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Chapter 16: One Truly Crazy Teacher

"I love you Naruto."

The blonde was astonished and didn't know what to say. He told himself that he wouldn't have any serious relationship with anyone in this world, but here and now, Saeko had just told him how she felt. He didn't know what to say nor do, but he felt her hands cupping his cheeks. His memories drew back to his world and how the women there confessed him. He didn't see why they always fell for him, but he assumed it was his caring attitude and how he always protects everyone. Saeko closed her eyes, as she pulled the blonde closer, "D-Don't… I can't return my feelings in this world… Saeko please…" Naruto thought since he couldn't find himself to say it out loud.

Saeko planted her lips on his, which caused Naruto to feel completely lost. What he had hoped for didn't happen. His arms were down on his sides since he couldn't feel the strength to lift them up. The purple haired beauty could tell that he was still thinking it over by the way he wasn't kissing her back, but she didn't stop and kept going. She then wrapped her arms around his neck to add some more pressure. Naruto blushed lightly seeing how she was trying her best and that was when his arms began to slowly lift up. The blonde's eyes widened, "No… stop…" His arms slowly kept working their way up, "I can't…" His arms came to a stop in front of her hips, "No!" They then wrapped around her waist, as he pulled her closer to him and began kissing her back. Saeko smiled finally getting him to return the kiss and decided to slip her tongue into his mouth, "Shit. She's really getting into it. Damn it!"

As time passed by, Saeko broke the kiss and grabbed his hand. She then began to lead him to the other shrine building. Naruto's eyes widened seeing what she was planning, "Crap!" Once she reached the door, she pulled it open and walked in with the blonde. She spotted a lighter sitting on a table that was next to the door. She took it and walked in to go light a few candles, leaving the blonde at the door. After lighting a good amount of them, Naruto saw that there wasn't much in here. There was a bed, a table in the middle of the room, a cabinet on the opposite side of the bed, and a dresser next to it. He now realized that people used to live here obviously. Saeko came back to the door and closed it. She grabbed his hand and led him to the bed, "Shit. She's not about to…"

When they reached the bed, she turned around to where her back was facing the bed. She wrapped her arms around his neck again, "We may not get another night like this. Back when we were at the stadium before we were attacked. I wanted to confess to you when you were on the field enjoying your relaxation. But that was when Madara showed up and had me see what your world is like. What I saw was an all out war. He told me that I should forget about the feelings I have for you, because… when I wanted to confess to you, I… was hoping that… I could go with you back to your world."

The blonde's eyes nearly shot out of his eyes, "S-Saeko…"

"I haven't felt like this in so long. You've been watching us for so long and been very protective. You saved us numerous of times and been doing everything that you can for us. Out of the guys I've dated in the past, they've only used me for their pleasure. I felt so… open back then and after the last guy that I've dated, I've been keeping to myself and told myself that I would never fall for another guy. Back at the school, when we first saw you, I thought you were just going to be the same like the other guys. But when you saved Kaji, I knew for a fact that none of the guys that I dated would've done that. So that's what led me to start thinking that you were different. As the days passed you showed us what you were like, I was slowly developing these feelings for you. You risked your life to save others and did whatever it took to keep us alive. Unlike most others, you think of others rather than yourself."

Naruto was at a loss of words, his eyes were halfway open. It wasn't from being tired, but from seeing how she saw him as, "Saeko…"

She placed her pointy finger against his lips, "For all we know. We might not get another night like this. With those people that are after you, surely we won't have this opportunity again and what if you found the chance to go home before we ever got another chance like this?"

"I can't believe that I can't say anything to her. She's coming full out with everything…"

She withdrew her arms back and began to untie the robe. A dark blush crept upon the blonde's cheeks, "No. Saeko… please stop…" He wishes he could say that out loud, but he just couldn't.

Once she untied her robe, she removed her arms from the sleeves and let the robe now rest on her shoulders. The front of her robe was open to reveal that she wore her purple velvet lingerie bra, "This is the first time that I made the first move compared to the other guys. They usually just start it and then leave when they're finished."

