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Chapter 18: The Final Battle

The blonde's eyes slowly widened after hearing that name, "Y-You're Kakashi's…"

"Yes. I was his teammate, and your father was my teacher."

Naruto felt his body quivering from such a thought, "Why?! Why would attack the village and my father?"

Obito chuckled, "You don't need to worry as to why. However," Obito swung the battle fan, which shot three small fire-like tornados out toward the blonde, "You ought to worry about how you will survive." Obito preformed a quick series of hand signs and slammed his hand down on the ground. Wooden pillars came out of the ground and started chasing at the blonde. Naruto quickly avoided the tornados, then jumped onto one of the pillars and jumped to another one to avoid being hit by it. He looked out ahead to see another pillar coming straight for him. Once again, he jumped onto the next one, but then jumped high to the air. He swung his arm down sending sharp-like wind blades down, which ended up cutting the pillars up. The chopped up blocks of wood then ended up shooting up at the blonde.

"Shit." Naruto held out his arm sending a wall of gravity, which sent the wood crashing down on the road. He then felt himself being pulled and saw Obito standing there with his fan raised up high. Just as the blonde was in reach of Obito, Naruto felt that he had stopped the Jutsu and quickly activated a blistering wind-like cloak around him.

Obito was puzzled since he has never seen anything like this before and that split second he let his guard down, the next thing he knew was that he ended up colliding against a concrete wall. Obito shook his head, "So he can cloak himself with some sort of wind armor, interesting." He said and removed himself from the wall. Obito performed a rather series of hand signs, while Naruto kept his distance since he couldn't see due to the dust cloud caused by the collision on the wall.

Naruto kept his wind cloak on and could see a mixture of colors forming within the dust cloud. The next thing he knew was that a water, fire, and wooden dragon came out from the cloud and straight for him. The water dragon ended up going up in the air, while the fire one ended up speeding up straight for Naruto, while the wooden one also went straight for the blonde, but at a slower pace. Naruto jumped high in the air to avoid the fire one, but the wooden one began to pick up the pace. The flames the fire dragon left on the road started to light the wooden one. Naruto looked up to see the water dragon starting to come down at him and looked down to see the wooden one coming up at him with flames starting to cloak it.

"Damn it." Naruto held out his arms and delivered an immense force all around, which demolished the wooden dragon and caused the water one to shatter.

"As predicted." Naruto looked up to see Obito descending down with the blonde. Obito held his arm down toward the blonde, "Shinra Tensei."

Before Naruto had time to react, he immediately felt himself pounded into the road. Chunks of the road ended up flying up to the air a tad from the strong impact. Naruto slowly rose back to his feet and felt that his right arm was completely limp, "Kurama."

"Yeah. Yeah."

"What's wrong Naruto? Why are you holding back?" Naruto looked out in front to see that Obito had descended to the road and landed on his feet. Not a single word came from the blonde, "Is it because," Obito looked passed the blonde to see the group of survivors on the mall's roof, "Of your friends over there?"

Naruto quickly glanced back at the mall's rooftop, "They need to get far away from here!"

"Do you wish to see them before they die?" The blonde turned back to face Obito, but the next thing he knew, was that he was sent flying toward the mall.

"Look out!" Takashi shouted, while everyone noticed and before they decided to duck, they saw Naruto flying above them and ended up crashing hard against the door to where the door broke off. They all stood still and before they decided to go check on him, they saw Naruto coming out. The blonde held onto his broken arm and looked at everyone to see shock, fear, and worry on their faces.

He walked towards them, but didn't say a word to any of them, "The door! Now walkers can get up here if they came to…" Naruto held his moveable arm back to face the halls, which the door came floating to the frame. The blonde lined the door up with it and quickly added some sort of wind-like nails to hold it in tacked. Hiro kept pointing at the blonde, "N-Never mind."

"You all need to get very far from here." Naruto stated.

"With pleasure! Now let's…" Shimada punched down on Hiro's head again to shut him up.

"We're not going anywhere without you." Takashi said.

Naruto didn't want to play this game and glared at the student with frustration boiling within him, "If you want to live! You'll go as far away from here as possible! Do you understand?!"

Takashi stepped back from the ticked off blonde, "But…"

"Just get the fuck out…"

"Takashi's right." Naruto then looked over to see Saeko decided to speak up, "We're not going anywhere without you."

Naruto growled lowly in anger and just as he was about to yell at her, Rei, along with the others (except Saya) stepped up to stand by with Takashi and Saeko, "They're right. We're not leaving without you." Rei said.

The blonde looked at each and everyone in the group and turned to avoid looking at them any longer. Inside, he was happy to see that they truly cared for him, but he didn't want them to die because of him. Adding chakra to his feet, he shook his head, "You're a bunch of fools." He said and quickly took off.

