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Chapter 15: A Familiar Face

Naruto unsheathed the sword that Madara had given him and saw something unusual about it. It had a circular guard, which was designed to look like the Sharingan. He turned the sword to see that the other side looked like the Rinnegan, "I've never seen a design like this before."

"Fancy blade you got there." Aeron commented.

"Naruto!" The blonde looked to the right and saw Kozlov with the others about to jump over the railing. However, two of Aeron's men appeared in front of them, "Shit." The Russian said, as the two cloaked figures began to push them back.

"Don't take your eyes off the enemy." Aeron stated.

Naruto quickly looked back to see the other two cloaked figures charging at him. The two of them kept switching sides trying to throw the blonde off. He looked at the two approaching enemies and saw a strange object sliding out of their sleeves. They didn't fully release their weapon yet, but as they got closer, a flesh-like blade hit the ground and was being dragged. They both raised their blade and struck down at the blonde, but Naruto quickly blocked their attack. Seeing as it was two on one, Naruto felt himself being overpowered, "They're using their arms as a blade? Damn it, they'll defiantly overpower me like this."

Naruto quickly jumped back, as the two ended up striking the ground. The blonde reached into his back pocket and brought out his father's kunai, "It won't be much, but if I'm going to actually have a chance, this is the best choice."

Before he even realized it, one of them was right up in front of him, "Shit!" It sliced his blade up, which Naruto jumped back, but still ended up with a scratch on his left cheek. He heard the figure laugh, as it saw the blood on his cheek. The other one came speeding right passed its partner and was already right in front of him, "They're too fast." Just as he landed, the other one sliced diagonally and managed to cut his left shoulder down to his right hip. His shirt ripped in half, which he ignored the pain and removed it. The guy that just sliced him began to laugh at the sight of the blonde's blood.

Naruto swung his sword horizontally, but the figure easily blocked his attack, "Who are you?" Naruto asked.

His enemy kept laughing insanely watching the blood coming from the blonde, "Who am I?" Hearing the voice, Naruto knew it was a man and watched as he removed his hood. The guy had spiky black hair and yellowish colored eyes, "I'm Tenma and the other one there, is Kira, but that won't matter to you soon."

Naruto looked back to see Kira with their hood off and realized that it was a girl. She had long black hair and red colored eyes. Tenma grabbed the blonde's neck with his other hand and threw him back toward Kira, "Not only speed, but he has good strength too. In that case…" Naruto placed his father's kunai back in his pocket.

Kira had a wide and wicked smiled on her face, as her other arm changed into another blade. Once Naruto was close enough to her, he quickly blocked both her attacks, "She can turn both her arms into weapons, but I'm sure the other one can do that too. They both have speed, while he has strength, but her other trait is still unknown. And the others are occupied by the other two. But their leader is just standing there watching with a few of his other men. This isn't looking good."

"You're mine." The blonde's eyes widened and looked back to see Tenma behind him with his weapon raised up, "Ha!" He shouted and slashed down at the blonde.

Kozlov and the gang were forced to back up to the top of the stairs from the ongoing attacks from the two cloaked figures. One of them was using two swords and the other one was using nothing but their fists for now. Claire and Saeko quickly retreated to their bedrolls to grab their sword that was lying next to their own. They quickly joined back with the others just to both be attacked by the one with the two swords, but they managed to block the oncoming attack. Claire and Saeko both pushed their attack back and both attempted to slice the enemy's arms off, but the attacker easily avoided them.

"Saeko, be careful. She's not to be taken lightly." Claire said.

"I never take my opponents lightly." She replied.

The enemy stood a few feet in front of them and began to laugh, "Dear sweet Claire. It sure has been a while, hasn't it?"

Claire grinned, "You tell me Miyuki."

The now named enemy Miyuki smiled under her hood and quickly removed her robe. The girl has purple colored eyes and long light gray hair, not to mention that her skin was pretty pale. She wore a pair of getas and a short green colored Yukata, which stopped at her thighs. The sides were cut up the middle to show some skin.

"Well, it's been quite a while. Tell me, have you been training lately? I still remember like it was yesterday how you were easily beat by…"

"Shut up!" The country gal charged in after her with frustration roaming around her insides.