Naruto saw how she must've felt when the guys were done having their fun time with her. He hoped that they were killed during this outbreak, because if they weren't, he would surely kill them himself. Saeko turned her head to the side and looked down at the ground, as she grabbed her arm that was grabbing the part of the robe resting on her shoulder. She was acting shy since she never really was one to make the first move and couldn't tell if she was doing okay. She was used to the guys removing her clothing for her.

The blonde placed his hand over hers, "Stop." Saeko turned her head and looked at him, "Saeko… I greatly appreciate how you see me as, but I'm just… not ready."

"Not ready?" She asked, as her eyes were now halfway open.

Naruto shook his head, "We'll have plenty of nights like this. Trust me. But right now isn't the time."

"…I see." Her gaze turned back to the floor, but she looked back at him when she felt his arms wrap around her waist. This time, it was Naruto who had kissed her, but it didn't last long seeing how he broke it up rather quickly.

"Let's get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow." Saeko nodded and walked over to the bed, while Naruto stood there and heard a familiar sound coming from outside, "I'll be right back." He said, as he blew out some of the candles and walked out of the small home.

Once he closed the door, he was greeted by none other, "My, my, Naruto-kun. That was a rather interesting fight back at the stadium."

Naruto sighed, "What are you doing here this time Madara?"

The ancient shinobi summoned the sword that he had given the blonde and his father's kunai. He held them out for him, "Try not to leave them behind next time."

Naruto was completely lost, he still didn't get why Madara was helping him out, "I know you're doing this to help me survive, but you're… kindness is starting to freak me out. I know damn well you're going to go back to trying to capture me once we get back to our world."

"Of course, but I'm helping us by trying to find a way back home. While you're helping those humans stay alive."

"What makes you think that'll I'll let you live before we get back home?"

Madara went silent and had a serious look behind his mask, "When you do get your powers back, think about it. If we were to fight in this world, this whole town will be obliterated. Your friends will die, but if I recall, didn't someone sacrifice their life when you all left the stadium just so you all could get away?"

Naruto gritted his teeth, "So let me guess… it was you who let those walkers in the stadium."

A big smile formed behind the ancient shinobi's mask, "Yours truly."

"So you're responsible for Kozlov's death!"

"Listen. Look at it as a favor, because you're getting too close with these humans. You do want to go back to your world, don't you?"

The blonde was silent at first and then, "You still got someone killed that had nothing to do with us."

"You're getting attached with these people, how do you expect to go back home if you let that grow? And if I'm not mistaken, that Saeko girl, you let her confess her feelings for you and not only that, but you seemed to return the same feelings you had for her. Am I wrong?"

"It's none of your business."

"Hmm… so are you planning to just use her for your pleasure with the time you have here?"

Naruto didn't say a word, "I see. You sure are turning cold Naruto-kun."

Madara chuckled, as Naruto finally decided to take the weapons, "I've realized ever since I arrived in this world. I've been rather harsh at some points, but it was for their own good."

"Then I wouldn't say harsh, you were just being serious is all."

A moment of silence rained upon them, until Madara sighed, "Anyway, I'll be doing more favors for you later on, but be warned, that Shido guy is out looking for you."

"I'm aware of that."

"And one more thing, something will be returning to you soon." With that said, Madara vanished.

"So Shido's out there looking for me huh…" Naruto walked back to the door and quietly pulled it open to see that Saeko was sound asleep. He sighed and remained outside, as he closed the door quietly, "I have to take care of this so no one else will get killed." Naruto placed his father's kunai back in his back pocket and ran for the steps.

Time Skip: 1 hour
Time: 7:08a.m.
Location: In the middle of town

The rain had managed to pick back up again, while Shido was still out there looking for Naruto. Right now, he came across a small group of survivors, "You guys!"

The group of survivors looked at the crazed teacher, "Yes?"

"I seek a boy named Naruto. Where is he?"

