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Chapter 12: Moving out

Naruto appeared on top of the dome of the stadium and looked down inside to see everyone just sitting around and chatting with one another, "Nothing's happening here…" The blonde looked around the outside of the stadium and saw nothing in sight, "Shit. That bastard set me up." Naruto quickly vanished, rushing back to the manor.

Takagi Manor
Meeting room

Yuriko and a few men were sitting around discussing on what to do, "Madam. What are we going to do about having no power?" A man asked.

Yuriko frowned, "There's nothing we can do. All we can do is just remain here and make sure we hold our defenses up against anything that comes at us."

"What if we're overpowered by those creatures and they break through the gate? We don't have enough men to fight." Another person mentioned.

"Sure we have enough. Did you not see what that kid did to that giant?" Someone else brought up.

"We can't just use him. That just isn't right. He just saved us all for crying out loud and that's how you show your appreciation?" Another man blurted out to the guy wanting to use him.

"Did you not see him? There's no way he's human. The kid's a monster!"

Yuriko got up from her seat and walked over to the man. She stopped right in front of him and instantly slapped him right across his face, "He's not a monster. He saved us all and he's very much human like any of us. He's just from some other world where people have some special abilities."

"Some other world where monsters live!"

"Enough! They're not monsters!" Some other man shouted.

"You've got to be joking! Did you not see what he did last night? That's not normal!"

The door to the room slammed opened, which everyone turned to see Saya, Takashi, Rei, and Kaji, "Shut up! You don't know a damn thing about Naruto!" Kaji shouted.

"You kids were listening in on us?"

"Yes. None of you know Naruto compared to us. He's…" Takashi was cut off when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see the man that everyone was talking about in this meeting.

Naruto looked at everyone and sighed, "That damn bastard screwed me." An image of the large shady guy laughing at the blonde appeared in his mind.

The blonde looked at everyone once again, "There's a large group of people at the stadium and I was thinking that we should move there."

"What makes you think that it's safer there than here?" Someone asked.

"Well, if we stay here, we're just sitting ducks. Shiroi's boss knows where we are and if we don't move, we'll be flooded by 'them' most likely."

Yuriko smiled, while the angered man decided to say something, "I refuse."

"Fine. You can stay here and wait for this place to get overrun. Then you can turn into one of them." Naruto stated.

The man shook his head, "Since Souichiro has fallen… I think it's about time I take the lead. We are all staying here."

Naruto sighed and decided not to argue about it. He turned his back to the group and walked down the hall, "Hey! Where are you going?" Kaji asked.

"Leaving. This place will eventually be overrun and people will die." The blonde answered without turning to look back at them.

Yuriko smiled liking the blonde's attitude and walked out of the room, while Kaji and the others just watched as she left, "You're going to abandon your own home? Even these people?" The man asked.

Saya's mother stopped when she was right outside the room and turned to look back in at the man, "We won't survive if we stay here."

The man grunted clenched his fists, "You're pathetic!"

Yuriko narrowed her eyes and frowned, "How am I pathetic? We are still willing to protect you all, but you're choosing for you and everyone else to stay here and die. I believe Naruto's right; this place will be overrun sometime. So, why not come with us and remain protected?"

"Have you already forgotten? Did you not see what that kid could do? We can just use him!"

Yuriko shook her head and decided to walk off seeing that this guy wasn't getting it, "Where do you think you're going!?" The man kept ranting.

Yuriko ignored him and made her way down the hall, followed by Takashi and the others, "You're a traitor Yuriko!" The man shouted.

Outside (Garage)

Saya and all of the others walked in and saw the Humvee still there, "Mr. Maddo!" Saya called.

She walked up to the front of the Humvee and when she did, the man she was looking for came out from under the vehicle, "Ah lady Saya."

Saya gasped and instantly covered her womanhood area by pushing her skirt hard against her hoping that the man didn't get a peek, "What are you doing down there?"

"I was fixing the Humvee here and you're lucky. This vehicle is Anti-electromagnetic pulse. Not to mention, it's triple copper plated. The owner of this vehicle must be one badass."