Saeko charged in assisting her seeing how it was too late since her emotions took over so quickly. Miyuki stood absolutely still with a smile on her face still, while Claire closed in on her, she swung her sword horizontally only for Miyuki to dodge with ease. Claire attempted another swing, but Saeko caught up to her and swung her sword, but Miyuki easily blocked them, "Hmm, Busujima's daughter and a student of mine. This should be quite interesting."

Miyuki broke the guard, which Claire and Saeko were performing a series of synced assaults. Miyuki had her eyes closed and a small smile on her face, as she was swiftly dodging every attack, "She dodges our attacks like they're nothing." Saeko thought.

Claire pulled back and shot her sword forward hoping to stab her teacher's chest. Miyuki swung her sword up at Claire's sword, which caused her to lose her grip, as her sword went flying in the air. Saeko drew back her sword and kicked Miyuki's stomach, but the way she didn't even move showed that it didn't even make her budge, "Surely this isn't all you got." Miyuki said, as she kicked Claire on the side of the head, which sent the country gal back. She then attempted to kick Saeko's stomach, but she caught her leg before hand.

Miyuki swung her sword sideways, but Saeko quickly let go of her leg and jumped back, "She can move so freely and apparently she didn't even seem bothered by the kick."

"Come on, I know for a fact that my student is better than this. As for Busujima's daughter, I know you're better…"

Miyuki felt someone above her and looked up to see Hikari with her arm ready to end her. Miyuki quickly dove to the side, as Hikari ended up striking the ground. The force was strong enough to leave a pretty decent size hole. Miyuki got up to her feet and looked over at Hikari, "Well, well, well, now Hikari's here." She watched as Hikari slowly stood straight back up with a blank look on her face, "Hikari, why did you join these people?"

Hikari didn't say a word at first and just kept staring at Miyuki, "I joined them because I can't stand being used as a killer. I just want to live a good life and have friends."

Miyuki's eyes widened, "Friends huh?"

"Not only that. But Naruto promised me he was going to help me lose these cursed powers."

Miyuki grinned, "Oh really? If I heard right, he's trying to get back home, is he not? What if he ended up finding a way home before helping you with your problem?"

Hikari's eyes slightly widened, "He'll just go home and leave you behind without…"

"Enough!" Claire shouted, as Miyuki quickly blocked an oncoming strike.

Saeko came in after her, while Hikari didn't even move, "Looks like Hikari should be there for a while. Now I can just focus on these two for a bit longer. Guess I'll have some more fun with you two."


The large Russian was in a battle of dominance with the last hooded figure, "You're still stronger than ever Kozlov."

A grin formed on the Russian's face, "Same goes for you Shougo."

The two came to a draw, as Shougo removed his hood to reveal that he had a rather large looking scar running diagonally across his face. He has brown colored eyes and short black hair, "I was one that never really enjoyed fighting, but I'm being forced to."

Kozlov closed his eyes and lowered his head a bit, "I know. You should've left the boss when you had the chance back then."

Shougo sighed and shrugged, "I guess I should've. However," Shougo blinked once and tilted his head to the side a bit to see Kaze off to his left with his guns aimed right at him, "Kaze… and I believe Miyuki's taking on Claire and Hikari, along with a friend of theirs."

"Yeah." Kaze answered, not letting his guard down.

"Whatever happened to Shiroi?"

Kozlov frowned sadly, "He was killed in order to keep his plan going."

Shougo's eyes widened, "Shiroi?" Shougo then sighed, "Man, I really liked drinking with that guy."

Kozlov decided to change the conversation, "So Tenma and Kira are down there facing Naruto. They'll end up killing him since he doesn't have his power."

"Wrong. We were sent here to capture him, not kill him."

Kaze stepped in, "Why? You don't like how the boss is using you, but you still continue to help him. Why? Why serve him still after everything?"

Shougo sighed, "It's not that simple."

"How?" Kozlov asked.

"Well, he was already onto me about leaving them back then. So, he decided to pull me aside to discuss a few things with him. However, he tricked me and knocked me out. The next thing I knew was that I was lying on some table. Turns out he planted a bomb inside my head. He holds the switch to set it off."

Kozlov and Kaze's eyes widened, "Shougo…" Kozlov couldn't even think of anything to say and started to feel frustrated knowing that the boss would do such a thing.

