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Chapter 13: A New Change

"Hello there. Naruto."

The blonde's eyes widened since he immediately recognized that voice. Turning around quickly, he saw Madara standing at the end of the aisle wearing black pants and gloves, with a white, presumed form-fitting shirt underneath. Over this he wore a purple, high-collared, long sleeve mantle that splits down the lower half and has the Uchiha crest on the back. Around his waist he wore a simple, light-purple obi and belt. He also still wore his mask that's white with a purple tint that covers the entire upper-half of his head with a design that resembled the Ten-Tail's eye, consisting of a ripple-pattern with three tomoe around the center. Two of the tomoe acted as the mask's eye-holes. Naruto's anger boiled just seeing the likes of him right here in front of him, "Naruto! Keep it under control! Don't…"

Naruto held out both his arms to the side and formed a Rasengan in both hands. Madara chuckled behind his mask seeing that the Jinchuuriki was acting out of frustration and not coming up with a strategy. Like any angered person, Naruto charged in without even thinking with both Rasengans behind him. The blonde brought forth his left arm attempting to hit the ancient shinobi, but sadly, he went right through him. Naruto quickly turned around, bringing the other ball of chakra up, but Madara once again proved to prevail by grabbing the blonde's wrist. The Uchiha slid what looked like to be a rod out from his left sleeve and quickly stabbed the blonde's stomach. Madara didn't let go of the blonde's wrist and just remained like he was, while watching the Jinchuuriki cough up some blood, "Acting out of anger gets you nowhere boy. Observe."

Naruto felt his insides tearing apart and looked at the Rasengan he had in his hand dissolve. His eyes slightly widened, as he yanked his arm free and jumped back slightly. He placed his right hand over the wound and glared at the Uchiha, "W-What did you do?" He asked, as his body was beginning to feel weak.

Madara disposed of the rod since he had no use for it anymore, "That tool I used just now simply disabled your chakra. This rod was made from the First Hokage himself. His properties are rather impressive. He had the ability to suppress the Nine-tails and decided to modify the seals to suppressing the chakra network instead. Hashirama was always a creative fighter, definitely worth more than most of the shinobi of your generation."

The Jinchuuriki slowly closed his eyes from feeling his chakra being completely shut off, but quickly opened them to see Madara still just standing there, "You bastard."

"I know you want to fight, but now is not the time. Our time will come soon enough." Madara picked up a piece of glass from the ground and held it out in front of the blonde, "Take a look."

Naruto looked at the glass and saw his reflection, but his eyes were mainly focusing on seeing his normal blue ones. He blinked a couple times and still saw his normal blue colored eyes, "It even made the…"

"Yes. Your Rinnegan is of no use to you for now." Madara tossed the piece of glass away, "I bet you enjoyed demolishing those creatures. In a world with normal living humans being taken out immensely fast by the dead. However, they show no interesting power, meaning that you and I will always remain on top. But, for you, these next few days will be completely different for you. The Kyuubi inside you has no way of contacting you; it can't even break through the seal. These next few days will show you how a normal human life is. You can only use your skills in fighting hand-to-hand. Now, if you somehow get bit by one of those creatures, it's over. You'll simply become one of them within due time."

"You bitch!"

"Tell me boy. Being in this world, while everyone looked at you as some hero, how did it feel?"

Naruto charged at him and attempted to punch his mask hoping it would shatter it, but once again, he went right through the Uchiha. The Jinchuuriki quickly turned around, but Madara was high on him and quickly grabbed the blonde by the neck. Naruto grabbed his wrist trying to break free, "Look at you now. A normal human… how weak." Madara lifted him off the ground and tossed him to a shelf, which was instantly knocked down by the blonde's impact.

Madara looked down at the blonde and all the cans of food scattered around him or the cans burying him. Naruto glared at him, "Why didn't you use such a tool on me when we were fighting in our world?"

"Since I no longer needed you to complete the Juubi, I thought that I would kill you by my hands. Fairly, that is. I wanted to see what you were capable of."

"That war fan of yours, did you purposely let that group of people find it?"

Madara grinned behind his mask, "Yes. I knew you would go back to those people soon and I figured it would draw you out. And look what happened, you came just like I expected."

Naruto picked himself up from the knocked down shelf and got back onto his feet, "Since I'm not needed for the Juubi, why not just kill me now?"

Madara chuckled, "Have you already forgotten what I said boy? I want to see what you're capable of. But like I said, now is not the time. I'm actually looking for something that I would like to use back in our world once we return."

