Chapter 17: Destruction of Tokonosu

"It's over Shido."

The crazed teacher began to back away from the blonde, "N-N-Naruto I… see that you're… d-doing well."

Naruto slowly followed Shido with each step he took back, "I'm actually feeling quite well. But I don't think you'll be doing very well here in a second."

Shido felt his whole mutated body shivering and knew there was no other way out of this, "So, since you have your p-p-powers back, how about y-y-you and I join forces?"

The blonde looked up at the clouds with a thinking look on his face, "Hmm… that's a generous offer, but you are useless to me."

"S-Shit! He's going to fucking kill me! I have no choice!" His necks all shot toward the blonde, "Then I'll just have to kill…"

Naruto held out his arm toward the teacher, "Shinra Tensei."

All of Shido's necks and tentacles were sent back, while Shido felt himself being flattened against his front side, "I-I have no chance against him at all." Next thing he knew was that his body was sent crashing deep into a building's wall.

Shougo and Miyuki couldn't believe their very eyes of what they were seeing. The true power that the blonde possessed was overwhelming and saw why their boss wanted this boy. Saeko was at a loss of words, as for Takashi and the others, they were just incredibly shocked.

"Come on Shido. I thought you were a god." Naruto stated and just stood there, as he stared at where Shido was sent crashing into.

The teacher came out of the building slowly and Naruto saw that his tentacles, along with his two necks were completely smashed. With all those being smashed, that only left his main neck, "P-Please Naruto-kun, I surrender just please don't kill me."

Naruto held out his arm toward the mutated teacher, in which Shido came hurling towards the blonde, "I thought a god would never surrender."

Shido felt Naruto grasp his head to where his body was lying on its stomach due to how long his neck is, "I-I'm no god."

The blonde cocked an eyebrow, "What's wrong Shido? Earlier you were announcing how you were a true god. Now that you see you're about to die, you take back what you said?"

Shido began to chuckle, "Y-Yeah."

Naruto's lips formed to a straight line, as his eyes closed halfway, "I don't think so." He held out his other hand to where the sword that Madara had given him come flying into his hand.


Just as Naruto raised his sword, he heard a lot of groaning sounds. He looked to his left and saw a massive horde coming toward them, "It's your lucky day Shido."

Shido let out a sigh of relief, "T-Thank…"

"Not that lucky." He replied and shot Shido all the way towards the horde.

Shido found himself high in the air approaching the horde, "You bloody child! I will rise again and will come back to tear you limb from limb!" He shouted and crashed down in the middle of it. The walkers began to feast on the mutated teacher, "You hear me Naruto! I will come back and kill you and all your friends!"

Naruto rolled his eyes and turned to everyone, but he held out his arm toward Miyuki, which caused the girl to panic since she felt herself being pulled toward him. Once she was in range, Naruto placed his hand on her shoulder and placed his head next to hers to where his mouth was lined up with her ear, "You don't speak of anything we talked about back at the stadium." He whispered.

Miyuki slightly blushed of how close he was and hesitated to nod, "Y-Yeah." She stuttered.

"Miyuki!" Shougo called, as he and the others approached them.

"I'm fine." She said.

Once Naruto took a step back from her, he felt Claire quickly hugged him and rather tightly, "I'm so glad you're okay." She said.

A tick mark struck both Rei and Saeko's forehead seeing the country gal all over him, "Right now isn't the time to talk. We need to get out of here first off, unless you want to be the dead's feast."

"Yeah. It's best we get out of here." Takashi agreed.

"I guess this is where we just head back to the boss." Miyuki stated.

"Miyuki, you don't need to go back to him. He's just going to use you as his guinea pig." Claire said.

Miyuki shook her head, "I have no choice. He'll just track me down and kill me when he gets the chance."

Naruto made Claire un-wrap her arms around him and stepped up to Miyuki, "No he won't, because if he does, he's begging for his own grave."

Miyuki and Shougo didn't doubt that their boss would die by the blonde, "Please, both of you should come with us." Claire suggested.

Shougo sighed, "I can't. The boss planted a bomb inside my head and can trigger it anytime he pleases."

