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Chapter 14: The Little Time They Have

Time: 11:38p.m.

As it was getting late, Hitzumi and the other survivors all called it a night. However, Takashi and the others didn't. Most of them were all standing on the field talking about teams for a game of football. Saeko had her hair up in a ponytail and was no longer wearing her kimono. She wore a pair of short black gym shorts that were pretty tight on her, a white short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of sneakers. Rei was wearing the same clothing as Saeko, but her shorts were red. Claire ended up changing out of her sweatpants and boots to a pair of sneakers and dark green gym shorts as well, but she kept her dark red shirt on. Kozlov, Takashi, Kohta, Kaji, and Kaze kept their same clothing on since they didn't find it necessary to change yet. Saya and the other girls sat at the bench talking to each other and were going to watch the others play. The dog Zeke was running all around the field enjoying himself.

Naruto sat at the lower section of the stands, as he watched everyone playing football. He saw the teams came out to a four versus four. Takashi, Kohta, Kaze, and Kaji were on a team. Then you got the girls with Kozlov. Out of the times that the blonde has watched people play, he never thought that women could play such a game. He always thought that they would wind up hurt from hits like that. Shockingly to him, he watched how Saeko and Rei would actually avoid tackles so easily. He pictured that Saeko could handle it, but never had he imagined Rei. His attention moved to Kohta and Takashi, but mainly Kohta. He watched the slightly chubby boy hunched over breathing heavily.

"Kohta! Come on man, we can't let Saeko and Rei show us up." Takashi said.

Kohta waved his arm at Takashi, while still taking deep breaths, "Go… go on."

"Are you going to be okay?"

Kohta nodded, "Just tired."

Takashi sighed, "Why don't you just go rest on the bench then?"

"Because I…"

"What's going on?" Kozlov asked, as he joined in.

Takashi looked at the large Russian, "Kohta's done."

Kohta shot straight up, "No I'm not!"

Kozlov ignored him and went up to the boy. Kohta began to quiver, as he looked up at him, but before he could do anything, he felt himself being lifted off the ground, "Okay boy, I'll take you to the bench."

The others joined in and watched Kozlov taking Kohta away, "What happened?" Saeko asked.

"Kohta's tired."

"So, now what do we do?" Claire asked, as she placed her hands on her hips.

Saeko grinned, which caught everyone's attention, "I'm sure there's a replacement."

Takashi knew exactly who she was talking about and looked up at the stands to see Naruto dozing off. He smiled, as Saeko tossed Takashi the ball, which he then instantly launched the ball up at the blonde, "Hey Naruto!"

The blonde opened his eyes and saw the ball coming straight for him, which as it came closer; he easily caught it with one hand. Takashi and the others were shocked, "What's up?" Naruto asked.

Saeko grinned once again, "Kohta's out. They need you as a replacement."

Naruto frowned slightly and threw the ball back at Takashi, "Sorry, I don't know how to play fully and I'm about ready to pass out here."

Saeko placed her hands on her hips and swayed them to the side, "What's wrong Namikaze? Are you afraid of getting hurt?" She taunted.

The blonde cocked an eyebrow, "Afraid? Well, yes, I'm afraid of hurting someone."

"Oh please Naruto, you take us too lightly." Rei smirked.

Naruto placed his hands behind his head and placed his legs on top of the rail, "Sorry, but I'm going to sleep." He said, as his eyes closed.

Saeko frowned, but grinned once more when she saw Kozlov approaching the blonde from behind, "Last chance, you going to come down here or not?" Saeko asked.

The Namikaze kept his eyes shut, "I said no thanks."

Saeko and the others just stood there with smiles on, "Okay, we'll see you in just a few seconds."

"Yeah. Sure. Just… wait, a few seconds?" Naruto's eyes shot open, as he felt himself being picked up and tossed over someone's shoulder, "What the hell?!" He thought to himself and knew only one person out of the rest that could manhandle him.