Obito stood there with a grin on his face, as he watched Naruto landed in front of him, "Did you get to say your goodbye to them?"

"Shut up!" He yelled and performed a quick series of hand signs. Once he performed the last one, the wind began to pick up with immense speed.

"Oh? And what do you have planned?" Obito questioned, but then he felt the wind started to cut up some of his robe. He looked down at himself and saw the cuts forming on his body, "So you're creating a severe wind to where it can cut down anything in its path?" His gaze turn to look at a few trees on the sidewalk and saw them begin to rip in half; "That must consume a lot of your chakra."

"And I won't have to worry about my friends back there. I made it to where it's only happening in this area."

"My. Having it aimed at us only huh? That defiantly must consider a large amount of chakra. But you forgot about something."

Naruto quirked an eyebrow, "Please tell me."

"I can easily take cover in a different dimen…" Obito saw a few wind blades coming right at him, which he let them phase right through him, "I see now, it's just like Danzo's ability. I take back what I said then." Obito slammed his hands on the ground, "In that case."

Naruto looked around and saw nothing happening, but then he looked down at the ground to see wooden pillars sprang out of the ground. They began to spiral around the blonde, "Is he trying to lock me up?"

"Farewell Kyuubi." The wooden pillars closed in on the blonde and then formed into a tree. The wind died down to where Obito walked towards the giant tree, "Five, four, three, two, one…" Obito stopped in his track and watched as the tree split opened.

"You know what I was thinking about whenever we returned to our world?"

Naruto was breathing heavily for having to use a move that used so much of his chakra and having to use the Rinnegan to break out of the tree, "What?"

"Even though everyone's probably enjoying their peace and I had Kabuto retreat. You do realize when we return, that we will summon the real Madara himself. And when we do, the world will wreak of havoc."

"Then I will just have to stop you in this world myself!" Naruto yelled and charged at his father's old student.

"Naruto! I'm feeling a familiar presence appearing in this world."

"What? What do you mean?"

Naruto attempted to punch Obito, but he used his arm to block it. Then the two of them began exchanging a series of blows to one another, "Remember when you tried to summon the toads?"

Obito delivered a roundhouse kick, but Naruto quickly caught it, "Yeah."

Naruto jumped to the side to avoid a large fireball, "They're locking onto you due to the collision between you two. It's still faint, but if you keep this up, they'll find us."

Obito slammed his right hand to the ground, while a symbol formed on the ground. A large cloud of smoke then covered him, but a large rhino with the Rinnegan eyes was revealed, "Shit. Kurama, I need some help with this next move."

"I'm on it."

Naruto jumped up at the large rhino and placed his hand on the horn, "I have no time to play with summons. Shinra Tensei!" This was not a normal Shinra Tensei, this one was a lot more powerful compared to the other times he's used it. This one was strong enough to send the rhino completely out of the area and couldn't be seen. It was all thanks to Kurama adding his chakra to it.

"Impressive." Obito commented.

"Wow, I didn't know it would be that much more powerful."

"Maybe I added a bit too much."

Naruto felt himself being pulled and cursed at himself, "I-I can't…."

Obito summoned his katana he had given to Naruto a couple days ago in his free hand, "It's over." He said and stabbed the katana clean through the blonde's chest. Naruto's eyes widened, while Obito grinned. However, the blonde disappeared and instead, Obito saw that he had stabbed a log, "A substitution?"

"I hope you're ready Obito!"

The Uchiha turned to see Naruto in his nine-tails form and saw six Rasengans formed hovering around his back, "What the hell?"

Chakra arms extended from his back, each holding onto a Rasengan and shot out towards Obito. The first one shot down at him, which he easily jumped back to avoid it. Second one came straight at him, but he ended up letting it phase right through him. He looked out in front and couldn't quite see due to the dust cloud formed from the impact the Rasengan hitting the ground. However, he saw a blue blur within and readied himself for the attack. The blue blur didn't come after him as he expected since it vanished, but something in him made him look up to see the remaining Rasengans coming down at him. Obito performed a quick series of hand signs, which a wooden platform came out of the ground and hovered above him. The Rasengans easily broke right through the wooden wall and ended up striking the ground down below. Naruto noticed how he was gone and looked around. The ground the blonde was standing on began to rise, which took him high in the air. He looked down below and looked back out in front to see fireballs coming at him. With a quick look around fully, he saw that there were fireballs coming at him all around and not just that, he saw a great stream of water coming down at him. Naruto stomped on the pillar and did a full three-sixty releasing a great wind barrier. Once the fireballs and water stream came at him, they all ended up being dispersed. All the fireballs ended up destroying parts of the buildings around them and the water stream ended shattering, which joined the rain.