The group had a puzzled look on their faces, "Naruto?"

Shido smiled, "Yes!"

"We've never met anyone with that name."

A sweat slid down the back of Shido's head, "Then you're useless to me." His arms split open to reveal his blades coming out. The group began to panic seeing that he wasn't normal, "Farewell."

"Shido!" Just before the teacher was about to kill the group, he turned around to see the person he had been looking for all this time. He began to laugh to see that the blonde hasn't fully recovered, "You've got some nerve to come looking for me after what happened back at the stadium."

"I'm doing it to protect everyone from you."

Shido chuckled, "You sure have changed since this all started Naruto-kun. You were distant with everyone and still protected them. Now, that you're close with them, you've become quite soft."

"I'm not going to waste my time talking with you."

Shido cocked an eyebrow, "Oh? Do you think you can actually kill me in your state?"

Naruto readied himself and pointed the sword that Madara had given him at the psycho, "Come on."

Shido lowered his head and began to laugh insanely, "I'll grant you your death wish then!" He shouted and charged for the blonde with his blades hanging back.

Saeko and the others

Saeko stirred in her sleep and ended up waking up due to the rain pouring down on the roof. She turned over to see that Naruto wasn't here. Leaning up, she noticed a couple candles were barely lit and that the blonde wasn't anywhere inside. She threw the covers off her and quickly tied her robe together, as she got out of bed, "Naruto?" She called, as she made her way to the door. Once she opened it, she quickly walked for the shrine and opened it. Inside, the gang had just started to wake up, "Is Naruto in here?"

Takashi rubbed his eyes and groaned, as he looked to where he had expected Naruto to be, "He's not here?"

Rei and Claire looked over to where they had the blonde resting and took notice, "No. He woke up a few hours ago and walked outside to get some air I guess."

Takashi saw where Saeko had her sheets and pillow at and noticed that she might've woken up before them, or way earlier, "Saeko…"


"Did you join him when he went outside?"

Rei and Claire then turned to the purple haired beauty, "Yes."

"And what happened?"

Saeko blushed, trailing back to what had transpired a few hours ago, "We talked."

Takashi knew something happened and decided not to go any further, "If he's not here, then he must've gone out."

"Then let's go find him." Rei said, as she threw the covers off her to show that she was still wearing the robe.

Before Claire tossed her covers off, she looked to the side and saw her clothes still sitting there. She grabbed them and noticed that they were still pretty wet. Next thing she knew was that her vision blacked out. She took off the source and could tell it was a robe by the feeling of it. Her gaze turned to Rei and saw that it was her that tossed her the robe, "Thank you." She said and quickly put the robe on.

"Let's hurry up and get everything together so we can head out to look for him. He couldn't have gone far." Takashi said.


"Just die already!" Shido shouted and attempted to slice the blonde's head right off, but Naruto ducked to avoid the attack. Naruto side-stepped to the right to avoid Shido's other blade. Shido was starting to get pissed and decided to plant a kick to the blonde's face. Naruto ended falling back a bit, but instantly got back up to his feet and dodged an oncoming attack from him, "Hold the fuck still!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that." He replied and cut the teacher's chest with a clean swing.

Shido looked down at himself and saw blood slowly oozing out, which started to gush out. Naruto jumped back and sliced Shido's blade arms right off. Within just a couple seconds, his blades grew back. Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "So you can regenerate pretty quickly too."

"Got that right." Shido charged at the blonde once again.

Naruto swiftly dodged a couple oncoming attacks from Shido's blades. Since Naruto wasn't worn out like he was when he fought the duo back at the stadium and got some rest, he was managing to put up a fight. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his father's kunai. Just as he dodged another blow, he jumped up and stabbed the kunai into the teacher's forehead. He then kicked off the teacher's shoulders to get some distance. Shido remained absolutely still and began to laugh, as the kunai slowly started to come out of his forehead, "You're such a fool." He said, as his legs began to expand. The kunai plopped out and dropped to the ground.