"Sorry Naruto, but we need another player." Kozlov said, as he jumped over the railing and onto the field.

Kozlov placed the blonde down on his feet and saw that he had his arms crossed, "Oh cheer up Naruto, besides…" Kozlov knelt down a bit and whispered to his ear, "You have three lovely women on the other team. Just think about what could happen during this game." The Russian whispered and then began walking to the others.

"I'm just going to get myself out of this like Kohta did." Naruto whispered to himself, as he walked to the others.

Saeko smiled seeing him joining in, "Okay, let's go." She said, as her and her team separated themselves from the other team.

When they were a good distance from the other team, they quickly huddled up, "Okay, Kozlov, I need you to do me a favor." Saeko said.

"Sure, what's that?"

Saeko grinned, "I need you to give their new player a good wakeup call."

Kozlov smiled wickedly, "I can easily do that."

"Good. That's all we need done for this play. We're up by two touchdowns, so we should be fine." Saeko said and looked to see that the others were ready.

"Yo, Naruto."

The blonde looked at Takashi and saw him holding the ball, "You know what to do, right?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "I think so. Would rather be sleeping right…"

"Hike!" Takashi shouted.

Kaji and Kaze immediately darted out, while Claire went for Kaze and Rei after Kaji. Saeko came dashing for Takashi with a grin on her face. Naruto ran pass his friend, leaving Saeko to him. Once Saeko was in range to tackle him, Takashi swiftly spun around her and threw the ball at the blonde. Naruto caught the ball and just as he was about to take off, he saw Kozlov nearly right in front of him, "Wake up call Naruto!" The large Russian held out his arm and delivered a deadly clothesline to him. The impact was so strong, that once it made first contact, it literally took him off the ground right off the bat and made him flip backwards.

Everyone watched with wide-eyes. They couldn't believe that Kozlov went so far with this. Naruto hit the ground face first, as the ball wobbled away, "Naruto!" Saeko jogged toward him and eyed Kozlov on her way to the blonde.

Kozlov rubbed his head, "I think I got carried away."

Before Saeko reached him, Naruto picked himself back up and dusted himself off, "Are you okay Naruto?" Saeko asked.

Naruto began to stretch his arms and legs, "I'm fine. That was… rather... a hard blow there… but you got me up."

While Naruto wasn't looking, Saeko turned back to Kozlov and gave him a thumbs up along with a smile. Kozlov rubbed his head again, "Guess… I didn't get carried away."

"So you're going to continue playing?" Saeko asked.

"Oh yeah." The blonde answered right back.

Saeko smiled, "Good. By the way, don't underestimate us, because that might just cost you."

"Yeah. Yeah. I'll have you all tired out here soon."

The purple haired beauty made her way back to her teammates with a smile on her face still, "So he's still going to play, no?" Kozlov asked.

"Oh yeah. He's really confident about ending this game."

Rei and Claire both grinned and then they all looked at Kozlov, "Care to tire him out?" Claire asked.

The Russian kept glancing to each girl, "You three are just cruel wanting me to do such a thing, but I can do that."

Saeko's smile grew, "Good. I have something planned for him if this works."

They all began to wonder what she had plan, but Rei began to wonder what was with her personality change lately. She was no longer always so quiet, but now she seems to be hiding something, which left Rei curious what she's thinking is true or not, but she would have to save it for later. They all got into play, as they waited for Naruto to finish his stretching. Even Takashi and the others were waiting for their own teammate.

The blonde shook his head coming back to how that clothesline felt, "Man that was just as strong as… the Raikage without his lightning armor."

"Yo, Naruto!" Takashi called.