"Once we return? You know how to get back!?"

"I'm afraid I don't. That's another thing I'm looking for and I'm sure you're dying to get back to our world as well. I bet everyone's there investigating where you and I were fighting wondering what happened to us. No evidence, no little trace… nothing. Your friends are probably worried sick about you."

Naruto clenched his fists, "I swear Madara, once my chakra returns, I'm going to…"

"…kill me? Yeah, I can see how desperate you want to get your hands on me. Think about it, when and if we return to our world, all the people you care about will die one-by-one."

The blonde growled having heard enough and tried to punch him, but since he had no chakra to up his attempts, Madara grabbed his neck once again, "Here, I'll do just this small favor for you." The ancient shinobi sucked the Jinchuuriki into a vortex and then absorbed himself afterwards.

Fujimi Stadium
Time Skip: 6:54 p.m. (an hour after Naruto left to search for Madara)

Right outside the stadium's entrance, the air began to spin open, which revealed Naruto being shot out and fall on his back. The Jinchuuriki didn't bother to get up and decided to just lay there and look straight up at the sky. He couldn't believe what just recently happened back there. Here he is now, back where everyone else is, but this time, he had no power to protect them with. He felt ashamed, neglected, disappointed, you name it. Here he lied on the ground remembering how everyone in his world and this world looked at him as a hero. That was when it hit him, a hero that doesn't think things out all the time, a hero that acts on emotion more than fifty percent of the time. Tears began to form in his eyes and had already escaped his eyes, as they slid down his cheeks. He clenched his fists and slammed them on the concrete, "Damn it!"


Kaze and his group were walking with the leader of the group that is taking shelter here in the stadium, "You've all been holding up good." Kozlov mentioned to the leader.

"Yeah. We're all organized for guard duty, going out for supplies, the usual. And please, call me Hitzumi."

"So, I see that you all are safe here and yet, you seem to have fun by the looks of it." Kaze said, as he looked down at the field and watched the people playing football.

Hitzumi smiled, "Yeah. We can't just be feeling all down and gloomy every day."

"I see what you mean." Kaze replied.

Claire pouted remembering what she hasn't had in quite some time, "Where do you take showers?"

"We use the locker rooms. Usually it's like any other locker room showering procedures. All the men will take a shower together and the women take one together as well. It's a huge shower room, so it makes it easier to get more people done with. But, there'll be times where someone would like to take one by themselves since some of them tend to be shy. We even have a big selection of clothes down there too if you wish to change after."

Claire's eyes sparkled for a split second and smiled, "How can I get there?"

Hitzumi pointed back from where they came from, "Go back to the entrance and there'll be a stairway that leads downstairs. It's pretty much a one way path, so you can't miss it."

A major dust cloud surrounded everyone, which caused them all to cough, "W-What's going on?" Hitzumi asked.

Kaze placed his hand over his mouth, "She never changes when it comes to taking a shower."

With Claire

The American girl was giggling to herself like a little school girl, "Hehe. It's about time I get a chance to freshen up. I can't wait to feel that water soaking me." Claire could already imagine how satisfied she's going to feel once she reaches her destination. Seeing the stairway just up ahead, a large smile formed on her face. However, that wasn't all she saw. Slowly coming to a stop, she saw Naruto walking very slowly toward her. Her body finally came to a stop and looked at the blonde, "Naruto?"

The country woman looked closely at his face and saw that he was hurt. She remained standing there, while the blonde kept making his way to her. As Naruto got closer, Claire was starting to worry, "Hey, what's…" Since he was close enough for her to see his eyes, she saw that they weren't purple anymore, but blue instead. The Jinchuuriki didn't say a word, "What happened to him?" Claire shrugged, "If you're not going to speak," She began to pick up her pace again, "I'll be…"

When she found herself next to him and before she passed him, the blonde dropped to his knees. Claire's eyes widened and quickly grabbed his right arm to prevent him from falling, "Naruto!?" She looked at him to see that his eyes are shut, "Damn it." Looking around, she saw no one in sight that could help. She kneeled down and put his right arm around her shoulders, as she lifted him up to his feet. Once she got him and herself back up, she slowly began to curse to herself, "Where's Kozlov when you need him?"

Since she didn't feel like going back to the others since she was already right here at the stairs, she decided to bring the blonde with her. The first few steps were a bit hard for her since she usually never had to do this.

Time Skip: 1 hour later
Konoha Academy (outside)

"Okay class. Today, we're going to work on target practice." Iruka stated.