Shizuka smiled, "So you're saying it can run?"

Mr. Maddo hopped up to his feet and dusted himself off, "Yep."

Nearly everyone cheered, "We should get going soon." Shizuka mentioned, as she went to the driver's door.

Zeke barked, while Alice laughed and ran for the vehicle. Rei, Yuuki, Kohta, and Kaji were next to get in the Humvee. Takashi, Saeko and Saya remained outside, "Mr. Maddo." Saya called.

The short slightly overweight man looked at her, "What is it lady Saya?"

"You should come with us."

Mr. Maddo chuckled, "Saya's right, you should come with us. We tried offering assistance to the others, but they said they rather stay here." Takashi said.

Mr. Maddo closed his eyes with a smile on his face. He then opened them to remain looking at them, "Sure, why not? Just let me grab some tools incase anything were to happen while we're out."

Takashi, Saya, and Saeko all smiled, "Looks like you're all ready to go."

The trio turned to see Yuriko with Claire, Hikari, Kozlov, and Kaze joining in, "Yep." Takashi answered.

"So, where do we plan on going?" Saya's mother asked.

"That's a good question." Takashi said and began to think.

Yuriko smiled, "How about…"

"I think Rei and I would like to look for our parents. I know she's worried about her father, and I feel just the same. But I think Naruto had something in mind first, something about Fujimi stadium. And then we're going to look for all of our parents." Takashi answered.

Mr. Maddo finished loading the trunk with a box of tools, along with a couple of tanks full of fuel. He closed it up, "Then what are we waiting for?" He asked.

They all looked at the mechanic, "Let's go then." Yuriko said, as the rest of them all went in the Humvee. It took a while for everyone to get situated in the vehicle, not to mention that there was just about enough room for them all since some of them shared seats.

Shizuka turned the ignition on, "Wait, where's Naruto?" Kaji asked. All of a sudden, they heard a thud on top of the vehicle. Kaji poked his head out the window and saw Naruto lying on top of it. Saeko knew it was him and decided to climb up through the turret seat. There she saw the blonde lying there on his back with his hands behind his head.

Shizuka pushed down on the gas pedal to where they started off slow. In seconds, she picked up a bit more speed and found herself coming up to the closed gate, "The gate's…" Suddenly, everyone saw the gates open on their own, "Thanks Naruto-kun." The nurse said knowing it was his doing. Once they drove passed the gates, they were off.

Saeko finally decided to get out and on top of the Humvee, since Shizuka was going at a normal and steady pace. She sat next to him to where she was facing of whatever they were passing, as the wind blew their hair forward, "Are you all right?" She asked.

Naruto kept his sight up at the sky, "I'll be fine."

Saeko frowned sadly, "What's wrong?" She looked down at him.

The blonde sighed, "Since I've been in this world for so long, I'm starting to lose my memories from my world."

Saeko's eyes widened slightly, "Ever since I've been here, I've been looking for a way to get back home. It's been a while and I haven't found the slightest clue. I don't want to forget about everyone."

The purple haired beauty honestly couldn't think of anything to say since she didn't know much about his world or his friends that live there. She looked down at him and for once, she saw a sad look on his face. Her eyes were glued to his hurt expression, "I'm not sure what we have in this world that could help you, but I'm sure there's something."

Naruto kept looking up at the clear sky, "I hope so."

Saeko looked back out at the road and felt a pain striking her heart. She placed her hand against her chest, "He really wants to get back to his world."

Naruto closed his eyes and found himself in his mindscape standing in front of the sealed Kyuubi, "You know kid. I think that hurt her."

Naruto kept a straight expression on his face and placed his hands in his pockets, "I know, but it can't be helped. We need to get back to our world no matter what."

"You're right, but couldn't you have found something smoother and less hurtful to say?"