Everyone except Miyuki were completely shocked, "He's…"

"Dead." Naruto finished for Takashi, "To do such a thing to his comrades,"

"Pawns." Shougo corrected the blonde.

"Whatever. Doing such a thing like that is beyond horrible. I can't wait to see this bastard and tear him apart."

Shougo sighed and smiled, "I'd love to see that happen." He then looked at Miyuki, which she looked at him, "Go with them."


"Go with them and stay away from the boss. Tenma and Kira aren't going to change their mind since they're blood thirsty freaks."

"I-I can't. After attacking them back at the stadium," She then looked at the blonde, "Why would you want me to join you?"

"I can tell you that later, but if you decide to stay with your boss, there's no promising that I'll kill you."

Just as Miyuki was about to speak, she had second thoughts and decided to look down at the ground. Shougo looked at the horde to see that they had finished feasting on Shido, "We need to hurry."

Naruto, followed by the others looked at the horde slowly coming toward them. He walked toward the horde leaving the others behind, "What's he doing?" Miyuki asked.

"He's probably about to wipeout all of them." Takashi answered.


"You'll see."

Naruto kept walking towards the dead with a frown on his face, "You look rather pissed off."

That's when the frown on Naruto's face turned into a grin, "It's good to hear from you again Kurama."


"After we get everyone to a safe place, we're going to play a little game."

"Oh? What kind of game might that be?"

"Search and Destroy."

Kurama chuckled, "Who's our target?"

"That boss."

"Why would you search for him? Don't those two work for him?"

Naruto held out his arm toward the dead, "Shinra Tensei." The great force instantly sent the horde flying or crushing into buildings. Parts of the dead's body came falling down back to the ground due to how hard the collision was with the buildings. The blonde turned back to the others and walked back toward them, "Yeah."

"Great. Then why not ask them where…"

"Where is your boss?" Naruto asked and decided to not let Kurama finish his question.

Shougo chuckled, "So you want to walk right up to the front door?"

"I'm going to crush him and get it over with."

"That won't be a problem!" Naruto and the gang turned to look where the horde once was to see Aeron with Kira and Tenma. However, before Aeron could continue, Kira and Tenma charged at the blonde, "Wait!"

"We'll catch you this time!" Tenma shouted.

Naruto stood there with his eyes halfway opened, "You two will die if you come any closer."

"As if you could even kill us!" Kira barked back, as they both held up their blade-like arms.

Naruto walked forward a bit to have the others remain behind him, "Let's see what you…" The blonde appeared right in front of them and grabbed both their heads. Tenma and Kira were wide-eyed, as they felt themselves being lifted off the ground.

"I warned you both." The crazed duo squirmed trying to break free, but the grip that Naruto had on them was far too strong, "Farewell." He squeezed just a bit and muttered those two words. The bodies of the duo went flying back toward Aeron, but the blonde remained holding onto their heads.

Aeron was completely shocked to see such action coming from the blonde, even the others were speechless. Naruto looked at Aeron, "Now, what won't be a problem?"

Aeron was still astonished from seeing the crazed duo be taken down in such a crucial way, "I-I was going to…"

"I think its best you spit it out before you wind up like those two." Naruto stated and dropped the heads of the duo.

"I was going to show you the way to the boss."

Shougo and Miyuki went wide-eyed to hear that coming from Aeron, "Oh really?" Naruto asked.

Miyuki quickly went up to join the blonde, "Aeron!"

"What? I have no desire to work for him anymore. Do you?"

Miyuki went silent, while Naruto looked at her curious as to why she joined up with him and called him out, "Please tell us. That way I know what course of action needs to be done."

"No! I only called him out because it was… shocking to hear that from him. Not to mention, if he did, it could be a trap."

The blonde looked back toward Aeron, "You do realize if you're setting me up, I will kill you without hesitation."

Aeron held out his hands to the side, "Yeah. Yeah. I'd like to see the boss killed though."

The air between the blonde and Aeron began to spin open, "I'm afraid you can't do that yet, Naruto-kun." Once the air was spun opened, Madara came stepping out.