"Yeah. There's nothing I can do now, but to do what he says. If I keep doing what he says, he said he would gladly remove the bomb."

"Shougo, what if he's lying?" Kaze asked.

"I don't know. Whether he is or not, it's worth the effort."

"Is he watching you right now or something?" Kaze asked.

"No. However, Aeron reports to him if anything."

Kozlov glared down at Aeron just standing there watching Naruto take on the blood thirsty duo, "Shougo."


"Let's say I decide to kill Aeron here and now…"

"I can't allow that."

The Russian looked back at him, "Why not?"

"Because if he died when I'm on duty with him, I die."

"That sick bastard." Both Kaze and Kozlov said at the same time.

"I must warn you both. The boss brought in someone and he's here with us right now."


"Yes, he's some crazed guy in my view, but the boss took him in."

"Do you know anything about him?" Kozlov asked.

"Not really, but he had some foolish people with him."

"I see. So there's no telling what this guy is capable of now since he was taken in."

"When exactly did the boss take this guy in?" Kaze asked.

"A couple days ago."

"Shougo!" The three of them looked down at the field to see Aeron looking up at them, "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Just catching up before I end them!"

"Quit wasting time then!"

Shougo looked back at Kozlov, "I don't really want to fight, so you mind if we just put on a little performance?"

Kozlov smiled, "Of course. I'm going to help you once this is over to make the boss take that bomb out of you."

Shougo smiled and then looked at Kaze, "You might want to go help out your friend down there."

Kaze kept his serious look on and then looked down to see that Naruto was actually struggling with the duo. He then looked up to see that Takashi, Rei, Kaji, and Kohta were running for the other survivors. Shizuka and the other girls were just staying back out of the way to watch. Then he saw that Miyuki was taking on Saeko, Claire, and Hikari, but Hikari was standing there. He knew how Miyuki plays and figured she must've said something to make Hikari just stand there. Quickly looking back at Shougo, he nodded and ran down the stairs.

"Shall we?" Kozlov asked.

Shougo looked at the Russian and smiled, "Let me get more comfortable first." Shougo literally ripped his robe right off to show that he was massively built equally to Kozlov, if not bigger. He only wore a black pair of army looking boots and forest colored camo cargo pants, "You ready?"

Kozlov smiled, as the two giants both shot a punch for one another.


The blonde stumbled back after receiving a harsh kick to his stomach. He wasn't handling himself quite well with the duo. Although he did manage to get a few hits in, it just wasn't enough. The more bloodshed through this fight, the more crazy the duo got, which was overwhelming for the blonde. Naruto looked at his right arm to see how the blood was flowing from his upper arm. He then looked at the duo and saw the craze look on their faces, "These two… how the hell am I going to continue?"

A couple gunshots echoed the stadium, which Naruto saw the duo in front of him take the hits. He looked to his right and saw Kaze coming to assist, "Yo."

"Well if it isn't Kaze. It's been a while." Tenma said.

Kaze looked at the crazed duo, "Yep. Of course these shots wouldn't kill you."

Naruto looked at them and saw that they instantly healed, "They can heal that fast?"

"Yeah. The only way you can kill them is by beheading them, which is going to be incredibly tough."

Naruto felt his arm starting to get a bit heavy from the amount of blood loss. He stabbed the sword into the ground to help keep him up on his feet, "Damn it. These two are just going to get even more psychotic." His thought was right once he saw the duo's eyes wide and a huge smile on their face.

Kaze looked toward Aeron's way and saw that he was just standing there with his arms crossed and then back at the duo to see that they were charging at them. He began unloading on them, but the duo easily intercepted the bullets with their flesh-like blades. Watching them close in on them, Kaze was starting to curse to himself, but he saw that they weren't going after him. They were ignoring him and focused on the blonde. Naruto quickly lifted his sword up to block the oncoming attacks, "Damn it. Now they're just fucking with me since my guns can't do shit."