Naruto didn't say a word and left his mindscape. He opened his eyes to see the clear sky once again. For some reason to him, he was feeling way too relaxed. This world was being attacked by the dead, where millions of people live and yet, those millions of people would soon turn into the dead. They haven't been driving for long and not a single one of 'them' in sight. Suddenly, the Humvee slowly came to a halt. Saeko turned around and looked out in front to see a woman standing in the middle of the road. The woman was as tall as Shizuka; she has tanned skin with purple hair. She wore a black combat suit that was unbuttoned halfway to show that she was wearing a white sports bra. She also wore black, slightly loose fitting pants with black shoes.

The driver's door immediately opened and Saeko looked down to see Shizuka running out to her with open arms, "Rikaaa!" She shouted.

Naruto sat up and turned around to see the two older women reunited, "That's her friend?"

"My guess is just as good as yours." Saeko answered.

The blonde just kept staring at the two and saw that they wrapped their arms around one another. Unfortunately, the image of the two women began to stir. The blonde closed his eyes and rubbed them. Opening them, he saw Anko and Kurenai hugging one another, "What the hell?"

"What's wrong?"

Naruto quickly looked to his side and saw Saeko with a worried look. He then looked back out to where the two women are and saw Shizuka and Rika still hugging each other, "That was strange."

"Naruto?" Saeko called.

The blonde shook his head, "N-Nothing." He remained looking at the two, "Kurama."

"Yes kid?"

"I was wondering…"

"What is it?"

"If I do lose my memories, will I end up forgetting about you?"

Kurama blinked slowly, "It's a possibility."

Naruto's eyes widened, "That means if I get in a situation to where I can't handle something and need your chakra, I won't be able to remember you or how to call it. And you can't force your way because of that seal…"

"If you do manage to forget about me, don't worry. I'll call forth to you and tell you all about me again."

"I see…"

"Naruto. Are you okay?"

"Better wake up to reality. Your lover is beginning to worry about you."

Naruto blinked and turned to look at Saeko, "Sorry. I…" He looked back at the two women and saw them coming back to the Humvee, "Saw an image of a couple friends from my world."

Saeko didn't know what to say. She just remained looking at his saddened self, "I guess it can't be helped."

Naruto lied back down, as the vehicle started moving again. Saeko tried to come up with something to talk about. The only thing they were listening to was the vehicle, the leaves being blown by the wind, and the people inside talking. Thinking back to Saya's parents, she then remembered that they planned on looking for their parents as well. Her gaze turned down at the blonde to see his eyes closed and also realized that he was enjoying the wind blowing against him, "Naruto."

The blonde kept his eyes closed, "Yes?"

Saeko reclined back and used her arms to remain sitting, "What are your parents like?"

Naruto opened his eyes halfway and looked up at the sky. His lips formed into a semi-sad and yet happy form, "They were heroes."


"…Yes. They sacrificed themselves to save my home village from being destroyed by the Kyuubi."

Saeko narrowed her eyes and frowned sadly, "I-I'm sorry to…"

"Sure my life wasn't so great when I was young, but I lived on and as I got older, I made some friends. Then not too long ago, I found out that father was the Fourth Hokage, which a Hokage is the leader of our village. When I found out at first, I was happy and kind of sad. I was happy since I found out that my dad was a hero and I wish I got to be around him. However, I did get to meet him. It was when the village was being attacked by a deceived man. This man believed that he was god and all he wanted was peace in the world, but he was 'trying' to make peace in all the wrong ways. Do you remember the night I allowed the Kyuubi to control me that night?"


"Well, when I fought that man, I couldn't hold up my end of the fight any longer. He had me pinned to the ground by having rods piercing me to it. I was hopeless, but then a friend of mine jumped in and tried to save me. I couldn't do anything besides watching her getting hurt. It was then that I saw him pierce her with one of the rods. When I saw her body drop, I thought she was dead. I completely lost it and that was when I lost control. All I wanted to do was protect everyone, but I started to lose them all one-by-one. Now see, when the Kyuubi takes control of me, it will reveal the amount of tails, which means the more, the stronger it becomes. Since I have the Kyuubi sealed in me, he's the strongest one of them all and has nine tails. When the Kyuubi had complete control, I soon found out that I reached nine tails. That's when I found myself in my mindscape in front of the cage where the Kyuubi was sealed in. I was asking for help and that's when I resorted to releasing the seal. When I was about to do so, I was knocked down and saw that it was the Forth Hokage. Just a little bit later, he told me that he was my dad."

