned back to the group and whispered, "Okay, I'm going to throw something that'll draw their attention so that we can get out of here." He looked at the nurse, "You have the keys, right?"

The busty nurse nodded, "Okay." Takashi whispered, as he picked up a shoe that was lying nearby and threw it back from where they came from, which ended up hitting a locker. The dead all picked up the sound and walked towards the source of the sound. Takashi beckoned the group, as they all ran out the doors. Once they all got outside, they all came to a sudden halt. They froze and could not believe what they were seeing. The whole parking lot was over flooded with several of them. Takashi shook it off, "We need to get to that bus." The bus he referred to was not to far from them, but it was blocked by a lot of them.

"Come on!" Takashi shouted, as he and the others all ran towards the bus. Takashi, Saeko, and Rei managed to make a path by knocking down any that stood in their way. Kohta on the other hand was smiling like a mad man while he shot any of them from a distance. It wasn't long till they made it to the bus, "Miss Shizuka, the keys!" Takashi called out.

"R-Right." She replied, as she opened the door and got in, along with the others except for Takashi and Saeko. The two decided to stay out to buy some time for the nurse to get everything ready.

Takashi kicked one of the dead back and swung at another one against the head. He spun around to face the one he kicked and swung the bat down on the top of its head. The bus powered on, which gave them the word that they were ready to get out of here. "Takashi, they're ready. Let's go." Saeko said, as she whacked her wooden sword across the head of one of them.

"You go, ladies first." He said. Saeko smiled slightly and quickly got on the bus, followed by Takashi.

"Wait for us!" Takashi looked out the door to see a group of people running towards them.

"Who's that?" Takashi asked.

"That's Mr. Shido, the teacher of class 3A." Saeko answered.

Rei's eyes widened, "Shido." She said quietly.

"We can go now." Shizuka announced.

"Wait just a bit longer." Takashi replied.

Rei quickly looked at Takashi, "They're in front of us. Any more and we won't be able to drive through here." Shizuka said.

"Just run them down." Takashi stated.

Saya folded her arms across her chest, "If anymore crowd around in front of the bus and we were to run them over, it might just flip the bus." Saya mentioned.

Takashi gritted his teeth and made his way to the exit. However, Rei quickly grabbed his arm, "We don't have to save him." She said.

Takashi stepped out and looked at Rei, "Jesus. What do you mean we don't have to save him?"

"We don't have to help him. He deserves to die!" Rei shouted.

"They're alive and no one deserves to die!" Takashi barked back and turned back around to look outside. However, he looked at a different area and saw a blonde boy around his age, "Who's that?"

Everyone looked at what Takashi was looking at, "I don't know. I haven't seen anyone wearing clothes like those around the school." Saeko answered.

The blonde watched the group of people running to the bus. Then he realized that two of them were behind. One, which looked like the leader to him was standing and looking down at an injured student. Then, the leader of that group kicked down at the student's face and left him, as he made his way to the bus. The blonde kept that same bored look on his face, as he looked at the student that was left behind and saw that a few of the dead were closing in on him. He slid a metal rod through his jacket's sleeve and instantly vanished.

The people at the bus were completely shocked, "What the hell?" Takashi asked.

No one had a clue what to say, "Let's go, we need to get out of here." Shido called out.

Takashi shook his head, "Not yet!"

They looked at the defenseless student, but then they saw the blonde appear right next to his side. The blonde grit his teeth and hefted the boy up along his shoulders. He could literally smell the breath rolling off the dead students at the close of a distance.

The dead lunged at the blonde, but he ended up stabbing the rod through the head of one. The others grabbed onto the blonde, "Shinra Tensei."He muttered quietly. Only the boy on his shoulders would have effectively heard it. It was then that the six creatures that had come to surround the two were viciously blown back. This wasn't the 'please move from the doorway'Shinra Tensei as he liked to call it, such as the one he used earlier against the abomination in the school. This was a full-fledged, bone crushing, organ melting forceful push that was used for combat.

The creatures rocketed off in all directions, the amount of force shown to all of the onlookers as over in the bus. One of the monsters had propelled right into the school. One of them ended up slamming hard against the constructed walls, impacting with enough force to make an actual crater in it. Another creature blew off in another direction, rocketing at the fence before spring boarding face first crashing into the cement.

"W-What on earth was that?" Rei asked.

Shido and his group witnessed of what happened, and even Shido himself was lost for words. They all kept their eyes on the blonde, but then he vanished once again and ended up reappearing before their very eyes. The blonde stood outside the bus, while Takashi quickly helped the injured student in the bus. He sat him down in the seat behind Shizuka and looked down to see the blonde just standing there, "Get in!"

