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Chapter 2: Protecting the Living

Naruto stood across from the last member of the Akatsuki, Madara Uchiha. The two of them were both exhausted and pretty beaten up. "You have two things that belong to me boy. The nine-tails and the Rinnegan that Nagato gave you. I'm still shocked that he sacrificed himself to bring back those that he killed back to life."

One of the wounds on Naruto chest began to bleed again, which caused him to fall on one knee. His body began to feel a little light due to all the blood he was losing, "I-I will protect… this world… and I will…" He got back up to his feet slowly, "Keep my promise!"

Madara looked at Naruto's Rinnegan eyes, and saw that the blonde held his arm out in front, "Bansho Ten'in." He said, as Madara's body came flying to him.

Naruto held out his other arm, as a Rasengan formed in his hand. When Madara was in reach, Naruto slammed the Rasengan, but it ended up going right through Madara. The blonde stumbled forward a bit, but kept his Rasengan formed. He turned around to see Madara with his Susanoo summoned.

Susanoo raised its fist up, "Nagato…" The blonde thought, as his Rasengan began to change color, "Konan-chan…" It began to grow bigger within his palm, "Pervy Sage…" It was no longer blue and instead, took on a mixture of crimson and black colors. Naruto charged at the protected Madara, while Susanoo attempted to punch the blonde, "I will keep my promise!"

The two attacks closed in, "The nine-tails is mine!" Madara shouted.

Naruto held out his Rasengan, "MADA-"

Naruto's eyes shot open, as his body shot up on its own. He was breathing heavily and looked around to see that he was in a small room. He looked down to see that he was covered up by a white blanket and lying on a pallet. Looking around one last time, he realized that there was nothing else in here. He leaned forward and looked down the sheet, "How did I end up in this world?" He quietly asked himself once again.

He threw the blanket off him and got up to his feet. He then heard a thump sound just outside the door and walked up to it. Turning the knob, he opened the door to see Shido sitting on the ground along with Tsunoda right next to him and Saeko standing in front of them. The three of them looked at Naruto to see that same bored look on his face, while Saeko smiled, "You're up. Are you feeling better?"

Shido and Tsunoda began to sweat like crazy seeing that they were now sitting in between Saeko and the blonde, "Yeah. What's going on here?" He asked.

"These two were trying to sneak in." Saeko answered.

Tsunoda and Shido shot up to their feet, "No, no, we were just wanting to come in and check on you." Tsunoda said.

Saeko cocked an eyebrow, "Then why were you two whispering when coming over here?"

Shido shrugged and turned to face Saeko, "Why Busujima-san, to simply not wake him up of course."

Naruto rolled his eyes and had enough of hearing them. He shoved the two men aside and walked past Saeko, but stopped behind her, "Thank you." He said, as he continued.

Saeko smiled and followed him back to the living room. Once the two were out of sight, Shido banged the wall, "Damn it. Busujima-san is onto us."

"What now?" Tsunoda asked.

"We'll just have to wait for a good chance."

Naruto walked into the living room to see Takashi and Kohta trying to force open a safe. Just before Saeko could join him, she was pulled aside by Rei and Saya, "It's our turn to use the bathroom to freshen up." Rei said.

Saeko looked back at Naruto then back at the two, "I was going to…"

"You can talk to him later. You need to clean up anyway." Saya said, as they dragged Saeko to the restroom.

Naruto plopped down on a nearby chair and watched the two boys try to break open the safe, "Come on Komuro." Kohta said, while Naruto sat there watching the two trying to break open the safe.

Saeko, Rei, Saya, and Shizuka all stripped down their last clothing. Rei and Shizuka stepped into the warmed up tub and sank in, as a moan escaped their lips. Saeko and Saya sat on a bench that was placed in front of a mirror.

"Sensei, they're so big!" Rei announced.

"Yes, I've been told that a lot of times." She replied, as she grabbed her breasts.

Rei just watched the nurse play with her breasts. Shortly after, the teen growled, then with a large splash, pounced on the older female grabbing her large chest and squeezing it tightly in her hands, gaining a load moan from the teacher.

Saya washed her hair, while enjoying the warm water, "This is what I needed."

"No more!" Shizuka moaned, as Rei continued to play around with her large breasts.