Tenma and Kira slashed their blades at the blonde like crazy. Their attacks weren't messy crazy, but more like their attacks were in sync with one another. Naruto was starting off okay in his condition blocking and or dodging their attackshere and there. The duo continued their onslaught and kept laughing like maniacs. Naruto ducked and sidestepped to avoid some of their oncoming attacks. Kaze watched and kept cursing to himself, as he reloaded. The blonde kicked Tenma back and slashed his sword down on Kira's shoulder blade, followed by swinging it fully down to her hips. The duo stopped their onslaught; as Kira looked down to see blood pouring out of her. Kira wiped up some of the blood with her finger and licked it right off, as the wound quickly healed. Naruto was a bit disgusted seeing this, but then he quickly blocked an attack from her.

"More! Come on! I want to see you bleed more!" Kira shouted.

Tenma decided to stay back and watch his partner go at it, but ended up taking a series of bullets from staying back. When the shots came to a stop, Tenma looked down at himself to see bullet holes everywhere on his body. That changed once the bullets popped right out of his body and quickly healed. He looked at Kaze to see that he had a 'You've got to be fucking kidding me' look on his face.

"Damn it." Kaze said and quickly reloaded before Tenma decided to come after him.

Naruto was starting to keep up better since it was only one on him this time, but as they continued intercepting one another; Kira was slowly gaining the upper hand. Kira swung her blade horizontally at him. Shockingly, Naruto decided to take the hit by catching it with his free hand. He ignored the pain, as blood came flowing out of his hand. Kira attempted to pull her blade back, but was unable to. Naruto didn't let go and lined his sword up with her neck. Kira began to struggle and had no luck breaking free. She looked at the blonde and just before he swung his sword, clapping began to echo the stadium. They and everyone else above came to a halt. Kozlov and the others looked down at the field to see Aeron clapping.

"Bravo. Bravo. Naruto-kun, even without your powers, you amuse me." Aeron said.

Kira saw that the blonde was distracted and quickly broke free and kicked him hard enough, that it caused him to fall on his back. She placed one foot on his chest and had her blade pointed right at his face. Naruto knew she wouldn't kill him and just stared up at her, "So you needed a distraction in order to prevail?"

Kira cocked an eyebrow, "Fuck you!"

"Kira!" Aeron shouted just before she was about to end the blonde's life.

"You're lucky." Kira said, as she backed off.

Naruto got back up to his feet and looked at Aeron, "Naruto-kun. I'm afraid that those two will have to back down now."

Tenma and Kira looked at Aeron with ticked looks, "What!?" They both shouted.

"I said to back down for now."

The duo mumbled upon them self and walked back to him and his pawns, "Naruto my boy," Another hooded figure walked up toward the blonde, "This man here wishes to thank you for something."

Naruto watched as the figure stood at about twenty feet in front of him. The guy grabbed his hood and quickly removed it. The blonde's eyes widened seeing who it was and didn't think he would see him again, "It sure has been a while since we've seen each other. Has it not Naruto-kun?"


"That's me." The sly teacher said with a light smile on his face.

"So, whatever happened to your students?"

Shido began to chuckle, "Oh. Well, you see, I kind of accidently killed them."

Naruto then glared at the teacher, "You bastard!"

"Anyway, I just wanted to thank you of how you took care of his and then abandoned us." Shido's arms split open, as a blade came out from within. He then hunched over, as curved bone-like spikes stuck out his back. The teacher then looked at the boy, "I'll start off easy for now." He grinned and took one step, which then caused him to be right in front of Naruto.

"Shit!" Naruto blocked both the blades, but he couldn't hold long at all and was forced to jump back. Shido was high on him though and swung his right arm at him, but once again Naruto blocked it. Since it wasn't both blades, he managed to hold his block longer.

"Just how long do you think you can withstand this without your power boy?" Shido asked and swung his left arm. Naruto broke his own guard and jumped up to avoid the horizontal strike, "Just what do you think you're doing?" Shido asked and attempted to slash up at him, but Naruto placed his foot on Shido's head and used it to jump further up. Shido stumbled down a bit from the force and looked up to see the blonde was up pretty high, "Where do you think you're going?"

Naruto reached into his back pocket again and took out his father's kunai. Shido shot his right blade up at the blonde, which he cross his sword and kunai to hopefully 'up' his blocking. However, once Shido struck the blonde's weapons, Naruto lost his grip and managed to drop both his weapons. He fell to the ground harshly on his back and decided to lay there a bit, "There's not much I can do anymore. I've lost a good amount of blood and I don't know how much longer I can keep this up."