Naruto ran in attempting to get his kunai back, while Shido was going through some change. However, when he was close, Shido kicked the blonde's gut. Naruto wasn't sent flying since Shido didn't withdraw his leg, but his leg expanded, which then sent the blonde soaring back, "Great. He's going to turn out like Shiroi."

"I will… erase your existence!" Shido shouted, as his head began to get a little wavy. Naruto managed land on his feet and cocked an eyebrow. Shido began laughing loudly, but then his head split right open, as another head came out. This head extended high up in the air, not to mention it only had one eye. The half of his head that had split managed to grow spikes all around the edge.

"What the fuck?" Naruto was completely off, not believing what he was seeing.

"This isn't my full transformation, so don't act surprised just yet." Shido's head extended toward the blonde.

"The hell?" Naruto dodged an oncoming bite by stepping to the side. He swung his sword up, but before he could, Shido wrapped his long neck around the blonde like a snake.

Shido came face-to-face with the blonde, "How should I kill you?" Naruto struggled trying to get free, but Shido had him wrapped up tight. He laughed at how hard the blonde was trying to break free, "You can't break out of this. No matter how hard you try." Shido opened his mouth, as his tongue turned into a blade.

"He's like another Orochimaru." Naruto thought, but Shido stabbed the blonde shoulder and then stabbed the other, "There's no way this can be my downfall. There's just no way."

"What's wrong boy? Already giving up?"

"If you honestly believe I'm giving up, you got another thing coming."

Shido decided to unravel the blonde, "Then show me what you're capable of boy!"

Naruto watched Shido's neck retreat back to his body and then saw his kunai still right there lying on the ground in front of him. He quickly made a run for it since Shido was still retreating back to his body. This time, he successfully obtained his kunai back and immediately jumped back to avoid being sliced in half.

"It's over!" Naruto turned around to see that Shido somehow appeared behind him. The teacher swung his blade down, "Die!"

Fujimi mall top floor

"I never imagined having to come to these people." Kaji said, as they kept looking around for the group.

"Why? What are these people like?" Kaze asked.

"They're… I don't know, but one of them shot Naruto."

"I doubt that even…"

"I thought he was going to die after how hard he dropped."

Kaze's eyes widened slightly, along with a few others, "Wait a minute! Was it that night when there was some strange blasts going all over the town?"

Kaji nodded, "Yeah. Turns out the power came from some demon inside him named Kurama."

"I see. That was pretty scary to see something that destructive in our world." Kaze mentioned.

"Hello?!" Kohta called out.

"Keep it down you moron. There's no telling if there's any walkers up here." Saya stated.

"I say we split up." Rika suggested.

"That sounds like a better plan. Yuuki, Mr. Maddo, Saya, and Yuriko with me." Kaze replied, as him and his group went on ahead.

Rika looked at the others, "Guess you all are with me then."

The rain managed to come to an end, as Takashi and the others came across some park. The park had several dead bodies lying all over the place. There was one body sitting on a bench that had its stomach ripped right open. Crows were picking at the intestines and maggots that were crawling all over the corpse, "Man, this place is…"

"Horrible." Claire said finishing his statement.

The gang walked up to the fountain that was in the middle of an intersected walkway. They all looked around and saw nothing other than corpses, "Where could he have gone?" Rei asked.

"I don't know, but we need to keep looking." Takashi answered.

"Where do you think we should go next?" Claire asked.

"Think we should go deep into town."

Saeko decided not to wait and was the first one to take off, leaving them dazed, "S-Saeko, wait!" Takashi called out, as they went after her.

"Naruto. Where did you go?" Saeko began to ask herself.

"Shit!" Naruto was sent crashing into a wall, which left a mark of his body. His arms were held out to the sides before he crashed. He lowered his head and hacked up some blood from the impact. His body fell to the ground, which he landed on his hands and knees and coughed up some more blood.

"What's wrong Namikaze? Are you just about done?" Shido asked, as he walked toward the blonde.

