Chapter 11: The Story Behind it all.

Time: 1:28 p.m.

Quiet is the word to be described in the room that Naruto had been put in to get some rest. Not a single sound at all, except… his light snoring. Sure the battle with Shiroi last night wasn't as tough once the blonde had decided to up his game, but when he went into his nine-tails chakra mode, it completely wore him out.

"Wake up kid."

The blonde turned in the bed to where he was now lying on his side. A tick mark struck the fox to see that his host didn't even respond. Kurama growled lowly and then, "Wake up kid!"

Naruto grunted, "What is it now?" He asked, as he rolled onto his back and leaned up.

"It's early afternoon and you're still asleep? I don't care if that fight last night wore you out, but I'd be damned if you continued to sleep."

The blonde tossed the sheets off him and saw that he was only wearing his boxers, "What the hell?" A slight blush came to his cheeks, "Who undressed me?"

Kurama chuckled, "Your little girlfriend did."

Naruto's eyes slightly widened, as the scene when Saeko pulled him in for a kiss before he ended up fighting the true form of Shiroi, "What's the matter kid? Ever since last night, you've been coming back to your old self. You're starting to show how much you care for them. Hell, I don't even think that the others are looking at you as an emotionless guy anymore."

The blonde took this chance to look around the room and saw that it wasn't too big. The room looked to be a ten by twelve. There were two nightstands, one being on each side of the bed, a window to his right, which the blinds were closed to keep the sun from lighting the room, and a dresser in front of the bed. He looked at the dresser across from him and saw a pair of clothes that were just sitting there. Turning his body, his feet hit the ground and immediately got out of bed. He walked to the dresser to see that there was a dark green short sleeve shirt and wood camo khaki shorts. Footsteps were heard coming from out of the room, so he quickly threw the clothes on not wanting anyone to see him in his boxers. Just as he suspected, the knob to the door turned and slid open to reveal Saeko. She wore that same kimono from last night and had her hair the same as well.

"Glad to see you're up." She said.

Naruto smiled and examined her, "Well, looks like me telling how gorgeous you look in that really made you want to wear it."

Saeko blushed lightly, "The reason why I came in here is because Yuriko-san wishes to see you."

"Yuriko?" Naruto remembered what he saw last night when he first came back to the manor and narrowed his eyes sadly.

"Yes. We've already held a proper funeral for Souichiro-san and she wishes to speak with you."

"Where is she?"

"She's outside with the woman that was close to Shiroi."

Naruto's eyes widened, "She's still alive!?"

"Yes. She says that she healed herself."


"Yeah, I think she also wants to speak with you."

"All right." He said, as he walked passed her, but before he left the room he turned around and grabbed the purple haired beauty. She was forced to turn around and felt her body being pulled towards him. In a split second, the next thing she knew was that his lips were pressed against hers. His action completely caught her by surprise, since she was thinking that he was going to hightail it down there to find out what was going on once she told him. Just before she was about to get into it by wrapping her arms around his neck, just like last night, Naruto broke it up, "I'll see you later." With that said, he was off.


Naruto pushed open the front doors to see Yuriko and Hikari glance at him, "It's okay Naruto, she's harmless."

The blonde was about to take her out, but stood down, "You wanted to speak to me?" He asked, as his gaze slowly turned to Yuriko.

Yuriko frowned sadly, but shortly changed it into a small smile, "I'd like to thank you for saving all of us on behalf of me, everyone, and my husband."

Naruto's eyes narrowed and frowned sadly, "I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner."

"My husband was always one to die for his people. He was never one to run away from a fight to defend his honor."

The blonde bowed his head and then glanced at Hikari, "What's her story? Why is she still here and alive?"

Yuriko turned to the younger woman, "I think that's what she wishes to tell you."

Hikari looked up at the blonde slightly, "See, about a couple years ago…"


Hikari was sitting in an alley leaning against a wall wearing torn up clothing that basically resembled her being homeless. Her eyes were narrowed and the expression on her face showed like she didn't care about a thing at all. A group of men walked into the alley and spotted the girl, as they walked toward her. These men had smirks on their faces and looked like they were up to no good. They walked up to her slowly with their hands deep in their pockets. The men went up to her, one on each side of her leaving the other one right in front of her. She looked up at them with that same expression seeing the evil smirks on them.

"Hey there girly." The man in front of her said, and cupped her chin.