"You continue to interest me Naruto." The blonde looked down and saw Obito standing down below next to the pillar that he was standing on, "You will most defiantly be a magnificent weapon." He placed his hand against the pillar, which began to crumble.

Naruto lost his balance from the pillar breaking apart and fell with it. However, he felt himself being pulled and knew damn well that it was Obito. He turned his body around slowly due to how strong the force was. Obito canceled it, which Naruto landed on his feet and charged after the traitor. Once he closed in, the two immediately began to get into a series of combat.


The blonde ducked to avoid a deadly kick, "What now?"


Naruto then felt a ting in his body feeling a familiar presence roaming within him. He kicked Obito hard against his stomach, which sent him skidding back. The blonde bit his thumb and slapped his hand on the ground. A giant smoke cloud covered the whole area in front of him. Obito's eyes widened when the smoke cleared to see a giant toad stitting in front of him, "I-Impossible. They found him…"

Naruto smiled seeing Gamabunta and jumped up on top of his head, "Yo!"

Gamabunta's eyes looked up to see the blonde, "Naruto! We finally found you!"

"It's about damn time you did!"

"Everyone has been busting their ass finding any solution of finding you!"

Naruto smiled and chuckled, but that changed instantly after realizing the situation that he's in, "I need you to return and inform the old geezer about my situation."

Gamabunta then looked down to see the man in front of him, "Who is that?"

"That is Obito Uchiha."

"Obito?! He's alive?!"

"Yes. I need you to go now and spread the news. Have him tell granny about this too." Then he remembered another person that he knew would want to know about this, "Make sure Kakashi hears this too. I'm sure he'll want to know about this."

"Are you sure you can take him on your own?"

Naruto lowered his head and chuckled a bit, "I'm sure I can match up against him."

Gamabunta caught onto what the boy meant, "You fool! You can't…"

"Goodbye." Naruto said which Gamabunta then puffed away.

Obito watched the blonde descend down and land back down on the ground, "You just ruined your chances of having reinforcements."

The blonde closed his eyes, "I can't have my friends risk their lives to help me." Naruto took one step and ended up dashing for the Uchiha, "So I'll be the one to take you down myself!"

Obito held out his arm, which Naruto ended up stopping himself a couple feet in front of him and also held out his arm, "Shinra Tensei!" (x2)

The devastating force coming from the two collided with one another. They both held their ground not showing any sign of letting up. Buildings around them began to crumble due to how powerful the force was, "Kurama! I-I could use some help here!"

"I'm on it." Kurama leaked some of his chakra through to add onto the sheer force.

Instantly, Obito began to feel overpowered after noticing that the Kyuubi aided him, "Damn." In a matter of seconds, Obito was overwhelmed and was sent hurling hard against a concrete wall. Naruto's arm returned to his side and his nine-tails chakra form reverted back to reveal his normal form. He was forced to one knee after having so much chakra being used, but he didn't waste any time and threw his father's kunai towards the Uchiha. A wicked grin appeared on Obito's face, as he saw Naruto appear in front of him. His Sharingan eye began to spin, which showed the Mangekyo. Naruto saw his eye and cursed to himself after making eye contact. The blonde found himself in a strange wavy dimension. Everything was blurry, that was until it came to focus. His eyes widened not believing what he was seeing. He was looking at the Hokage Monument. Turning around, he realized he was standing on top of the Hokage's building.

"Son of a bitch!" He was infuriated seeing how cruel Obito was being. All the time he had spent away from home and tried finding ways to get back, but yet, he was back here in his home village. However, he knew this wasn't real and he knew he had to break out of this soon.


The blonde looked around for the voice and decided to look down and saw his old partner Yugao. His eyes widened, but he quickly shook it off. He clapped his hands together, "Release!"

"Let me help you with that."

Back to reality

Obito stood there with his sword in his hand and saw Naruto sitting on his knees, "I hope you enjoy the little time seeing your old comrades." He raised his sword and swung down at the blonde. However, his swing came to a halt and he saw Naruto had caught the blade in between his hands, "What the hell? How'd you break out of that so easily?"

Naruto knocked the sword out of the Uchiha's hand delivered a deadly punch straight to his face. The punch was so strong that it caused the skin on his cheeks to make little waves and shortly sent him soaring, "You thought that making a false world with fake friends would slow me down to enjoy seeing them? You are going to pay for trying to trap me in a false home!"

