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Chapter 3: Not Your Normal World Anymore

"Ah, Yugao-san!" Naruto called out.

The purpled hair ANBU turned to see a rather happy blonde, "Naruto?"

The blonde came to a stop in front of her with a smile on his face, "I was wondering. Can you help train me with a sword? Watching you is amazing."

Yugao slightly blushed, "I… ugh…"

"Come on Yugao-chan." He begged.

Yugao then took him up on his wish, "Okay. But…"

Naruto's smiled widened even more, "Yes! Yes!"

Yugao raised her voice, "But!" The blonde quiet down and looked back at her, "I will not make it easy. Got it?"

Naruto gave her thumbs up, "Yes ma'am!"

A couple days later

The sound of metal clanging against one another was echoing through the forest outside of Konoha. Yugao and Naruto were deep in the forest practicing their swordsmanship. The two of them both wore their normal ANBU outfit, but without the mask on. Naruto swung his sword downward at his partner, but Yugao easily blocked it by holding her sword horizontally. She overpowered the block and pushed him back a bit, as she attempted to stab his chest. The blonde swung his sword down at hers and managed to throw her off. However, she stepped on his sword, which caused him to lose his grip on it. Naruto looked down at his sword then back up at Yugao and saw her grinning. The blonde took a couple steps back and waved his hands out in front of him, while Yugao followed him with her sword in her grasp, "Y-Yugao-chan… you kind of made me…"

Yugao swung her sword horizontally lined up with his neck, but Naruto managed to duck on time, "Hey! You almost killed me!"

Yugao didn't say anything and instead, she swung her sword vertically, which was lined up right in the middle of his body. Naruto jumped back a bit to avoid it, "You're really trying to kill me!"

Once again, Yugao didn't say a word. Naruto took one last step back and bumped into something. He lifted his head up to see that he had bumped into a tree. Quickly, he looked back at Yugao to see that she was about to attack him again. The blonde's body jumped a bit, to see that his partner tried to cut him in half again, but the blonde spun himself around her. He made a run for his sword, but then he was roughly tackled. The two bodies rolled around the ground, but then they shortly came to a stop with Naruto lying on the ground, while Yugao was on top of him. The blonde tilted his head up a bit and by looking far up, he could see his sword in reach. He quickly tried to grab it, but Yugao grabbed both his wrists and pinned them down on each side of him.

Naruto was starting to not like how she wasn't giving him a chance and frowned slightly, "Yugao-chan this isn't…" The blonde stopped what he was saying, as he looked up at her eyes chocolate brown eyes. Naruto just lied there seeing her beautiful looks with the sun's rays lighting around her head. The light from the sun was what was making her look even more attractive. Her ruby colored lips, her gorgeous purple hair, and her brown eyes were what the blonde was examining. Yugao lowered herself, as Naruto leaned his head up slowly. The gap between them slowly began to close, but right when Naruto was getting ready to kiss her, he felt a sword stab his left leg.

Yugao grinned and hopped off him on time before the blonde managed to scream in pain to where it would've driven her nuts. Naruto's upper body jolted up and looked at Yugao, "What the hell!"

Yugao chuckled slightly, "You should never fall into the temptation when it comes to a situation like that. If you were actually in a sword fight with a woman and she was in my position, she would've had you in the palm of her hand like I did. And instead of just injuring you, she would just kill you instantly."

Naruto sighed and crossed his arms, as he looked to his right not wanting to look at her, "Whatever."

Yugao giggled at the irritated blonde.

Naruto's body woke up, but his eyes still couldn't open due to the bandages. His upper body leaned up and could feel someone else next to him. He then remembered what happened last night and smiled weakly. Hearing her still sound asleep was what made him smile, as he quietly got out of bed. He felt pretty good since he got to open up to someone a bit. Reaching for the knot that kept the bandages placed, he untied it and let them fall freely. The blonde took a deep breath hoping that what he was about to do would actually work. He opened his eyes and felt absolutely nothing, except the slightest of air brushing against them. Looking down at himself, he realized that he was still shirtless and that his pants were completely ruined. A sigh escaped his lips, as he quickly glanced back at the still sleeping Saeko. He walked out the door and quietly closed it once he was out.

The blonde then headed for the restroom in need of a warm shower. Ever since he had woken up in that alley, he hasn't really had a time at all to relax and clean up. When he was walking down the hall, realized that it was quiet, which meant that everybody was still asleep. Once he turned a corner, a couple girls quietly followed him. When those two came to the corner, they both quietly peeked around it to see that the blonde stepped into the bathroom.