Hikari didn't say a word and watched the man step back, as he unbuttoned his pants. His pants slid down his legs and grabbed the rim of his boxers. Before he pulled them down, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He knew it wasn't his buddies since they were looking behind him. Turning around, he saw a man with long spiky silver hair, "I suggest you pull your pants back up and leave."

The man listened to pulling his pants back up and buttoning them, then glared at the man, "Who the fuck are you? Do you want to die?"

The silver haired man closed his eyes, "I'll say it one last time, leave."

"Kill him!" The two men from the sides attempted to knock the man down, but they were both stopped on each side of the silver haired man. They hunched over and spit out blood, as they dropped unconscious. The last man took a step to the side and began stepping back from him, but then he grinned as he reached to his back pocket to pull out a knife. Before his confidence got the best of him, his knife fell from his hand. His eyes widened and felt his body go completely numb. In just a split second, he fell to the ground unconscious.

Shiroi looked down at him and bent down, as he grabbed a little chip from the man's shoulder. Placing it back in his pocket, he turned to the hopeless girl, "Are you all right?"

The girl's expression never changed, but she managed to give him a simple nod. He walked over to her and kneeled down right in front of her, "Where's your parents?"

Hikari looked him in the eyes and something told her that it was okay to speak with him, "They were killed a couple months ago in a horrible accident."

Shiroi's eyes widened slightly, "So you're that daughter of those parents that were on the news back then."

The girl nodded, "I was left with nothing, which led me to living like this. No job and I never bothered to even ask for help from anyone. I just resolved to this."

Shiroi narrowed his eyes, "So instead of asking for help, you went with this to where people abuse you, do things to you, and all that?"

Once again, Hikari nodded. Shiroi stood back up to his feet, which the girl looked up at him and saw him offer her his hand, "Come on. I can't allow you to live like this."

Hikari stared at his hand and reached for his hand, as she felt herself being helped up to her feet. She looked up at the man and watched him dust her off. Her eyes were following his hands wherever they went to and once they were drawn back to his sides, she looked at him eye-to-eye, "T-Thank you."

Shiroi smiled, "Come on. Let's go get you cleaned up and find some clothes for you."

4 months later

Hikari was in her new home that she was welcomed to and was in the kitchen finishing up making breakfast (Not going to describe Shiroi's house, sorry.). She heard footsteps coming from upstairs, so she quickly grabbed a couple of plates from the cabinet and placed two slices of bacon, two slices of toast, and two eggs on each plate. She quickly placed them on the table and went back to get two glasses. Opening the fridge, she grabbed the orange juice and opened it, as she filled the glasses. She placed the carton back in the fridge and grabbed the two glasses. Once she turned around heading for the table she saw Shiroi standing there wearing black dress pants, black dress shoes, a white long sleeve buttoned shirt, a black suit, a red and black diamond shape patterned tie, and a black belt.

"You know Hikari, you sure have found yourself attached to cooking."

Hikari smiled, "You opened your home to me and it's just fair that I help out in any way that I can."

Shiroi took a seat, as Hikari came to the table and placed the glasses down next to their plates. She sat down and looked at his attire once more, "Y-You sure are overdressed today. What's going on?"

"I have an important meeting."

"Oh. Is it with that guy with those weird teeth?"

Shiroi chuckled, "Well, he is the boss; of course it's with him." He answered, as he took a bite of his toast.

Hikari smiled and looked around the table and couldn't help but realize that something was missing. Shiroi had a wondering look on his face, "Ugh, where's the forks?"

Hikari quickly got out of her seat and went back to retrieve the missing silverware. Shiroi frowned slightly, "I can't believe he still wants to go on with this." He thought.

Hikari came back to the table and placed the forks next to their plates, "Sorry. I was rushing myself towards the end that I must've forgotten about them."

Shiroi looked at her as she sat down and smiled lightly, "No worries." He grabbed the fork and the two of them began to dig into their breakfast.

Time passed by as the two wrapped it up. Hikari got up and grabbed both their plates, "Well, I'll see you later today Hikari. Thank you for the breakfast."

The woman turned around with a smile on her face and was about to say you're welcome, but she saw that he was already gone. Her smile turned into a sad frown and continued on with the dishes.

Fujimi hospital meeting room

Shiroi found himself sitting at the end of a long table with his boss on the other end. There were three other people on each side of the table too, "Our scientist believe that this substance will be complete next year. When that time comes, we're going to need a test subject."

