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Chapter 9: Takagi's Defeat

"How did you get in here?"

Naruto looked back at the man that had called them out first, assuming he's the leader of their group, "The roof was open."

The man cocked an eyebrow, "You mean to tell me that you somehow climbed all the way up there and jumped down here and still be in one piece?"

The blonde rocked his head side-to-side, "Pretty much."

"Are you one of those special walkers?" The man asked, as his tone got a bit more serious and scooted a tad closer with his rifle still aimed at the blonde.

Jessica looked at the back of the blonde's head and up at the leader. She quickly moved herself in front of the blonde, as Naruto looked down at her slightly, "Stop! He saved me earlier today! He's not one of those things out there."

"No ordinary human can do what he did and still be in one piece."

"Then I guess I'm not ordinary." Naruto replied.

The leader aimed carefully and pulled the trigger, "No!" Jessica shouted, but she was knocked to the ground. She looked up to see that it was Naruto, but then the blonde swiftly turned his body to avoid the bullet.

A few gasps echoed throughout the stadium, "Look. I'm not your enemy. I only brought her here so she can be safe. Now, if you want, I can change that."

Jessica looked back up to where the leader is and could see that he was bowing his head, "My apologies."

The corner of his lip curled up to show a small smile, "Now, I'm not going to be here long. So, you all won't have to be suspicious of me."

The leader placed his rifle down and waved his hand, "No. No. Stay here for a while. I have a few questions for you."

Jessica rose back to her feet and looked at the younger blonde, "Very well."

Takagi Manor

Takashi and the gang all sat on the benches around the fountain out in the courtyard. Ever since Naruto had left, they couldn't find themselves to come up with anything to talk about. They were worried, hurt, that their new friend that has been helping them ever since the beginning of the massacre, was gone. Kohta hadn't been playing around with his guns lately ever since the blonde left them. Takashi was frustrated, not at Naruto though, but at the people here that mistreated him and made him want to leave. Rei and Kaji are pretty much in the same boat with Takashi, but Rei wanted to pulverize every single one of those that treated him like a criminal one-by-one.

Alice was crying, while Shizuka was there to hold the little girl and comfort her. Saya's anger toward her father was boiling from his actions. Yuuki was hurt that the man that had been so protective and caring toward her, was gone. Then there was Saeko; the purple haired beauty had sharp aching pains in her chest every now and then. That one night they were together and she was in his arm when he was jumping from roof-to-roof popped in her mind again. The night that she began to feel as if he was the man she's been looking for.

"Do you think he'll come back?" Kohta asked.

"I-I don't know. I'm pretty sure he'll…"

"He's gone. He left on his own will. We need to face it." Saya said, which cut off Kaji.

"Surely he'll come back though. I mean, haven't you all realized it?" Takashi asked.

The others all looked at Takashi, "Realized what?" Rei asked.

"How he enjoyed being with us. Sure when we first met him, he wasn't very friendly, but the longer he's been with us, the more he began to like us. Why else do you think he's been so protective? We know he's not from this world, but don't you see? We're the first group of friends that he made when he first arrived. That had to make him feel wanted and that he wants to be with us."

The others were silent as everything they just heard from Takashi was being absorbed. Kohta rose to his feet, "Takashi's right. All the time we've been together, we were always there for each other. Naruto will come back."

Rei was the next one to stand up, "Yeah. All we have to do is wait for him to…"

"Wait for him to what? Do you really expect him to come back?" The whole gang looked behind them to see Shiroi and his group, "You're all foolish."

"What makes you think he won't come back? You don't even know him like we do." Kaji said.

Shiroi closed his eyes and crossed his arms across his chest, "He won't come back. However, we know how to bring him back."

Yuuki shot up to her feet, "How?"

Both Kaze and Claire grinned, while Shiroi opened his eyes, "Do it."

Kaze pulled out a couple of handguns from his back pockets, while Claire unsheathed her sword. Kaze turned toward to where all the other people are walking around. He pointed his guns in the air and fired off a couple shots, which instantly drew everyone's attention, "All of you listen up!" Kaze shouted.

Everyone began to panic, as they looked at the gunman, "We're taking over this place!"

Takashi, Rei, and Saeko shot up onto their feet and charged at Kaze. However, Claire blocked Saeko in her path, while Kozlov pushed back both Rei and Takashi back.

Kohta remembered he had left the guns in the room upstairs and made a quick run for the entrance. Kaze looked at the chubby boy run and aimed one of his handguns right at him, "No Kaze. Let him go."

Kaze looked back at Shiroi, "Why?"

"We'll show him how useless his firearms are."

"Fine by me." Kaze looked back at the large group of people.

Saeko and Claire stood in front of one another, as they eyed each other closely. Saeko unsheathed the sword that Souichiro had passed down to her from her father. Both women tightly held onto the handle of their sword, while Saeko was the first to charge. She slashed her sword diagonally at the American woman, but Claire easily blocked it. Saeko withdrew and began to attempt faster slashes, but once again, Claire was ahead of her game and kept blocking them, "Come on Ms. Busujima, I thought your family were the deadliest warriors when it comes to using swords."