"You!" Aeron shouted, "You're the guy that came to us and…" Aeron came to a stop, as he felt his body burning. He looked at himself and saw black flames burning up his body, "W-What the hell is this?!" He shouted and began to scream in pain.

Madara looked at Miyuki and Shougo, "You two."

"Madara!" Naruto held out his arm, "Bansho Ten'in." The ancient shinobi felt himself being pulled toward the blonde.

"Is this what you wish for Naruto?" Madara asked, as he saw the blonde holding the sword that he had given him. Naruto swung his sword at him once he was in range, but ended up fazing right through him. Madara grabbed the blade with his bare hand and caught an oncoming fist from the blonde, "Do you really wish to see everyone die?"

"Shut up!" Naruto added chakra to his feet and tackled the ancient shinobi. He then launched them far away from everyone.

"Naruto!" Takashi called, but saw how late he was when they weren't in sight.

"He really wants to kill him…" Rei mentioned.

Saeko was silent seeing that Madara had shown up and pretty much took the blonde away from them. She knew there was nothing they could do, except, "We need to get to the mall and meet back up with the others."

"She's right. We need to go now and tell everyone what's going on."

Shougo and Miyuki looked to see where Aeron was, but saw that there was nothing left of him, except the little bit of black flames that were still around, "The boss isn't going to like this at all." Shougo mentioned.

Claire looked at her teacher to see that she was still speechless, "Miyuki, are you coming or not?"

"I-I don't know."

"She's going." Shougo answered.

She glanced right at him, "Shougo!"

"You need to go with them in order to live. I have no choice but to go back and tell the boss everything."

Shougo looked at Claire, which she quickly registered it and grabbed her teacher's hand, "Miyuki, we need to go now."

"Don't worry Miyuki, I'll be fine. Boss won't do anything to me yet."

Miyuki looked back at her student and her friends, then back at Shougo, "Fine."

Naruto came to a stop on top of a rather large building and jumped back to keep his distance from the ancient shinobi, "You fool. Did you not hear a word I said of what will happen?" Madara questioned.

"Naruto, keep calm and don't act foolish like you did the first time you ran into him in this world."

"I know!"

Naruto summoned a couple clones, which they went charging at Madara, "I see," The ancient shinobi sighed, "I guess you don't care of what happens to your new friends." He held out his arm, which his battle fan appeared in his hand, "If this is your decision, so be it."

"The only person that's going to die is you!"

The clones jumped after Madara, which he swung his battle fan at them, "You obviously don't understand." He said, as the blonde's clones puffed away.

The real Naruto came charging at Madara with a Rasengan in both of his hands, "No, you don't understand." He replied and lunged at Madara with his arms out in front.

Madara chuckled, as Naruto ended up fazing right through him, "Allow me to demonstrate."

Naruto quickly turned around, but saw Madara's arm held out in front, "Shinra Tensei." The blonde felt a great wall of pressure, which sent him soaring back, "You're not the only one that knows how to use it." He stood there and watched the blonde crash into the building next to them.

Glass began to rain down seeing how Naruto ended up inside the building. He placed his hand on his head and groaned, "Don't let your guard down for the slightest of bit."

Naruto shook his head and growled, as he hopped to his feet. He shot himself out of the building and back to the rooftop where Madara was just standing there. Naruto called forth some of Kurama's chakra and launched his arm out, which sent a chakra arm extending out for Madara. The hand showed that it was going to crush down on Madara, in which it did, as it smashed down on him. A grin crept on Naruto's face seeing how he managed to successfully crush him. He landed back on the roof, as the chakra arm began to fade back into his body. Knowing damn well who he was facing, he knew that didn't do the trick. He looked above to see Madara in the air finishing up a hand sign. The ancient shinobi inhaled and shot out three large fireballs down at the blonde. Naruto jumped to a different rooftop to avoid the fireballs and watched as they crashed down onto the building. The building began to shatter from the top and caused a chain reaction, as it continued the way down the building.

"Where are you looking at?"

Naruto quickly spun around on time to block a kick from Madara, "Maybe if you hadn't said anything, you might've landed a hit on me there."