"Now hold on, this substance, are you sure it brings the dead back to life?" One of the other people asked.

"I believe I said it should be ready next year. We'll find out till then. However, our scientist came up with something different during the process."

"Different? Did they tell you what it is?" Someone else asked.

"No. But they said that they need a couple of people to test this on."

"We don't need anyone being a test subject until we know what exactly this 'substance' is."

"I believe you don't get to make the decisions here." The boss began to look around the table to decide who should be tested on.

One of the others slammed his fists on the table and shot up to his feet, "You don't get it! We don't even know what this substance does. What if it ends up killing someone!?"

The boss looked at the outraged man and reached under the table, which Shiroi knew what his boss was about to do. Shiroi stood up, "I'll volunteer."

Everyone turned to look at the silver haired man, while the boss simply smiled, "Good. How about you bring in that homeless girl you took in under your wing too?"

Shiroi's eyes widened slightly, "No."

"I wish to test this on both male and female. Now, you can either bring her here now, or tomorrow. But either way, you're being tested as soon as this meeting's over."

"We'll test this on me. But Hikari is to remain out of this!"

The boss sighed, "Fine. Fine. You are one of my favorite employees after all. This meeting's over. Shiroi, come with me."

10 minutes later
Fujimi Hospital: Basement level

Shiroi ended up being led to a small room that consisted of a chair, a table with a tray fool of materials, and a lamp placed behind the chair. He cocked an eyebrow not recalling seeing a room like this here before, "Go ahead and sit down."

The silver haired man listened and went over to the chair, as he sat down. He saw his boss standing across from him and also saw a few scientists come walking in. The last one in closed the door behind them and all walked over to him, "This is a simple procedure." One of them said, as they brought out a syringe full of chemical-looking substance.

There was a scientist on each side of Shiroi holding his arms down on the arm rests. One behind him was holding him back against the chair by holding onto his shoulders. The last one came up in front of him with the syringe in hand, "This will only hurt for a split second."

The boss kept back and watched, as the man in front of Shiroi stabbed the needle in his upper arm. He injected the substance and pulled the needle out. All the scientists didn't let go of him, as time began to pass by, "I don't feel…" Shiroi's body began shaking. His eyes widened, as he felt his body being torn from the inside.

"Hold him still!"

The scientists kept restraining the man, but the way his body was jolting, it would soon overwhelm them. Foam began to come from Shiroi's mouth, blood leaked from his eyes and his eyes flashed from blue to yellow every now and then, "Quick, go get the…" Before the scientist could finish his order, Shiroi's body completely froze. One of the other scientists placed a couple of fingers on his wrist and felt no pulse.

"He's dead."

"Damn it. He was my favorite employee too." The boss stated.

The scientists came around the chair and made their way for the door. However, the one in the back was grabbed from a distance and pulled back. The one being pulled back screamed, as the others turned back around to see him being torn to shreds, "What the fuck!?"

The boss didn't hang much longer after seeing the scientist be torn apart and quickly went out the room. He locked it instantly, as the other scientists in the room heard the door being locked and looked to see the boss was gone. They ran for the door, but another scientist was being pulled back too, "No! Please stop!"

The other two banged on the door, "Let us out!"

Another one was forced to be pulled back, leaving the one that injected the substance into Shiroi the only one left. He turned around to see Shiroi's arms were massive and had bone-like spikes all around them. Shiroi then looked at the last remaining scientist, "Shiroi, please snap out of it."

He got no response, but instead, Shiroi shot those spikes right at him, which impaled him against the door.

Outside the room, the boss heard the thud against the door and heard nothing coming from inside, "It turned him into a monster all right." He looked back to all the people working around, "Hey! I want a couple of you to pay a visit to Mr. Inazuma's household and bring that girl here."

A few of them nodded and made their leave, "We'll return with her boss."

The boss smiled, "Good. In the meantime, we'll wait for Mr. Inazuma here to calm down."

Next day

Shiroi was lying on the ground in the middle of a dried up puddle of blood. When he wakes up, he wouldn't know how exactly this turned out. That was when his body shot up, "What the…" He looked around and saw the mess. Body parts everywhere, the puddle of blood he was asleep in, and that he was still in the small room.