The blonde snapped out of his thought and looked to see that they were all waiting on him, "Oh, sorry." He ran up to his team and ran up to the right side. Takashi looked around and noticed how no one was in front of Naruto, but Rei and Claire were right there in front of him waiting for him to snap the ball. Kaze was next to Takashi ready to defend the best he could, but then Kaji decided to come and join to defend. Takashi then looked to see Kozlov behind the two girls and Saeko on the left side. He began to wonder why no one was on Naruto, but he just let it slide, "Hike!" Rei and Claire stepped aside letting Kozlov charge in, which caused Kaji and Kaze to freeze in their spot.

"You're going to get mowed down if you don't move." Kozlov stated.

Kaji and Kaze shivered and immediately moved aside from getting blown out of the way. Takashi cursed to himself seeing the giant Russian coming after him. He looked to see Naruto was open and quickly threw it towards the blonde. Kozlov came to a stop, nearly came close to knock him down and turned around to see Naruto open. The blonde was watching the ball come closer and caught it once it was in reach. Looking back out in front, he saw Saeko closing in on him. He attempted to change course and cut left, but Saeko picked up speed and tackled him to the ground. Next thing the blonde knew was that he was lying on his back and his arms stretched out on each side. He still held onto the ball, but felt himself pinned to the ground.

Saeko sat on his lap and had his arms pinned. She had that same grin on her face once again, "What's wrong Naruto? I thought you said you were going to have us quit?"

Naruto laid there looking up at her with no response, but Saeko lowered herself to where her face was mere inches from his, "Don't underestimate us."

A small blush crept upon the blonde's face due to how close she was and Saeko drew back a little not recalling ever seeing him blush before. She smiled and hopped off him and back up to her feet, as did Naruto. The blonde dusted himself off, while Saeko went up to him once again. She placed her pointy fingertip on the blonde's neck and slid it up to his chin slowly, "Try not to get too distracted."

Rei watched Saeko's little game with the blonde come to an end and saw that she couldn't be wrong. She now knew that Saeko's trying to get with him and began thinking what Saya went on about when they were sitting in the stands earlier.

With Saya and the others

"Oh, looks like Ms. Busujima has something for Naruto." Shizuka said.

Yuriko looked at her daughter and saw a mixture of sadness and anger, "Saya, what's wrong?"

"Saeko's not even thinking about what I talked about earlier today. She doesn't realize that when he leaves, it's going to hit her hard."

"Well, have you thought about how she's trying to spend as much time with him as possible before that time comes? She's trying to get with him before it's too late. She obviously likes him and wants all the time she can get with him."

"Have you noticed something else though?"

"What do you mean sweetie?"

"Rei's been watching Saeko a lot lately. She might be getting jealous now, but she was never like this when Naruto first joined us. I'm just now seeing this myself."

"Oh? Then it sounds like Saeko isn't the only one wanting time with him."

Saya turned to her mother, "They don't get it!"

Yuriko looked out at Naruto and the two girls, "Well, think about it, at least you have a better chance at getting with Takashi."

Saya blushed lightly, "Mom!"

Yuriko chuckled, "What? Don't you remember how you always came home from school talking about him?"

Saya's blush darkened, "Mom!"

"Awe, does little Saya have a crush on Komuro-kun?" Shizuka asked, as she came to the girl's side.

Saya jumped to the opposite side seeing the busty nurse joining in so quickly, "Shizuka-sensei! Will you two stop?!"

The next thing Saya knew was that she bumped into someone that came to her other side. She turned to see someone she would never expect, "If you have a crush on this guy, why don't you go talk to him?" Rika asked.

Before Saya could even back away, she felt someone else blocking her, "You might want to think about getting to Takashi soon before I make a move myself." Yuuki said jokingly.

Saya was starting to get annoyed with everyone pressuring her and decided to cover her ears not wanting to hear anymore. Hikari sat on the opposite side from the others and just watched how they were bugging her about her crush on the boy. She recalled seeing such behavior when Shiroi took her in. At times when he took her out to eat, she would see other groups of girls talk about some guy that the other one likes. She looked out to the field and saw Naruto just standing there still dazed from Saeko's playing.

"Naruto!" Takashi called.