"Don't get too cocky brat."

The blonde felt his body beginning to fall and saw Madara just standing above him. He looked down to see that there was a hole that was causing him to descend. Madara swung his battle fan down at the blonde, sending a strong gust of wind. Naruto quickly changed into his nine-tail chakra mode and vanished before the wind could reach him. He appeared behind Madara, which he turned around to block an oncoming attack by the blonde with his fan. An arm began to form off his arm and instantly formed a Rasengan. The ancient Shinobi placed his free hand against Naruto's stomach, which the chakra arm came colliding against shoulder. Just before he was blown away, he muttered those two words, "Shinra Tensei." Both Madara and Naruto were blown far back crashing into yet, another building. The building they once stood on ended up crumbling down to the ground from the wind Madara had launched and the force between the two moves.

Down below were a group of survivors that happened to come out of the collapsing building, "W-What the hell's going on!?" A man shouted seeing windows shattering.

"We need to get out of here!" Another man shouted.

"Quick! Head for the…" However, it was too late, as the building came burying the group of survivors.

Naruto shook his head, "God, now I see how it feels when having that move used against you."


The blonde came up to the edge of the building where he had come crashing in and saw Madara had appeared right in front of him. Naruto ducked to avoid being smacked by the battle fan, but ended up taking a hit by a water bullet. He ended up puffing away, "A clone huh?" Madara questioned.

He walked further into the building and saw Naruto fazing right through him, "Damn it." Naruto said, as he turned to face Madara.

"I hope everyone back in our world is enjoying their peace. Because once I return," Naruto's anger began to boil, "Once I return, I will have the whole world under my…" The ancient shinobi felt himself being pulled toward the blonde, "The world will be under my control!"

Once again, Madara ended up going right through the blonde to avoid a deadly blow. Naruto turned around and saw that he wasn't there, "Up here." The blonde looked up to see that Madara had his arm aimed down at the blonde and said those two words. Naruto was planted to the ground, which the ground itself collapsed and rained down to the next one. Madara descended down to join the blonde, "You do realize that at this rate, once we go full out, this town will be destroyed."

Naruto got up to his feet and saw Madara land in front of him, "I will kill you without having this town destroyed. No one will die on my watch."

Madara chuckled, as the ground they were standing began to crack, "Oh? You do realize a group of survivors were just killed by us, right?" The blonde's eyes widened, "Yeah, that building that collapsed ended up crushing them." Madara saw that Naruto was now beginning to have second thoughts due to how he was trembling, "Those people died and we haven't gone full out yet. So, what will it be?"

"Innocent people… were killed because of me…" Naruto thought.

"Naruto now's not the time to sob about your mistake. Madara's tricking you since you have your guard down!"

The blonde shook his head and saw that Madara was gone, "Shit!" The ground he stood on finally collapsed open, "Damn. This building's going to be in pieces in a second." He said to himself and quickly vanished. Reappearing on yet another rooftop, he looked at the building he was just in and saw it collapse to ground level, "He's right, we haven't even begun and this town's already falling apart." He stated and returned back to his original form.

"I've made my decision." Naruto turned around to see Madara with his hands clasped together. He then slammed his hand on the ground, which Naruto saw nothing happening. When the building began to shake, he looked over the edge and saw four large wooden pillars coming out of the road. He looked back at Madara and saw that he was just standing there, "Let the show… begin."

Takashi and the others continued making their way to the mall, but it was beginning to get difficult from all this destruction. They came to a stop seeing another building collapsing to ground level, "Damn it. Those two are going to wreck this whole town." He mentioned.

Saeko looked to the left to see four large wooden pillars far from them that were connected to the road that were high up in the air, "Look." They all came to a stop and the others looked at what Saeko pointed out.

"W-What the hell is that?" Rei asked.

They all couldn't believe what they were seeing before their very eyes, but Takashi knew what they had to focus on right now, "We can't stand around and watch. We need to get to the mall. We're nearly there."

The others looked at him and nodded in agreement, "Let's hurry then." Miyuki said.