Naruto spat out the rest of the blood that managed to come up. He got up to his feet held out his arm to where his sword pointed at the psycho teacher, "If you think I'll give up, you know nothing about me. Besides, if this is your true form, you're nothing."

Shido's eye began to twitch, as his temper began to rise, "You must really want to die. Allow me," The halves of his head began to rise up and extend like his neck did. They came to a stop to where they were just as high as his head and bone-like spikes came out all around the edges.

Naruto cocked an eyebrow seeing that was all that changed, "So you have two more necks with spikes all around them. That's the stupidest thing I've…"

"Shut up!" Shido shouted and fired the spikes from his neck at the blonde.

Naruto cursed and intercepted the spikes with his sword. Once the spike bullets came to an end, he looked out and saw Shido was right in front of him, "Shit." Naruto blocked Shido's blades.

"It's over." Shido said, as his two necks began to wrap around him.

Naruto quickly pushed Shido's arm blades back and slashed at the necks. Seeing how it was doing nothing, he quickly looked back at Shido and stabbed his sword through the teacher's stomach. The necks came to a stop to where they were wrapped up to the blonde's mid-section. Shido just stood there and looked down to see the blood coming out. Naruto saw the shocked look on his face and was rather puzzled, "So your stomach was your weak spot?"

Just before Shido was going to fall to one knee, his head shot up to stare at the blonde with a crazed look, "Just kidding." The two necks quickly wrapped around the blonde, all the way up to his shoulders.

The blonde didn't even bother to struggle seeing that it was pointless. He kept his gaze on Shido, "So you basically just have really long necks. Shiroi was more of a god compared to you."

Shido closed his eye and chuckled, "It doesn't matter. He's dead and you'll be joining him soon."

The spikes on the edges all around the necks suddenly extended. Naruto's eyes widened after being stabbed all over his body. Blood came leaking through the blonde's lips, "Farewell… Naruto-kun." Shido said and began laughing loudly.


"Boss!" Aeron called.

"Hmm?" He questioned, as he toyed around with a few syringes that were filled with chemicals.

"That Shido guy abandoned us to go kill Naruto."

The chemicals the boss was playing with all fell to the ground and shattered. He turned to Aeron, "What?!"

"A lot of walkers flooded the stadium, which led to Naruto getting away. We had to stay back and take care of all the walkers since we were all trapped. Shido however, made a path for himself and chased after them. Miyuki and Shougo are out in town somewhere looking for him as we speak."

"Go find him and kill him now!"

"But sir, how do you suggest we…"


Aeron lightly nodded and walked out of the room.

Takashi and the others were running across a bridge still desperately trying to find the blonde, "God. Where the hell is he?" Takashi asked.

The gang decided to come to a short stop to catch a breather. Saeko decided to look around and once she looked down to the right, her eyes widened. There he was, Naruto held up in the air by Shido. She felt her grip on her sword loosening after seeing Naruto's lifeless form being held up. It seemed that way since they were high up and they were still a good distance from them.

"Saeko?" Takashi asked. Once he questioned her, she jumped over the railing, "Hey!" He shouted. Grabbing onto the rail, he looked down to see that she had landed on a truck just below them. Saeko then jumped off the truck and began running. Takashi looked up ahead and saw exactly what she was going after. That's when he saw Naruto being held up by Shido, "Shit." He said and jumped over the railing.

Rei and Claire were puzzled until they decided to look out ahead. As anticipated, they too jumped over the railing and off the truck.

Shido's laugh began to die down looking at the lifeless blonde, "I told you that you would die." His necks un-wrapped the blonde and dropped his body.


The crazed teacher looked to his left and saw the small gang coming after him, "You're too late!" He yelled, as Claire quickly caught up to Saeko they went after Shido together. Shido decided to back away a bit to lure the two away from the blonde, "I'll kill you two as well then!" His two necks shot out toward them attempting to slice them to bit, but they were avoiding them quite easily and kept charging after him.

