Prologue for part 2.

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Chapter 20: Just When You Thought You Were Safe (Prologue 2)


Ever since Obito was defeated and brought back to their world, he was put in prison while they discussed of what they should do with him. The war has come to an end and everyone has returned to their normal duties. The Kages had a shit load of paper work to do and a lot of other things to tend to. Obito sat on his knees with his head hung low. His hair managed to grow just a little longer and had a few dirt marks all over his face. Back in the human world where he and Naruto was sent to, he couldn't help but draw back to his fight he had with the blonde. It drove him mad at times, but he would just laugh like a madman to cover it up. And that's what he was just doing right now. His laughing was of what you'd expect from a crazed man. It's only been five days that he's been held up in this prison, and every day so far, he would always laugh at the blonde he always thought of.


The Uchiha ignored his name being called. He already knew who it was since it was the same guy that's been coming to visit him every day. It was his former teammate Kakashi of course. Obito's laugh came to a silent, but his head remained low.

"Obito… you've never spoken a word to me yet. You lost the war and been defeated in that other world. This whole time, you were responsible for the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha back then. You made our sensei sacrifice his life to stop it. But not just him, his wife too. The parents of the child…" He stopped himself and saw that his student has grown so much to where he was not the same anymore, "…man you lost to." He corrected himself.

The Uchiha's head shot up and glared at Kakashi, "You want to know why I've caused all these tactics?" The copy ninja stared at him with his uncovered eye, "Because you killed Rin!" Kakashi's eye widened, "I saw it! I saw you pierce her with your lightning blade!"

"I didn't kill her. She intercepted me and killed herself! Obito, she was captured after a mission that we had. We were assigned to destroy a bridge, and after we succeeded, she was captured by shinobi from Kirigakure. They made her the Jinchuuriki of the three-tails."

"You expect me to believe that? I saw the Kirigakure shinobi there and disposed of them just so you could get away, because I planned to take revenge for her."

"Obito! Rin told me what happened when she was kidnapped. She asked me to kill her and I refused. When I was going to take on those shinobi, she jumped in and impaled herself."

The Uchiha hung his head low again hearing Kakashi's side and began to laugh, "Liar. I-I saw it all." His laughing began to get louder, "Your little lie won't save you Kakashi! I will take revenge and kill you!"

A couple ANBU came walking in and stood by Kakashi's side, "Is everything okay?"

Kakashi ignored them and remained staring at his former teammate. The laughter coming from Obito definitely had something bothering him. Something was up, but there were no signs of anything that could happen. It's been five days and everyone has been enjoying their peaceful lives. Today seemed like Obito knew something was about to happen. This was the first time he has ever said a word to him ever since being locked up.

Obito silenced his laughing and smiled, "It's time."

The ceiling suddenly was blown right off, which caused Kakashi and the ANBU to shield their eyes from the dust. Kakashi quickly looked up and immediately felt himself freeze, "I-Impossible." Red metal plated armor, long black waist length hair, he only knew of one person that wore that attire.

"No way! That's…"

"Good to see you, Madara." Obito said.

The ancient shinobi jumped down and stood in front of the cell, "You sure have changed, Obito."

"Stop!" The ANBU shouted. Just before they charged at him, they were both being burned alive by black flames.

"How about getting me out of here?" Madara looked at Obito with an un-amused look. In just a blink of an eye, the cell gate was shattered to pieces and the chakra cuffs were no longer holding Obito, "I'm sure Kabuto is getting the rest of the preparations ready, right?" Madara nodded, "Good." Obito turned his gaze to the still frozen Kakashi, "Well Kakashi, I believe this won't be the last time we see each other."

Kakashi shook his head, "Wait!" But it was too late as the two vanished, "This isn't good. I have to go see Lady Tsunade."

Hokage Manor

The door flung open to reveal Kakashi, "Lady Tsunade!"

"We know." The busted Hokage replied.

Kakashi walked up to her desk, "What are we going to do?"

"I've already sent word out to the other villages to warn them. The only thing we can do right now, is waiting."

"Wait? Lady Tsunade, we should pursue them before they can do anything."

Shizune kept glancing back and forth hearing the other's idea, "Kakashi, that's suicide. If I were to send ANBU after them, they'll just die. We're dealing with the real Madara here."

She was right and Kakashi knew damn well that the best thing to do was waiting. They would most likely have another meeting, but this had to be done as soon as possible. With Madara resurrected, there's no telling how much time left there is for everyone to live. He closed his eye and opened rather quickly due to seeing that it was getting dark outside. Tsunade and Shizune turned to look out the window, "It shouldn't be getting dark just yet…" Shizune stated.