The blonde snapped out of it and turned to look at his team, "Sorry." He replied and went to join them.

Hikari just sat there watching everyone and was starting to feel lonely. Every time she felt like this, Shiroi would always be there by her side to comfort her. Hikari nearly jumped when she felt someone grab her hand. She looked to her side and saw little Alice holding her hand with a smile on her face. The little girl seemed to notice that she was about to cry and caught her, "Don't worry. We're all family and we'll always have each other."

Hikari just stared at smiling girl and felt a smile slowly forming on her face.

Time Skip: 1:54a.m.

As the game ended, with the final results being forty-nine to forty-two, Saeko's team managed to keep the lead to the end. Everyone except Naruto ended up going up to the walkways where there were futons and sleeping bags and all went to sleep. Naruto lied on his back enjoying the field's soft grass. He can't believe he couldn't back up his words before playing the game, but it couldn't be helped now. His eyes slowly closed, "I guess these next few days can't be all that bad. We have a strong group and at least Madara's not…"

"How was your evening, Naruto?"

The blonde's eyes snapped open and sat up quickly to see Madara standing in front of him, "What are you…"

"I'm not here to hurt you. I'm just here to chat."

"What more is there to talk about?"

"I got some good news and bad news."

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "So what? Why are you telling me this?"

"Well, do you remember when you fought Shiroi back at that household?"

"Wait, how did you know?"

"That's of no concern to you, but anyway, you know his boss, right?"

"I heard things about him, yeah. Why?"

"He's sending a rather large group after you. He plans to capture you and probably turn you into one of those special monsters."

Naruto's eyes widened, "Shit! I'm in no condition to take on all of them, but why now?"

"The other thing is that I believe that boss of his has something that can get us back to our world."

The blonde shot up to his feet and eyed him, "Where is he?"

"Calm down. You can't take them on in your state."

"Yeah, no thanks to you."

"Anyway, that group of his should be here around morning."

"How do you know?"

"I overheard one of his pawns near some warehouse."

"Damn it. I don't have any…"

"Here." Madara held out a sheathed sword to the blonde.

Naruto looked at him completely loss as to why he's helping him, "Why are you doing this?"

"I don't want you dead yet."

"If you didn't, you wouldn't have used that seal on me in the first place."

"I had to shut you up somehow so we could talk."

Naruto looked at the sword, then back up Madara. He didn't know if he should accept the weapon or think that this could be a trap, "If you're giving me this, why not just take care of them yourself?"

"As I said once before, I have other matters to attend to."

The blonde looked back at the sword and took the weapon from the ancient shinobi, "Thanks, I guess."

"Try not to die."

Naruto looked at the weapon once more and still didn't quite get why his enemy is helping him. He couldn't figure out if this was a trap, or if he was being serious, "Just why…" Naruto stopped in mid question to see that Madara was gone.

"If what he says is true, then people are going to get hurt or killed. It's like another war's going to break out, but it's about me again…" The blonde dropped the sword and lied back down on the soft grass, "They're going to be here in the morning according to Madara… wait, it is morning, so there's no telling when they'll be here exactly. They could be here any minute." Naruto sighed deeply, "I'll have to…" Naruto cut himself off due to the sound of crackling thunder that just occurred. He began to feel a couple of rain drops hitting him, as he looked up to see that the opened dome roof was still partly opened.

Little did the blonde know that from up at the stands, Saeko managed to ease drop the conversation that he had with Madara. She felt a little pain coming from her chest.

"The other thing is that I believe that boss of his has something that can get us back to our world."

"Where is he?"

Saeko gripped her shirt, "He really does want to get back to his world." She felt tears forming in her eyes, "This is probably the last peaceful night we'll get if that guy was right about those people." She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip a little roughly, "I have to… we may never get another night like this again." Saeko got a hold of herself and just as she was about to head down to the field, she felt someone grab hold of her arm.

"You shouldn't."