Shido walked up to the blonde and looked down at him, "What's wrong Naruto-kun? Are you already done?"

The blonde looked up at him and had absolutely no feelings going through his mind. Only two words were about to surface, and those two words are, "Fuck you."

The teacher cocked an eyebrow and shot his right arm down at the blonde. Naruto couldn't move one bit and ended up getting stabbed through his stomach. The blonde's eyes widened and hacked up blood. Shido began to laugh at the sight of a so called god in this world, "I'm a true god! Your title will no longer co-exist in this world!" He shouted, as he pulled his arm back and stabbed the blonde, but this time he stabbed his left shoulder. Shido pulled his blade back once more and pointed it at his chest, "Maybe I should kill you since you're no longer needed."

Naruto kept his eyes shut and refused to scream in pain, "Freeze!"

Shido and everyone on the field looked up at the stands to see several survivors with guns aimed right at them. Aeron sighed, "Great, looks like we woke them up."

Shougo and Miyuki just stood there watching the newcomer slaughter the blonde, "Of all people. He had to bring in this psycho?" Miyuki thought.


The purple haired beauty turned around to see Takashi and the others coming to join. Her glance quickly looked back down at the field to see Naruto still lying there, "Hang on Naruto, we're coming to get you." She then looked back at Takashi and them, "We need to go down there and get Naruto out of there."

They all looked down at the field to see a beaten and bloody Naruto, "I'll get him." Takashi said and instantly took off down the steps.

"Be careful." Rei said.


"If only that damn Madara didn't seal my chakra. Just by the way this crazy bitch acts, I would completely demolish him."

Naruto looked up to see the teacher looking all around the stands. He looked passed the psycho and saw his weapons lying there, "I don't even have the strength to reach for them. All I can do is…"


The blonde turned his head to the left and saw Takashi coming up to him, "What the hell is he doing?!"

Shido looked at Rei's childhood friend coming toward them, "Ah, Takashi. What could you possibly do to help?"

Takashi ignored him and helped lift Naruto up to his feet by placing the blonde's arm around his shoulders. Shido cocked an eyebrow, "What the fuck do you think you're…"

"Stop!" Hitzumi shouted.

Shido looked back up at the stands at the leader of the group, "You know, I'm trying to finish what this boy started. If you're going to interfere, you'll die."

Takashi began heading back to the stands where Kozlov was so that the Russian can help them up the wall. Naruto was having a tough time keeping his eyes open and kept coughing up blood, "Hang in there Naruto. Once we reach the wall, we'll be safe." Takashi said, but when he glanced over at the exit on the ground floor, he saw someone walking out to the field slowly. Once the person came out into a better look, Takashi's eyes widened and saw that it was a walker. Not only just that, but once that one came out, several more were right behind the first one, "Walkers!" He shouted.

Everyone in the stadium looked to the exit on the field and saw a horde of them walking out to the field, "Shit! How did they get in?" Hitzumi asked.

Takashi picked up the pace and saw Kozlov at the bottom of the steps waiting for them, "Here." Kozlov reached down to grab Naruto's hand and easily lifted him up. Once Naruto was placed down, he immediately sat down on the steps. Kozlov then grabbed Takashi and lifted him up over the wall.

"We need to get out of here." Takashi said.

Shido looked up to see Naruto getting away, "No you don't!" Before he could take off after him, the walkers began swarming all around them. Shido sliced a couple of their heads off with his blades, "You may be able to get away this time Naruto-kun, but just remember! I will find you… and I will kill you!"

Aeron saw that Shougo and Miyuki were still up there, not to mention, that they were in close range of the blonde. Before he ordered them to capture the blonde, he took quick notice to see that Kozlov and everyone were up there, meaning that it would be extremely difficult for the two of them to take them all on. His attention turned back to all the walkers and saw that they were the problem at hand now, "Kill them all and then we'll head back to base to discuss this with the boss!" Aeron ordered.

Once Kozlov lifted Takashi over the wall, Kaze had finally come up to their side, which Kozlov immediately heaved him up. Shougo jumped over the railing to go assist Aeron and the others. Miyuki left Saeko and her student, as she ran for the stairs. However, once Takashi and Kaze ran passed her, she saw Kozlov with Naruto in his arms. She slowed down, which Kozlov did as well. The two stared at one another both waiting for the one to make a move, "Miyuki…"


"What do you want?"