"Sheesh, I think Rei's being a bit abusive." Saya mentioned, as she quickly glanced at the comical scene, "I still don't understand why we have to take showers together."

Saeko glanced at her as she washed her long slender arms "You already know the answer to that Takagi-san." The violet haired beauty commented.

"Yeah, but still..." She was silenced, as a blast of cold water assaulted her sensitive skin "Ahhhgg!" She moaned loudly, her voice becoming hot at the sudden contact, as she ducked her head down a bit.

"Wow, your voice is more attractive then I thought. You must drive the guys crazy." The older girl commented with a small chuckle.

Saya glared at the older girl, as she filled a tub of cold water, then she quickly dumped it down Saeko's back.

The violet haired beauty gave a soft and quiet moan at the sudden contact. "S-She sounds more womanly." Saya thought, as she gazed at the older teen with a stupefied expression.

Suddenly, it became awkwardly quiet. They all began to think about what they should talk about next. Then one of them had a mysterious topic, "What do you think of Naruto-san?" Rei asked.

Shizuka pursed her lips, "Now that you mention it. I'm also curious about him."

Saya nodded, "I've never seen him at school or anywhere around town. I'm wondering where exactly he's from."

"That too. But I'm more curious about his abilities." Saeko mentioned.

"You're right. Did you see how he blew back a few of them back at school? That's not normal." Rei said.

"Yeah. And his clothing is strangely odd." Saya mentioned.

"No normal being can do that. What if he's not from this planet? " Shizuka asked.

"Do you think we should ask him?" Rei asked.

"I want to know more about him if he's going to be around us." Saya said.

Saeko nodded in agreement, "She's right. We know everyone in our group pretty well, except for Naruto-san."

"Okay then. So, we'll all…" Shizuka was interrupted, as Rei once again attacked her breasts. Shizuka moaned out loudly.

"One more time." Kohta said, as the two of them pulled on the crowbar, which seemed to do the trick, as the safe was forced open. Takashi fell backwards, while Kohta looked inside and started to drool, as sparkles lit his eyes after seeing all the guns, "A Springfield M1A1 super match huh? It's only semi-automatic though. That's perfect! The M14 series is fully-auto. This is less wasteful when it comes to ammunition." His grin grew in size, "This is a twenty round magazine. This is fucking illegal in Japan!" He laid the gun down softly and reached for the other one. "Oh hell yes! A Knight's SR equipped with a scope!" He stated. "Wait no, you can't get that kind of thing in Japan. So it must be an AR-10 that was modified from top to bottom!" He cried loudly "There's even a crossbow here!"

Naruto tilted his head and walked to the safe. He bent down and grabbed one from the safe, "What's this?" The blonde asked, as he pulled out a big gun and stood straight up.

Kohta looked at the gun and instantly squealed, "That's an Ithaca M35 Riot Shotgun! It's a badass shotgun designed by the Americans. Really popular during the Vietnam war."

Takashi grabbed a silver handgun with two extra clips and an adjustable barrel and pointed it at Kohta, who started to freak out, "Yo, Kohta. What's this?" He asked.

The shorter boy grinned, "That my dear friend is one of the most popular pistols. The Desert Eagle mark XIX, it lets you switch between all three calibers." He finished.

Naruto examined the shotgun that he held and placed down with the other guns, "I have no use for whatever these things are."

Kohta went wide-eyed, "You don't know what guns are?"

Naruto looked at the shorter boy, "No-" He stopped, as he started to remember when he was only thirteen and remembered the mission him and his team were on back in the Snow country. The guards there wore chakra armor and used guns that fired kunais'. He closed his eyes, "Never mind." He said, as he walked out of the room to leave the two messing around with the weapons. Stopping at the entrance, he looked back at the two to see that Takashi was listening to every word Kohta was saying about the weapons.

The blonde blinked once and then felt a pair of arms around his neck, but not just that. He could smell the scent of liquor. Turning around, he saw Yuuki wearing a black-and-red lace bra with black panties. She also had a faint blush on her cheeks, "Naruto-kunnn." She moaned.

"You've been drinking, haven't you?" The blonde asked.

Yuuki smiled, "No."

Naruto blinked once and was starting to get annoyed, "Where's Shido and the others?"