Recognizing the voice, she turned around to see Saya, "What are you talking about?"

"You're about to go down there and tell him how you feel. If you do that, it's just going to make things harder on you."

Saeko removed her arm from Saya's grip, "I know. I rather have the little time with him then having absolutely no time at all."

"Listen, you go down there and have you're alone time with him. However, when the time comes of him leaving our world, you're going to be hurting too much to where it'll carry on in your memories you have with him. When that happens, it can cost you your life or someone else's."

Saeko looked back down at the field to see that Naruto was still down there and then back at Saya, "Then I'll just have to go with him back to his world."

Saya's eyes widened, "Are you crazy? You can't go to his world!" She nearly shouted.

Saeko narrowed her eyes, "I'm sure I can fit in just fine." She turned around again getting ready to head down to Naruto, but she was stopped when she saw the same guy the blonde was talking to earlier standing right in front of her.

"You sure are funny, you know that?" Madara stated, as Saeko took a couple steps back for some space.


"Yes. Naruto must've told you and the others about me. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Madara Uchiha."

"You're the one that's after him, but…"

"I am not after him for the time being. I've already talked to the boy and everything's fine."

"You say that, but once you find whatever it is to get back to your world, you're just going to end up trying to capture him again." Saeko said.

Madara laughed in amusement, as the girls had a confused look on their faces, "Not only are you funny, but you're smart. You amuse me girl, as clever as you are, you're still not as smart as you think you may be."

"What are you saying?"

Madara grinned, "Look into my eyes girl."

Saeko looked at the eye holes of his mask and soon found herself in a completely different place. She looked around and saw people working on rebuilding some places, "What is this?"

Madara appeared next to her, "This is the Hidden Leaf Village. The place Naruto was raised."

She kept looking around and noticed that everyone wore unusual clothing that others didn't wear back in her world. There were neither vehicles in sight nor any electronics either. A group of medics were carrying injured people on a stretcher and rushing to the hospital, "This is…"

"You haven't seen anything yet."

The scene changed to more of a deserted area. They were standing on a high cliff and saw several dead bodies lying throughout the field below them. She saw fireballs being shot at toward some people and watched as they were burnt to a crisp. The next thing she saw was a humanoid decaying giant stomping everyone in its view. Then two people grew just as big as the giant to fight off the giant. Saeko started to shiver seeing this war breakout, "You see girl, and this world is completely different. You wouldn't be able to survive in our world."

"But, where's…"

The scene changed once more to another deserted area. They stood up on a cliff once again and looked down at the field. There were two people, one was Madara himself and the other one Saeko saw was Naruto, "This is when…"

"Yes, this is before we were sent to your world."

Down below, Madara called forth his Susanoo, while Naruto held out his Rasengan. The two collided with their attacks, which caused a major explosion. Saeko covered her eyes due to how powerful it was. Once it died down a bit, she looked back down to see a black sphere forming and engulfing the two, "You see girl, this world isn't meant for humans. It's more of a survival of the fittest kind of world."

The scene changed one last time, but this time they were back in the stadium. Saya looked at Saeko to see that she was completely lost. She looked at Madara, "What did you do?"

"Nothing. All I did was show her what our world is like. Apparently, she couldn't handle it."

Saya looked back at Saeko, "Are you okay?"

Not a word came from her, "Anyway, I've showed you what it's like and your foolish feelings for the boy need to be erased. Listen to your friend here and forget about loving the boy." Madara said, as he disappeared.

Saeko fell to her knees still not believing what she saw just not too long ago. Saya went to her side, "Saeko, come on. Get a hold of yourself."

"He's right… that world is…"


She blinked a couple times and looked at Saya, "S-Sorry."

"What exactly did you see?"

"That guy… showed me what it was like in Naruto's world."

Saya cocked an eyebrow already knowing what he showed her, but not sure how it was, "What was it like?" She asked.