Takashi and Rei went to Naruto's body to see that the blonde's eyes were closed. His entire body was covered in blood from all the bone spikes penetration. Rei couldn't believe that he was gone now. Tears began to form in her eyes, while Takashi couldn't even bare to look at him, "Damn it! Why did you have to go out ahead on your own?" He punched the ground ignoring the pain from the impact, "We told you that we would help you."

Saeko and Claire came sliding back towards them, but managed to come to a stop before colliding with them. Takashi rose to his feet, "Are you two okay?"

"Y-Yeah." Claire answered.

"You're all foolish if you think you can take me on. Naruto-kun has fallen to me and you honestly think you can handle me? I'll give you credit for being gutsy, but you'll die just like he has."

Takashi grinded his teeth, as he drew back to when they were all back at the school getting ready to leave on the bus. He now regretted waiting for him and his students, but he knew it couldn't be bothered anymore, "Rei was right." Rei didn't bother to look at anyone since she knew what he was about go on about, "We shouldn't have waited for you back at the school. I should've listened to her, because now I really regret it."

Shido chuckled, "You know, I should actually thank you for that. So I decided spare your life. However," Shido looked at each of the girls, "You three will die."

Saeko and Claire steadied themselves, as Shido came walking toward them, "I guess this is where it all ends." Claire thought.

Takashi snatched Claire's sword out of her hand and ran for Shido, "H-Hey!"

"Shido!" Takashi yelled and attempted to stab his chest, but the teacher was way ahead of him. He swung his blade back against the oncoming attack, which caused Takashi to lose his grip on the sword.

He watched as the sword went flying back, while Shido kicked Takashi hard against his stomach, "I guess you want to die as well." Takashi hunched over after taking such a rough blow. Shido kicked his chest this time, which sent the student sliding back toward the others, "You're all pathetic."

"Shido!" The teacher turned to look behind him and saw Miyuki, along with Shougo, "You traitor!"

Claire's eyes widened, "Miyuki!"

Shido chuckled, "Traitor? I never helped these children, so how does that accuse me of being a traitor?"

Shougo took a few steps forward, "Instead of capturing our target, you go off and kill him. That's why you left us back at the stadium."

The teacher's laugh picked up once again, "Exactly. I had to thank this boy for watching over me back then. I settled the score and now it's done."

Miyuki studied the form of Shido, "This is what the boss turned him into?"

Shougo looked passed the teacher and saw the small group guarding the lifeless blonde, "Where's Kozlov?"

Claire felt a sudden pain within her chest when she heard that question. She was scared to answer and couldn't even bare to answer, "He didn't make it." Takashi answered.

Shougo's eyes widened, "H-He's gone?"

Takashi sadly nodded, which Shougo clenched his fist tightly. Miyuki watched her partner's temper raise drastically, "S-Shougo."

"First Shiroi… and now Kozlov…" Shougo reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of Blackhawk fury commando gloves and slipped them on, "Shido, you have ruined everything and caused the death of Kozlov. Therefore, I will end your existence here!" Shougo punched the ground below him, which caused it to rise up from the brute strength. The path continued and chased after the teacher.

"What power." Shido mentioned, as he found that the blast had reached him and sent him up in the air.

"It's best you focus." Miyuki said, as she was up in the air with him. She saw Shido's necks reach out for her, but she managed to intercept them with her sword.

"Do you honestly think that you could even have a chance?" Shido asked, as he shot his main neck out at her. He attempted to bite her, but she had him end up biting her sword.

Shido spun his neck around, which caused Miyuki to spin as well since her grip was holding onto her sword for dear life. After a few full spins, Shido let go, which sent Miyuki flying at Shougo. He easily caught her and placed her down on her feet, "We'll have to think of something else." He mentioned.

"You're foolish if you think you can succeed in anything against me." Shido said, as he landed back on the ground. Where Shido's head once was, more tentacles shot out of his body and up to join his necks.

"W-What the hell?" Takashi questioned.

"You all will die here."