The two girls stepped around the corner and walked to the bathroom. They then placed their ears against the door to hear the shower being turned on. The girls looked at one another, "Did you see his body? Oh my god, I can't believe he even rejected me last night." Yuuki said, as she placed her ear against the door again to hear the sound of a door being closed, which meant that Naruto was in the shower and was completely nude. The image of him being nude appeared in Yuuki's mind. Yuuki was still wearing her black-and-red lace bra and black panties.

"Well, I'm glad he rejected you, because I want him." Saya answered. Yes, Saya, shockingly Saya actually fell into such a level. She wore black extremely short shorts that were a little tight for her and also wore a blue tank top that didn't cover her belly button. Even though when she was around the others, she didn't show that she had a thing for the blonde. However, when it came to Yuuki, for some reason, she wasn't afraid to show it around her.

Yuuki grabbed the knob and turned it to verify that he didn't lock it. She didn't open it, but she looked back at Saya, "Should we go in?"

"What are you two doing?"

The two girls yelped, as they both looked behind them to see Takashi, "Ugh… we were… just…" Saya couldn't find a way out of this.

Yuuki realized that the boy was still dozy and let go of the knob, "Saya and I here were just talking. That's all."

Takashi rubbed his eyes, "Okay, but please keep it down."

Yuuki quickly grabbed Saya's hand and walked off, "We will." She replied.

Takashi watched the two leave and let out a yawn. He knocked on the door, "Who's in there?"

Naruto heard the knock at the door and decided not to answer since he was enjoying the warm water pouring down on his skin. He grabbed a washcloth and a bar of soap. Placing the soap on the cloth, he began to rub the cloth all around the soap to where it soaked in the suds. He placed the soap aside, as he began to wash his entire body with the cloth. Another knock came from the door, "Hello?"

Naruto rolled his eyes, "It's Naruto. I'll be done in a second."

"Oh. No need. I was just wondering who was in there." Takashi replied.

Naruto closed his eyes, since the warm water was making his body feel a bit too relaxed.

20 minutes later

The blonde turned the water off finally thinking that he was in there long enough. He opened the door and grabbed a nearby towel. Stepping out, he dried his hair followed up by his face and then he wrapped the towel around his lower body. Quickly slipping his sandals back on, he walked out the door and left it open. Little did he remember, he left behind his pants that are laying on the floor. After finishing his shower, his muscles no longer ached. The blonde came to a stop remembering something yesterday. It was before he went out to fight off the horde. Naruto ticked and stormed to the stairs remembering a certain group he told to get lost. In a matter of seconds, the blonde came upon the room that Shido and his group is in. Kicking the door open, he saw that Shido and the others were sound asleep. He cocked an eyebrow, but then he didn't care if they were or not, "Get up!"

A couple of them groaned and slowly moved, "Get up!"

This time, the rest of the group woke up and were startled from the outburst. They all looked at the doorway to see the blonde, "What?" Shido asked.

"Have you all forgotten? What did I tell you all yesterday?" Naruto questioned.

Shido's eyes slowly began to fully open and stumbled to his feet, "Are you kidding? You can't just throw survivors out like that! We all have to stick together!"

"I'm not going to argue on this. You know why I'm making you leave, so quit trying to act like as if I don't know what you're trying to do." Naruto said.

"Where are we going to go?" Shido continued to ask more questions.

Naruto cupped his chin, "Let's see. I'm sure that these other houses near us are clear, why don't you claim one for you and your group?"

"Why can't we just…"

"Because I'm not going to let you try and have the others killed like you intended on with Kaji."

Shido this time was at a lost of words, "Now go." Naruto ordered. Tsunoda was the first to walk out, followed up by the others. Shido remained where he was, but then he walked out.

Naruto slammed the door shut and walked up the stairs behind Shido to make sure that his group actually was going to leave.

Takashi and Kohta were talking to each other in the living room, but it came to a quick stop when they saw Tsunoda and the rest of Shido's group walking by. Once Shido walked by, they saw Naruto right behind them, "Hey, Naruto!" Takashi called out.

The blonde ignored him and escorted the group full of misguided people to the door. Tsunoda opened the door, as they all began to walk out one-by-one. When it came down to Shido, the teacher stopped once he stepped foot outside and turned to Naruto, but the blonde roughly shoved him out. Naruto stepped out and slammed the door shut, as he walked past them all to the gate. He slid the gate open, "Get lost." The blonde demanded.