Tsunade got up from her chair and looked out the window. Her eyes went as wide as they could from what she was seeing. Kakashi ran to the window and looked outside as well. The sun wasn't setting, but what they were seeing was a large meteor coming down on the village. Tsunade was right, there was 'nothing' they could do.

Outside Konoha

A rather tall and muscular man stood out in the open of a field. He has long red spiky hair and bangs framing the sides of his face (much like to Madara's, but red). He wore a crimson fighting vest that didn't cover his entire upper body. It showed his muscular arms and his well-toned six pack. To go with the vest, he wore black pants with black combat boots. His eyes were crimson and his body had a nice tan color to it. The man kept his hands in his pockets and looked up at the large meteor coming down on Konoha. His eyes widened, "That Jutsu…" He remained standing there and watched the meteor crash down on the village. The impact caused a large shockwave of dust that shot out all around it. The large dust wave came and blew in front of the man. His hair flew wildly from the wind of it. Once it died down, the large meteor was shattered into multiple chunks of rock all over the place.

The man's anger boiled to its breaking point. His sharp teeth were now being shown, "Madara…"

Konoha has already suffered destruction from the hands of Nagato long ago. Now… the village was pretty much no more. The massive meteor from Madara has crushed the entire village pretty much. Although the meteor ended up shattering in multiple chunks before it made impact, it still managed to crush a high percentage of it. The Hokage's manor… completely buried. However, the large rock that was lying on top of the area shattered into several smaller chunks. Tsunade had smashed it and once she succeeded, she fell to her knees. Her body was covered in cuts, bruises, and blood. Her breathing was rough and her body was incredibly sore. She looked around and saw some civilians buried under the rocks.

"L-Lady Tsunade…"

The Hokage turned her head to see her assistant Shizune lying there with her legs bent in heinous ways. She slowly crawled her way to her assistant to give her treatment right away, "T-This can't be happening…" She thought. Once she reached Shizune, she placed her hands above her legs and began trying to heal them, "Hang in there Shizune." She kept adding as much chakra into as possible. Her heart was racing from what just happened. Several of civilians are without a doubt, dead. That burden was all on her shoulders for not taking actions on Obito sooner, "It's all my fault!"

Next thing that drew the blonde's attention was the sound of someone that just appeared out of nowhere. She turned to look to the side and saw a familiar toad staring at what used to be the village, "Fukasaku?"

The toad was looking around in astonishment. He was told that something terrible has happened to Konoha, and now he's seeing it for himself. The toad couldn't believe the scene before him. This was beyond worse when Pain had attacked the village, "This is…"

"Fukasaku!" Tsunade called out and ignored the pain from the raise of her voice.

The toad hopped around to look at the Hokage, "I'm sorry."

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to see if what I heard was true. Who did this?"

Before the busted Hokage could answer, someone else had decided to jump in, "It was Madara." The toad, along with Tsunade turned their attention to a nearby boulder that was shattered and saw a beaten Kakashi slowly getting up to sit on his knees.

"Madara? I thought he was Obito?" The toad questioned.

"No. Obito was saved by the real Madara." The toad's eyes widened in horror from hearing that name, "The real Madara has been resurrected." The copy shinobi slowly started rising to his feet, "I'm going to go look for survivors."

"Wait Kakashi. Let me heal you before…"

"No. I'll be fine. Shizune needs your full on attention right now." Tsunade turned back to look down at her now passed out assistant.

"Good idea. I'm going to go see Naruto boy and inform him."

Tsunade snapped her head back at the toad, "Naruto?"

"Yes. I'll return shortly."

The Hokage watched the toad puff away in route to Naruto. She then turned back to look at Shizune with a saddened expression, "We're always having to go to Naruto to help us. It seems that he's the savior of this world."

Time: 9:45 a.m.

Naruto was out and walking about the backyard. Everyone was still asleep and he predicted that they would be, especially Saeko after their love making. It was the most pleasant night for them both. He kept his hands buried in his pockets and looked up at the sky. Just a couple seconds later, he felt a presence feeling. He performed a quick series of hand signs and slammed his hand to the ground. Little did he know that he was being watched. The blonde stood back up and smiled seeing a familiar toad, "Hey there geezer toad!"

Fukasaku didn't show any reaction and decided to get on with the point, "Naruto boy. It's glad to see you, but…" He just saw how the blonde was only wearing shorts and had nothing covering his upper body.

