Hello readers. I know it has been incredibly long since I've last updated this story. However, my laptop has been completely wiped out and needs a new motherboard. Sadly, couldn't find one on ebay or anything, so I'm working on getting a new computer. Good news is that I have everything saved on a drive to where I'll transfer it to my new computer, once that comes. I know most of you will be disappointed in me hoping that this update was going to be a chapter, but I am trying the best I can to get everything back up. All I ask is for you all to be a patient for a while longer.

Anyway, I have been working on the next chapter before all this happened and this chapter is going to turn Naruto's life completely around. He will experience the life of a normal living being. You all probably know what's coming. Another thing, this story is far from over and I have not abandoned this story. Don't plan on it either since this has been the best one I came out with so far, thanks to all of you for the reviews, favs, alerts, etc. The beginning of the next chapter starts off with a good chat between Naruto and none other, Madara. As I said earlier, the way Naruto's life will change (it's temporarily) if you all catch what I'm saying, feel free to message me of what you think. I thought it would add a little twist to it, but it can be arranged if that's not what you all want to see.

So, without further notice, sorry again for this disappointing update. Message me for any questions of what's to come in the next chapter. Take care everyone!