Obito stopped himself by planting his feet in the ground to slow himself down. He bit his thumb and slapped it down onto the ground. A giant green bird with a large beak and a two-headed dog, which seemed like to have little wings on its back, and a large chameleon were summoned. Naruto stood there staring up at the large creatures and sighed. He was beginning to run out of ideas, but he knew that he could turn to someone to take over. His eyes shot wide-open and found himself standing in the sewers in front of the large cage that contained Kurama, "I need to lay back a bit."

"You don't have time to…"

"I figured that this would be the best time to repay you. After all, don't you remember me saying I'd let you have some fun after I let you enjoy a night of slaughtering the dead?"

Kurama's eyes widened and began to laugh, "Although it's not the dead, I supposed this will make do."

Naruto grinned and found himself back in reality. Obito stood behind the creatures he summoned and waited for the blonde's move, "Well? What will you…" He cut his question off when he saw dark crimson chakra spiraling around the blonde. The chakra shot up in the air and immediately shot down and engulfed the blonde. The chakra dispersed to reveal Kurama's cloak and that he was already showing six-tails. Obito blinked once and showed no surprise, "So you're going to let the Kyuubi take over huh? Looks like I'll be experiencing the fight that Nagato had with you."

Kurama moved his right front leg forward one and instantly vanished. Obito looked around and felt the dark chakra from above. He looked up to see Kurama high in the air and watched it bring forth down its front arm to the creature, which turned out to make a large chakra arm. The two-headed dog took a mighty leap forward to avoid it, while the bird took off. The chameleon however turned invisible, but that didn't help at all as it was crushed by the large chakra arm. Once the chakra arm was gone, the chameleon lied there and ended up puffing away.

"One down."

"Shut up brat. I still have those two to deal with. And that dog is going to be a pain in the ass."

Kurama landed on the ground on all fours, as a chakra arm shot out of his stomach. The arm extended, which ended up shooting him up high in the air. The arm then grabbed a nearby building and hurled himself toward the bird. The large bird flew for the little fox and opened its beak. Kurama withdrew the chakra arm, as the bird closed its beak on the fox. It swallowed Kurama and flew around. Obito quirked an eyebrow, "There's no way that did it."

As expected, red chakra beams shot out all over the bird. The large bird's body bent in many directions. Suddenly, an explosion covered the whole bird. Kurama dove down after the remaining creature. Obito looked up at where the explosion was and saw that the bird puffed away. He then looked at the large dog looking up at the six-tailed fox. Kurama shot a chakra beam down at the dog. The beam hit the ground in front of the dog first and then quickly sliced right down the middle of the dog. However, the halves of the dog formed to a full form as the first one. Now, there were two of them that Kurama had to deal with.

"Damn this annoying runt!" Kurama looked over to see Obito just standing there watching, "We're going to go after that Uchiha bitch until his little pet disappears."

"Fine by me."

Once Kurama landed on the ground, he immediately dashed for Obito, "I figured it would come after me."

Kurama appeared right in front of Obito and for a split second, the two came face-to-face. They both eyed each other knowing that they would tear this place apart. Obito heard the low growling from the fox and jumped back to avoid being smashed by the chakra arm that was above him. He watched the fox and saw a second head form on its back. The Uchiha tilted his head and watched as the head extended out of its back to show a second upper body along with another pair of arms, "Interesting."

They both opened their mouths and shot a chakra blast at him. Obito ended up letting the blast phase right through him. The large dogs came after the fox to assist their master, but Kurama was high on them and turned to face them. Kurama let out a loud powerful growl to where it sent the two dogs flying back high in the air. Kurama turned back around and saw that Obito was farther away. Despite the distance, he saw Obito with his arm out and didn't feel himself being drawn in. Kurama looked up and saw a building hovering above him. Obito swung his arm down, which the building crushed down on the fox. A grin crept on the Uchiha's face, "That should've made the Kyuubi recede."

Much less to his perspective, the building slowly began to rise. Obito's eyes widened, "Incredible." That was the only word that had came out of his mouth seeing the building being hurled high in the air. The building wasn't just hurled high up, but it was also coming after him. Obito went through a series of hand signs, while still looking up at the building. After the last sign, several large wooden pillars shot out from the ground and up at the building. Before the building began to descend, the wooden pillars caught up to it quick and managed to hold it up in place. Obito looked out in front to see Kurama slamming its fists down on the ground. Due to how strong the strikes were, large chunks of the ground flung up a bit. He then swung his arms wildly and ended up hitting the solid chunks of the ground, which all shot straight for the Uchiha. Obito jumped to the side to avoid the first one, and then jumped high to avoid the next one. He was now vulnerable in the air, but he let the third one phase right through him. He quickly descended back to the ground. Holding out his arm, he shot a great force at the fourth one and shot it back towards the fox. However, it ended up colliding against a fifth one, which both of them shattered to little chunks from how powerful of the impact, was made. A large dust cloud covered the distance between them, making it hard for Obito to see. Another one came through the cloud and immediately smashed hard against the Uchiha. Obito felt himself get smashed through a building from the impact of the concrete block that had hit him.