Yuuki placed her right hand on his chest and slid it down to his pants. Before she slid her hand into them, the blonde quickly snatched her wrist, "Where are they?"

Yuuki giggled slightly, "Why don't we have some fun?" As she used her other hand to slide up his shirt and feel his hard abs, "Oh my." She said.

Saeko came from around the corner with a towel wrapped around her body, as she tied her hair with a ponytail and saw a drunk Yuuki hitting on the blonde. She realized that she wasn't seen yet and decided to watch what would happen.

Naruto grabbed her other wrist with his other hand and brought her hands in front of her body, "Where are they?" He asked once again.

Yuuki frowned, "You're an asshole. They're downstairs."

Naruto let go of her and walked right past her and when he did, he saw Saeko standing there. The towel she had wrapped around her hugged tightly around her body and showed her luscious curves, not to mention that it showed a good amount of her cleavage. He stopped in front of her and noticed that her hair was different, "Naruto-san, can we…"

"Not now." He said, as he walked past her.

She turned around with a sad frown on her face and saw that he was headed for the stairs.

Naruto came to the only room that was downstairs and could hear music playing inside. He opened the door and saw the rest of Shido's group inside. The scent of liquor roamed around the room and he was disgusted of what he was seeing. He saw Taniuchi completely naked sucking Tsunoda's hardened cock, while being fucked by Miura. His eyes glanced a few feet to the right of them to see Kawamoto completely nude as well. She was sucking on Yamada's cock, while Kurokami was fucking her. The blonde walked in and spotted Shido sitting in a chair completely knocked out.

Naruto came to a stop and looked at the group of guys each being pleasured or pleasuring the girl, "Get up!"

Everyone except Shido were startled, as the blonde stared at the girls, "Put your clothes on."

Taniuchi and Kawamoto nodded and quickly put their school uniforms back on, while the guys pulled their pants back up quickly. Naruto looked over at Shido to see that he was still out. The blonde held his arm out in front, "Bansho Ten'in." He said, as Shido's body was now in the blonde's grasp.

"That's all you have to say?" Tsunoda asked. The boy with two different colors in his hair held his arm out in front and had his hand face the blonde, "Bancho Tenin." He said, but nothing happened. Tsunoda looked at his arm then up at Naruto with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Naruto grinned and held out his other arm, "Bansho Ten'in." He said, as Tsunoda was now in the blonde's grasp as well, "You're a funny one."

Tsunoda grabbed the blonde's wrist, "Let me go."

Shido's eyes opened and saw that he was being held in the air by Naruto, "What the hell!"

Naruto looked at Shido, "Ah, it's good to see you up."

"What's going on?" The teacher asked.

"You and your group are going to leave now."

"What? Why?" Miura jumped in.

"I don't want mindless people in my group."

"What if we refuse?" Miura asked.

Naruto grinned, as he dropped both Tsunoda and Shido and performed a few hand signs. Everyone had no clue what the blonde was doing, but then the blonde slammed his hand on the ground, as he acted like he grabbed something from beneath the floor. He pulled his hand up, as a perfectly clean and sharp sword came out from under the floor. Once he pulled it out from below, he whipped the sword to his side, "Then allow me to go ahead and end your lives here."

Shido and his group were beginning to panic that the blonde was willing to kill them all if they refused to leave. Naruto lifted the sword up and pointed the very tip of it right in between Shido's eyes, "So, what's it going to be?"


Naruto turned his head to the door after hearing gunshots from above. He snapped his head back and glared at Shido, "You all stay here." He said coldly, as he left the room.

Naruto ran into the living room to see the door to the balcony opened and heard another gunshot. He quickly ran out the door to see Kohta shooting down at the streets. The blonde looked outside to see several of the dead walking toward some home not to far from their position. His eyes locked onto what they were after and saw Takashi fighting off a few of them trying to protect a little girl that seemed to be around seven years old. Not just that, but their was a little dog with them and kept barking, which kept drawing the walkers attention (I'll use the term 'walkers' every now and then, which refers to the zombies).

"Damn it." Naruto said to himself, as he vanished in an instant.

Kohta didn't react to the blonde's actions and focused on protecting Takashi and the girl. Naruto appeared right in the middle of the horde, but they were still going after Takashi and the girl. The blonde placed his thumb and pointy finger in his mouth and whistled loudly. The horde all came to a stop, while Takashi smashed the head of one with his bat, then he realized that they stopped coming after him. The horde all turned to the blonde's direction and all started going after him.