Two boys stepped up, one being a goofy, energetic blonde. The second being quiet and acted as if he was too good for all these other students. All the screeching coming from the girls behind them was annoying the silent boy, "You may begin." Iruka said. The girls all went silent once they heard their teacher give them the go, so that their crush could focus, but of course, there was a couple that couldn't keep shut, "Come on Sasuke!" Ino and Sakura shouted.

The Uchiha closed his eyes and locked onto his target without looking at it. Quickly, he drew out a few shurikens from his pouch and fired them at the log. Every single one of them impaled the log, which made a vertical line on it. All the girls squealed in amusement, "You're so awesome Sasuke!" They all shouted.

"Very good Sasuke." Iruka said.

The blonde chuckled, "That was nothing. Watch this!" The boy glared at his target and took a deep breath. He then quickly drew out his shuriken and launched them so hard, that he ended up facing down at the ground. However, no sound was heard from his shurikens. Laughter stormed the area, which caused the blonde to look up and see that none of his shurikens hit the log. Instead, about ten feet from his target, his weapons impaled the fence.

"You're such an idiot Naruto." One of the girls said, as they all kept laughing at him.

"You'll never be as good as Sasuke-kun." Sakura said.

Ino kept laughing and said, "You'll always be dead last."

Naruto bowed his head hearing everyone laughing at him. His heart was aching and he could feel the hatred getting to him quick, "Now. Now class, there's no need for that. He tried his best and only needs some practice. Then I'm sure he'll…"

The blonde waited for his teacher to finish, but apparently his teacher didn't continue his comment about the boy. The Jinchuuriki turned around and saw all the bodies lying on the ground. His eyes widened in fear and had no clue what just happened. Glancing from here to there, he saw no one in sight that could've attacked them. He looked back at all the bodies and saw blood all over them, "W-What's going…" Suddenly, his teacher slowly got back up to his feet. His teacher stood up straight with his head low to hide his face, "I-Iruka sensei?"

The boy knelt down a bit to look up and try to see his face. That was when his teacher lunged at him, "Ah!" The blonde panicked and quickly avoided him by jumping to the side. He watched his teacher fall to the ground and then heard his classmates getting back up as well. All of them too lunged at him, "What are you all doing!?" He shouted, as he avoided every single one of them. Since the boy was a prankster for his entire life, he came up to learn how to avoid such movements from ANBU that were chasing him.

Everyone turned back around to face the blonde, which Naruto saw that their eyes were not the same as before. He watched as they all breathed heavily and slowly walked towards him, "S-Stay away!" The boy backed away from them every time they took a step toward him. The poor blonde was completely frightened; having no clue what the hell was going on. His heart was racing at a scary rate and what made it worse was when he felt himself back up to a fence. His classmates lunged at him once again and just like earlier, he avoided them all. Sadly, it was getting harder and harder for him to avoid them. He jumped spun around the last classmate and bumped into someone taller. Looking up, he saw his teacher, "I-Iruka sen…"

His teacher opened his mouth and lunged at him.

Naruto's eyes shot open, as his heart was pounding. His breathing was heavy from having such a dream. He quickly looked around to see where he was. In front of him was a path that lead somewhere, but he could hear running water coming from within. Apparently he was leaning against a wall, but he saw that to his left, was one long looking path. On his right, it was a dead end, but he saw a table and racks with all sorts of clothes against the wall. He wavered side-to-side and used the wall he was leaning on to help him get back on his feet. His attention was dragged to the path where he heard water from, but there was no sound of running water anymore. The Jinchuuriki reached into his back pocket to pull out his father's three-pronged kunai and brought it forward. Standing absolutely still, he listened and heard wet footsteps that were coming closer to him. Once the sound came closer and that he saw a familiar someone, he placed the kunai back in his pocket. There he saw Claire only wearing a towel wrapped around her body and another towel that had her hair wrapped up. The one that was around her body seemed a bit small since it showed off a nice amount of cleavage and that further down, it only covered the upper half of her thighs.

The country woman looked at the blonde, "Glad to see you're finally awake."

"Where are we?" He asked.

"The shower room of the stadium obviously." The country woman eyed the blonde, "What happened back there? You looked like one of those walkers by the way you were moving."

"You'll be experiencing a normal human being's life for the next few days." Naruto kept quiet after remembering what transpired with him and Madara.