Once again, Saeko couldn't find herself saying anything. She was at a loss of words, "That was the only time that I got to see my father." The blonde said.

Still, Saeko couldn't seem to find anything to say, "The only time I got to see my mother was when I was training and fighting the Kyuubi inside me."

The purple haired beauty widened her eyes slightly, "You fought it?"

"Yes. I won and managed to create a new seal. But, during the fight, I struggled since it was taking my chakra. That was when I saw my mother appear. We had a nice talk and I managed to get to know her quite a bit and she helped me seal the Kyuubi, but I never got to see her again after that."

"I'm sorry to hear…"

"Don't be. I'm proud my parents are known as heroes in the village. No matter what I had to go through, I experienced pain, hatred, pretty much everything. People wanted me dead, they treated me like a monster, everything you can think of. But no matter what, I'll always be proud of my parents."

Saeko felt sorry for him when he was being treated that way from people, but overall, she liked his bright and positive side. She looked at his eyes and began to wonder, "Were your eyes always like that?"

"No. I actually had normal eyes that were blue."

Saeko imagined him with those eyes and could actually picture him, "How did your eyes change?"




Konan and Madara each stood on what looked like to be large thick broken cables in the middle of the ocean, "Naruto Uzumaki. Is he that special?"

Konan narrowed her eyes, "He is the light in this darkness." She then raised her right arm up to have her hand face him, as several sheets of paper scattered all around her, "He will be the one to bring peace to this world. And he gives everybody flowers of hope." She moved her arm in an outward motion to the side; she then lifted it up above her head. She brought her arm back down out in front, as several paper shurikens shot at Madara, "I won't allow you to take the Rinnegan."

Madara just stood there, as the paper shurikens went right through him. A pair of paper-like wings formed on the back of Konan. She jumped back, as her legs were no longer there and flew right at Madara. The ancient shinobi was now being enveloped in a tunnel of paper. He remained still as Konan came right up to him. Once she was in range, he quickly grabbed her by the neck and began to suck all the sheets of paper, along with her into a vortex. He looked closely and realized that they all had explosive tags, "Shit."

"I'll bring you with me to the afterlife." She said, as all the explosive tags were triggered. A single tag exploded causing a major chain reaction of them to follow right after, which ended up causing a major explosion. Once it died down, there were several sheets of paper that were burned, pieces of both their cloaks floating on the water, and the last piece being a part of Madara's mask.

The top half of Konan was floating in the air breathing heavily, as she looked at the beat up Madara that was also missing his right arm, "I didn't take you seriously enough. I should've remembered that you are a former member of the Akatsuki…" He glared at her, "The moment I sucked you in, you intended to blow yourself up and take me with you. However, you failed. I sucked in the explosion itself. I was faster, although I felt a little of the impact as you can see. And luckily you were spared too. You should be grateful."

Konan went back to her normal breathing, as paper came back to her body, "Does this mean your secret strategy is over?" He asked.

"Madara, let me ask you one thing."

The ancient shinobi rose to his feet, "And what is that?"

"Do you know why we betrayed you? Do you know why we have faith in Naruto?"

"Well now… that's your problem. Besides, Naruto is just a naïve child chasing after an immature dream. I can see if Nagato was swayed by the thought of true peace and hope. But you too, Konan?"

"I realized something after meeting Naruto." Konan's body fully formed back to normal from all the paper, "You are the darkness. Flowers can only wilt in a world with light!" She held out her arm again towards Madara.

The Uchiha's eyes widened and looked down to see the water splitting open. Once it opened, it showed that it wasn't water, but paper. Thousands, if not millions sheets of paper poured down on each side like a waterfall. Madara grabbed his mask and sucked in the sheets of paper floating around him. Konan quickly aimed at him, "I won't let you get away!" Explosive tags quickly attached themselves to the ancient shinobi and blew up once they made impact, "Your teleportation failed. I've been paying attention to you this whole time. When you suck in yourself, you always materialize yourself. And it takes longer to suck yourself in than another person or object."