One-by-one, Shido's group walked out. The door opened, as Takashi came rushing out, "Naruto, what the hell?"

The blonde didn't turn to face him and instead kept an eye on the group making sure they didn't try anything, "They can take care of themselves."

"Why are you kicking them out? They're humans just like us. Everyone that's alive needs to stick together."

Naruto smirked, "You're sounding like Shido now."

"Well, he's right! You can't just let them leave."

"Unless you want to end up like a mindless fool like them and want to die, I suggest you shut up and listen to me."

Takashi cocked an eyebrow, "Then tell me why you're kicking them out."

"I'm kicking him out for the sake of you and the others." Naruto answered, as he closed the gate and walked back to the house.

"They wouldn't have killed us though." Takashi said, as he walked in after Naruto.

The blonde walked into the living room with Takashi right behind him, "Okay, maybe you're right. But they would leave you behind to die, which is the same as killing you." Naruto stated, as he plopped onto a chair.

Kohta was curious of what was going on and decided to jump in, "What happened?"

Takashi kept his full on attention at the blonde, which had his eyes closed, "Naruto here kicked out Mr. Shido and his group out."

Kohta let out an 'Hmph', "Good, I hate Mr. Shido. He would always pick on me in school."

Takashi then snapped his attention to the shorter boy, "How can you say that? We need to help anyone that's alive to remain alive."

Naruto kept his eyes closed, "Tell me Takashi. Would you rather stay here with us and remain alive or would you rather be with them and end up being left behind to die?"

"Takashi!" Kohta, Takashi, and even Naruto opened his eyes, as they all saw Rei standing in her pajamas, "He deserved to get kicked out. He's an asshole!"

Naruto smiled and closed his eyes again, "Glad to see that you and Kohta agree."

"Miyamoto-san is right." Takashi and Kohta saw nurse Shizuka wrapped in nothing but a bath towel join in. Kohta however, had an instant nosebleed to see that the towel could hardly contain those jugs of hers. Takashi on the other hand, blushed madly, "I never liked Mr. Shido. He was always a rude teacher back at school."

Naruto got up from his seat, which Shizuka and Rei's eyes were instantly glued to the blonde's body. He walked out the living room and to the door, while everyone just watched him, "Where are you going?" Kohta decided to ask.

The blonde opened the door, "I'm going to get some clothes." He answered, as he stepped out and closed the door behind him.

Takashi grunted, "I'm afraid that he's going to end up being trouble."

The others looked at the boy, "Why?" Rei asked.

"I think he's going to brush us off later on."

"I don't think Naruto-san would do such a thing." Shizuka said.

"Think about it! We have no idea where he came from and he shows up at the school out of nowhere. Doesn't that seem strange? And why would he even help us? He doesn't even know us."

"Well, maybe Naruto-san is one of those guys that like to help those in need." Shizuka stated.

"Yeah. Naruto-san is fairly strong and I don't see why he won't want to help us." Kohta mentioned.

"That might be, but I just think that something's up." Takashi said.

Just outside the living room, Saeko was leaned up against the wall and had listened to everything that transpired.

Naruto landed outside the gate, the blonde just didn't feel like opening it since it would take more time, which is why he decided to jump over it. He walked out to the bloody street and looked at both sides to see the walls he had made last night. Looking back out from where he had finished off the last and yet, strange walker, he saw his sword lying there. Quickly appearing next to his sword, he picked it up and walked over to the wall to his right. The wall he was going to was the wall that blocked the path from where they all came from. He was now standing in front of the wall and looking up at it.


The blonde looked behind him to see Kaji, "What is it?"

"Let me come with you."

Naruto shook his head, "You stay here with them."

"Why? I follow you since you saved my life."

"Not this time."

Kaji's body twitched, "What?"

The blonde was now completely gone, before Kaji could even get an answer. Naruto appeared on the other side of the wall and could see the smoke coming from within the city up ahead, "This poor world's going to come to an end if this keeps up." He thought to himself, as he began to walk down the street that would take him into the city.

Kohta sat on the couch playing with the guns he had discovered in the safe from last night. Takashi was in the kitchen looking for something to eat and or make for the others. Opening the fridge, he didn't quite find much in it. He closed the fridge and stood straight back up, but as he turned to look in the pantry, he spotted Saeko with a frown on her face standing there wearing the same apron, "Morning Busujima-san."