Takashi didn't quite see who it was, but knew that this was their chance to get out of here. He held his hand out to the little girl, "Come on, we're getting out of here."

The little girl wiped her tears, "But… what about daddy?" She sobbed.

Takashi looked at the girl's father lying there in blood. His eyes narrowed, as he grabbed a sheet that was hanging on a wire and placed it over his body. Looking around once more, he saw a few flowers and picked two purple flowers, as he gave one to the little girl. They walked up to the girl's father and both placed a flower on his body. They stood there for a few seconds, but then seeing that they were there long enough, Takashi held out his hand to the little girl again, "Let's go."

The little girl nodded, as she grabbed his hand. Takashi walked out of the yard and saw a clear path back to the house. They picked up the pace hurrying to get back, while the dog was close behind.

Naruto was slicing heads off of the walkers one-by-one. Every time he thought he was getting close to being done, more just kept appearing before him, "Damn it, they just keep coming."

He sliced the head off of another one, but one grabbed his jacket from behind and started to pull him. Naruto struggled, but then he slid his arms out of his jacket letting his jacket being taken. The blonde fought back the walkers, as he looked to see that Takashi and the little girl, along with some dog finally reached the gate. He saw that the gate opened and that they made it back inside. Once they were in, the gate quickly closed, which caused the blonde to smile weakly. Swinging the sword in a full three sixty-degree spin, several heads of the walkers flew up in the air. Blood splattered all over his body, as some of it also managed to get on his face. He looked around again and saw that they were just not letting up, as more and more just kept coming, "Looks like I won't be able to get any sleep tonight." He said to himself, as he looked up at the moon.

Naruto fought against an army of Zetsus' and saw that Sakura, Sai, and Kiba were getting tired. He remembered that their mission was to ambush and capture Kabuto. If they kept going on like this, they wouldn't be able to complete the mission.

"You three go on ahead! I'll handle all of them!" Naruto shouted.

They all looked at the blonde, "Are you crazy! There's way too many!" Kiba yelled.

"Kiba's right Naruto, you can't just take them all on!" Sakura said.

The blonde's lips formed into a small smile; "Don't worry! Just go and complete the mission!"

"We can't Naruto! We're not going to leave you behind!" Sakura continued.

Naruto looked at Kiba, which the Inuzuka looked closely in the blonde's eyes and saw that Naruto wasn't playing around. Kiba nodded, as he grabbed Sakura's arm, "Come on!" He yelled, as Sakura began to run with Kiba by force, while Sai was close behind.

"Naruto!" Sakura screamed, as she saw all the Zetsus' closing in on the blonde. However, she saw that sheepish smile on his face and saw that he was waving at them.

A pain struck the blonde's head, "Damn it! Not now…" He said to himself, as he sliced the arms off of the walkers that were near him. He fought back the memory and remained on his feet, as he managed to grab the incoming hand from one of the walkers. He held onto it tight and swung his sword up, which cut that arm off. Naruto was starting to get annoyed with this and vanished; as he reappeared a few yards away from once he stood. Several heads flew up in the air again, as blood shot up like a fountain. He looked around once again and saw that they just kept coming at him.

Takashi and the rest of his group went back into the living room, as they walked toward the balcony deciding to see how it looked outside. They could still hear Kohta shooting at them, "Kohta, how's it looking?" Takashi asked, as they joined in.

"Not good. They just keep coming." The short boy answered.

Saeko, now wearing nothing but an apron and a black thong looked around back inside, "Where's Naruto-san?"

"He's down there somewhere." Kohta answered.

"Yeah, when I went to save the little girl, I heard a loud whistle, but I couldn't find out who it was. But it has to be Naruto since you said that he's down there." Takashi said.

Rei's eyes widened, "Then shouldn't we go help him?" Rei was no longer wearing her school uniform, and instead, she wore her pajamas, which she wore a tight light pink colored tank top and white panties.

Kohta shook his head, "I don't think we should. It's more likely that we'll just get in his way."

However, a new presence joined in with the group, "You all should just get some sleep."

They all turned to see Naruto, "Wait, how did you…" Takashi couldn't finish his question.