He got up to his feet and could hear people talking outside the room. Walking to the door, he tried to open it, but it was locked still. He placed his ear against the door and listened, "How's the girl?"

"She should be waking here soon. She didn't go on a rampage like Shiroi did."

"That's good. Do you think we should check on Mr. Inazuma now?"

"Yeah. He's been out for a day. He should be fine now."

Shiroi heard footsteps coming towards the door and quickly retreated back further into the room. He began to walk around just so that they wouldn't find him listening in on them. The door opened, as Shiroi looked to see a scientists come in, "How are you feeling Shiroi?"

"Other than freaked out about the mess in here, I feel fine."

"Good. If you would, come with me please." The man backed out of the room and held the door open, as Shiroi walked towards the exit.

Once they were both out of the room, Shiroi looked around to see that everyone was working. The man that came and got him was behind him. His thoughts of the 'girl' they talked about were roaming his mind. He was worried, curious, and frightened hoping that it wasn't who he was thinking of. His mind was starting to drive him nuts, "How about you bring in that homeless girl you took in under your wing too?" That statement from his boss was going through his head and all he could think about was her right now.

Quickly turning around, he grabbed the man by his shoulders and slammed him against the wall, "Where is she!?"

The man struggled to break free from Shiroi's grasp, but was having no luck, "W-Who?" He asked.

Shiroi pulled him back and slammed him hard against the wall, "You know damn well who I'm talking about!"

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" A scientist asked, as he came up to him.

Shiroi ignored him and kept his eyes on the man he had pinned against the wall. He felt a hand placed on his shoulder and instantly kicked the scientist against his gut. The man hunched over, while Shiroi didn't even move his glare on the man being pinned, "I-I don't know who y-you're talking about."

"The girl! Where is she!?" He asked, as he slammed the man once again.

"S-She's with… the boss…"

Shiroi's eyes widened slightly, "Where are they now!?"

"We're right here."

Shiroi turned to look to his side and saw his boss with Hikari right next to him. Her eyes were narrowed showing no emotion at all. He loosened his grip on the man and fully turned to face them, "Hikari?" He walked up to her and lowered himself to where he was eye-to-eye with her. Looking closely, he saw her eyes had a yellowish color to them. Standing back up, he glared at his boss, "What did you do to her!?" He barked and grabbed him by the collar with both his hands.

His boss smirked, showing his fang-like teeth, "Have you already forgotten what I requested during the meeting? Since you were completely knocked out after your little slaughter, I had my men go fetch her from your place and bring her here."

Shiroi gritted his teeth, "You bastard!" He pulled back his right fist. Just before he attempted to punch the living daylights out of his boss, he came to a sudden stop. He felt a sharp blade pressed against the back of his neck, a gun pointed against his left cheek, and also felt his arm being held back from moving. He glanced around to see three people that he's never seen before, "Who the hell are you?"

"Allow me. The one with the sword against your neck is Claire. The big man holding your arm back is Kozlov. And last but not least, the guy with the gun pointed against your cheek is Kaze Suchiru." Shiroi's boss placed his hand on Hikari's head, "You and Hikari here will be working with them for now on."

"Working with them? Just what the hell are you…"

"I'm going to have you do some chores for me. It's nothing big really, just killing some people that'll be in our way. And if somehow the army gets involved, those powers of yours need to be mastered by your control."

"What makes you think I'll listen to you now? You turned me and Hikari into monsters!"

The boss reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a capsule, "This is the antidote. If you listen and successfully do as I ask for, I'll have Hikari here cured."

All sorts of emotions were running through the mind of Shiroi, mainly anger and sorrow. Shiroi squinted his eyes shut holding the angry tears back and lowered his head down to where his closed eyes were facing the ground. The past four months he had spent time with Hikari and getting to know her were starting to hurt him. They all enjoyed one another's company and now, here he is seeing her being used as a killer. Even if he only saw one antidote, he wanted her to be cured and go back to living life normally as a woman. He wanted her to grow up and experience life. Tears escaped his eyes, as he lifted his head back up to glare at his boss. He loosened his hold on him and placed him back on his feet, "Fine. But I swear, if you're lying to me, I'll kill you with my own hands."

His boss grinned and waved his hands out in front of him, "No worries. Just simply do as I ask until this is done, and she'll go back to her normal life in no time."