"But what?"

The toad saw Naruto's happy look turn into a more serious one due to the way he approached the blonde, "…Konoha has been destroyed."

The blonde's eyes went completely bug-eyed. Fukasaku remained staring up at him and waited for a response, "You're kidding, right?" Fukasaku shook his head. Naruto closed his eyes and shot them open short after, "How?! Obito has been defeated and surly been held in prison. What the hell happened?!"

"Obito was rescued and…"

"Who?! There shouldn't be anyone that…" Naruto's eyes widened and drew back to what Obito had told him during their fight, "I had Kabuto retreat. And when I return, he will resurrect the real Madara."

"The real Madara Uchiha."

Naruto took a step back, "H-He told me that this would happen…"

The toad quirked an eyebrow, "You knew?"

"Not exactly. He told me that Madara would be resurrected from Kabuto once he returned back to our world. I didn't think he was serious…" Naruto clenched his fists, "Let's go. Take me to Konoha right now." He said in a rather ordering tone.

"I know you've made some friends here, don't you want to…"

"No. I want you to take me now."

Fukasaku sighed, "Okay then. I'll summon you as soon as I arrive back in Konoha." With that said, the toad puffed away.

Naruto's arms were shaking from sheer frustration. Not once has his home village gone through chaos, but now twice. He had yet to see how devastating the destruction was and he wouldn't be able to see it until Fukasaku summoned him. For all he cared right now, was that he hoped everyone was okay. But he began to lose hope after hearing this from the toad.


The blonde's body jumped a bit from his name being called. He turned to the voice and saw Rei slowly approaching him, "Rei? Weren't you sleeping?"

The brunette slightly nodded, "I was hoping… we could spend the morning together."

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"I just wanted to start spending more time with you… just the two of us."

"Right now isn't a good time. I'm about to…"

Rei's eyes slightly widened seeing him puff away. She felt sorry for him seeing that what she heard him talking about with the toad was actually true. Her eyes softened, "Please be careful Naruto."


Fukasaku stood by Tsunade's side, which she was still treating to Shizune's legs. A puff of smoke appeared in front of the toad, which dispersed immediately to reveal Naruto. The blonde's eyes went completely bug-eyed from what he was seeing.

"Naruto…" He ignored the call and kept looking around seeing how his home was nearly obliterated, "Naruto!" This time he turned to the sound of Tsunade's voice, "I know it's been a while since we've seen one another, but please go help Kakashi look for survivors."

"Where are Obito and Madara?" The blonde asked.

"Naruto boy! Just what are you thinking? Do you plan to take them on your own?"

The blonde had no time for this. All he wanted to know was where those two have gone, "Just tell me where they've gone!"

"Naruto! We need you here right now. You can't just go after those two on your own. Do you honestly think you can take care of them on your own?"

The look in his eyes was filled with pure hatred. Both Fukasaku and Tsunade saw that he was acting from pure emotion. They couldn't blame him for acting from such. Back when Pain had attacked the village, when Fukasaku informed him, it left him dazed at first. Even though he wasn't completely done with his training, he went on to take care of Pain.

Naruto clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, "Fine."

Few minutes later

The blonde had successfully managed to save a few civilians. When he did, he had told them to go to Tsunade and wait for her orders. Although the few survivors he saved were only twelve of them, he began to wonder if his friends were okay. He hasn't seen them anywhere and had yet to find them. Hell, Tsunade told him that Kakashi was out looking for survivors and he hasn't even seen him anywhere, "Where the hell are you Kakashi?"


He turned to the voice and saw one of his best friends, "Shikamaru!" He saw that his friend was not in the best of shape. There were cuts all over his face and not to mention, his chunin jacket was all torn up.

The Nara smiled, "Man I'm glad to see you." Before he fell to his knees, Naruto quickly caught him and placed the Nara's arm around his shoulders.

"Don't worry. I'll get you to granny Tsunade."

"Wait. Choji and Ino…"

His eyes widened slightly, "Where are they?"

"They're…" Shikamaru used his free arm to point out in front of them towards a large pile of rubble.

Naruto gently sat Shikamaru on the ground, "I'll be right back." He raced his way to the pile that his friend pointed out and when he reached it, he placed his hand on the side of the pile. The rubble was blown clean off to reveal an unconscious Choji and Ino from within. Naruto still held his arm out and use Bansho Tenin to have the two taken out from the pile of rubble. He had Ino over his left shoulder and Choji over his right. Making his way back to Shikamaru, he noticed that his friend managed to get up to his feet, "Can you walk?"