Madara fell freely downward with annoyance in his eyes, "If I didn't stop teleporting and shift to the side to evade the explosion, things would've turned nasty." More explosive tags came around him, but this time they were going right through him, "What are these?" He looked to the side and saw the walls of paper were all paper bombs, "Shit, they're all paper bombs."

Above, Konan watched him continue falling, "I amassed six hundred billion paper bombs in order to kill you… And since you can only pass through objects for five minutes, these will continue to explode for ten minutes." She aimed down at all the bombs, as they all began to light up.

Madara quickly grabbed the left part of his mask that covered his eyes and broke it off to reveal his other sharingan eye. All the bombs exploded, causing the water to shoot up high in the air. Once those ten minutes were up, the major smokescreen slowly began to die down. Konan was sitting on her knees on the water catching her breath, "My Sacred Paper Emissary Jutsu has come undone. I didn't expect it to take this much chakra." She leaned slightly to the side, as the flower in her hair fell off, "At least… Madara is…"

"…Is dead?"

Konan's eyes widened in fear, as she felt the rod Madara had in his hand pierce through her stomach. Her vision was beginning to become blurry to her, everything she heard was becoming distant, and she swore she heard someone calling her name. She felt the rod being pulled out of her and stumbled forward. Her feet began moving on their own, as they guided her forward, slowly, "Konan!"

She came to a stop and slowly lifted her head up to see the boy who woke Nagato up from the darkness, "N-Naruto…" Her body was too heavy for her to hold up and fell forward.

The blonde quickly caught her and glared at the Uchiha, "You bastard!"

"Damn. Now the nine-tails Jinchuuriki shows up. I can't fight him in my current state." Madara thought. The ancient shinobi waved off at him, "I'm not going to stand here and chat, but I'll make an offer for you while I'm here. Why don't you come with me and no one else will have to die?"

Naruto's body was flowing with immense frustration, "Y-You…" The blonde's blue eyes began to fade, "I won't allow…" For some reason, his eyes showed no sign of a pupil anymore.

Madara's eyes widened, "That's…"

The blonde felt his heart aching inside, "I'm sorry Konan. I wasn't fast enough to make it on time. I failed to protect you, but…" His eyes were now completely purple with a ripple-like pattern, "I will end it here and bring what we all wanted now!"

"He awakened the Rinnegan? This is just going to make everything harder."

Naruto thought back to when he had spent a lot of time getting to know Konan. He would always come out here for a few days to spend time with her and to make sure everything was safe. Ever since he defeated Nagato, he knew that Madara would come after Konan for the Rinnegan since Nagato resurrected the dead. All the time those two spent together, the two felt real close and the more time they spent together, the more Konan saw Naruto as Yahiko and Nagato. They all wanted the same thing and all work hard to achieve it.

A wall of gravity shot out towards Madara, "I can't stay here much longer. Looks like I'll have to retreat for now." He said to himself, and quickly sucked himself in.

End of Flashback

"Once he left, I rushed Konan to my village and took her to the hospital. Luckily, she lived, but her injury was bad enough to put her out for a few days. When I heard that she was able have visitors over, that's when I went to see her and there, she told me exactly everything."

"This Madara guy, is he that persistent on taking you?"

The blonde nodded, "He is. Now, since I took Konan to my village, Madara ended up taking the Rinnegan from Nagato. It was another task I failed, but I couldn't let Konan die. I didn't want to see anyone else die because of me."

"You know if you think about it. They're wanting to put their lives on the line to protect you. They're helping achieve what everyone wants, peace. They knew what would happen if they were to help, but as you see, they didn't care. All of them are putting their lives on the line in order to bring peace to everyone. If they couldn't live in peace, they at least want everyone else to live in a world with peace."