End of Flashback

"Wait, so he didn't really turn you or himself into these…"

Hikari lowered her head, "No. He was being told what to do by our boss. Ever since it all started, he did nothing on his free will. He was so focused on getting this stuff done so he could… have me go back to my normal life."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and started to feel sorry for them both, "That's where you're wrong Hikari." The trio turned to look at the stairs to see Kozlov coming up to them, "You see, before we were going after Naruto here, he came to me and told me…"



The Russian looked at his leader, "What is it Shiroi?"

The silver haired man beckoned with his head off to the side from the others. Kozlov followed him and not long until Shiroi turned to look at him, "Look. The boss wants us to kill whatever it is that slaughtered all of the dead."

Kozlov cocked an eyebrow, "I know."

"That power was being controlled by someone. So, we will proceed with this task, but this is where I call an end for myself."

Kozlov widened his eyes, "What are you saying?"

Shiroi looked back to see Kaze fighting with Claire, and saw Hikari just standing there watching the two, "That power is far beyond anything in this world. Whoever is controlling that, can save her."

"You can't be saying that you're going to…"

Shiroi looked back at the Russian, "Yes. I will fight whoever has that power and that's where I'll fall. I know the boss will be watching and if he finds out I ignored his order, then he'll never save her and who knows, he might destroy all the antidotes."


Shiroi looked back at where Hikari is to see that she was still watching the other two nickering at one another, "She was a homeless girl when her parents died. I don't want her living like this. I want her to go back to being a normal human being. She doesn't need to be used like this and most certainly doesn't need to be living like a killer."

Kozlov closed his eyes and sighed, "I see. I wasn't one to always to go forth with what the boss wanted done, but if you want whoever it is that had that power to help her, then I'll help in anyway."

After what seemed to be ages, Kozlov saw a small smile form on Shiroi's face, "Then please, I want you all to be there with her."

Kozlov smiled, "We'll take good care of her."

End of Flashback

Hikari's eyes widened slightly, "H-He knew this would happen?"

Kozlov narrowed his eyes, "Yes. He did that on his own will."

Tears began to form in her eyes, "He only put on an act just to have the boss believe we failed?"


"Then why did Kaze end up shooting me?" Hikari asked.

"Well, let me explain that." Everyone turned to the voice, except Kozlov to see Kaze joining in, "I only shot you so that you wouldn't interfere with Shiroi's plan, but it didn't quite work out as I expected."

Hikari fell to her knees with tears sliding down her cheeks. Her heart was thumping at a faster pace than normal. The one man that took her in when she was homeless and grew to like him was gone. All those times they had spent together started to hit her pretty roughly.

A smiling Shiroi opened the door to the bathroom, "Here, I'm sure you would love to take a nice warm bath."

Her tears started to come down multiple times and at a quick pace.

Shiroi sat on a bench and saw Hikari holding a dark purple t-shirt lined up against her body, "It looks nice. How about we go find you some pants or shorts now?" He asked as he pointed at the stack of shirts next to his bench. Hikari looked to where he was pointing and saw the massive stack of shirts. She giggled and added the purple shirt to the collection, "You sure are expensive." Shiroi commented.

Hikari's arms felt like dead weight, as they just remained still to her sides.

Hikari stared at Shiroi and watched him gobble down the steak bits off his plate. She then looked down at her untouched plate, "Come on. Take a bite already. You'll love it." He said and went back to devouring his meal. Hikari then picked a piece up with her chopsticks and brought it to her mouth. She took the food in and slowly chewed on it. Her eyes widened slightly and found herself chewing the meat faster. Shiroi smiled, "See? It's good, isn't it?"

The woman couldn't hold it anymore and screamed in pain. Her heart was aching, as the man she had grown to love was gone. She lowered her head, as the tears fell from her cheeks to the ground. Kozlov and Kaze went to her sides and both put an arm around her shoulders to comfort her. Naruto and Yuriko stood there feeling sorry for the girl's loss. The blonde felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see a sadden Claire. The country woman pulled him away from them, "Look. If Shiroi wasn't practically being used and if Hikari's life wasn't on the line, none of this would've happened. I really hope what you heard from them proved it."

The blonde turned his head to look back at the hurt woman and then back at Claire, "She killed Souichiro. I know she had no clue what Shiroi had planned, but…"

Claire pulled the blonde closer to herself that way her lips were right next to his left ear, "Listen. None of us anticipated for that to happen. Hikari slipped and all she wanted to do was protect him."