Obito got up to his feet and rubbed his head. Seeing a few chakra blasts coming at him, he quickly held out his arm to create a force wall. The little chakra blasts ended up hitting the barrier and didn't even faze it at all. The Uchiha held the barrier up to block more blasts that were coming at him. It seemed to be an endless amount of chakra blasts all at once. After what seemed like that he would be standing there forever blocking the blasts, the firing came to an end. Or so that was what Obito thought, as he dismissed the barrier. The large dust cloud expanded from all the explosions the Kyuubi had shot and was getting thicker making it incredibly hard for him to see. Suddenly, another blast came right at him and hit him straight on. Obito held his ground however, but the top half of his robe was blown right off leaving his upper body exposed, "Kyuubi isn't holding back one bit. I guess Naruto gave him a chance for revenge from that… Humph!" Obito felt a pair of burning chakra hands grab his entire body and felt that he was being pulled in at immense speed. In an incredible short amount of time, Obito found himself face-to-face yet again with the fox. Once those chakra hands let go of him, he punched the fox hard against the face. He didn't take his fist off and added a little force to it. Kurama felt himself being shot far back and crashed against something rather soft. He looked up to see the two-headed dog looking down at him with their teeth showing. Kurama saw that he had crashed against the large dog's leg. The dog shot down at him hoping to eat the fox, but Kurama vanished. He appeared on top of the dog and was getting ready to pound on it, but the second dog lunged at him and knocked him right off. Kurama's rage was reaching its high point having enough with these mutts. Four large chakra arms shot out of his body each grabbing a large building. The dogs charged at the fox, but were pinned to the ground by the buildings that Kurama placed on their lower back. The fox stood on all fours to see that the dogs weren't going anywhere with the buildings keeping them pinned.

Red and blue chakra balls merged out of the fox's body. They floated around him, as he held up its head with his mouth open. Obito watched the Kyuubi charge up for another attack, "Come on Kyuubi, go ahead and fire that blast so I can use it against you."

All the chakra balls formed into a large one, which Kurama chomped down on it and swallowed. The ground he was standing on turned into a crater and not wasting any more time, he fired a large blast. The Uchiha smiled and opened a vortex in the blast's path to where it went in it. Once the whole blast was consumed, the vortex closed and opened right above the fox. Kurama looked up to see his own blast came right out and ended up blasting himself. Obito laughed, "I hoped you'd do that. How does it feel Kyuubi?" The Uchiha saw the fox stumble a bit from taking such a large hit and held out his arm. Kurama felt himself being pulled and was being held right in front of the Uchiha. Obito had the Kyuubi floating in front of him and the two came face-to-face yet again, "I see you're still upset about that night when I had you under my control." Obito stood there with a grin on his face listening to the growling coming from the Kyuubi, "I know I'm facing you Kyuubi. How'd it feel to be under my command and slaughter thousands of people?"

"Kurama! Don't fall for his trick!"

"Shut up brat! I know what I'm doing."

Obito suddenly felt himself pushed back from a chakra wave blast. The tails extended forward and tried to smash down on him. Obito easily was dodging them and was laughing, "What's wrong Kyuubi? Is that boy keeping you from going full out against me?"

The tails withdrew and Kurama let out a loud growl. Obito covered his ears and felt himself get hit hard against his side. Nearly his entire body bent in half, but he was sent crashing hard against a wall. Obito removed himself from the wall and shook his head, "I need to find a way to make the Kyuubi remise." Obito ran the opposite way, which he saw Kurama running along with him. Kurama shot more blasts at him, while Obito shot fireballs at the Kyuubi. Both of their shots mainly missed one another or were either avoided. Obito had enough playing with range assaults and charged at the fox. Kurama turned to go after him too, but Obito was faster and slammed a deadly kick down on his head. Kurama stumbled back a bit, while Obito kneed up along the Kyuubi's chin. The Uchiha then began to punch the Kyuubi's head with incredible speed. Kurama's head was being hit in so many directions that he was taking a step back every now and then. Kurama raised its arm and attempted to smash down on Obito, but the Uchiha dodged it. He then placed his hands on the Kyuubi's arm and hurled himself over to where he was above him. Placing his hands on the Kyuubi's back, he grinned, "Shinra Tensei!"

Kurama felt his body gets implanted into the ground. His body bent forward too from the sheer force. He was sent deep into the ground too since he was on ground level to begin with and to be crushed from above. Obito landed on the other side and looked down in the deep crater to see the Kyuubi breathing lowly, "Come on Kyuubi, you can only hope to match me by going full out."