The Nara smiled weakly, "Yeah."

Naruto didn't show any reaction since his mind was focused on one thing, and that was revenge. Sure he cares for his friends and the villagers, but he wanted to track them down and take them both down before they can cause any more damage.

Back in Tokonosu, most of the gang was still asleep. Rei had been sitting in the living room the entire time after Naruto had disappeared. Takashi, Kohta, and Saya were talking to one another. They wondered what was wrong with Rei, since she's been rather quiet. She hadn't said a word to any of them yet about Naruto. Since Saeko was still asleep, the others thought the blonde was still sleeping too. Rei kept wondering if she should tell them or not, but she kept leaning toward to tell them since they'd find out most likely once Saeko woke up. Although, if they were to wonder what happened, she wouldn't have to tell them and then the worse could happen. They all could've thought that he had left them. However, since she managed to hear everything the toad was telling Naruto, she didn't think that it should be her to tell them. Instead, it's something that Naruto should tell them.

"Did anyone happen to kind of… hear Saeko and Naruto last night?" Kohta asked with a slight blush across his cheeks.

"Kohta!" Saya nearly shouted.

The slightly overweight boy leaned back against the couch with his hands out in front of him waving at the pinkette, "No, no, no, I-I mean h-how could you not hear t-them?"

Takashi laughed, while Rei had a blush on her face. Saya shook her head to prevent from even thinking about it and glared at Kohta, "Stop talking about it!"

Once Takashi's laughing died down, the group was overcome by pure silence. Takashi was still laughing mentally, while Kohta had his thoughts continue to process of what went on last night. Rei was still much undecided of how to handle the news when she gets found out. But then again, she could go with it and act as if she never knew. However, she pictured and saw that it would cause all sorts of problems with the group. Well… maybe not all, but most of it. Saya sighed in relief that Kohta stopped talking about…

"Did you all hear those two last night?!"

Takashi instantly burst out laughing, while the others turned to look at the stairs and saw Kaze looking at them with a curious look. Saya immediately got off the couch and stormed to a now confused Kaze. Kohta knew damn well what was about to happen, "Kaze! Run!"

The bartender of the group looked at Kohta and then at the angered pinkette coming for him, "Hey, what the hell are you doing?" He asked her as he began walking the other direction. Saya ignored him and continued her path to him. Kaze chuckled as he continued keeping his distance from her. He looked over at the others at the couch, "Those two last night must've been starving for one another. I mean… the way Saeko was so loud… Naruto must've gone rough on her." All three of them on the couch were flushed red and silent. Kaze looked at Saya to see that she had frozen and she too was blushing. Kaze's chuckling turned into small laughter. Once he heard growling, he saw that it was none other than Saya.

"You're a pervert!" She shouted and began to chase him instead of walking to him.

Rei was completely lost in her imagination. That remark from Kaze had her visualizing a certain blonde being 'rough' with her. Kohta drew back to the moaning he had heard from Saeko last night. Takashi on the other hand winded up laughing.

"What's going on?"

The group stopped what they were doing and turned to the soft, yet tired sounding voice coming from the stairs. There they saw none other than Saeko only wearing a rather big shirt that managed to cover all the way down to her thighs. Rei's eyes widened slightly hoping that she wouldn't mention a certain blonde.

After taking a good look around, she noticed someone was missing, "Naruto's not down here?" The group (apart from Rei) looked at her with confused looks.

"H-He wasn't in bed with you?" Kohta asked.

Saeko shook her head lightly. Rei was starting to feel pressured from them wondering where Naruto had gone. She had to come forth here very soon to keep everyone calm, "Maybe he went out for a walk?" Takashi wondered.

The purple haired beauty then began to think. Takashi could be right, but she just had no clue as to where he is. She had just opened herself up to him and enjoyed their 'intimate' time with each other. Then the thought of him leaving after last night struck her. What if he had just left? Just like the other guys she's been with in the past. Her heart slowly began to race due to such a thought.

Rei couldn't take this pressure. She had to come clean and tell them everything, "Naruto went back home." The brunette saw that everyone stopped doing what they were and shot their attention at her. There was no backing down now since she had managed to get all their attention. Her eyes softened in a saddened way, "I saw Naruto outside earlier talking to a toad. The toad told him that his home was… destroyed."

Everyone's eyes widened, "No…" Takashi said and could imagine how infuriated the blonde was probably feeling.