"I'm just a clone. He's still down there fighting. He summoned me just so I can come tell you all to get some rest." The clone of Naruto said.

Everyone was once again shocked seeing something new about this blonde, "So he can make clones?" Rei asked.

Kohta's eyes sparkled, "He truly is some badass from a manga."

The clone of Naruto chuckled and puffed away, "There's a lot to be discovered by him. When he gets back, we defiantly need to have a talk with him." Takashi mentioned.

They all nodded in agreement, "I…" Kohta yawned.

"Let's just all get some rest and hope that everything's going to be all right with Naruto." Takashi said.

They all nodded, as they walked back inside, except for Saeko. She looked down at the street covered by hundreds of the walkers. Scanning the area, she couldn't find the blonde anywhere, "Please be careful." She whispered to herself.

The purple haired beauty turned around and saw a grinning Rei, "Does Busujima-san have a little crush on Naruto-san?"

Saeko blushed slightly, "Is that why you're wearing that outfit? So you can get his attention and have some time with him alone?" Rei continued.

Saeko's blush darkened, "No. I just wanted to ask him some questions."

Rei smirked and walked around Saeko, as she checked her back out, "Then why would you wear an outfit that's so revealing? It looks to me that you just want to draw his full on attention."

Saeko couldn't take it anymore and walked back inside leaving a laughing Rei behind.

Few hours later


Naruto some how ended up out of sight from the house and couldn't recall how it happened. He just kept decapitating those that kept closing in on him. Looking behind him, he saw that their numbers started to decrease. A smile came upon his face, "Looks like I might get some sleep after…" He swung his sword vertically upward on one of them, which ended up cutting the entire body in half, "All."

During his long time of fighting, the blonde's pants managed to get torn below his knees. His shirt had small little rips here and there, but it still managed to cover up his body. However, his entire body managed to get covered in blood by those he cut down. The last few remaining walkers came up to the blonde and all lunged at him. Naruto grabbed one by the neck and slammed it on the ground, as he stabbed it in the head. He then ducked to avoid the walkers' grasps and spun a full turn, as he sliced their bodies in half. Blood showered down on his body, which he stood straight back up. His eyes remained narrowed the entire time he was out here and as usual, had that bored look on his face.

Looking around one last time, he saw hundreds of the walker's bodies lying on the street. Something came up in his head, and so he grabbed a couple bodies at a time and began to make a wall with the bodies. An hour later, all the bodies that were once covering the street were now piled up in a giant wall. One wall blocked the path from where they all came from, while the other wall blocked the path that would take them out of this neighborhood. However, he heard a low groaning sound coming from behind him. Quickly turning around he saw an unfamiliar looking one. This one was once a living girl; she has long messy blonde hair. Now, that she's dead, her neck was rather long and her jaw was broken. Naruto held the sword out in front with the tip pointed at the forehead of the last one.

"Just how did you get in here?" The blonde asked.

The walker opened its mouth and spat out acid, which made contact with the blonde's eyes, which shut in an instant. Naruto's body shivered, as he dropped the sword and fell to his knees. His hands covered his eyes, as they began to burn terribly. He screamed out in pain, as the acid prevented him from opening them. The strange walker grabbed the blonde, and just before it was going to bite down on his head, Naruto grabbed the sword and quickly swung up at it vertically, which managed to cut the entire body in half. The blonde's weapon fell from his grasp and hit the ground once again. His eyes were still shut and were burning badly still, "W-What the hell was that?" He asked himself.


The blonde heard a feminine voice, but he couldn't see who it was. He tried to open his eyes, but they just wouldn't due to how bad they were burning, "Damn it!" He shouted.

"Hang on."

Naruto felt himself being helped up to his feet and that his left arm was around someone's shoulders.

Time: 3:58 a.m.

Naruto was now sitting on a bed with the same girl that brought him back inside. She managed to wipe up all the blood off his face with a towel. She sat behind him on the bed and began to wrap his eyes with bandages, "You seem to always surprise us, Naruto-san."

The blonde sat there and still couldn't recognize the voice. If only he had spent more time with the others, he might've figured out who this was, "I'm just doing what it takes to keep people alive." He replied.

Then the blonde remembered, "Why aren't you asleep?"