"Kind of how Souichiro wanted to protect his family and friends?"

Claire sighed, "Please. At least give her a chance." The American woman walked passed him and made her way to the hurting girl.

Naruto turned around and watched them, "This seems familiar. Doesn't it, Kurama?"

"Yeah. Remember the mission where you and your team had to guard that bridge builder? Then we ran into Zabuza and Haku."

Naruto looked to the side, "I-I can't remember."

Kurama's eyes widened, "Shit! We've been in this world for too long. If you stay in this world, you're going to end up losing all of your memories."

"Damn it. But how? I thought you said you were going to look for a way?"

"I have been, but I had no luck so far."

The blonde narrowed his eyes and kept looking at Hikari along with the others, "What if we can't find a way?"

"Then… we're stuck in this world. You'll end up forgetting everyone and everything in our world."

"There has to be a way though!"

"Calm down. We've got plenty of time to find a way. We've been in this world for about… a week maybe?"

"I have to get back there soon. I can't let Madara get away with this."

"Kid. Calm down. That collision you had with him had to have weakened him greatly. Who knows, he might be in this world with us."

Naruto's eyes widened, "D-Do you think he is?"

"I'm not entirely sure, but it's a possibility."

"Is there a way you can check and verify that he is or not?"

"Well, if he is in this world, he's more than likely suppressing his chakra."

"Can you just…"

"Don't worry about it. I'll keep an eye out if I spot him. However, you need to help that girl. We might find some stuff that could help us from that 'boss' of theirs."

Naruto sighed, "Fine. I already have Claire and the others on my ass, but I'm going to be keeping a close eye on her."

"That's fine."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head and walked to the group. Claire and the others, except for Hikari looked up at him, "We're going to help you get your normal life back."

Hikari's eyes shot open in shock and glanced at the blonde, "But why? I killed Mr. Takagi and a lot of his men. Then I tried to kill you."

The blonde sighed, "If you weren't being deceived, I'm sure none of this would've happened. It's not your fault. It's that bastard boss of yours."

Claire smiled and got up to her feet, as she walked over to the blonde. She went to his side and put her hand on his shoulder, as she looked down at Hikari, "We're all going to help you return to your life."

Kozlov and Kaze smiled, while Yuriko just stood there with a small smile of her own, "Yeah. I might find something interesting that I might need." Naruto mentioned.

"Need? What are you looking for?" Kozlov asked.

"That's classified. Anyway," The blonde looked over to Yuriko, "Once again, I'm truly sorry I didn't make it sooner."

Yuriko shook her head lightly, "He died like he had hoped he would… for his people."

Hikari then looked up at Yuriko, "I'm truly sorry again. I didn't know any better."

Yuriko waved her off, "I'm really not one that likes to repeat myself."

Naruto blinked once and kept looking at Hikari, "So this is going to be like an escort mission?"

"Well, escort and save basically. You're taking her to wherever that bitch of a boss is and looking for the cure."

"Sounds about right."

Claire kissed Naruto on the cheek catching him off guard, which he turned to look at her, "Thank you." The country woman said.

"Easy there kid. That Saeko girl already claimed you, even though this girl seems a bit more outgoing. Who knows, she might even be feistier."


"Sorry. Sorry. Anyway, it looks like there might be another competition."

"What do you mean?"

"This Claire chick is into you. So, you're apparently with Saeko and yet, now you have Yuuki and Claire wanting a piece of you too."

"That's enough."

"Hell. They're all sexy, why not claim them all?"

"We'll talk later."

Naruto cancelled his communication with the fox, "Okay, let me go get the others and we'll…"

An extremely bright light blurred the sky coming from the entrance direction. Naruto shielded his eyes along with everyone else, "What the hell is that light?" Naruto asked.

In just seconds, the blur died down. The group looked out in about the courtyard and saw that the gates that were opening before the light came to a stop, "Madam! The power's out." The man that was operating the gate announced.

Yuriko and the others, except for Naruto went wide-eyed, "That was an EMP just now…" Kaze mentioned.

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "What's that?"

They all turned to look at him, "It's an Electronic Magnetic Pulse." Kozlov answered. However, they all saw that Naruto was still lost.

"I still don't know what that means." The blonde said.

"It disables all electronics in a massive range." Claire said.

"Oh. Is that a…"

Claire quickly placed her hand over his mouth not wanting to hear anymore stupid questions, "Yes it's a bad thing. We have no lights, no operating vehicles, no nothing."