Kaze and his group came to an end of their search since they couldn't find any other survivors. However, they came across the doors that led to the rooftop and that was the only place that they could check, "This is the last place to check." Rika mentioned, as her and her group joined back up with his.

"Yeah." Kaze simply replied. Rika decided to open the door and when she did, the entire mall began to shake. Everyone stumbled and all nearly fell, "What the hell?" Kaze asked.

"Earthquake?" Kohta questioned.

"Just get up to the roof!" Rika said which everyone ran up the stairs. Once they reached the top, they saw that the door was open. They all ran outside and saw a group of people standing at the edge, "Excuse us!" Rika called.

The group turned to see a rather large group of survivors, "More survivors?" Shimada questioned.

Hiro examined the large group and saw a familiar face, "You!" He shouted and pointed at Kaji, "You're with that demon child!"

Everyone looked at Kaji, "He's not a demon!"

The group started to see who the guy was talking about, "Naruto's not a demon!" Kohta barked back at Hiro.

Asami and Matsushima sighed seeing how Hiro was still going on about him, "You kids are fucking idiots!"

Shizuka quickly covered Alice's ears, but was too late. She kept them covered not wanting to let the little girl hear anything else coming from him. Shimada walked up to Hiro and punched him on the head, "That's enough."

Hiro quickly rubbed his head, "What the hell was that for?"

"One, there's a little girl here. And two, it's not necessary to talk about someone being a demon. He's a human just like all of us."

The sound of a building collapsing drew everyone's attention. They all stood there watching it crash to the ground level, "Human like all of us huh? I don't think any of us can do that!" Hiro shouted.

"What's going on?" Yuriko asked.

"The only person we know that can cause that destruction is your demon…" Shimada punched down on Hiro's head once again, which made him shut up.

When the building fully collapsed, they all saw the four large wooden pillars and were at a loss of words. The pillars stretched up higher than the building that they surrounded and then came crashing down on it, "We're all going…"

"Would you just shut up Hiro?" Shimada asked.

Hiro sighed and decided to just keep watching the town fall apart.

Naruto ended up jumping off the building to avoid being crushed by the pillars. He changed once again into his nine-tails chakra mode and launched a chakra arm towards Madara, "Do you honestly think you can actually land a finger on me with a move like that?" The ancient shinobi asked and vanished instantly when the arm was close to him.

The blonde landed on yet another roof, but this building wasn't as tall as the others. He felt a few rain drops and saw that the rain was picking up once again, "This isn't good." Naruto mentioned.

"You're right." Naruto turned to the voice and saw Madara finishing up a few hand signs. Not seeing anything happening after he had finish, Naruto quickly looked up and saw a large stream of water coming down at him. He jumped back and watched the large stream of water crashing down on the building. A couple small chakra arms formed on Naruto's finger, to which they began to form a mini Rasenshuriken, "Go ahead and throw that." Madara said, standing across from the blonde. Even though he couldn't see the move Naruto was performing, he could feel the immense chakra coming from it. The water stream finally came to an end, so that they could look at one another. Madara stood there waiting for the blonde to make his move and then could see that he was having second thoughts, "What's wrong? Are you afraid that when you throw that, that you'll end up wiping out a great part of this town?" Naruto gritted his teeth and lost the caring within him, as he launched the mini Rasenshuriken. Madara chuckled and jumped back off the building, "Remember this Naruto! This town will be destroyed because of you!"

"Shit!" Naruto yelled, not knowing that Madara would free fall to avoid it. The attack ended up hitting the rail, which then immediately expanded in a rather large explosion. Madara continued to fall and kept his gaze on the explosion above. A grin formed behind his mask seeing how the blonde has lost the meaning of 'caring' for others. His grin immediately turned back to a serious look due to seeing a rather large chakra arm coming out of the smoke and down for him. He quickly vanished before he winded up being man handled. The arm retreated back up, which Naruto came soaring down looking for the ancient shinobi. The building they were on ended up like the rest, and collapsed until it was nothing but rubble. Naruto was getting rather agitated from the hiding games that Madara's been playing every time he vanishes, "Madara! Come out!" He yelled.