"I was too worried." She answered, as she finished tying the bandage. She maneuvered herself to where she was now sitting in front of him and facing him. She saw through his bandaged covered eyes that he cocked an eyebrow from her answer.

"Please don't." He said.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because. I don't know how much longer I'm going to stick around."

"Wait," She grabbed the bottom of the blonde's shirt, which he could tell she was trying to remove it. He raised his arms up, which she then pulled it off of him, "You plan on leaving us?" The girl's eyes locked on with the blonde's topless body. She saw his tan skin and his well-framed eight pack (cheesy? I know), along with his chiseled chest. The girl blushed lightly.

"Well… before I go any further, whom am I speaking to?"


"Well, whether you believe me or not. I'm not from around here."

Saeko tilted her head a bit, "What do you mean?"

"I'm not from this world."

Saeko grinned slightly, "Well, some of us began to think that since the way you fight isn't normal."

Naruto kept his head up acting like he was looking at her, even though he couldn't see her, "Well, I'm from a place called the Elemental Nations. To be exact, the Fire Country in the village of Konoha."

Saeko looked at the temporarily blind blonde, "Well, what's it like?"

"A lot different. Everything in this world has a lot more technology compared to mine. We don't have whatever it was we were in when we first met. Those guns Kohta found are way advanced then what I've seen in mine. Also, the people here are a lot weaker compared to the people from my world." Naruto answered completely honest.

Saeko frowned at his last comparison, "I'm not trying to say it offensively. It's just that in my world, everyone's at war with each other. The majority portion of the population train to become shinobi… or ninja I guess I should say from their childhood." He explained to her.

Saeko pursed her lips and blinked once, as her left eyebrow rose, "So you're saying you're a ninja?"

Naruto held out his arm with his hand open between the two, as a ball of chakra formed in the palm of his hand. Saeko looked at the mysterious ball that formed in his hand and saw how beautiful it looked. Just the color of it made her like it, "Yes." Naruto answered.

The ball of chakra vanished, as Saeko took a deep breath, "How young were you when you first started?"

"I was seven years old."

Saeko's eyes widened slightly, "So young. So, it's like some kind of military formed, right? What rank were you?"

Naruto's head lowered looking like that he was looking down at his hands, "ANBU."

Not ever hearing such a word like that, she had no clue how high that rank was, "How high is that rank?"

"It's pretty high. ANBU are high-level shinobi that work for the leader of their village, which is the Hokage. Us ANBU were always assigned very high-ranking missions from the Hokage themselves. The missions were assassination, capture, escort, or infiltration. We would always work in teams."

Saeko narrowed her eyes, "I see." Saeko was wishing his eyes weren't so bad that way she could get a good look of his eyes, "Who were your teammates?"

Naruto kept acting like he was staring at his lap, "I wasn't really specifically assigned a permanent team. They always had me hop from one team to a different one. Although, I was partnered up with a woman quite a bit that had," He lifted his head up acting like he was facing her, "The same kind of hair like yours. Her name was Yugao Uzuki and she was a lot older then I. But, even though she was older than me by ten years, I still found her rather attractive. That purple hair made her look so beautiful and she was very mature. Even though there were times when she made me do a few things that was pure torture to me."

Saeko slightly blushed seeing how he resembled her as one of his partners. It was like he was telling her what he thought of her. Silence roamed the room for a short time, "What time is it?" The blonde asked.

"It's a little after four in the morning."

Naruto sighed, "I'm going to get some sleep."

Saeko smiled slightly, "Okay." She began to wonder where she would sleep since almost everything was taken. Shido's group were still in the downstairs room doing god knows what. Takashi and Kohta took the couches in the living room, while Saya took the other couch that was in a different room. Rei and Shizuka shared the bed that was in the same room as Saya's. Kaji and Yuuki shared the pallet that Naruto once rested after passing out in the bus. She sat on the bed over thinking if there was anything else besides the floor, but her thoughts were cut off, as she felt a hand grabbing her wrists.

She looked up at the blonde, as he slowly leaned down bringing her down with him. Her eyes just kept staring at his bandaged covered eyes. The blonde rested his head on the pillow, while Saeko lied next to him. Her lips formed into a smile, as she cuddled up against him and once she got comfortable, she closed her eyes.

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