Claire frowned and was starting to get a little annoyed by the blonde's speechless self. She decided to give him a minute, but not a single word came from his mouth. A tick mark appeared on her forehead, as her anger was taking control, "Are you just going to stand there and mope or speak!?"

Naruto looked at her with a little shock, but didn't give her the answer she was wanting, "I'll explain later." He said and began to make his way back to the field.

Claire sighed and watched the blonde walking away, "Hang on! Let me put some clothes on first!"

Takashi and the others were all sitting in the stands chatting with each other, "This is the second time that Naruto's left us." Saya mentioned.

"But he came back for us. Surely he'll come back again." Kohta said.

"I'm with Kohta. I don't believe we did anything to make him want to leave us." Takashi stated.

Saya glared at Takashi, "Does it not bother you all that he just leaves us like that? Do you all not think that he might just leave us all for good some time?"

The rest of Takashi's group remained silent and lost in thought, "Didn't he say something about wanting to get back to his world? You all know once he finds that chance, he's going to leave us." Saya continued.

Kaze, Kozlov, and Hikari just sat there listening to the younger group. They didn't know much about the blonde, but listening to the others, was giving them little information. Eventually, they're going to want to know more about him whenever the time comes of getting him to speak. Rika was in the same position as Kaze and the others; she sat there next to Shizuka just listening. Saeko kept her head down looking down at the ground knowing that Saya's right about Naruto wanting to get home.

"And you all know no matter how much appreciation we show him, or how close we get to him, he's not going to stay. He won't even stop to think or hesitate about leaving."

"What are you trying to get at!?" Kaji asked.

Saya looked at the boy that Naruto had saved back at the school and sighed, "I'm saying we should part ourselves from Naruto instead of later."

Takashi and the others all jumped to Saya's point, "What!? We can't just leave him!" Kohta nearly shouted.

"He's our friend. What kind of friends are we if we were to leave him?" Yuuki asked.

"Yuuki's right. He's always been there for us, and we've been there for him. He doesn't know much about this world and we've been doing just fine of helping him, just like he helps us with survival. I don't know about you Saya, but he's my friend and I don't plan on ruining our bond and I'm pretty sure I speak for the rest of us here." Takashi stated.

"Don't you get it!? We all know he's going to leave us. If we decide to stay with him and the closer we get to him, the more it's going to hurt us. Because we all know he'll leave us. This is why I suggest we leave him now and keep us from suffering. Don't get me wrong, this hurts me too, but I'm not just saying it to be crucial or anything. I just… can't keep going on like this knowing he's going to leave." Saya said.

Saeko leaned forward more not wanting her face to be seen. Her bangs covered the sides of her face, "She's right. Every time we're with him, I can't help but remember what he's focusing on."

Takashi stood up, "Hey Kozlovvv!"

Everyone turned around to see Claire coming out from the hall wearing dark gray sweatpants, a dark red short-sleeved shirt, and the same boots that she always wore, "What is it Claire?" The dark Russian asked.

"Look who I found!" The country woman stopped, as Naruto came out from the hall.

Everyone was a bit shocked from seeing the blonde back so soon. Since he was off in a good distance, they couldn't notice his eyes, but what they did notice, was his mood change. The blonde walked towards the others leaving Claire behind. It took her a while to notice and growled quietly in minor frustration. As Naruto approached everyone, the others finally noticed his eyes, "Dude! What…"

"That's what I'm about to tell you all." Naruto said, as he walked down the steps to get to them.

Saeko examined him and noticed that he was disappointed in something. The way he cut Kohta off so quickly even told her that something big must've happened. She watched as the blonde turned to look at them all. The look he gave them all looked as if he lost someone extremely close to him. Everyone remained quiet and kept their attention on him waiting to tell them what he wanted, but he remained silent. The other survivors in the stadium were once again playing a game of football and all you could hear were the players calling out plays and the sounds they made from being tackled.

Naruto took a deep breath and exhaled, "Okay. You all noticed how my eyes are now back to normal."

Most of them nodded, while Kohta decided to try to speak again, "Yeah, what's up with…"

Naruto glared at Kohta, "If you shut up, I'll explain." Kohta did exactly as Naruto pretty much told him to do. Naruto looked at Saeko specifically, which had others looking at her as well, "You remember how I took off once we got here, right?"

"Yes. Because of some giant fan-like weapon…" She answered.

"That weapon belongs to the guy that's after me."

Saeko's eyes widened, as for the others, they were confused as to why he was being chased down, "Wait a second, and this guy has been chasing you? Is he someone from our world?" Takashi asked.