"Who says I'm hiding?" As soon as Naruto landed on the ground, he looked up to see a large water dragon coming down at him.

"We're all going to die!" Hiro yelled after he saw that explosion, followed by a water dragon.

Kohta didn't care of what was happening by the buildings collapsing or the explosions he saw. He was fascinated seeing how 'bad ass' this is to him, "T-This is truly amazing!"

Everyone turned to look at the slightly overweight boy, "Are you crazy?" Hiro asked.

The door that leads to the roof opened, which then everyone turned their gaze to it and saw Takashi, along with the others, "Takashi!" Saya called out in relief.

"You guys made it." Kaji stated.

Takashi hunched forward to take a few breaths, "Y-Yeah, but…"

Kaze saw Miyuki and was wondering why on earth she was with them, "Miyuki, what are you doing here?"

"She's with us now." Claire answered for her teacher.

Kaze cocked an eyebrow and noticed how Shougo wasn't with them, "Did Shougo return to the boss?"

Miyuki nodded, "He had no choice."

"So what happened to the crazy duo?"

"They're dead."

His eyes widened, "Really? Who defeated them?"

"Naruto, but Shido and Aeron are also dead."

Kaze shook his head not believing it, "Aeron? How?" He asked, not caring at all about Shido.

"Madara." Takashi answered.

"Who the hell is Madara again?" Kaze asked, which some of the others wondered who he was as well.

"Madara is a criminal from Naruto's world."

"Oh yeah. He told us that back at the stadium."

"Why are all these people here?" Hiro asked.

Saeko, Takashi, and Rei looked at the guy that had shot Naruto back then during that one night of his rampage, "You're still on about that?" Rei asked.

Just before Hiro barked back, he looked at Shimada and saw that he was getting ready to strike him again. He decided to keep his mouth shut this time, which Shimada smiled seeing that he made the right choice. Everyone turned their gaze back out to watch the events transpire between the two.

Saeko gripped her shirt tightly, "Please be careful Naruto."

"Just give it up Kyuubi! You have no chance of defeating me, so just hand yourself to me."

Naruto dodged a few more oncoming water dragons, which they ended up crashing and destroying more buildings. The blonde turned to face Madara and quickly performed a few hand signs. Once he made the last sign, he drew his arms back in which a shroud of wind surrounded both his arms. The wind began to spin around his arms like a drill, which extended a bit passed his hands.

Madara cocked an eyebrow behind his mask, "Just what do you have planned boy?"

Naruto took a turn for the better and charged for the ancient shinobi. Madara quickly brought his battle fan up front and blocked the wind-like drills. However, Naruto was pushing Madara's limit on how long he could keep blocking like this. Madara knew he couldn't keep blocking like this since he would be overpowered any second. As Naruto thought, Madara broke his own guard and let Naruto faze right through him. The blonde dismissed the Jutsu on his left arm and reached into his back pocket. He aimed his right arm at Madara and shot a few wind bullets, but Madara used his fan once again to block the attack. Breaking his own block again, Madara saw a kunai coming right at him, which he let it faze right through him. He saw Naruto instantly vanish, "Wait a second…"

Naruto appeared right above Madara with a Rasengan in his hand and slammed it down on the ancient shinobi's back. Madara felt himself being pounded to the ground, causing a crater to form on the street. His mask ended up smashing on the road, in which began to crack, "Shit. Oh well, looks like he managed to unmask me."

Naruto retrieved his kunai back and kept his distance where Madara had been slammed into the road. He saw Madara rising back to his feet and saw that his mask slowly began to break apart, "Well done Naruto." Madara stated, as his mask kept continuing to fall apart, "You'll see who I truly am." That said; his mask finally shattered to reveal his face.

The blonde saw that the right side of his face was heavily scarred that made it look like wrinkles. He saw the short black spiky hair, the Sharingan and Rinnegan he possesses, and could feel a cold glare coming from his current look, "So that's what you look like under that mask Madara."

The ancient shinobi chuckled, "That isn't my name."

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "Then who are you?"

"My name is… Obito Uchiha."

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