The blonde looked behind him to see several of them coming and decided to get in the bus. Once he stepped in, the doors shut, while Shizuka stared at the horde in front of them, "They're not human anymore…" She said to herself and finally pushed down on the pedal, as she began to run them over.

Naruto stood at the front of the bus and looked at everyone, but then his eyes came to a stop on the man that tried to kill one of the students. He walked towards him slowly, while Takashi and his group (except for Shizuka), along with the injured student that was saved by the blonde watched him. Shido sat in his seat and had fear showing in his eyes. The blonde continued to make his way to him, but then a student from the other group got up from his seat and stood in front of the blonde. This student has brown and yellow hair, wears the male Fujimi High School uniform, and unlike the other students, he wears slippers instead of regular shoes. Under his uniform he wears a blue high-collar sweater that is unbuttoned slightly. His name's Tsunoda, age seventeen, "Go sit down!" He yelled.

The blonde, as usual, kept that bored look on his face and didn't say a word, "I said go sit d-…"

The blonde grabbed the student by the face and lifted him up off his feet, as he looked up at him. Some of the people gasped and were completely surprised about this boy's strength. The way he simply lifted Tsunoda up with one hand by the face was not normal by any other student. He didn't say anything and instead, he simply tossed him back to his seat and walked up to Shido. The teacher was starting to shake in fear, as the blonde stopped right next to him. He looked closely at him to realize how long his hair was, which managed to cover his eyes slightly. However, Shido managed to see his strange eyes, "W-Who are you? And w-what are you?" He stuttered.

The blonde grabbed the collar of the teacher's shirt and lifted him out of his seat. Shido grabbed hold of the blonde's wrist and struggled to get free, but the blonde's grasp was too strong, "If you ever try to leave anyone behind again, I'll kill you." The blonde stated.

Shido's eye widened, but was placed back in his seat roughly. The blonde turned back to see that all eyes (except Shizuka's) were on him, "My name's Naruto Namikaze. That's all you need to know." The blonde said, as he walked back to the front of the bus and sat down next to the student he saved.

Shido saw that all eyes were on him now. Everyone (even his own group) was disgusted with him leaving a poor student behind. Shido's group consisted of nine people, six males and three females. Tsunoda, Shido himself, and Kaji as well, but who knows if Kaji wants anything to do with him anymore.

Kawamoto, age sixteen is one of the girls from Shido's group. She's a redheaded girl with golden brown eyes. She has only been seen wearing the female uniform of Fujimi Academy. Under her uniform, she wore a pink tank top.

Taniuchi, age sixteen, is another girl from Shido's group. She has magenta colored hair and blue eyes covered by a pair of glasses. She has always been seen wearing the female sailor uniform of Fujimi Academy.

Miura, age seventeen is a male student from Shido's group. He has messy brown hair as well as eyes of the same color. Under his gakuran jacket, he wears a red-orange shirt.

Yamada, age eighteen, wears a long white-sleeved shirt. He has short black hair and light brown eyes.

Kurokami, age seventeen, has long black hair that grows over his eyes. He does not wear the black uniform jacket over a long-sleeved white shirt. Unlike most students with these shirts, he wears his un-tucked.

Yuuki Miku, age eighteen, has short light orange hair and uses a hair band to keep her hair back. She also wears the female uniform of Fujimi Academy. She was known to be the sexiest student throughout the school.

Naruto grabbed the medical bag that was sitting on the ground and opened it, "What's your name?" Naruto asked.

The boy replied with a stiff lip, "Kaji Saito." He answered in a deal of pain.

Saeko was sitting on the opposite side of the bus from Naruto and a couple seats back. She watched him and admired his work, "Busujima-san, I'm assuming you're the leader of your group."

Saeko turned around and looked up to see Shido asking her. She also noticed that Shido was keeping a close eye on Naruto at the same time, "No. We just worked together"

"That's no good. Every group needs a leader in order to survive." He replied.

Rei tightly grabbed Takashi's arm and glared at him, "You'll regret saving him." She whispered.

"It's like I said! It's only going to be dangerous if we keep going. What if we run out of gas in the middle of nowhere? What are we going to do then! Why don't we find a safe place!" Tsunoda shouted, as he stood in the aisle.

Kurokami nodded, "I agree with Tsunoda. We should just find a safe place with food and drinks to keep us alive for a few days and barricade ourselves inside!"

The bus came to a screeching halt and nearly threw Tsunoda off his feet, but he held onto a chair to hold his ground.

"That's enough! I can't focus on driving with all of this commotion!" Shizuka shouted.

"Yeah, whatever." Tsunoda said. Naruto examined the two hair colored teen and saw that this guy was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

"Tell me, what is it you want to do then?" Saeko asked the teen.

Tsunoda gritted his teeth, "I just can't!" He then pointed at Komuro, "I just can't stand him!"

Komuro got out of his seat, "What did I ever do or say to you?"