Claire broke the collision and completely turned the table. She was high on pursuit against Saeko this time, forcing the purple haired beauty to actually take a few steps back. Shiroi and Hikari stood there watching Claire going head-to-head with Saeko. Kozlov had actually kept the others sitting where they're at. Takashi and the others couldn't do anything to stop the large man.

The doors to the manor's front entrance slammed open, as a few of Souichiro's men came rushing out with their own firearms. After that, Souichiro walked out with his sword in his grip, "What the hell's going on here!?" The head of the Takagi family shouted, as he looked toward the fountain to see Shiroi and his group. His eyes looked a bit past him to see Saeko fighting one of Shiroi's people. Souichiro motioned his hand toward them, "Arrest them!"

Shiroi didn't even bother to turn and look at Souichiro's dogs coming after him and his group. He closed his eyes and placed his hand down on Hikari's shoulder, "Hikari."

The silent woman turned to see the incoming group and decided to walk toward them. Souichiro's dogs came to a stop and all had their swords drawn out, while some of them had handguns out, "Freeze!" The one out front shouted. Hikari kept walking towards them, "I said…"

Before the man could say what he was going to, Hikari suddenly appeared behind him. Blood shot out of the man's neck, as he fell forward. Everyone gasped, as they kept their eyes on Hikari and wondered how the hell she did such a thing. She had no sort of weapon in her hands or anything. The rest of Souichiro's men charged at the woman and most of them attempted to slice her clean, but Hikari was easily avoiding them. She showed no sign of worrying at all. She pushed through a couple of them, which those men instantly fell forward lying in their own blood.

Takashi and the others couldn't believe what they were seeing, "W-What the hell is she doing?"

Kozlov sighed, while Kaze decided to say something, "I would really hate to be up against her. No matter how many people I have helping me. She's basically a killing machine." He said, as he saw a few more of Souichiro's men collapse to the ground. The numbers died down immensely fast.

In a matter of seconds, all of Souichiro's men were defeated. Hikari made it look as if they were nothing. Hikari looked up at the staircase that lead up to the entrance of the manor and tilted her head.

Meanwhile, Saeko was still on defense since Claire was high on her, "I'll admit you're good at defending yourself. But you lack offense." Claire dropped her sword purposely and grabbed Saeko's sword by the handle. Saeko's eyes widened, as Claire kicked her right against her stomach, which caused her to let go of her sword and slide back a bit. Saeko looked out in front to see Claire closing in on her and just on the knick of time, she ducked to avoid a deadly kick that looked like it could've taken her head off. Saeko stood back up and avoided a couple oncoming punches. Claire attempted another punch, but Saeko dodged it, as she swung her leg up and managed to kick Claire against her head. However, that didn't slow Claire down one bit, as she punched Saeko hard on her stomach. Saeko hunched forward, as she coughed up some blood. The punch was so hard that it cost her to lose her breath and to even make her fall to her knees.

Saeko leaned forward and placed her hands on the ground, trying to catch her breath, "Tell me Ms. Busujima, has someone ever attacked you with your own sword?" Saeko looked up to see Claire standing there with her sword pointed down at her and also had her own sword in her other hand.


Kohta grabbed his Springfield and positioned it on the railing, "Come on." He said to himself and looked through the scope. He saw Takashi and the others, and then he moved a bit more passed them to see Claire standing above Saeko. He focused and steadied himself to where he aimed right at Claire's head, "Got you." He said and pulled the trigger. He watched and saw Claire swing her other sword to where it sliced the bullet in half. Kohta's eyes widened, "No way." He pulled the trigger again and the same result happened. Kohta began to sweat and started to get frightened, "How? How is she cutting through the bullets so easily?" He asked himself, but then he heard another gun shot. Kohta dropped the gun over the balcony and fell backwards on the floor as he screamed in pain. He placed his left hand over his right shoulder after receiving a shot to it just now.

Kaze sighed, "He's no expert when it comes to me."

"Why are you doing this?"

Shiroi looked over to Takashi, "Because, we're making this our new base."

Souichiro walked down the stairs, which Shiroi turned to look at him, "Do you honestly think you'll get away with this?"

Shiroi placed his hands in his pockets, "We've already won. If you want to try and fight, I can't guarantee that you'll survive." Shiroi then looked at all the people that have been watching everything, "Now listen everyone, I'm in charge now. If you wish to live, you'll listen to me."

Souichiro looked at all his fallen men, "I can't let you all live after what you've done to my comrades."

Shiroi then looked back at Souichiro, "Then strike me down." He said and remained standing where he was.

Souichiro didn't bother to question him and charged after the silver haired man. Hikari remained standing in the middle of the scattered bodies of Souichiro's men and watched the head of the Takagi family run right past her. Souichiro pulled his sword back, but before he could close in on Shiroi, he froze. His sword fell out of his hands, as his arms dropped to his sides.