However, even though Takashi was trying to be friendly, Saeko still kept the same frown. After overhearing the boy in the living room earlier, she began to think a little less of him. After all, Naruto wasn't even there and plus, he even saved everyone from being overrun last night. If he hadn't done so, then they wouldn't be here after all. They more than likely would have took the humvee that was out in the driveway or if they couldn't make it to that on time, then they would all be dead, "Takashi, why are you assuming Naruto-san is a bad person?"

Takashi sighed in annoyance, "I'm not trying to say that he is. I'm just saying that, I wouldn't fully trust him. Even though he saved Kaji at school and saved us from last night. I still think something's up."

Saeko then remembered the event from last night of how the blonde explained things of where he came from, "I don't know how much longer I'm going to stick around." She remembered that statement specifically and then reminded herself to have another chat with the blonde later.

"Where is he by the way?"

Takashi sighed, "He said he was going to get some clothes."

Saeko's eyes widened slightly, "Where exactly?"

"I don't know. More than likely somewhere in town since he went outside."

Saeko's frown formed into a sadder look, "Please don't leave us Naruto-san." She hoped.

Naruto found himself standing in front of a clothing store that actually turned out to not be to far from the household. The blonde has only been walking for about half an hour. Luckily, he hasn't ran into any of the dead… yet. He saw that the doors to the store were forced open and also saw glass everywhere. What caught his attention even more was the blood on the ground as well. A gust of wind came from his right, which caused his hair to blow with it. His upper body began to shiver from the impact of it, which he then walked in wanting to find some proper clothing. Once he was inside, he saw clothes racks that were knocked down all over. Taking in his surroundings, he walked to one of the racks and realized that this one was full of men's shirts. His eyes roamed around the rack, but then they glued onto a gray colored, short sleeve shirt. Dropping his sword to the ground, he grabbed it and quickly threw it over his head. Pulling it down his body, he realized that his muscles seemed to show through the shirt. He shrugged and began walking through the store looking for some boxers.

He came to a shelf that consisted of what he was looking for. Grabbing one of the sealed packages, he tore it open and grabbed a pair of black boxers. Looking around to make sure the coast was clear, he unwrapped the towel and slid on the boxers. He threw the towel over his left shoulder and continued his search, but this time, for some pants. It didn't take long for what he was looking for, but instead of finding pants, he found something else that he has never seen before. He found a rack full of jeans, but he didn't know what they were called. Curious of how they would feel, he grabbed a pair and slid his legs through them. He lifted them up and zipped the zipper up, followed by buttoning them together. In his opinion, they felt rather… comfortable. Now, he went walking around looking for what he always likes to wear, a jacket.

"Quick! Gather the money and let's get out of here!"

Naruto turned to the source of the voice and saw a group of people coming into the store. They all rushed to where the register was, as one of them easily busted it open. It was a group of four people, all of them wearing ski masks. They all had a crowbar in their hands, while two of them had flashlights. One of the guys shined his flashlight around and came to a stop, as it revealed the blonde.

"Hey! Come here!" The man ordered, which the other three looked at their partner and saw that he was shouting at someone. They looked where the flashlight shined and saw the blonde standing there.

The one that broke open the register took a couple steps towards the blonde's position, "Get over here!"

Naruto blinked slowly with the same bored expression on his face. Curious of what they wanted him for, the blonde walked over to the group. As Naruto came up to the group, the guy that broke the register walked up to the blonde face-to-face, "Hand over all the money you got boy."

The blonde cocked an eyebrow, "Why would you need money if your world's coming to an end?"

"Eh? My world?" The man looked at the blonde's eyes, "Wait, what's with your eyes?"

The other three were curious when their partner pointed out the blonde's eyes and all decided to join in. They all looked closely at the boy's eyes, "Wow, I've never seen eyes like those."

Gunshots were being fired off just outside the store, which drew everyone's attention. They couldn't quite see from inside, as the group rushed outside (except Naruto). Once those four were outside, Naruto could hear more gunshots going off. Naruto held out his hand, as his sword came back into his hand. He looked over at the counter where the register was and spotted some strange jacket that he had never seen before. The color of it is black and not to mention that it was sleeveless. Once he grabbed the jacket, he realized that it felt smooth and rather cool feeling. He quickly put the jacket on and walked out the store. The blonde came to a stop to see an army of the dead that had managed to come out of nowhere. That wasn't all he was seeing though, but he also saw that there's a massive group of living people. He examined closely and saw that these guys were enjoying killing them off. Hearing laughter from them was a bit… strange to the blonde. The people fighting the army of dead all either had some type of gun, but those that didn't have firearms, were using close combat weapons such as baseball bats, pipes, etc.

"Kill them all!" A guy shouted.

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