"Kid. I'm done. It's up to you now."

"That's fine. I've had enough time anyway."

Obito watched the Kyuubi's form revert back into the blonde's body to reveal Naruto back in his original form. However, his skin was burnt rather badly for allowing Kurama go pretty far, "Damn Kurama… My body defiantly took a toll for that."

"Sorry kid. I'm sure I've made the Uchiha bitch use up a lot of his chakra."

Naruto placed his hands on the ground to help him get back up to his feet. He jumped out of the crater and stood on the opposite side of it to where he was facing Obito, "I see you and the Kyuubi became rather close with one another. To think you'd let him use your body like that and not hesitate at all. Not only that, but it even reverted back into you without losing control of its anger against me. I'm most impressed."

The blonde looked closely at the Uchiha and saw that he was all bruised up. He saw how his top half of his robe was completely gone. The thing that was bothering him was that Obito's body showed that he was getting tired, but the way he was acting, was showing that he wasn't, "Why are you acting like that?" Naruto asked.

"Acting like what?"

"You're acting as if you're not even tired or getting worn out. Why?"

Obito grinned, "I actually am getting rather torn up, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve."

Naruto's eyes widened remembering that he still had 'that' to use. Obito held out his arm, which his sword appeared right in his hand. He held out his other arm to where his battle fan appeared in that hand. Naruto frowned seeing the Uchiha fully armed and he knew that he didn't have any sort of weapon, "Damn it." Obito instantly appeared right in the blonde's face and swung his sword down. Naruto easily avoided it by side-stepping, but then felt the large battle fan hit him hard right on. Obito turned his wrist to where the flat ends of the fan were facing up and down with Naruto lying on top of it. He hurled the blonde high in the air and dropped his sword. With a hard swing of his fan, he shot three fire-like tornado missiles up at the boy. Naruto spun his body to look down and see the missiles coming at him. He held his arm out down at them and sent out a force to shatter the missiles. When he did, Obito appeared right there in the air with him, "Shit." Obito grabbed the blonde by the neck and began to spin both of them at a quick pace. The two were spinning so fast that it made them look like Kiba's fang over fang.

Obito threw the blonde straight down, which in less than a second, Naruto crashed down hard on the ground. Naruto rose back up to his feet and looked up to see an incredibly large fireball coming down at him. Once the fireball hit the ground, it broke out and turned out to be just an ordinary fire… a large fire at that. Obito landed on a roof of a small building and watched the fire burn anything that it could. The Uchiha stumbled a tad and quickly gained his posture back, "Damn. This battle needs to come to an end."

Naruto emerged from the fire and jumped out of it to land on the same roof that Obito was on. The Uchiha turned to face him and saw little flames all over his body burning his clothing off. The flames were put out from the wind he used and now, the blonde stood there with some of his hair burned off, but it still kept its same form. His shirt was completely burned off and his pants were burned up to his knees. The two were breathing quite heavily from this ongoing fight and knew that they were going to use everything they had to end this.

"You two!" Obito and Naruto looked around for the voice, "Down here!" The two looked down at the ground and Obito sighed recognizing who it was.

"Who the hell is…"

"That's the boss of the bunch of humans." Obito answered before Naruto could ask.

The blonde's eyes widened, "My name's Cain. And," The now known Cain pointed up at the blonde, "You Naruto, will be the ultimate…" Cain's body began to burn, as he screamed in pain looking at himself to see black fire, "Y-You bastard!"

Naruto looked at Obito, "You bastard! I was going to get a cure from him to…"

"Don't worry about it. Someone knows where they are."

The blonde looked down at the burning Cain and then back at Obito, "That works."

"Enough. This battle will come to an end Kyuubi."

Naruto held out his arm, "Shinra…"

Naruto felt himself being pulled towards the Uchiha, "Too slow." Obito said.

He grabbed the blonde's wrist and called forth an incredible amount of chakra. Naruto's eyes widened seeing what he was bringing forth. The blonde tried to get away, but Obito grinned as a green warrior surrounded him. Obito let the blonde go, but didn't just let go of his wrist. He shot the blonde with a sheer force and caused him to fly off the roof. Naruto was falling and kept looking up at the gray clouds. He added chakra to his feet and placed his feet on the side of the building. He slowed his fall down and ran up the building, which he reached the roof in no time. His eyes widened to see Obito standing there with his Susanoo active, "This is it." Naruto said.

"Yes. This is where the true destruction begins." Obito hunched over a bit and began to cough, but stood straight back up.