Saya's eyes widened in horror, as she saw her dad's head slowly slide off, "FATHER!"

Kozlov, Claire, and Kaze were shocked. They had no idea that they were going to kill the head of the Takagi family. Shiroi turned to Claire, "Take Ms. Busujima and have her change. She'll be the main bait to bring Naruto back."

The American girl was still completely shocked to see that Souichiro was beheaded here in front of all these people. She thought that they would have him surrender to them, but have him killed? She wasn't informed about it at all.


The American girl shook her head and looked at Shiroi, "S-Sorry." She tossed Saeko's sword aside and sheathed her own, as she lifted Saeko up to her feet, "Come on."

Shiroi then turned to Kozlov, "Take them inside and lock them upstairs."

The Russian nodded and motioned the group to get up, which they didn't listen. They were all astonished from seeing Saya's father be decapitated in front of their eyes, "Get up!"

Shiroi then turned to Kaze, "You keep guard of the courtyard."

Kaze lowered his head, "Y-Yes sir."

Shiroi then walked to where Souichiro had fallen and looked down at his body, "You should've just sat back and allow us to take control." He bent down and picked up the head of Souichiro.

Once he stood back up straight. That was when Yuriko came out, "What's going…" She looked out to where Shiroi stood with her husband's head in his hand. Her eyes widened and felt a major pain in her chest. She couldn't believe what she was looking at, but tears escaped her eyes and reached for the handgun that she had strapped around her thigh, "HOW COULD…" Before she could pull out her gun, Hikari appeared in front of her. Yuriko leaned back and looked down at the incredibly fast woman, but then she felt a strike to the back of her neck and collapsed to the ground unconscious.

"Hikari. Take Yuriko to her room and stay there to make sure she stays there once she wakes up."

Hikari nodded, as she picked up the unconscious woman. Shiroi looked around to see his comrades getting to their assignment and smiled slightly, "He should be on his way here soon."

Time Skip: 11:27 p.m.

Naruto and Jessica were sitting in the stands watching people play a game. A game that Naruto had never seen played like this before, "What are they doing?"

Jessica looked at the blonde, "They're playing a game called football."

The blonde sighed, as he saw one of the men threw the ball to one of his teammates and watched how he was instantly tackled once he caught it, "People in this world sure have interesting things compared to mine." A nerve struck the blonde, which caused him to lean forward and place his hands on his head.

"Naruto?" Jessica asked.

The blonde shot up to his feet, "Something's wrong."

"What? What's wrong?"

"Is everything okay over here?"

The two blondes looked up behind them to see the leader of the group, "I have to go for now. Something happened and it isn't good."

"I'll go with you." Jessica said.

"No. You stay here with everyone."

"Where might you be going Naruto?" The leader asked.

"Takagi Manor."

"Takagi's Manor? Why?"

"Because I left my friends there after something happened and now, something just doesn't feel right. I need to hurry." With that said, the blonde vanished in a yellow flash, which caused Jessica and the leader to shield their eyes.

Takagi Manor

A yellow flash shined the courtyard for a short amount a time, which faded to reveal Naruto. The blonde looked around and saw a few people out and about, but once he took a step, he felt like he had walked in a puddle or something. He looked down and saw that he was standing in blood. He also saw the man he had placed a seal on was beheaded and many other men cut up in pieces. His eyes widened slightly, "What happened here?" He looked around once more, until his eyes fixed on at the fountain. There, on top of the fountain, was Souichiro's head. The blonde turned around and looked at the small group of people, "What the hell happened!?"

They all looked at the blonde and didn't answer. Naruto clenched his fists, "What happened!" He shouted.

Still no answer, but then the blonde heard clapping coming from the manor. He glanced to the front of the manor and saw Shiroi slowly walking down the stairs, "Welcome back, Naruto."

"What did you do!?" The blonde shouted, as his anger was beginning to boil.

"I simply killed the head of the Takagi family and his men for wanting to kill you."

"Bull shit!"

Once Shiroi reached the bottom, he placed his hands in his pockets, "You don't actually believe me?"

"No! And where are my friends!?"

"They're safe. No need to worry."

"Where are they!?"

Shiroi closed his eyes, "I already…" Shiroi leaned his head to the left slightly to avoid a kunai that the blonde had thrown at him. He straightened his head back and opened his eyes, "So you wish to kill me, do you?"

"I do, and I will!" With his anger breaching his point, he charged at Shiroi.

Shiroi closed his eyes, while Naruto summoned his sword in his left hand. Once he was closing in, the blonde was forced to drop to one knee, "W-What the hell?" He looked down at his other knee and saw several needles piercing into him. He tried to get up, but couldn't find himself to, "Paralysis."

"I know what you're capable of boy. I'll admit, I may not have the power you have, but I can read you like a book."

Naruto gritted his teeth, "Now, I know that the paralysis can't stop you. So, come on, Naruto Namikaze!"

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