"Madam!" Everyone looked back at the gate to see the same guy gaining their attention, "There's a car about to completely take out the wired fence!" The man looked back out and watched as the car just tear through the fence. The wheels turned to where the driver's side of the car smashed against the wall, "Shit!" The man ran out a little bit wanting to go help that person, but came to a halt. There, several of the dead were walking through the defenseless fence. He ran back into the courtyard and tried to push the gate close manually.

"What's going on!?" Yuriko called out for the gateman.

He kept trying to push the gate close, "T-There's a lot of them!"

"Damn it." Naruto said, as he got ready to go handle them all, but he felt a hand on his shoulder stop him.

He turned around to see Claire with his three-pronged kunai in her hand, "I believe this is yours."

The blonde took it and smiled, "Thanks." In a blink of an eye, he was already at the gate.


Saeko stood there leaning on the post watching the blonde take off, "Even to those that treated him wrong, he still shows a caring heart and helps them."

"Yep." Saeko looked to her right and saw Takashi joining her, "I mean, I used to act like an ass to him and yet… he acts as if I didn't do anything."

Saeko smiled, "He's truly a great person." She then looked down to see Claire and the others, "I don't like how that American girl is moving on him."

Takashi snickered, "Well," He then placed a hand on her shoulder, "You better up your game and make sure he's all yours." He smiled.


The blonde grabbed one side of the gate and held out his other hand facing the other half, "Bansho Ten'in." The other half flew right at him, but stopped since it stretched out as far as it could go. He stepped forward and yanked the other half to where the gate was completely closed.

"T-Thank you." The gate person said.

Naruto didn't turn around and instead, he waved at him. The blonde held out his hand and tried to summon his sword, but it never appeared in his hand, "Shit. I forgot. Hikari shattered my sword to pieces." He looked out ahead and saw the massive horde slowly coming his way, "Oh well. Looks like I'm going to make this quick then."

"Yeah, that's no fun either."

"Oh well. It feels good to get back to killing the dead anyway." Naruto stopped when he was about ten feet from them. He held out his right arm, "Let's see just how far I can send them all."

"Easy kid. Have you already forgotten how much chakra you used last night?"

Naruto rocked his head side-to-side, "Shinra Tensei." A massive wall of gravity shot right at the horde of dead. In just seconds, the entire horde was sent flying off in a distance, "I think that was too much."

Naruto chuckled feeling just a tad uneasy, "So it seems."

"Bravo. Bravo." Naruto then heard clapping coming from above and around him. He looked up and side-to-side to see a large group of shady people holding all sorts of firearms on the walkways on each side.

"You guys again…"

"How's it going Namikaze? It sure has been a while."

The blonde looked at the walkway to his right above him and saw the leader of the group, "It sure has. Did you come asking for your death?"

The shady man laughed, "No. I came here to commend you on defeating Shiroi. I'm quite impressed. However, the real boss is rather upset now that he lost his favorite pawn."

Naruto gritted his teeth, "Your boss is a dead man!"

The large shady leader grabbed onto the railing and jumped over and down to the road. Once he landed, the street below his feet ended up turning into a crater. He walked over to the blonde and saw him getting in a fighting stance, "Don't worry. I'm not here to fight."

"What do you want?"

"I came here to tell you that our boss wishes to meet with you some time."

"Then where is he? Tell me so I can go and kill that bastard!"

The shady leader chuckled, "Have you already forgotten about something though?"

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "Forgotten what?"

"About Jessica and everyone at the football stadium."

The blonde widened his eyes, "H-How did you know about them?"

"Are you going to ask questions or go save them?"

Naruto gritted his teeth, "Damn it." In an instant, he was gone.

The leader turned back and looked up at all his comrades, "Okay. Let's all head back."

A/N: Okay, first things first. Some of you asked why Naruto goes from being all serious and quiet to being more caring, talkative, yadda yadda yadda. Think, he's been with them for some time now and is opening up to them. When time goes by, you feel that you don't need to hide much anymore.

Second, this is my last and final try. Since the beginning of this story, I wanted to at least bring Madara into this story. Read the summary, "During a collision" When those two collided, only Naruto appeared in this world. So why not Madara? I had a nice path and plan towards the end of this story with him. Depending on the responses, I'll see what I feel like doing.

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