Naruto called forth his nine-tail chakra mode and felt his body not being able to maintain much, "Damn. I've used way too much chakra in this fight." The blonde saw Obito's Susanoo slam both its fists down at the blonde. Naruto rolled out of the way to avoid it, but the impact was strong enough to cause the building to crumble. The two jumped off the roof and descended down back to ground level. Susanoo pulled out its sword and began swinging down at the blonde. Naruto was using his speed to his advantage to avoid the deadly swings, because he knew that taking a hit from that would most likely bring an end to his part of the fight. The blonde avoided another deadly swing, but he ended up being backhanded by Susanoo. Naruto was sent hurling towards the mall where everyone was at. He crashed hard against a sign though that managed to prevent him from damaging the mall. His body slid down the sign and landed back on ground level. He looked around and saw that he was in the mall parking lot, "No…"

It was too late since Obito appeared in front of him, "Well," The Uchiha looked up to see the mall and that the boy's friends were still up at the roof watching, "Looks like your friends get to watch you die up close."

"Shut up!" Naruto held out his arm, as a Rasengan formed in his hand, "I'm ending this!"

Obito smiled seeing that this was leading to déjà vu, "Very well."

"I-I can't believe how much of a disaster this is turning out to be." Takashi said.

Kohta was ignoring the destruction of the city and was way too fascinated by the fight, "T-T-This is a fight between two gods! It's incredible!"

"It looks like they're about to bring an end to this. They really want to end one another despite that they could kill themselves in the process." Saya stated.

Saeko's eyes were wide after watching everything transpire in the city. She watched the blonde charging up what looks like to be one final attack. Turning around to look at the door, she saw the wind-like bolts had disappeared, which caused the door to fall. Wait, one final attack… that's when it hit her. She ran for the door, which drew everyone's attention, "Saeko!" The entire group of Takashi's shouted.

"Obito…" Naruto's Rasengan began to change into a mixture of crimson and black colors, "You were behind all this. You're the reason my father and mother sacrificed themselves in order for me to live. You're the reason why you misled Nagato, Konan, and the other members of Akatsuki to kill fellow Jinchuurikis by extracting the Bijuu from them. You're the reason why pervy-sage was killed. Because you deceived Nagato! You're the reason why this war started. For all the shinobi that have died to protect this world from your plan. You've deceived Sasuke and had him kill his brother! You…



"I just wanted to tell you… I'm glad that you were my host."

Naruto's eyes widened hearing that from Kurama. Tears began to form in his eyes and he laughed softly, "You have no idea how that makes me feel to hear that coming from you."

"Let's defeat this…"

Naruto wiped his eyes to prevent the tears from escaping, "Kurama. I know what's about to happen. Which is why…"

The Rasengan in Naruto's hand began to grow larger, while Obito's Susanoo sheathed its sword and raised its fist. Naruto closed his eyes and a single tear escaped, which slid down his cheek. Obito stood there with his eyes closed as well. The blonde added more of Kurama's chakra to the Rasengan. Susanoo gathered a lot of chakra to its fist thanks to Obito. Both Obito and Naruto opened their eyes to glance at one another. Naruto charged for Obito, while Susanoo shot its fist down toward the blonde. Images of this same action flashed in the blonde's head back when they were in their world. The two closed in on each other and Naruto brought forth his Rasengan, "Obitooo!"


The space between their attacks slowly inched closer. Saeko opened the door to the mall and watched the two close in on each other. The two attacks collided with one another and didn't cause an explosion. Instead, a sharp dim light formed in the middle and expanded to engulf the two. It dissolved shortly after and then the impact between the two attacks caused a massive explosion. Saeko quickly retreated back into the mall, as a single wave of pressure shot out causing everything near them to get caught up in the explosion. As time passed by, what seemed like forever, the explosion came to an end and only a large cloud of dust was seen. Vehicles, signs, buildings, anything else near them were nothing but pieces. However, the mall remained up in its full structure. Saeko opened the door to see the mass destruction the impact between those two made. She looked around and saw the large dust cloud and decided to stay back until it dispersed. Within the dust, there lied Obito and Naruto. They were both on the brink of going unconscious. To their side, a strange vortex spun open to reveal some sort of portal. The portal showed an image of an entrance that led to… Konoha. Naruto's breathing was incredibly rough on him, but a small smile formed on his face, "I-I… knew it."

Obito turned his head to the side and saw the portal, "Looks like… that's our way… h-home." The Uchiha slowly leaned his upper body up and shockingly saw the blonde slowly get back up to his feet, "I-Impossible. He's getting back up?"

Naruto got up to one knee and slowly began to bring up his other leg. Once his foot hit the ground, he stumbled, but he didn't fall back down. He wobbled his way back up to his feet and knew he wouldn't be able to keep himself up like this much longer, "I-It's over… Obito."