Saeko remembered seeing the destruction of places, people dying, and monsters in her vision, "It was… like an actual horror movie of the world coming to an end."

Saya looked down at the field to see the blonde still just lying there enjoying the little rain pouring down on him, "Did you see Naruto in the vision that guy was showing you?"

"Yes. I saw him and Naruto fighting. They collided with one another with some power, which caused a black sphere to send them to our world."

Saya sighed and pushed her glasses up slightly, "You see? Even he showed you that it wouldn't be smart to go to his world."

This time, Saeko didn't bother to try and fight back with her. She was still picturing what she had just seen, "I'm sorry, but now you know it's not a good idea."

Saeko was ignoring the girl, drawing back to the night when Naruto had her in his arms jumping from roof to roof. The moon she saw above him and how she was beginning to fall for him more that night. The next memory she drew back to was when they were at the Takagi manor. Then the image skipped to where she had kissed him before he took care of Shiroi.

"What's going on?"

Saya looked behind her and saw Rei coming to check on them, "Saeko just had a bad vision."

"What kind of vision?"

"It's nothing to worry about."

Rei narrowed her eyes then looked at Saeko, "What did you see?"

"That guy that's after Naruto showed up and showed me…"

"It's nothing to worry about." Saya said once again to keep Saeko from continuing.

Rei was starting to get real annoyed with Saya lately, "Shut up! These pass couple of days; you've been nothing but a pain in the ass!"

The others began to stir in their sleep, while Takashi, Kaji, and Kozlov woke up. They looked out to see the three girls, but mainly saw Rei getting ready to pounce on Saya.

"And these pass couple days, you've been too stupid to get what I'm trying to tell you!" Saya spat back.

"You want us to leave him! What kind of friend are you?!"

"What's going on?" Takashi asked, as Kaji and Kozlov joined in with him.

Rei turned to Takashi, "Apparently that guy that's after Naruto showed up."

"What? When?"

"It couldn't have been too long ago." Rei answered.

Takashi looked at Saeko getting back to her feet, "What exactly happened Saeko?"

She turned around to look at the others, "He showed…"

A lout thump sound came from on top of the stadium, which everyone immediately looked up, "What was that?" Kaji asked.

More thumping sounds came from above, which was starting to worry everyone. They were all quiet, as the sound was moving, "It sounds like it's moving…"

Saeko widened her eyes and quickly looked down at the field to see Naruto lying there still, "Naruto!" She yelled.

The blonde opened his eyes and got up to his feet to look up toward the others, "What is…" Before he finished his question, he noticed the rain not pouring on him anymore. He looked up to see several figures above looking down at him. Since there wasn't much light, he couldn't tell who they were. He saw a sparkle above and quickly took a step back, as a spear came piercing the ground of where he once stood. His attention was still fixed to the figures above not taking them out of his sight.

"We need to get down there quick." Kozlov said, as he was the first one to dart down the stairs.

"Kaji, go wake up..."

"See y'all down there." Kaze said, as him and Claire followed Kozlov.

"Shit. They've decided to come… this isn't going to be good." Kozlov thought.

Naruto quickly looked to his side to see his sword and quickly looked up to see them still standing there. It was like they were waiting for him to pick up his weapon. He stepped on the sword and dragged it towards him and prompted it up on his foot to where he kicked it up to catch it. Finally, the figures above jumped down, which Naruto just stood there, watching them. Once they landed, the ground below them turned into a crater, which Naruto knew exactly who one of them was.

"We meet again, Naruto." Aeron said.

The blonde chuckled, "So it seems." He looked at four unknowing people he hasn't seen before, two standing on each side of Aeron, but knew the other people were just normal pawns. The four he was wondering, all wore black robes with the hood covering their faces, "I see you brought new friends this time."

"Yeah. I'm afraid you're going to have to come with us."

"I'm afraid that's not going to happen." Naruto replied.

Aeron sighed then chuckled, "Then I guess we'll have to roughen you up a bit."

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