She looked at the blonde in his arms, which Naruto looked her in the eyes, "You made a promise to Hikari. Why make a promise to which you can't keep? You're leaving this world and say you get the chance before you helped Hikari achieved her normal life again. What will you do? Will you go back home breaking your promise? Or will you stay and keep it even if it means you'll never get another chance to return home?"

Kozlov kept his gaze on Miyuki still thinking that she'll make a move if he let his guard down. Naruto was breathing heavily and heard what she asked, but he didn't know what to say. Miyuki stood there not caring what was going on down below or what the others up the stairs were doing. Gun shots echoed throughout the stadium, which Hitzumi and his group were doing their best to take out the walking dead. Some of the walkers came up to some of the survivors from behind and began feasting on them. At the top of the steps, everyone was already making their way back outside to the Humvee, but Takashi stayed behind with Saeko and Claire. They looked down the steps to see Miyuki standing in front of the Russian's path, "Kozlov!" Claire called out.

The giant Russian looked up at the trio, "Go on ahead!"

"Are you insane?! Surely there are walkers out there waiting for us. We need to stick together!"

"Just go!"

The country gal decided not to go against him and went to join the others, leaving Saeko and Takashi behind. They still didn't want to go without them and just remained there, "We're not going without you!" Takashi said.

Kozlov started to get a bit ticked at the stubbornness coming from the duo, "I said to get the fuck out of here!"

Both Takashi and Saeko's eyes widened from the raise in his voice. Takashi closed his eyes and bowed his head, as he placed his hand on Saeko's shoulder, "Let's go." He said.

"We can't just leave them."

"Kozlov is a tough guy, I'm sure the two of them will be right behind us."

Saeko decided to look back down at them and nodded, "Okay." She said, as they both ran for the others.

Kozlov looked back at Miyuki, "My Kozlov, I've never heard you get so serious like that in a long time."

The Russian ignored her, which she then looked back at the blonde, "Well?"

Naruto closed his eyes and pictured the opportunity of him returning home. Then he saw everyone there with him. All of them had a mix of happy and sadness on their face. He looked over to Hikari and saw a puzzled look on her face. She recalled him promising her that he would help her get her normal life back, but there he was, about to return back to his home without fulfilling his promise. Back in his world, he remembered all the promises he made and had actually fulfilled them. However, this promise he made for someone in this world, he just didn't know what exactly to do.

Miyuki folded her arms waiting for an answer, "Look Miyuki, can we…"

"No. I need to hear this from him now."

The blonde opened his eyes and looked at her, which she kept her gaze on him, "I…"

"We're almost there!" Kaze shouted back at the others. As they were continuing their path, they had actually run into quite a bit of walkers. Kaze had been the one to lead them with Kohta right behind him. The two firearm experts would easily take them out with the distance they had between them and the walkers that were ahead. Just up ahead, they saw the exit and a few walkers. Kaze and Kohta easily took them out, which they all preceded to the Humvee.

Shizuka pulled out the keys, but when she did, Rika took them right out of her hand, "I'll be driving for now on." She said and winked at her friend.

Mr. Maddo came out from under the car and saw everyone rushing to the vehicle. He had a puzzled look on his face, "What's going on?" He asked, as they all rushed inside the vehicle.

Saya stopped and cocked an eyebrow, "Were you here this whole time?"

"Yes. Why are we leaving?"

A sweat dropped down the back of Saya's head, "Did you not see all those walkers?"

Mr. Maddo shook his head, "I didn't see any."

Saya was at a complete loss of words and shook her head to snap out of it, "Doesn't matter. Just get in." She said, as she hopped in.

Once everyone was in, Rika turned it on, "Wait! We can't go yet." Takashi said.

"We can't stay much longer. If you haven't noticed," Rika looked at the rear view mirror and saw another large horde coming their way, "There are several more behind us. We can only stay for a few seconds."

Everyone turned to look at the back window to see the horde slowly approaching, "Damn it Kozlov. Hurry." Claire thought.

They then looked back to the entrance and saw no one coming out, "Twenty seconds."