Naruto shook his head, "This guy is from my world. He is extremely powerful and…"

"Wait, so there's another one?" Saya asked.

"Yes. His name is Madara. He's…"

"Hold on a second! So you brought a dangerous person to our world?" Saya continued.

"He and I were fighting each other. He was trying to cast a jutsu that would have the whole world under his control. He brought war upon us and I was trying to stop him, but when we collided with one another with a move willing to end one of us, I guess that's what caused us to end up in this world."

"So he's in this world now. Great, it's not like we already have a major problem already. Sure, let's bring an insanely powerful criminal into this world where the dead walk the world and eat the living." Saya stated, as she was fuming in frustration.

"Did this Madara guy have something to do with your eyes?" Kozlov asked.

Naruto frowned sadly, "Yes. He sealed my chakra temporarily. Meaning I can't use jutsu."

"So, you're just a normal human being like us in the meantime? How long will that last?" Kaji asked.

"Yes and I don't know how long. It could be a couple hours, but the way he made it sound… could be a few days."

Kozlov went up to the blonde and wrapped his arm around his shoulders and smiled, "Then we'll just have to work harder in surviving. But hey, now I can get a go at those walkers. It was beginning to get boring anyway with you obliterating them all anyway."

Claire came down the steps quickly and hugged the blonde from behind, "Yeah, now I can actually get a chance to slice some walkers up myself."

"That's the thing. I won't be able to save everyone if we get put into a dire situation." Naruto mentioned.

"Like I said, we'll just have to work harder." Kozlov said.

Naruto looked at everyone else and saw the smiles they gave him. The blonde smiled slightly knowing that they wouldn't leave him, "My new friends… I'll just have to work extra harder to protect you all. I promise none of you will die."


The same man that watched Naruto defeat Shiroi was pacing around in a large room with a group of people, "We need to capture that boy!" He shouted and punched the wall next to him, which turned out to make a hole in.

"Calm down boss. We'll get him." A large shady guy said.

The boss turned to him and glared at him, "You! Maybe if you stopped messing with the boy and captured him, then I wouldn't be like this… Aeron."

"Don't worry. We'll get him."

"That's what you've been telling me several times now! I want the boy now. He will be the ultimate experiment! Not to mention, Kozlov and the others betrayed us!"

"I understand. Shall I grab them to come with me?"

The boss sighed, "They're not ready yet, but they will be soon enough."

"Then how do you suggest we capture him? The boy has immense power, my group and I can't take him on. Also, he has all those other people with him by his side."

The space between Aeron and his boss began to spin open. Aeron took a couple steps back, as did his boss, "What's this?"

"I couldn't help but overhear that you're trying to capture Naruto." Madara said, as he came out into full view.

Everyone of Aeron's group formed a line and aimed their guns at the mysterious man, "Who the hell are you?"

"My name is Madara Uchiha."

"Well Madara, what do you want? And think before you speak to me, or you'll be shot down where you stand." The boss said.

The ancient shinobi looked around at all the people with their weapons aimed at him, "Do you honestly think that those weapons will stop me?"

"Kill him." The boss ordered, as him and Aeron quickly got out of the line of fire. Every single person started unloading on the mysterious man, but all the bullets were going right through him.

Aeron and his boss were wide-eyed, "What the hell?" Aeron questioned.

Just a few seconds later, everyone ran out of ammo and just stared at Madara just standing there, "Are you done?" He asked.

"Stand down." Aeron said.

"Good." Madara said.

The boss stepped up, "What is it you want?"

"I only came here to tell you that you don't need to worry about Naruto's power. I have disabled him from being able to use them for a few days."

"What!?" Aeron asked.

"I've disabled his power. So if anything, you should take advantage and try to capture him now."

Aeron's boss turned to face him, "Aeron, first thing tomorrow, take them with you and capture him! In the mean time, go get some training in with everyone!"

"Yes sir." Aeron said and then faced his group, "Let's go."

The boss turned back to face Madara, "How did you find us anyway?"

"That is none of your concern. You know I'm on your side, so don't worry about it."

"I see… will you be helping us capturing him?"

"No. I have other business to attend to. I've did you a big favor and now's your chance to take advantage, but don't worry, we'll see each other again." Madara said, as he began to spin into the air until he vanished.

The boss remained standing in the rather large room alone with a straight face, but that quickly turned into a grin, "Naruto… you will be the one to lead this world to mass destruction."

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