The blonde kept quiet and just began to wonder what was going on in his world, "We're here!" Saeko looked up to see the stadium in view, but Naruto didn't bother looking since his mind was somewhere else. The doors to the Humvee opened, as everyone started getting out.

A man came walking out of the stadium, "There's more alive? Oh please, come in." He gestured.

Shizuka took out the keys, as her and pretty much everyone else walked into the stadium. The man that welcomed them all looked back at the vehicle and spotted blonde hair, "Naruto?"

Saeko was still sitting there on top of the Humvee with him and looked down at him, "Are you okay?"

Naruto leaned up, "Yeah, was thinking about something."

"Hey, Naruto!" The man called out and waved at him.

The blonde looked out at him, as he hopped off the Humvee and walked over to him. Saeko remained sitting there curious if what she said actually got through to him or not, but she decided to leave it be for now and hopped off the vehicle as well.

"I was beginning to wonder where you ran off to. Jessica's been worried sick about you."

Naruto came to a stop in front of the man with Saeko right next to him, "Jessica?" Saeko asked, as she looked at the blonde.

"Is she okay?"

"Yeah. She's perfectly fine, but I have a question for you."

The blonde cocked an eyebrow when he saw the man walking toward a pillar. He saw that he was grabbing something that was leaning against the pillar obviously. Whatever it was, it must've been pretty heavy if the guy had to end up dragging it, but when it came into full view, Naruto's eyes widened. The object that the man was dragging was a large war fan, "One of the groups found this thing while going out to gather some food and drinks. I've never seen anything like this before and was wondering if you would have an idea."

Nothing came out of the blonde's mouth, which caused Saeko and the leader of the group to look at him. They saw his eyes remaining wide open and didn't show the slightest bit of blinking, "Naruto?" Saeko called.

"So he is here after all. How come I can't pick up his presence?" Kurama asked.

"Naruto?" Saeko called once more, but got no answer. The blonde remained completely still, which was leaving the two worrying what was going on.

"Kid. I know you're just as shocked as I am, but since none of us can track him, we just need to remain calm and help that girl. You did want to help her, right? Didn't you also tell me that one night how you wanted to protect them all while we're here since their world is decaying?" (I know I didn't write this in the story, but it's one of those offside scenes.)

The face on Naruto changed from being shocked back to his serious one from once he was first sent into this world, "Where did they find this!?"

The leader jumped a bit from his sudden outburst, "Ugh… they found it back at a market store not too far from here."

"How far exactly!?"

Again, the leader jumped a bit from his little shout, "About a couple miles from here… why do you…"

"Which way!?"

"Why are you so curious? You're starting to freak me out." The leader asked, as he pointed back behind the blonde.

Once he gave the direction of where the group found it, Naruto was instantly gone in a swirl of leave, "W-What the hell's going on?"

Saeko has never seen the blonde like this before. The look in his eyes showed fear, astonishment, anxious, frustration, and a little relief.

With Naruto

In just a matter of seconds, Naruto came to a stop since he was within range. He looked around and spotted a market store like the leader mentioned to his right. He vanished and reappeared inside the store. Taking in his surroundings, he looked around with his guard up. A can hit the ground, which instantly triggered Naruto's instincts, as he quickly went after where the sound came from. He came around the corner into another aisle and saw a black cat just standing there. The cat hissed at the blonde and took off. The tension was beginning to rise within the blonde, as he walked down the aisle. Kurama was carefully sensing for the slightest bit of chakra that could be found, but was having no luck. Once the blonde reached the end of the aisle, he turned around the corner into another aisle. In this aisle, he saw blood everywhere on the floor. He saw corpses that were torn open and body parts missing. He could hear the sounds of flies buzzing around the corpses and deciding to look at one of the corpses; he looked closely and saw maggots eating through the torn body. His stomach felt a bit uneasy seeing such a scene and walked over the corpse, as he continued down the aisle.

Once he reached the end of it, he went around the corner into another aisle. There, on the ground, was a black chain right in the middle of the aisle, "That's the same chain that…"

"Hello there. Naruto."

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