The tension was rising when they couldn't spot the Russian and as the time was going by, "Ten seconds."

Still no sign of anyone coming out of the building and as the walkers were getting closer, "Five… Four… Three…"

Saeko was about to open the door to run back in there and look for them, but Saya stopped her; "Let me out."

"No. We have to go now before we're all the dead's feast. I'm sure they'll be fine anyway, but we need to get going."

"Two… One…"


Rika put the shift on drive and pushed down on the pedal, "Hold on!" As she hit that pedal, she came to a screeching start and turned the vehicle to where they weren't facing the horde.

Claire didn't take her eyes off the entrance and that's when she saw Kozlov coming out, "Wait! They're here!" Everyone looked at the entrance to see them, but the walkers were closing in.

Takashi opened the door and went out after them, along with Saeko, Rei, and Claire. Takashi actually stopped and went back to the vehicle, "Go to the mall. There are survivors there and we'll meet you all there, but go now."

Rika sighed, "Are you crazy?!" Saya nearly shouted.

"Don't worry; we'll be there in a couple days. Just go."

"You can't hopefully…" Takashi shut the door, which Rika then took off.

"They left? What the hell?" Kozlov questioned, as he approached the others.

"Yeah. I told them to meet at the mall." Takashi answered.

Kozlov sighed, "What are we going to do about that?"

They all turned to see the horde coming in closer, "We need to get out of here first of all. There are some good places to take cover nearby." Takashi answered yet again.

They all looked at the blonde in the giant's arms and saw that he had passed out, not to mention that he was still bleeding, but not as bad, "We need to get going now. He needs attention." Rei stated.

Kozlov looked out at the horde again and noticed that there was no way of getting out of here. He sighed and looked at the others, "You four take Naruto." He said and placed him down, which Takashi and Rei went to the blonde's side to have his arm around them both.

Takashi looked at the Russian with a confused look, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to buy you all time to get out of here."

Claire's eyes widened followed by the others, "No! We can all get out of here together." She said.

A smile formed on the giant's face, "We can't."

Tears began to escape the country gal's eyes, "Kozlov! We're not going without you."

"Don't worry; I can take care of all these walkers easily. You all just need to get out of here."

Claire didn't say anything this time knowing that Kozlov never changes his decisions. She wiped her tears and quickly hugged her teammate, "You better be right behind us." She sobbed.

Kozlov hugged her back, "I will." The two let each other go, "Now go!"

Claire wiped the tears away once again and nodded, as they all ran the other way. Kozlov sighed and watched the massive oncoming horde, "I'll see you all soon." He said to himself and charged for the dead.

Time Skip: 1 hour
Time: 3:47a.m.

Takashi and the others came across a shrine at the top of a rather large set of steps. They decided to stay here for the time being. Candles were lit, the door was sealed shut, and the only thing you could hear was the rain outside. The time it took them to get here, they saw that the bleeding had stopped on its own. They scattered to look for anything that they could use to make sleeping more comfortable. Rei ended up finding a few pillows in a box, while Takashi managed to find some sheets. Saeko ended up finding some bath robes, which had her completely lost as to why there would be bath robes in a shrine. Rei went to the resting blonde and lifted his head up to place a pillow underneath. Takashi unfolded a sheet and covered him up to his chest. Saeko placed the robes on the floor, which were all colored white and took one for her own. She went behind a shoji screen and began removing her wet clothing. Rei grabbed a robe herself and went behind another shoji that was on the opposite side. She too began removing her clothes and throwing them over the top. Takashi's eyes were slightly widened, as he kept glancing back and forth between the two shoji's to see the two stripping down slowly.

Claire ended up just standing at the door waiting for Kozlov's arrival. After losing Shiroi, she didn't want to lose another teammate. Kozlov was the calm and wise one of the group, not to mention the strongest one left. Saeko was taking her time changing; her thoughts went back to what Madara had told and showed her. After watching Naruto nearly getting killed, she couldn't stand seeing him gone in her life. Her feelings for him were too strong for her 'not' to love him. She tossed her shirt over the shoji and kept thinking of what to do. Deep down, she wanted to just confess how she felt about him, but then when Madara told her that she wouldn't last in his world. After thinking it over so many times, she decided that she will do what she wants. She didn't care what Saya nor Madara said. After removing her shorts, she slipped her arms through the sleeves and wrapped the robe. She then tied it and felt rather relaxed of how comfortable it felt. She and the others knew that they would have to stay here for most of the day once the sun rises so they can dry their clothes off.