Tsunoda lost it, "You bastard!" He charged at the teen. The scene before the blonde started to remind him of an old friend of his. However, it was over when Rei got up and hit him hard in the stomach with the mop handle.

"Asshole." She muttered.

Clapping drew everyone's attention, as they all saw Mr. Shido now standing. "Bravo!" he began, "That was outstanding teamwork, Komuro-kun and Miyamoto-san. However, at any rate, a conflict such as this only serves to prove my point." He grinned as he leaned forward to the two shorter teens, "We need a leader."

"Oh? So we've only got one nominee?" Saya asked.

The teacher looked at the young girl, "I'm a teacher, Miss Takagi. And you are all my students." Shido looked at Naruto and the nurse, "Except for your nurse and 'him'." He said. "So, that alone makes it very clear who's more qualified. I'll make sure we all survive."

Naruto gave the man some props since he did have some deal of charisma. However, he knew that this man was dangerous. He knew that if it came down to a situation similar to him and Kaji back at the school, that he would kill whoever was in his way. Shido's group stood up and clapped at his pointless speech, "I supposed that it's decided that I'm the leader from now on, by majority vote."

Rei was just about to get up and leave, but before she did, she watched as Naruto got up. The blonde held his arm up in front, "Bansho Ten'in" He whispered, as Shido came flying towards the blonde. Everyone went wide-eyed seeing more of the blonde. Naruto caught him by the neck and slid another metal rod from his sleeve, "If anyone should be leader here, it's defiantly not going to be you." He said in a cold tone.

Shido struggled once again in the blonde's grasp. Seeing that Naruto got his statement through, he thought that was enough and simply tossed him back to the back of the bus.

Saeko for once showed the slightest of fear in her eyes, "J-Just what is he?"

"Where did he come from?" Takashi began to wonder.

Kohta on the other hand was in fact smiling, "He's like some badass from some manga!"

"I want Naruto as my leader." Kaji announced.

The blonde looked at the student he had saved, "I also want Naruto as our leader." Kohta said.

Before anyone else could say anything, Naruto shook his head, "I'm afraid I can not lead you all."

Kohta stood up, "Why not?"

Naruto couldn't come up with an answer and he didn't want to tell them exactly why, "I vote for him." The blonde pointed at Takashi.

"Hey, why won't you want to be the leader?" Saya asked.

"Yeah, the way you saved Kaji and how you easily took care of those dead students. You should take up on the position." Takashi said.

"Komuro's right." Saeko mentioned.

Naruto just stood there, while everyone started to say things about him and how he fits being the leader. It was too much for him, as his head started to ache. He placed a hand on his head, as his head began to get worse due to memories of him being back in his world came to him.

"So, who's going to lead our group? Ambushing Kabuto isn't going to be easy." Sai said.

Tsunade sat at her desk, as she looked at Sai, Sakura, and Kiba, "I have already decided who's going to lead."

Right when she said that, the door opened to show Naruto wearing an ANBU outfit, "Naruto? Why didn't I think of that sooner?" Kiba asked himself.

"Naruto here will lead you, but please do remember, you four are to capture Kabuto alive and bring him back so we can get more information about Madara out of him. This is an S-ranked mission."

"Yes Lady Hokage." Kiba and Sai said.

Naruto was smiling, "This is what I've been waiting for! Missions like these to sneak in and capture the enemy." He smiled sheepishly, while Sakura punched the top of his head. The blonde squat down and rubbed his head.

"Baka! This is nothing to be joking about."

"S-S-Sakura, why do you always have to hit my head?" He whined.

Naruto fell to one knee, which everyone from Takashi's group got up to their feet and rushed to him, "Naruto-san, are you okay?" Saeko asked.

The blonde showed no sign of answering and shortly went unconscious; "We need to find a place for him to rest." Takashi mentioned.

"Oh! We can go to my friend's home. It's not to far from here." Shizuka mentioned.

"Okay, then can you take us there?" Takashi asked.

Shizuka nodded and got back in the driver's seat, as did everyone else, while Saeko grabbed the unconscious blonde and pulled him with her to a seat. She sat next to the window and placed his head in her lap, even though his legs bent down the side of the chair and rested in the aisle. She looked down at his face and looked closely at the whisker marks, "You're obviously hiding something from us Naruto-san."

Shido looked down the bus at Saeko's position, "Hey boss, he's out cold." Tsunoda whispered, as he took a seat next to him.

"Yes. I know."

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yes. When we get to Ms. Marikawa's friend's home, we will kill him when he's resting."

A/N: Another story begins! Unlike my other zombie story, this one's going to be more focused on the HOTD situation. To answer any upcoming questions about the dead, yes there will be 'special' zombies. This story will have most of the scenes from the series of HOTD and some of what mixed around a bit.

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