The blonde looked at the portal and saw someone stepped out. His eyes slowly widened seeing a familiar face. There stood his sensei of Team seven, Kakashi Hatake. The copy ninja's eye widened not believing that he was seeing his student standing before his very eye, "Naruto!"

"K-K-Kakashi… sensei?"

Kakashi rushed over to the blonde and caught him before he fell, "I got you." He looked to the other person and couldn't believe that what he had heard from the toads was true. Obito was alive the whole time, "Obito…"


The copy ninja turned back to look at the blonde, "I'm glad we found you. When we get back, I'm sending you straight to Tsunade."

Naruto laughed lightly and coughed immediately right after, "I-I can't."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't go back."

"What? What are you talking about?"

The dust cloud began to disperse and Naruto looked towards the mall, but he knew that his friends still couldn't see them, "My friends…"

"Your friends are waiting for you to come home."

Naruto shook his head, "Our… world, is safe now. But, my friends here… need me. Their world is… still in danger. I-I want to… help them."

Kakashi's eye widened and closed shortly after. He sighed and smiled behind his mask, "You were always one to help others."

The three turned to look at the portal and there came the members of Konoha twelve. Naruto was now completely speechless to see his friends, but his friends weren't, "Narutooo!" They all shouted and ran to the blonde. Kakashi let go of the blonde and stepped back, which caused Naruto to stumble a bit without the support, but he found some strength to stand on his own feet. All his friends surrounded him and were overjoyed to see their long lost friend.

"We've been worried sick about you!" Shikamaru said.

"Naruto!" Choji shouted and hugged the blonde tightly. Naruto felt his ability to breathe slipping away.

"Choji!" Ino shouted, which the chubby guy let go of him and stepped back, while Ino scolded him.

Sakura came up to him and instantly hugged him. Tears poured out of the pinkette's eyes, "I thought that I'd never see you again after I heard you disappeared."

Naruto smiled and weakly hugged his old teammate back. He felt a hand placed on his shoulder and looked to his side to see Sai, "I'm glad to see you're alive."

"Yosh! Let us go back home and get you healed up Naruto, so that we can have a spar!" Lee shouted.

Tenten punched down on his head, "That's what you have to say after not seeing him for so long?"

The blonde laughed lightly and let go of Sakura, "I'm glad… to see you all."

"Come on. Let's get you home and healed up so we can discuss everything." Kiba said.

Naruto smiled and shook his head, "I…" His body began to ache incredibly to where he was beginning to lose his strength.

Kakashi caught on quickly and decided to speak for him, "Naruto won't be coming back with us."

The members of Konoha twelve all glanced at the copy ninja, "What?! Why?" The all asked.

"Naruto has already brought peace to our world by defeating Obito."

"Who's Obito?" Neji asked.

"Obito was the man behind the mask; an old comrade of mine as well." Kakashi watched the eyes on all their faces widened, "Anyway, Naruto has returned peace to our world. And… he said that he wants to stay and help his friends here in this world from the danger they're going through right now."

"Danger? What's going on in this world?" Sakura asked.

Kakashi rubbed the back of his head not knowing the answer to that either, "I'll explain." Naruto said.

A few minutes later, the group all understood what their blonde friend had just explained, "I see. That is rather dangerous." Kakashi said.

"Yeah." The portal began get smaller showing that it was getting ready to close, "You all need to go." Naruto said

Sakura hugged her old comrade, "I'm happy for you." She said and walked to the portal. One-by-one, all of Naruto's friends went up to him to give him a friendly hug. Kakashi was last to give him a hug and then walked over to the beaten Obito. He picked his old teammate up over his shoulder and joined the others at the portal.

The dust cloud had finally fully cleared, "Naruto!" The blonde ignored Takashi's call and remained looking at his friends at the portal. Takashi and his group looked at the new group of people and saw the portal they were standing at, "I-Is that his way back home?" Takashi asked, as he watched the group of people step into the portal.

Naruto sighed, "Kurama."

"What's up kid?"

"What I was trying to tell you earlier… I knew this was going to happen which is why I went on with it. And…" Naruto found himself standing in front of the fox's cage and undid the seal. Kurama's eyes widened and watched the cage collapse, "I want you to be free."


"I'm going to miss you."

Back in reality, Naruto felt a great amount of chakra leave his system and out of his body. The chakra took form of a little fox floating in front of him, "I'll never forget you Naruto." The little fox said and entered the portal, which ended up closing.

"Naruto!" The blonde heard that he was being called by his friends and could hear them coming for him. A small smile formed on his face, as his eyes closed and his body collapsed to the ground.

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