Both Rei and Saeko came out from behind the shoji with the robes on and saw that Takashi had passed out with his pants on, but his shirt was off. Claire had passed out too with a sheet tightly wrapped around her. Her shirt and shorts were on the ground next to her. They both went to grab a pillow and their own covers.

2 hours later

A pair of eyes opened to see darkness and could smell the scent of candles. Naruto leaned up slowly and couldn't see anything. He saw a light framing a door and removed the sheets off him. He got up to his feet and walked for the door. The next step he took almost ended up stepping on someone if he hadn't noticed someone sleeping on the ground. Once he reached the door, he pushed open the door to where he can squeeze through the space instead of having to open it all the way. He quietly closed the door and began walking forward. Thanks to the light coming from the moon, he took notice to see that they were at some shrine and saw a few small statues in the middle of the place. Some other shrine to the side, so he thought it could be. He walked to the middle of the courtyard and looked up at the moon. His hand made its way to the spots he was stabbed at by that evil teacher, "Looks like I still heal pretty fast."

"How are you feeling?"

Naruto kept looking up at the moon since he recognized that voice, "Feeling better than before, but not a hundred percent. I still feel pretty light."

Saeko came to his side and looked up at the moon as well. She then realized her current state and then looked at the blonde, "Naruto."

"Where are we?" He asked.

Saeko's body jumped a bit from him ignoring her call, "We're at a shrine."

"Obviously. Where are the others? I know that everyone's not here because that shrine is too small for all of us."

Saeko frowned, "Takashi, Rei, and Claire are in there. The others went to the mall."

"I see. I owe Kozlov a big thank you when I see him."

Saeko closed her eyes halfway, "I-I don't think you'll be able to…"

Naruto snapped his head to look at her, "What do you mean?"

"H-He stayed back to take on a massive horde on his own in order for us to get away." The blonde's eyes widened, "I'm sorry." Saeko said.

Naruto clenched his fists and nearly grinded his teeth. He snapped his head to the other side and looked down at the ground. Anger was boiling within him, due to losing a friend that he hadn't known for very long. He liked how the Russian was always wise, friendly, and caring. Saeko placed her hand on his shoulder and when she did, her eyes widened. She had seen something that she had never seen, something that she had never pictured nor imagined before. There, she saw a tear sliding down the blonde's cheek. She slowly wiped up that tear, which Naruto then turned to look back at her, "No one else in our group is going to die. I swear… I'm going to kill them all."

Saeko knew who he was referring to and saw how serious he was. She saw that he was hurting over the loss and wrapped her arms around him. Thanks to her embrace, his anger began to die down slowly. He frowned sadly and closed his eyes, as he wrapped his arms around her waist. His head bowed slightly, as his anger was finally coming to an end. They both rested their chin on each other's shoulder. He was glad Saeko had told him now rather than later when he would've expected to see Kozlov at the mall. If she hadn't told him and waited to tell him then, she knew that he would be extremely pissed. Naruto was the one to break the embrace, as he looked at her, "Thank you."

Saeko smiled and enjoyed the moment she just had with him. Even though she didn't get to do what she wanted, she decided that it'd be best not to right now. However, she did need to tell him about a certain event that occurred back at the stadium, "Naruto."


"Back at the stadium, that Madara guy came to me…"

Naruto's eyes widened and placed his hands on both her shoulders, "What did he do to you?"

Saeko had her eyes semi opened and looked down at the ground, "He didn't do anything, but he did show me something."

The blonde cocked an eyebrow, "What did he show you?"

She didn't answer him right away and began thinking that she probably shouldn't have said anything. It was too late though since she already brought it up, "He showed me how your world was."

"Why would he do that?"

Saeko now found herself stuck in this situation. She couldn't think of anything else to tell him other than the truth. Even if she tried, he would most likely tell that she was lying. So she did the only thing that she could do, "Because… he tried to make me change my feelings."

"Change your feelings?"

She fully opened her eyes and nodded, "He tried to change my feelings for you."


She nodded once more, "I love you Naruto."

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