Saeko didn't say a word since she was too shocked after hearing, so Rein continued, "That Obito guy that he was fighting here in our world… was saved. The toad said some guy named Madara had saved him and then destroyed Naruto's home after."

"That guy is still alive after Naruto clobbered him?" Kaze questioned.

Rei nodded, "I tried talking to him before he left, but he brushed me off. He was really upset of the news."

Saeko didn't know what to think of this. For some reason she couldn't find herself to believe Rei since Rei has been a bit jealous after Saeko won Naruto over. She shook her head, "You're lying."

This time, everyone's attention turned to the purple haired beauty. Rei's eyes were slightly widened in surprise, "Lying?"

"Naruto defeated Obito. His world should be safe now. There's no way his home could've been destroyed." Saeko was having a hard time believing what Rei had announced.

Rei shook her head, "I had to tell you all this, because I don't know when Naruto will return. I was debating if I should tell you or wait until he returns to say it himself. But, the way you were showing how worried you are… I had to go ahead and say it."

Saeko shook her head again, "No." Her eyes were bug-eyed and continued to shake her head, "No. No."

"She's not lying." Everyone turned their attention to the stairs, but Saeko was last to turn and see Claire coming down. She wore a pair of shorts that wrapped a little lower than her waist and green spaghetti strap tank top, "I saw out my window. Rei did try to talk to him, but he just disappeared."

"You saw?" Rei asked.

Claire nodded, "I saw him as soon as he stepped outside. But I didn't know why he left, until you mentioned it."

The country girl turned to look at Saeko and saw that she was still as if she was frozen. Saeko had to get away. She didn't want to be near anyone right now. Her body began to move as if she was on auto-pilot and made her way to the stairs.

"Saeko?" Takashi called.

She didn't respond to the boy and started going up the stairs. Everyone watched her leave them and began to feel sorry for her. They knew how much he meant to her and now that he's gone, there was no telling when or if he'll return. After her short travel, she winded up back in the bedroom her and Naruto had stayed in. She closed the door behind her and leaned against the door. Tears formed immediately once she was away from everyone and knew that no one could drop in without warning her. She clenched the part of the shirt that covered her chest and shut her eyes. Streams of tears escaped her eyes. She wasn't hurt just because he left, but she was hurt to hear his home was destroyed. Both had her feeling incredibly down. Her eyes opened and turned to the dresser where the kunai he had given her lied there. She blinked and walked to the dresser to stare down at the kunai, "All you have to do is throw it and I'll be there."

When she remembered what he had told her about the kunai, she began to think. She wanted to see him badly and hear this from him. But if what Rei and Claire said was true, then she wouldn't do it. If he was in the middle of something really important and she had thrown the kunai, surly he'd be upset with her. His home was destroyed and he wanted to seek havoc on the people responsible for it. Her mind was having a game of tug-a-war occurring. Half of her mind wanted to bring him back, but the other half was telling her not to so that he can take care of business. She continued to just stare at the knife. The mirror on the dresser showed her reflection and began to move. The reflection showed Saeko's hand slowly coming up and hovering above the kunai.

Naruto had rounded up quite a few survivors. He brought them all to Tsunade and watched as her and some medics began healing the wounded. He kept looking around and saw that they were all being taken care of. He's been through the entire village and saved whoever he saw and assumed that Kakashi, along with whoever else was helping with the search saved other survivors. Seeing how there was nothing left for him to do, he turned his back to them and began running for where the entrance would be.

"Madara… Kabuto. Obito. You three will all pay for what you've done." Naruto closed his eyes and opened them to reveal the Rinnegan, "Obito. This time… I'll make sure you die before me."

The blonde turned the corner of a collapsed building and picked up some speed. After a minute of running Naruto dashed through where the entrance was and after a few steps out of the destroyed village, he felt an incredible chakra signature. This caused him to come to a halt and look around for the source of it.

"Put a shirt on." Just as Naruto turned to the voice, his sight was completely blocked. He felt some clothing covering his head. Grabbing the clothing, he removed it off his head and saw a man with long red spiky hair. The blonde narrowed his eyes and put the black short sleeve shirt on.

"Who are you?"

The man smirked and tilted his head, "What? Have you already forgotten me?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes a bit more, "I've never seen you before."

The man folded his arms against his chest and closed his eyes, "Tell me," Naruto's eyes instantly widened after recognizing the change in his voice, "How was your moment with Saeko?"


The Kyuubi opened his eyes and smiled, "Good to see ya again, brat."

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