"Aeron." Kira called.

"What is it?"

"Just how are we going to find Shido in this big town?"

Aeron sighed, as they kept walking down a road, "I honestly don't know, but I'm sure Miyuki and Shougo found him by now."

"What makes you think that?" Tenma asked.

"They've been out looking for him longer than us. Surely they've ran into him by now."

"You sure hope too much. Sometimes that'll tend to fuck with your thoughts." Tenma said.

A tick mark struck Aeron's forehead, "He's right. You need to be more serious and quit looking for a way out of it."

Aeron's head lowered with guilt look on his face, "How the hell do they know about me trying to turn this mission down and head back?"

The trio kept walking, while Kira placed her hands behind her head. She scanned the area and saw a few walkers walking down a different road. What she noticed next was more walkers coming from allies and joining with the few on the road, "Hey Aeron."

"What is it now?"

"Look." She said and pointed to the side road.

Aeron stopped and saw the walkers' walking to god knows where, "What should we do?" Tenma asked.

Aeron decided to observe them, which he saw more and more walkers coming out to join the ones on the road, "They're defiantly after something and wherever they're going must be causing a lot of sound."

"No shit." Tenma said.

Aeron's body tensed, as another tick mark struck his forehead, "You sure are pointing out the obvious Aeron." Kira said.

"Enough! Let's just follow them and see where they're headed to." The trio then kept their distance from the massive horde of walkers and followed them.

Everyone that was fighting Shido was all sent crashing down to the ground. They were starting to get rather tired and didn't know how much longer they can put up with this. Even Shougo was starting to get a little tired due to not being able to get near him with all those tentacles. Miyuki, even with her swordsmanship skills, she couldn't even lay a scratch on him. Even when Claire and Saeko backed her up at times, the tree skilled sword wielders together couldn't successfully lay a blow. Shido stood his ground and laughed loudly, "You all are weak! I'll have to thank that boss of yours for this gift. Maybe I'll just kill him." He stated and began to think of which course of action.

"You won't get a chance if you tried to kill him."

Shido looked at Shougo, "Oh yeah? What makes you think that?"

"Because none of us can match him and if you think you can, you won't stand a chance."

"Ohh? Your boss doesn't know the power he has given me. Therefore he wouldn't be able to last." He replied and walked toward Shougo. However, he felt a rock strike his main head and turned to see that it was Saeko. He began to laugh, "So you wish to die first Busujima-san?" Seeing that Saeko kept a glare on him and not a word coming out, he assumed that she does, "Be my guest." He said and walked towards her, but once he reached halfway to her, one of his tentacles shot out toward her. Saeko knew she wouldn't be able to avoid it seeing how he would send the rest. The tentacle wrapped around her ankle and pulled her all the way to him. He held her high up in the air upside down to where they came face-to-face, "Such a beautiful woman. It's too bad you didn't stay with me instead of Naruto and them. We could've been a couple after all, but it's a shame you wish to die."

Saeko spat at his one eye, which Shido placed her down and laughed, "Such disrespect. No matter, your life ends here."

"Saeko!" Rei, Claire, and Takashi shouted.

Shido raised his blade above her, "There's no reason… to live. He's gone and there's nothing we can do. Naruto, I'll see you soon." She watched and waited for the blade to end her life.

"Die!" Shido shouted and shot his blade down, which Saeko instantly shut her eyes. A quick silence roamed the area until the wind began to pick up. Saeko didn't feel a thing and began to wonder if she had died that quickly. Her eyes slowly opened and could see something in front of her. When her eyes opened more and her vision came to be a little clearer, she noticed it was someone. Once her eyes fully opened and adjusted themselves, she saw that spiky blonde hair.

Shido was frightened and couldn't believe his who was standing before his 'eye', "H-How?" He stood there and saw Naruto just standing in front of him with no feelings at all. Not only that, but when he looked at Naruto's eyes, there he saw that they were his purple eyes with their ripple-like patterns.

"It's all over Shido."

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